Creamping Kathy

Creaming Kathy
Kathy is an average, 53 year old conservative house wife. She isn’t at all what most men call attractive. She is short and heavy, with short sandy hair. She wears glasses and dresses plainly. No makeup or effort into her hair. She has a redneck look about her. She is a nice BBW with a good looking body. It’s not hard to tell the woman is frustrated. At the time I guessed she wasn’t getting laid or her husband had a limp dick.
As time went on she showed more signs of being frustrated and this was also the time “that book” came out. She often dropped comments like “Nobody likes a real woman.” And “why can’t I get my husband to look at me that way?” 50 Shades had come out and of course our store carried it. Being a Conservative Christian she apposed the book and seemed disgusted. It wasn’t long before I was catching her reading the book in a half-assed attempt to hide it. I could see the gears working in her little head. I knew I might have a chance, but it would be very risky. I had to take my time.
Why fuck a woman like Kathy? I am a young man and I have plenty of options. My wife is very open and we have other couples. Women like Kathy are almost always great finds. A woman who actually craves sex and desires good sex is far better than one pretending and “keeping up appearances”. I also love older women and I have yet to be disappointed. Kathy is also a thrill in that I know this is more than likely her first real good experience with sex. Anyways I love women like her and I think they should be appreciated more.
Some time after catching Kathy reading 50 shades I noticed she was a little more flirty and wasn’t as bitchy. She took me by surprise one night when I caught her with her hand in her pants. She was clearly flipping the bean on the job. It was in the back stockroom of the smallest shop. She had her left hand against the wall and the right in her pants. I could hear soft moaning. Her back was to me so she couldn’t see. I backed up, half in shock and listened. She was finished in perhaps a minute afterwards. I moved to a side room and sat down, acting like I had been working and heard nothing. I really wanted to make a move, but I figured it was too soon. I did however plan to give her some free time and space.
The next day she worked I moved her again to our least busy store and the one that has the far away stockroom. I gave her extra break time that day when the store closed and she promptly went into the back room. Here I waited by the hallway leading to the room. I looked through the partly open door for a few minutes before quietly entering the hallway. She sat and read for a few minutes before she started reaching in her pants. This time I would do the same as I watched. It had been a while since I had cum that hard and she seemed to have a good go too. She got her pants wet and started to swear. If I wasn’t already worn out I would have busted another nut because she took off her pants and put her under ware in her purse. Her pussy looked fine and what brief view I had got me rock hard. She did her best to dry the pants with paper towels before hurrying back to the main office to head home. The other office was dark and I just back in the room hoping she didn’t see me. I met her at the office and she wondered why I was a little late.
The under ware was barely sticking out of her purse. As she bent over to sign a few things for the night I tugged them free without her notice. Time to make the move. Her crotch still had an obvious wet spot. The panties were damp and the smell was making me wild. I closed my fist and put them in my pocket.
“Have an accident?” I asked pointing to her crotch. She was stunned.

“Let’s go to the bar and have a drink.” I said as I pulled out her panties. She gasped and I told her she dropped them in the break room.
She didn’t question and after a brief moment agreed and told me “you had better be worth it.” Kathy called her husband and said she would be late.

We took my car and on the way I told Kathy I saw her twice. I told her that I would like to ease her frustration and give her what she wanted. I asked her to unzip her pants and without hesitation she started playing.
“It’s been 20 years since I had a man in me. Why do you want a woman like me?”
“I don’t know, but there is something about you.” I replied. Kathy moaned a little and pulled her pants back up.
“All I ever get is a finger at most, my own finger. My husband makes me suck his limp dick and swallow his cum. He refuses to eat me out or fuck me. “She blurted.

We skipped the bar and just went to a cheap hotel. We weren’t in the door 5 minutes when she made me whip out my dick and started sucking. She really liked the idea of a nice hard dick. It wasn’t long before she was completely naked. I had her spread her self and gave her the one thing she craved. I ate her out. I was dying to taste her untouched pussy. Her husband’s loss and my delight, why any man would turn down her pussy was beyond me. My face was soon soaked and my dick was rock hard, the only thing left was to dive in.
I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and dove in. She moaned and fussed as I thrust deep into her. She was tight and sensitive. I couldn’t believe she was 53. Actually I couldn’t believe this was happening at all. I could feel her squirting and after 10 minutes I just couldn’t hold back. I gave her the biggest load her pussy had ever seen. I laid on top of her for another 5 minutes as I felt her aftershocks.

She ignored her cell phone and stayed the night with me at the hotel. I gave her another load before we left and she went home. Hopefully to shove the load in her pussy in her husband’s face. I expect more fun with Kathy as she has recently filed for divorce.

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2 years ago
Kathy wanted to eat your ass but was a little shy............Sweet
2 years ago