My fascination with tits and how it started!

I was out with some friends who have known me for a long time. We started talking about turn-ons and turn-offs. One of my lady friends, who knows of my fascination with breasts, asked how I got so turned onto breasts. She thought it was an interesting story and I thought I'd post it here as well! This is an event that I still masturbate to till this day. I posted a new gallery of big breasts and some of the larger girls on there remind me of this story.

I had recently discovered the thrill and enjoyment of masturbation. As most guys my age, after discovering masturbation I found interesting ways to masturbate and interesting things to masturbate to. This was the summer before my first year of high school. A friend and I had decided to go and hang out at a nearby private beach club. The beach usually had a few swimmers during the summer and we thought we could check out the girls or at least cool off.

As we walked up the gravel maintenance road, we couldn't hear much. We thought this was weird because there was usually a handful of people using the club. However, as we approached the clubhouse we could hear some splashing and giggling. We decided to kind of go in stealth mode. So we quietly moved away from the road and found a spot we could see the beach and what was going on. What we saw would leave a deep imprint on my mind.

There were 2 girls swimming and splashing in the water. My friend and I gave each other a knowing smile. The girls were up to their shoulders in the water and seemed to be having a great time. The girls were talking, but we were just far enough away that we couldn't make out what they were discussing. Shortly after we got to our hiding spot, the girls got out of the water. One of the girls was above average height, blonde, and had breasts that nicely swayed as she ran out of the water. The 2nd girl was shorter, brunette and had breasts that were as big as my head. When she got out and ran up the beach her breasts shook, bounced, and moved all over! They both were 3-4 years older than us. We were memorized! We watched them for about 10 minutes and my friend was getting agitated and wanted to leave. I was trying to get up the nerve and go join them on the beach. My friend left and so did any courage I had to go and sit on the beach with them.

My friend had been gone for about 5 minutes and I was thinking of heading home and using my mental snapped pictures to masturbate to. The blonde had been talking and the brunette was laughing at what she was saying. I decided that I should try and move closer to hear what they were talking about. I was able to sneak into some bushes right off the beach, about 20 feet from where they were. In my new spot, I could kneel and still be completely hidden.

I had just settled into my new spot and over heard the brunette telling the blonde about skinning dipping the summer before. My ears perked up as well as my cock! She described how she loved the experience and how freeing it was to be able to lay out and swim with out any clothes. The blonde was completely surprised, but I could tell she was interested. The blonde asked some questions about the danger, the nerves, etc. But the big-breasted brunette took them all in stride and explained that the excitement and nerves was part of the great feelings.

They then ran back into the water. I don't think the blonde believed her friend because she challenged her to do it again. The brunette told her she would if they both did it well enough ! I was almost screaming for it to happen! After some more discussion, they agreed to take off their bottoms. I think they both felt that if anything happened or anyone saw them they could stay hidden. The brunette decided to up the challenge and threw her bottoms back up on the beach! The blonde did the same and they took turns swimming around showing off their bare asses!

My cock was good and hard now and I was thinking that I was going to have a great memory to masturbate to later! Then the blonde said that she loved the excitement and said,"lets do it! Let's take off our tops!" I couldn't believe my ears and I could swear my cock was throbbing now! I was so hard that my underwear were really causing me some pain. I decided to pull my underwear to one side and free the end of my cock.

They both agreed to duck down into the water, take off their tops and then jump up and expose themselves to each other! Now, I decided that I was hidden well enough and that I could play with myself a little. I began by just rubbing the head of my cock and was loving the sensation! The blonde went first and ducked down into the water up to her shoulders. She reached up, untied her top and threw it up on the beach. Then the brunette counted to 3 and the blonde jumped up out of the water! Her breasts were nice and full, the size of 2 full oranges and glistening white! Though she was tan everywhere else, her tits were nice and white! This is also one of my things about breasts as well, but that is another story! I was no longer just playing with the head, but now stroking my cock as much as I could through the end of my shorts! The girls were both giggling and the brunette made several comments about how perky her friends breasts were. The blonde told her that it was her turn. The brunette squatted in the water up to her shoulders and took off her top. She swung it over her head and playfully threw it up onto the beach. My eyes were locked on the 2 of them. The blonde was now standing waist deep, not even trying to hide anymore and counting down from 3...2...1 The brunette jumped out of the water and I was blown away! Her breasts were easily the size of my head, full, and glistening in the afternoon sun. I will never forget how they swayed and bounced as she landed back in the water. Her breasts were bigger and firmer than I could believe. I also noticed that not one inch of her body was white...she was completely tan! Both girls nipples were rock hard and sticking straight out. They started splashing each other and playing around. Their bare breasts where shaking and swaying all over.

I decided to take a chance and pull my shorts off to get a better grip on things! There I was up on my knees, shorts around my ankles and my hard cock in my hands. I began to stroke up and down, marveling at how hard I was! There was some different splashing and my attention was pulled back to the girls. They had decided to leave the water and lay on the beach. They put their bottoms back on but both remained topless! They laid there on their backs propped up on their elbows. This gave me a great view of their breasts. I made sure to take it all in and notice as much as I could. I noticed that besides the size of their breasts that there were other differences. The brunette's nipples were as round as a pencil erasers but had big slightly dark, aeroelas. Her breasts were nice and rounded and stuck out from her body, slightly sagging to the sides. The blonde's nipples were longer, fatter and were on the end of breasts that curved upward and her a aeroelas were lighter in color and much smaller.

I was enjoying the view very much and was really starting to pick up the pace. My cock was starting to leak a lot of pre-cum. I knew that this meant I was getting closer to cumming and I had no idea what I was going to do since I had only jacked-off into my socks at home!

The girls then sent me over the edge by oiling up their breasts! They both squeezed a good amount of oil directly in between their breasts and began rubbing it in! The blonde watched, and was as memorized as me, as the brunette began covering every inch of her breasts. She began by rubbing each hand in between and then over the top of her breasts and then down to her nipples. She then went back in between to get more oil and then proceeded to rub under her breasts, lifting them to make sure she got every inch! As she moved to her nipple, she continued massaging them up and down. My breathing was beginning to come in quick bursts and I increased my pace on my cock. The blonde began to mimic her friend and began to play with her breasts as well. I was right at the edge and my balls were aching for release. As both girls finished oiling up, the brunette took her nipples in between her thumbs and forefingers and gave them several nice pinches!

That was all I needed! When she began to tweak her nipples I moaned and released several nice thick ropes of cum! I quickly realized that I had moved forward, trying to get a better view and that during my climax and moved forward to far and was now out in the open, in more ways than 1!!!
I looked up to see both girls looking and pointing in my direction! Shocked, surprised and scared, I quickly jumped up and pulled my shorts up and took off running. I could hear the girls laughing as I retreated!

Later that summer when I showed up for orientation, I had to have an I.D. picture taken. I walked into the room and who was taking the pictures? Yes, the lovely, large breasted brunette! I was nervous to say the least! My first thought was of course, me picturing her completely naked and those glorious breasts! I actually started getting very hard and then I began thinking, did she get a look at my face? Then I was so nervous and worrying about her recognizing me. She was nice and talked to me while taking my picture but gave no sign she knew who I was. Later in the day I had to go back to get my finished I.D. and she was still there. She smiled at me and looked up my name to find my card. As she gave it to me, she asked me, "Hey, don't you live out by that private beach club?" I stumbled through a "yes" and she responded, "Yeah, my friend and I love to swim out there, especially when we have the place to ourselves!" and she winked, gave me a smile and then went to help somebody else!

A great memory that keeps on giving me enjoyment!
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8 months ago
Missed opportunity there. Could have gone back to see if they'd let you join them.
8 months ago
Lol! No, nothing else happened, I wasn't that brave back then. It has been almost 30 years!
8 months ago
Maybe just whip your dick out and see if that jogs her memory. And after that wink did anything else happen later on?
8 months ago
Actually, I do see her from time to time. Though I don't think she still remembers me!
8 months ago
That was so hot, especially the little wink. Did you ever see her again? or go back to the beach club?