If the wife can play I can have her friend.

My wife’s friend Karen is by now means a small woman. At 6 feet and 230+lbs she is a rather plump treat. Her breasts are nice and meaty. She has a nice large ass and a cute grandmother face. She just turned 51, but I met her when she was 47. Short brown hair, brown eyes and a nice smile greet you, but this innocent face is deceptive. She is without a doubt one of the kinkiest women I know. This was not the image in my head when I first met her. She wears very conservative clothes and no makeup, yet has a very natural beuty about her. I was turned on at first sight.
She knew my wife, then girlfriend, because both had hip injuries from car accidents. They met in physical Rehab and quickly became friends. She was introduced to me shortly after I met my wife. She gave me her phone number and I really didn’t say much to her. I never called. Karen and my then girlfriend would meet at a monthly dance benifiet. I hardly ever went.
8 months later I saw Karen again. It was at the dance. This time I went in with my very nervous girlfriend. Karen met us at the door and she started to speak with me. She asked how I was doing, but I later learned she was distracting me. My girlfriend grabbed a friend of hers and went to the back of the event, the staff bathrooms.
My girlfriend, now wife, grabbed a young black man and took him to the back hallway to the staff bathrooms. Here I can only guess at what they did. All I know is I felt Karen’s hand grab my ass after some time. I almost instantly got hard. This was no innocent grasp either. She then spoke.
“Come with me, I got something you need to see.” She took me to the back area of the event to the hallway. I could here something. I saw a man and woman in the corner, not my girlfriend, but another couple. I figured Karen had brought me here todo something, but then I saw her. In the hall I saw her, on her knees. Sucking his dick. I almost yelled but Karen had my ass, tight in her hand.
“If she can play, You can too.” She whispered. Half upset and angry I agreed. I started texting and talking to Karen from that point on. Yet still stayed with my wife, I was turned on by both her slutty actions and Karen. Karen told me she did this a lot and that she had even had sex with my girlfriend. I learned Karen loved men and women. We set a date to play.
2 months later and I took my wife to the dance again. Karen had called her and told her she would be late. When I parked the car I waited. Karen called a few minutes later. She met me at the car. She was dressed rather plain. Light green, but somewhat tight sweater and a nice grey skirt. I got out and ran my hands up her skirt to her nice little hump. I could feel her wet gash and asked her if she was ready. She got in the car. I kissed her and right away she stuck her tongue in my mouth and grabbed my crotch. She wanted to give me a hand job on the way to my place, but I thought this would be too much.
I was nervous on the way back to my place, but was excited. My penis hurt thinking about what we might do. 15 minutes later we arrived and quickly got inside. She let me have a good look at her. Her ass stuck out and her tits were just to die for. Plump and nice for a 47 year old, large woman. I was in for a treat. She undid my pants and grabbed my penis.
“You are going to love this.” She said as she started stroking. She had me sit on the bed and then took my pants all the way off. She began to suck and I started to fondle her tits. She then stopped and stood up.
“Spank me, spank me hard. I want to feel it!” She bent over and showed her ass. Still in her plain skirt. “Spank me, beat it. I want it red!” she demanded. I gave her a few light whacks.
“I am not playing. Beat it!” She screamed. So I gave her a healthy few whacks. She then pushed me back onto the bed and got on top. I could feel her weight and was a bit nervous. She jammed her tongue in my mouth again and grabbed my crotch.
“I want a large hickey on my neck.” She asked. I gave. She then got off me and took off her skirt and her panties. They were soaked and I could smell her. I started to lick and for the first time saw her wonderful pussy. It was light on hair, but was a wonderful pussy. Nice lips and a nice clits was poking out. This part of her looked much younger. Wet and swelled I could tell she was past horny. Her ass had some red hand prints. She still had her shirt on. She took this off and showed her massive tits. She put them in my face and asked me to suck them. She then asked me to give her hickies on her breasts. I fondled and sucked, she moaned.
She got up on all fours and demanded another spank. This time she grabbed a ruler.
“My ass, my cunt and my tits.” She said. I asked if she was sure and she repeated. I gave her 5 whacks on her ass, she screamed. Then I did 3 slaps to each of her breasts. She creid out for the final punishment on her pussy. 4 times, she wanted 5. She then begged to be fucked. I finally dove in. She moaned as I got between her legs and started thrusting into her swollen and very red pussy. Small bruises dotted her breasts and she wanted me to squeeze and fondle them. Karen started to gasp and squirt then she made the oddest request.
“Slap me. Slap me across the face. Do it, do it hard before I cum.” She screamed. I hesitated, but fallowed. She got tense and I started to cum. She moaned, gasped and pissed. I came and absolutely loved it. We layed there for another 10 minutes before we got up and got dressed. I gave her a healthy slap on the ass once dressed. She gave me a little more tongue. Her face had a big red mark on the side and she walked a bit slow.
I dropped her off 3 hours into the dance event. It is typically a 4 hour event. I told her to check on the girlfriend. Sure enough she was being felt up. Karen would attempt to do the same to her. When I picked the girlfriend up she said Karen must have been having sex. She said Karen wouldn’t stop talking about sex and that she had a big red mark on her face. She mentioned that Karen liked her sex a little “hard” . I laughed.

Karen and I have yet to hook up again and its been a few years. She just turned 51 and she and I think it is time to meet again. This time, she wants the wife too.

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1 year ago
where can i find a friend for the wife like that?
2 years ago
Nice. Hope you get the chance to play with her again:)
2 years ago