Anna's First 3Sum

We met Paul for drinks for Anna to meet my friend to make sure she was comfortable with him before enjoying her first 3sum. Paul and I had shared a girlfriend of his before and I was very comfortable with him fucking Anna. After a couple of drinks I suggested that we go to my truck where we could talk more openly. I had noticed a few people trying to listen to our conversation. We left and Anna got into the back seat of my extended cab truck and Paul went to the passenger's seat. It was much more comfortable talking about what we all were looking forward to. I had asked Anna to dress sexy for Paul. I wanted to show her off. She wore a low cut blouse that showed off her 38DD tits and a very short skirt that showed her great legs. As we talked , she leaned forward and her tits almost fell out of her blouse. She didn't have a bra on and she had spread her legs over the hump on the floor and allowed her skirt to ride up showing her sweet pantyless shaven cunt. Damn she was hot and she knew it! I cupped her tits, feeling her nipples already hard. Paul kind of looked at me and I told him to go ahead. He reached over and went for Anna's open cunt. I watched as he slipped a finger between her cunt lips and started to finger fuck her. This was exactly as I hoped this meeting would go. Anna had completely embraced the idea of our 3sum and was showing us just how willing she was for it to happen. That sweet sound of her wet cunt as Paul fingered her was INCREDIBLE! I watch as she moaned , with closed eyes, and shuddered as he brought her to a cum. Anna simply fell back to the seat with her legs spread wide and a smile on her face. If it were possible we would have already been in a motel room, but we all had other plans that took priority. So Anna leaned forward and kissed Paul goodbye and he left. I sped home and we went straight to the bedroom, stripping as we went. I couldn't get into her cunt fast enough! All I wanted was to fuck her and flood her with my cum. As we cuddled afterwards, I told her how proud I was of her and how aroused I was watching her being finger fucked by Paul and cumming for him. We slept and when we awoke we started to plan our meeting with Paul.

I called Paul the following morning to arrange a date for our meeting and he told me that he wanted Ann so badly. That all he's thought about was her sweet shaven cunt. We arranged a date and I told him I'd call once we were in the room. I told Anna later what Paul had said and she smiled.

Anna and I settled into the motel room a few days later and I called Paul to let him know where and what room .He said he'd be there in about an hour or so. That gave Anna and I time to share a shower together, let me shave her cunt so that it was smooth, and lastly lay back in bed together and share a couple of drinks. She seemed to relax abit after the second drink and cuddled close to me which resulted in my cock getting hard wanting her. My hands roamed over her , cupping her tits and pinching her nipples, tracing her cunt and caressing her ass. I ease downward and parted her legs until my tongue opened her cunt lips and I tasted her wetness. I moved upward and told her to straddle my face and holding onto the headboard I wanted her to face fuck me until she came. I wanted Anna to cum because once she did cum she always wanted more and I wanted her to need and want more so when Paul got there, she'd be more than ready for our cocks. I loved how she'd flood my mouth as she came and I had her cum until she finally just rolled over and wanted to rest for a minute.
Paul knocked on our door, and I answered it with just a towel on me and Anna spread naked on the bed. He came over to the bed and Anna reached out and rubbed his cock through his pants and told him to shower and hurry to bed. Fresh from his shower, hard cock Paul joined us and our hands explored Anna's body as she shared kissed between us. Paul and I drove Anna crazy, both of us sucking her nipples and finger fucking her cunt together. It was wonderful feeling her cum with another man. She got her hands on our hard cocks and started stroking us. Paul and I moved to the end of the bed and Anna, kneeling on the floor, started to suck us both.I've always said that Anna was one of the most talented cocksuckers I've EVER known. She has a VERY talented tongue, can throat with ease and for long periods and swallows without hesitation. Once I saw her take Paul's cock into her mouth for the first time, I knew he'd agree with me. While she was sucking Paul's cock, I got behind her and cupped her tits and rubbed her stiff nipples. She was constantly moaning , cupping and squeezing Paul's balls and he was going out of his mind! Finally, Paul pulled her up and laying back on the bed, told her he wanted her cunt and needed them to 69. It didn't take long for Anna to be fucking Paul's tongue with her smooth cunt as she throated his hard cock over and over. Watching my baby pleasing and being pleased was wonderful. I had NO regret in making and wanting this to happen.
I knew they were closer. Anna was fucking his mouth like crazy and Paul was ramming his cock down her throat until he finally stopped and I watched Anna's cheeks swell and I knew she was draining his balls down her throat. She , meanwhile flooded his moth with her cum...AWESOME!.I t was my turn, taking Paul's place, Anna lost no time in repeating what she had just done. I enjoyed her cum flooding me as I flooded her throat with my cum. What a beautiful lady I had!.

A brief rest and a drink later, Anna was ready again as well as Paul and me. Anna quickly sucked Paul's cock until it throbbed in front of her needing to fuck her. It was time for my baby to be fucked by another man in our bed and I watched as Paul looked at me for approval, which I gave, and spread her legs wide. Cupping her ass, he aimed his hard cock at her cunt. Anna looked at me and after I told her how much I loved her and how she pleased me, she took Paul's cock and guided it to her cunt. I watched as Paul parted her lips and heard Anna take a deep breath as he guided his cock into her cunt until hid balls rested on her ass.
Here I am, holding my baby, playing with her tits , kissing her as she is being fucked by my friend. Wonderful! Paul started slowly, savoring the tightness of Anna's cunt and then started to increase his fucking. I whispered in Anna's ear how proud she made me and to fuck him like he's never been fucked before Anna started to fuck back, taking each stroke of Paul's cock and meeting it. I loved what words flowed for her mouth as she encouraged Paul to fuck harder....make her cum...give her his cum... It was INCREDIBLE to watch my baby being fucked and fucking back. Anna started to cum and she continued to cum over and over. Paul's cock glistened with her cum and I loved the wet noises of their fucking. Paul's speed increased...his fucking harder...until he slapped his balls once last time against Anna's ass and pumped rope after rope of his cum deep in her cunt. Anna simply let out a long deep moan as she felt his cum fill her. My baby had fucked another man and it was GREAT!.
That was the first fuck of the day. Anna's mouth and hands kept us hard and we enjoyed a few more fucks and blowjobs before Paul had to leave.
My baby and I fucked one more time later that day and we feel asl**p with my drained cock slipping from her well fucked cunt.
We've enjoyed more with Paul but this first fuck will always be the most incredible!
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6 months ago
my cock is so hard would like more from you
7 months ago
awesome..... Anna was such a sexy lady
this is very arousing
7 months ago
great story,luved all of it