Bus Load of Grannies and Matures - Choosing a Matu

If you have been following this series I am a government Inspector who has have shared my experiences with several matures and grannies that I meet on bus trips. My latest adventure is with Kate the si(*&r of my potential new girlfriend Alice, a petite mature who I had just taken anally. Alice her si (*&er Kate and I had shared dinner and then it was off to Alice’s room for an evening of great sex. However, Kate also wanted to get her hands on me and invited me to her room afterwards. So after Alice was fully fucked, I was on my merry way to Room 467 to check out the more buxom older and worldly Kate.

Well I knocked on the door of Room 467 and Kate answered, she was dressed in a black knee length silk robe that was half open to accentuate her gorgeous 36D breasts. Kate said “do you like what you see babe?” and I said “No” not until I see the whole package. Kate smiled and untied her robe to reveal a pair of tits that would make a twenty year old jealous. Kate said they were implants from when she was in college. She said she had been a very high priced call girl in her youth. Kate laughed and said “tonight honey you are going to benefit from what I learned”. I had two rich husbands and both of them “died happy” in bed. Apparently I was too much for them.”

We both laughed as we sat down on the hotel loveseat and began French kissing. Kate sure was right, this 66 year old could probe your mouth with her tongue like a snake/ Kate drove me wild just from the French kissing, she alternated from flicking her tongue all over the inside of my mouth as she sucked and drew my tongue deep into her mouth. Kate drove me crazy as I fondled those gorgeous tits with my thumbs giving special attention to her erect very sensitive nipples. My hand then wandered down to her hairless pussy and I discovered that she had already lubed herself up in anticipation of my finger probing. I separated her labial lips and my finger gently began rubbing her clitoris.

Kate moaned softly and said “Alice said you give great head” and I replied “well I’ve gotten no complaints”. Kate then said “OK smart ass, get down there and eat my pussy”. With that she just grabbed the top of my head and pushed me off the couch until I was on the floor on my knees. Kate then f***ed my face into her awaiting pussy. No women had ever been that aggressive with me before as she “eat that pussy until I squirt all over your face, pretty boy”. With that I decided I would give this girl the best head I could muster. My tongue traveled into the deep recesses of her pussy, I swirled my tongue all over her the inside as best I could. I then ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips separating them with my tongue as I probed her pussy deeper and deeper. Then I withdrew and kissed her inner thighs until I reached the top of her pussy. Kate moaned even louder as I gently sucked and licked her clitoris swirling my tongue back and forth over her sensitive bud. Kate began gyrating her hips in unison with my head moving up and down.

Kate then seemed to go crazy, her whole body moved up and down on my tongue. Kate seemed to get even more aggressive, she said “yeh baby you stay down there until I say you’re done, and it’s going to be awhile”. I must have spent fifteen minutes between her legs licking and sucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Then my finger found her G-spot; Kate’s first orgasm hit, she screamed and squirted what seemed like a cup full of liquid from her pussy all over my face. She yelled, don’t stop until I say stop! After a few more minutes her orgasms subsided and she fell back exhausted, my face was just covered in her female orgasmic juices. I got up, went to the bathroom and washed my face. Wow, I had never had such a sexually charged oral sex experience.

I returned to the room and Kate was lying prone on her bed, she said “you know I am a former hooker and I am going to give you a blowjob that you will never forget for the rest of your life”. With that I laid back on the bed as Kate took charge kissing and licking me from head to toe. She left no portion of my body untouched, my ears, my face and even my eyebrows, and of course my erect cock. She not only knew how to deep throat a cock, but she was so skilled she could move her tongue around the shaft as she went down its whole length. Kate alternated from hard deep throating to light flicking of her tongue up and down my shaft. She sucked me just to the point of where I was ready to shoot my load and then she would back off, leaving me on the edge of ecstasy. Finally, I just could not take it any longer; I shot a hugh load at least six inches in the air. I had never shot a load that big before in my whole life.
Kate then said we are done here, hope you enjoyed the “special treatment I gave you, but don’t expect it again”. With that I left Room 467 and decided her s*s^%$ Alice would not be a bad choice as a steady date when I am on the road. I mean there is nothing better than a cute mature who likes anal sex.

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