Dixie At the Gym

Dixie worked as a government Inspector and traveled quite a bit, looking at hospitals, doctors offices etc. Dixie was bi-Sexual since college and even lived with an older women for a year. Dixie always had a thing for the large black athletic women she met in the offices she inspected. Dixie was short, maybe 5 ‘4” with a nice body and medium size perky breasts. She had no trouble getting boyfriends. But it was the large athletic black women that caught her eye, their tall frames, large legs and arms, and large breasts that filled their D cup bras. The women she would be working with today were in fact, two times bigger than Dixie’s 120 pound frame. She was excited just to be around them. Dixie always went to the local gym after dinner, after all why sit in a hotel room by yourself, at least at the gym she might catch a glimpse of one of her athletic amazon women working out, her muscles flexing and sweat rolling off her face, after a while she could see the shiny beads of sweat on her skin around their thighs near the pussy. This turned her on more than anything.

On day Dixie was working at a local clinic in a poorer part of town. Three of her lovely black amazon’s worked there. The way they talked about fucking their boyfriends, the way each lovers was skilled at eating pussy, and how that weekend one of them had met a rich white yuppie k** and screwed him until he passed out. Dixie had some found some problems with a technician named Yvonne. She liked Yvonne so she spent about three hours teaching Yvonne the right way to fill out the paperwork so they could pass the inspection. Dixie mentioned to Yvonne that she worked out at World’s Gym near the hotel and Yvonne said “that’s cool Carol and I work out there every Monday and Wednesday, maybe we will see you tonight.”
Dixie was more that excited at the prospect of working out with these 6’ 4” black goddesses. After work she went to a sports store and bought the sexiest leotards and gym suit she could find. It was a size to small and highlighted her firm ass and perky tits. It was low cut so Yvonne or Carol could see most all of her firm breasts.
Dixie got to the gym at about eight, Carol and Yvonne had already worked up a sweat on the treadmill so she decided to join them. Then the three of them tried about four other machines. Yvonne and Carol had beautiful well-toned bodies with rippling muscles. They said they had even competed in body-building a few years age. Dixie was ready to burst being between two of the most beautiful amazons she had ever seen. Dixie, Carol and Yvonne finished their workout and went to the shower. Dixie was careful not to glance too much at them but could not help staring at Carol. She was tall, with large breasts and a firm round ass and thighs that are characteristic of bigger athletic women, her ass was gorgeous and her pussy was shaven clean.
Dixie was walking to her car and Carol said; “Honey I know you are a dyke we have been talking about you all day. I’ll bet you lick pussy like a champ”, now you have been “eye balling” me all day and you must be hungrier than hell for some nice pussy right now! Dixie was stunned, Carol said “Get your ass in the back of my mini-van so I can get some nice pussy licking tonight”. Dixie complied and pulled open the door to the van and went inside. Carol was in a pair of short gym shorts and a tube top. Carol pulled down the tube top and told Dixie “you can start right here” Dixie lips went to Carol’s and they kissed, their lounges intertwined as only lesbians can do. Dixie then went down to Carol’s nipple and sucked them like she was a baby. After about five minutes of this Dixie’s hand went down to Carol’s hot pussy and began to find her clitoris, she inserted two fingers in Carol’s pussy as she kissed her passionately. Then it happened, Carol’s hand went to Dixie’s head as she said “time to have some of that pussy you like baby” as she f***ed Dixie’s head between her legs. Dixie like the instinctive dyke she was, began licking and sucking Carol’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue explored the inside of her pussy; she spent special time between the bottom of her pussy to the top to her clit. She then sucked gently on the clit while she flicked her tongue lightly across it. Finally, she opened her pussy with her tongue and feasted on Carol’s juices lapping up every bit she could. Dixie soon felt Carol’s first orgasm and she rode her clitoris along with it. Then she began gently sucking the clitoris, she then sucked harder and harder as Carol’s body writhed under the power of her tongue. Carol screamed as she came two more times. They stopped from exhaustion and Carol said “Nobody has ever eaten my pussy like that before, you are one fabulous dyke baby”.
Dixie got out of the van and drove back to her hotel. The next four hours she had he vibrator in her pussy as orgasm after orgasm came over her body.

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1 year ago
Quiet a lady, likes the big girls, so does my Bi-Girlfriend, loves those girls on her schools soccer team.
1 year ago
Very hot!! Thanks.