I've been waiting for this.

I'm a young man and have been yearning for a sexual experience with an older woman for many years. Finally, after all the years of waiting and build up this wish came to a wondertful end. I met a beautiful older woman which loved younger men and was ready for an exciting sexual experience with a young stud ready to please her body for as long as she could take it. We decided to meet in a park where there were generally few people. As I was walking up to the bench where we chose to meet, I could see she was wearing a skirt that went down to her knees and a sexy blouse which showed off her round breasts and her nipples were hard and could be seen with ease. I sat next to her and we were both excited/nervous. This was just suppoed to be an introduction, but we both knew waht we wanted. I moved closer to her and she placed her hand on my leg very close to my cock, which could already be seen through my shorts. She could see my cock was hard so she leaned to my ear and began to whisper in my, "My pussy is aching to be played with. It's been wet since you sat down." As she whispered this into my ear she grabbed my hard cock and began to whisper again, "I think your cock is ready to be sucked, I want to suck you." I couldnt believe how forrward she was, but I was more than willing to oblige. We went for a walk down a path. After covering some ground I walked up behind her and grabbed her hips telling her to stop. I reached around and started rubbing her pussy as my cock grew harder and harder against her ass at the same time kissing her neck and nibbling here ear. She quickly turned around and began kissing me passionately. As we made out I squeezed her ass and she stroked my cock. She couldnt wait any further and pulled my pants down exposing my cock. She looked into my eyes as she swallowed the whole piece. She took my whole cock up and down, stopping every now and then to focus on my head and suck my balls. I was ready to fuck, but needed to taste her pussy first. I stood her up and turned her around making her bend over leaning against a tree. She pulled up her skirt and exposed her ass and dripping pussy. I could see her juices seeping through her panties. I pulled them aside and began to lick her pussy while i squeeed her ass cheeks. She tasted delicious and I know she loved my large tongue lickin her clit and ass and fucking her pussy. We were both beyond ready to fuck so I stood up and slid my cock deep into her pussy. She gasped and reached back to squeeze her ass. I pounded her pussy while I rubbed and fingered her asshole. At this point she took over and had me lay on the ground so she could sit on and ride my cock. She was an amazing ride and I loved squeezing and spanking her ass as she fucked me. her nipples were hard and ready to suck. As I was sucking and playing with her nipples I spanked her ass, she came 2 times. I was ready to cum and I pulled out and exploded all over her tits. We took care of busiess and went our seperate ways, Until next time!
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4 years ago
This is it!!! Best story I've heard. Love the park, the outdoor feeling and sensations!!! Keep writing!