My wife's older girlfriend

When I met my wife I also met one of her long time friends, Karen. Karen is a large older woman who many would find unattractive, but say that about her body. She was wearing a rather plain dress that did a good job showing off her ass and very large tits. She wore glasses and had short brown hair. Plain and plump. My wife even jokingly calls her “mama”. Karen is every bit 6 foot and 230+lbs. Her massive tits stuck out and for a woman nearly 50 I just couldn’t resist looking. I was hard as a rock and I think Karen knew it. Karen is bisexual and later admitted to wanting both me and my wife. She would also tell me a lot about my wife. My wife and Karen both had hip injuries in a car accident and met that way. They go to a once monthly dance. Here is were my wife does her deeds.
The building for the dance has a small hallway leading to the bathrooms. Here people meet and do all kinds of things. My wife apparently has been taking a few men back here. She adamantly denies this but slips up all too often. Little does she know that Karen has been my spy. I have over heard her phone conversations too. She has cheated at least 5 times.
Karen in return for helping wanted me to do a few things to her. Although I hardly considered this payment As I wanted to from the start. However It would turn out that Karen is a bit of a kinky old lady. Karen was waiting in the parking lot after I had just dropped my wife off at the dance. This was after a year since I had met her. She came over to the car and said hello. I got out, it was dark. I had received her text. I lifted up her dress and felt her fat legs up to her hump. I could feel her wet gash and I asked if she was ready. She said yes and got in the car. She told my girlfriend on the phone earlier in the night that she would be late, but she didn’t say why.
I took Karen back to my house and showed her pictures of my wife. She got excited. She had confessed to sl**ping with her prior to our dating and that she would love a threesome. It was clear that Karen was ready. She slapped her ass and then asked me to give her a big hickey on her neck. I did and then she asked for some on her tits and around her legs as she took off her skirt. She took off her shirt and revealed a bra holding a massive pair. I am not good with sizes but Karen is a large woman. I would guess the size of my head. She had a belly too, but she was still damn good. She was wonderful to look at. Better than many girls I see in their 20’s. Something about big older women gets me.
I finished sucking her tits and her pussy lips. At this point my dick was starting to hurt. She was the rather kinky type and wanted a firm spanking. She then sat on the bed and had me slap her pussy. It was wet and after a few slaps I could not stand to wait. I licked her a few times and dove in. She felt so good. I kept pounding and she started to moan. She screamed at me to smack her face. She wanted it to be red. I didn’t do it at first ,but she firmly insisted. I could only do it twice before I felt a little wrong. She then grabbed me and pulled me towards her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I continued pounding. I could feel her juices and she moaned more. She begged me to suck her tits. After doing this for another 15 minutes I finally came in her. Being that she was nearly 50 she wasn’t worried about k**s. She loved the feel of cum. We both laid there for about 10 minutes. I played around with her tits and fully soaked pussy.
She wanted to do more, but we didn’t have time. I had to take her back to the dance and her car. Her face was red and a large hickey was on her neck. Her tits look like she had little bruises. She put her glasses back on and asked how she looked. My guess is she wanted my wife to see her red face and hickey but didn’t want her to know… yet. The dance event lasts about 4 hours and it was about 3 hours in when Karen and I got back. I dropped her off and she went in. She texted me later saying she saw my wife being felt up and that she would try to do the same.
An hour later when I picked my wife up I asked her how she was. She had a blast. She then said that Karen must have been having some good fun before the dance. She told me that Karen was a little chatty and kept talking about sex. She also commented on her face and hickey and stated that Karen “loved to me slapped” while in bed. I kind of chuckled. I saw Karen too and waved as she walked to the car. This was 2 years ago and Karen and I have yet to hook back up. We plan on it.
She texts me every now and again and with her 51st birthday I might just pay her a visit. With or without the wife.

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1 year ago
Hell i want Karen
2 years ago
i will go with you
2 years ago
go for it man,,very hot story..thanks