Dedication to Deb

Dear Deb.
I hope you read the last story and saw your picture at the bottom. You need to divorce Randy. I am offering you my hand as a way to get what the f****y is going to cut you out of. I also feel that I will be better able to serve you given my younger age. Deb I have been in love with you since I first saw you. I refused to call you “aunt” Deb because I wanted you as a wife, even then. It would disgust my f****y, my cousin would hate me, I would be disowned, but I would do it all for you Deb. You deserve luxury and to be respected as royalty. Deb, with me you will have that. Imagine the respect and fulfillment I will offer.
We can’t rush into it. Simply Divorce Randy and be “single”. In secret we will marry, we will have a big wedding later. Nobody will question why you don’t change your last name. When it comes time to inherit, as my wife you are owed a fair bit plus what you get out of divorce. Deb, you will live like a queen. So if lust can’t win you over greed will. You’re a smart woman Deb and it turns me on. We can have any kind of wedding you want. Perhaps no wedding if you just need me to get what you need. So be it you deserve so much.

Many times I stayed at their home. They had various homes over the years. Finding the not so well hidden porn was the best part. Hearing the sex and finding pictures was awesome. The sex room above the garage, yea I saw that too. Even better was the sex I saw. Strangers to me, but damn just about everything happened. Never seen a woman do so much, Deb is a miracle of women’s sexuality. I loved watching her masturbate for others. Often fallowed up by her being fucked and as such being the center of attention, she knew how to use sex.

My f****y hates Deb and considers her street trash. My mother claims she is part of the reason my dad and her split. My cousin hates her and the grand parents are working on ways to cut her out of any inheritance. Still, I love this woman. She really hasn’t done a single thing wrong. She is out going about sex, so what. She isn’t evil and is down right sexy, even at 60. Part of the reason I want to marry this woman is to spite them for scorning such a wonderful woman. Deb deserves respect and care, what ever her desire I shall see it met.

Watching Deb in action is exciting enough, but the very idea of having her even just once is beyond bliss. I once watched her take 3 men and their cum. I watched her pull up those sticky underpants as globs of cum dropped to the floor. It slid down her legs as she walked and then dropped her long dress. When I caught up with her again she was in the process of getting that well used pussy cleaned by my Uncle, I wanted to clean her pussy just once. I saw her underpants, caked and sticky. I added to it while I listened, I didn’t care if they caught me. I routinely found pictures and VHS tapes of Deb and various other people. This woman has to be a legend among swingers.

Deb, I don’t care if you end up using me. You deserve so much and I want to help you get it. Get that divorce. Marry me. I promise to serve you and see that you are fulfilled.

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