Helen, a wonderful SSBBW

Helen is what I would call a perfect 10. She is short, fat and perky. Nice long red hair. She turned 50 this year and I think it is time to break her in again.
I met Helen through my mother. My mother was Helen’s boss. I was 17 when I met her and I was rock hard at first sight. She wore tight clothes and was very large. All I could do was stare at her fat ass, her crotch and her big ass tits. Helen is at least 300lbs and she makes it work. She had more than hinted that she was receptive but I wouldn’t act for some years. She was the kind of woman who is typically passed over because of her size. However she really uses it well in the bedroom.
One night in a chat I finally told her she had a hot ass. I told her I wanted to feel her up. Next thing I know I am driving over to her place. She greeted me at the door in a nice night gown. Right away we started kissing and I started feeling her up. It seemed so unreal. A woman who I wanted and I was getting ready to fuck her brains out. I then had her do something I had always wanted. I had her sit in my lap. She seemed confused and asked.
“hon, you realize I am 300lbs?” she asked. I replied that it didn’t matter. She slowly sat and I started feeling her up. Her tits felt wonderful and I could feel her excitement. I admit it was a lot but she felt so good. If anything I had to quit because of my raging boner.
I took Helen to her room and took off her gown. Ripped, actually, her fat naked body sat on the bed. Her pussy was perfect. A little bit of , it was wet, red hair, clean and tight. I started to finger her and soon found my self balls deep. Her pussy was tight and very wet. By the time I stuck it in I think she had came, a puddle was already forming in the sheets. She squirted as I stuck it in One thing I love about fat women is they are surprisingly good in bed, weight doesn’t get in the way at all. It is far easier and enjoyable to do doggy with a bigger woman over a small woman. My wife is rather small and I have difficulty doing doggy. Helen was easy and it felt perfect. She was also the first woman I came in. I could bust a nut balls deep without the fear of pregnancy. Her long hair begged to be pulled and her ass clapped as I slammed her even harder. She screamed and cried. I am willing to bet it had been at least 10 years since her last good fuck. Maybe longer, who knows? I came hard, but wanted more.
I made Helen ride me, she got on top. Again she seemed a bit confused but didn’t even ask this time. I know it might be kind of gross but she ended up causing me to shit my self a bit. This startled us ,but I cleaned up and just started again. It felt good having all that woman on top, surrounding my cock. I could feel her dripping all over me. Her moans and screams were like music to my ears. I couldn’t stop. She couldn’t stop either and it was obvious both of us wanted this fuck badly. The ‘last’ cum load actually hurt. We layed, exhausted. She played with my penis until we both fell asl**p.
I woke up with her on top again. At this point the bed was soaking wet. She was just peeing her self and moaning. I was rock hard and it was starting to hurt, but it felt so good being deep inside. She stopped after some time and was crying.
“I just can’t stop. <gasp>I can’t… <gasp> breath<gasp> I have wanted this for so long and now I can’t stop. I think I might have a heart attack. “ she muttered between gasps, sobs and moans. “I haven’t ever felt this<screams and pees> it’s too good.”
Her pelvic thrusts continued even after a good soaking squirt. I came and she finally rolled off, gasping for air. She passed out.
The next morning neither of us could walk. We didn’t even try again for a few weeks. More on that later. Lets just say she really opened up that night.

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