The Cheating Wife Massage

This is a copy of an email I sent to the woman in my pictures. She loved the sensual when we first started seeing each other and over time got into the submissive, we did actually act this exact scenario out at the Marriott hotel just outside Manchester

You have arrived at my house and this time you get undressed straight away, eager for me to start massaging you with warm oil. You are covered in towels and have left on your knickers which are very light and silky.
I uncover your back and begin with a light effleurage motion running up the side of the spine to the shoulders and then down the side of the body in long flowing smooth movements. I do this until you are warm and relaxed. I can then concentrate on the muscles either side of your spine and gradually increase the pressure. I am stood by your head and am leaning down the table. Your hands are very close to the sides of my hips and as I increase the pressure your hands are naturally opening up and holding onto me gently. I move clear of you and towards the side.
Now I am concentrating on your lower spine, paying special attention to the two points at the base of your spine which provide bl**d flow to the groin area and can increase arousal. At this point you are very relaxed and are starting to loosen all over. I remove the pressure from your back and start to run my fingers along your back and down your lower spine. I notice that your breathing has changed and you are moving your hips in time with the stroking of the muscles either side of your lower spine. As the frequency of my strokes increase the more your breathing increases and your hips are now trying to grind into the table. Just as I can see you wanting to slip your hands underneath your towel towards your hips I stop and cover your back with the towel. I use the towel to remove any excess oil from your back and move down to your right leg.

I remove the towel from your leg uncovering you from your lower buttock all the way to your toes. I am careful to make sure I have loosely covered between your legs so you are not exposed. I get a handful of warm oil and spread it all down your thigh, towards your calf muscles and your feet. I use gentle sweeping motions down your thighs and then concentrate on your calf muscles. I make sure I’m gentle and sweeping gradually increasing the pressure so I am now removing any knots or strains in the muscle. You have forgotten about the sensual nature of your back rub, but, you can feel that your knickers are completely soaked and you are hoping I don’t notice when I move back up your leg. I finish your calf and then move back past your knee and then onto your thighs. I push my hands up your inner thigh and then back down the outside of your thigh.

With each pass I get closer to the top of your leg and as I get closer to your inner thigh I can feel your heat and then back down again, this time I get a little higher and I can definitely feel the heat spreading down your thigh. I move my hand across your buttock and then down the outside of your leg, this time as I move my hand up the inside of your thigh, I notice you move your leg slightly towards me so your legs are open just a little wider. Not a lot wider, but enough for the towel to slip a little and I can almost see your knickers between your legs. You are breathing heavily again and I can see you fidgeting with your hands. I move my hand back up your leg in another sweeping motion and this time I come so close to the point between your legs that you move your thighs even further apart and this time I can see clearly and you are obviously soaking wet. I then place the towel back on your leg and move to the other side. I lift the towel but this time I move it so I can have a good look at your wet knickers.

I start on your left leg performing exactly the same as I did on your right leg. I am working down your leg towards your calf muscle and I can hear you moan with disappointment. I ask you if you are ok, and you say, yes I’m fine. I move back down to your calf muscle and carry on with the massage, making sure that I am working your leg properly and getting rid of the strains and aches. I then move back up towards your knee and past that to your thighs, I copy the moves I performed before, getting ever closer between your legs, the wetness is now really obvious. I start kneading the top of your thighs and your lower buttock. You help by reaching down and adjusting your knickers so they are more comfortable and out of the way. I ask you if you are ok and you say that they are pinching a little bit and you would also like your bottom massaged.

I ask if you want to remove them and you say yes, if that’s ok. No problem. You lift your hips and slide your knickers part way down your thighs and ask me to move them the rest of the way so you don’t have to. I slide them down your long gorgeous legs and as I do the towel falls off completely. You are completely naked on my massage couch with your legs slightly apart. I can see quite clearly that your lips are open and you are soaking wet, there is moisture now dripping down onto the towel covering the massage table. I get more oil from the bottle, making sure I get a little too much.

I spread it over your buttocks and some of it drips down between your legs and over your anus and flows either side of your lips. You make an audible moan. I start to massage your bum slowly but firmly, gliding my hands across and down in a circular motion. As I move my hands across I am spreading your arse cheeks slightly and exposing not only your wet pussy, but also your tight anus. I am now looking straight at your soaking wet pussy and you are desperately trying to get your hips high enough up that I can enter you with my fingers.

I tease your anus with my finger and slip my oily hand towards your open lips. I take gentle hold of each of your wet lips and let them slip through my fingers, the sudden touch makes you gasp. I am now exploring you without entering you. I play with your lips, gently but slowly, moving my hand towards your clit and then back up without making contact. I move back up to your anus and push just the very tip of my finger against you. You try to push up against my hand but I move it out of the way. I remove my hand and start stroking your whole body with just the backs of my hands all the way from your shoulders down to your toes. I finish and ask you to turn over, you whimper and ask if I can do your bum so more. I give it a gentle slap and tell you I’m finished with your bum and want you to turn over. You do so reluctantly.

When you do turn over I don’t cover you with a towel as I want to look at your long sensuous body. I get the oil again and move back down to your legs I lift your right knee and start sliding my hands down the outside and inside of your thighs doing a gentle motion again, you are desperately trying to get me to enter you with my fingers and I can see you looking at me, hoping I will understand what you want. I am enjoying myself too much and don’t make contact with your pussy again while I am doing this leg. I put your leg down and move to the other leg. This time when I lift your knee I move my hands all the way to the top and place my finger just above the entrance to your pussy and then slid it around your clitoris so that it rests on top of the little hood protecting it. I then remove my hand again. You can take it no more and put your own hands onto your clit and start rubbing it quickly and urgently. I take out my rock hard cock and move it closer to you. You look down and see my cock. You immediately start to shudder and cum. After you have settled, you lowered your leg and relax. I covered you with a towel and then carried on with the massage. However, this time I was doing it with my erect cock gently swaying near your hand.....................

Part Two

I can see that you are trying not to look at my erect cock just in case I can see how much you want it. You have your eyes closed and you have a very red face. You realise that you have just wanked in front of me for the first time and are very embarrassed. Although you are a little ashamed, you are also incredibly turned on by it and wondering if it has turned me on as well. You are reminded every time you move that I was watching as your pussy and arse are covered not only in your juice but massage oil as well. I have taken my trousers off and left my t-shirt on. You are trying not to look but you can’t help yourself. I move closer to you and lower the towel from your chest and place it across your hips so your lower half is now covered. You’re nipples are fully erect and you close your eyes.

I get the oil and ask you if you want me to massage your chest. You say, only if I want to. I answer by pouring hot oil directly onto your nipples. The response is instant as you moan out loud and your hand drops straight onto my cock. You use it to drag me closer to your face so you can get a good look. You reach for it, using the tip of your tongue and lick the whole length all the while just holding it and breathing deeply. I lean across you and start to massage your upper body using gentle strokes and guiding my hands in large circles over your chest avoiding your breasts and down towards your stomach. You suddenly sit up and get off the massage table. You tell me to get on the table and lie on my back. As I do, you lean over my body and without any hesitation, engulf my cock in your mouth all in one go.

I can see you leaning forward trying to swallow me whole while at the same time I spot your free hand moving rapidly between your legs. You are now noisily sucking and thrusting your hips against the table at the same time. I tell you to slow down or you’ll make me cum. Still with my cock in your mouth you look me straight in the eye and suck harder. I can’t hold on much longer and tell you I am going to explode, you move your mouth off me and lean forward so my cum spurts onto your breasts, it seems to go on forever as you use your hand to pump and squeeze the last drips of cum onto your nipples. As I relax, you tell me it’s your turn to get back on the table. I smile and tell you, that you are bossy, you smile and say “get off the table”. You lie back down on the table and I am surprised that you have laid down on your front. Shouldn’t you be on your back I ask? You say, I want you to start again!
Good! I pour a little oil on your back and then rather than going back to the massage I just use my fingers to stroke your skin all the way down you back to the top of your hips. You tell me you don’t want me to stop, you want oil and fingers all the way down your body and in every hole. I happily oblige and for the first time in my life, I am happy to be dominated by someone.

Part 3

I am quite happy to oblige and move my hands further down your now totally naked back, bum and legs. As I am stroking you gently I can’t help but admire your beautiful body. The curve of your back, going towards the top of your beautiful hips, leading to the glorious seductive curve of your bum, to the beautiful curve at the base of your bum which just cries out to be stroked. The top of your thighs leading to the long 34 inch legs down to the ankles. I want to stroke, nibble and caress every inch. I take some oil which has been keeping warm in a bowl. I open it and just hold it over you between your shoulders directly over your spine and then pour it over your back and then all the way down your body. Pouring a liberal amount over your bum so that it runs down between your legs. I then pour a large amount all the way down your legs, covering each leg so it is easy to spread it all over. I put the oil down and use my hands to spread the rest all over your body. All I’m doing is spreading it over you, not massaging at this time.

I make sure that my hands spread it everywhere, down your back, shoulders arse, between your legs, the tops of your thighs and all the way down to your toes. I now move back up to the top of the table standing by your head. I reach down the table and smoothly rub the oil in, using a very sensual massage stroke all the way down to your cheeks. Using an outward motion to spread your cheeks apart and you can feel excess oil teasing your anus and trickling down over your soaking lips. I drag my hands back up your body towards your shoulders and then back down again, pulling your cheeks further apart this time. My thumbs brush against your anus and then my hands slide back up your body to your shoulders again.

The next time I slide my hands down my thumbs push a little more firmly against your rear entrance, I can feel you responding by pushing back slightly. The next time I slide my hands back down your body, I push one of my thumbs inside you just a little bit. Keeping my thumb in place, I move around to be beside you. The tip of my cock, brushes against the side of your breast and leaves a trail of my pre-cum down the side of your chest. My thumb applies a bit more pressure and slips into you. You gasp and as you do I lean over and kiss the base of your neck and press my chest against your back. I keep kissing your neck as I move my thumb further inside you and my finger then comes into contact with your pussy. I slip two fingers of the same hand in between your lips and into your soaking hole. I push a little harder and my thumb and fingers are now moving in and out of your two holes gradually building up speed. You lift your hips off the table and tell me that you want me. I ask you, what do you mean? You say, I want you inside me. I tell you that I will need you to put that in writing. You look over your shoulder at me, gazing straight into my eyes and say FUCK ME NOW!

I get on the massage table on top of your body so I am nestled right behind you. You push your bum towards my cock which is so hard it’s starting to hurt. I put my hand between us and take hold of my cock. I move it forward so I am in contact with you and rub it up and down gently against you. I can feel you pushing back against me urgently. Just as I think you are going to turn around again, I thrust into your hot wet cunt. It is exquisite. I push all the way in and can feel your juice dripping all over my groin. I move my hand over your hips and then underneath you, I am now fingering your clit with one hand and fucking you hard at the same time. I feel like the cum is boiling in my scrotum and is going to shoot out at any moment. I ask you where you want me to cum.

You say “in my arse”. I am desperate and when you tell me to “fuck you up the arse” I remove myself from your soaking cunt and position my cock at your tight hole and push my cock into your anus, you gasp and I thrust all the way in. I slowly begin to thrust in and out, I am about to lose control and you are now pushing into me as I thrust into you. I tell you I’m going to cum and increase the pressure on your clit. As I cum hard inside you, I manage to flick your clit hard enough to make you cum at the same time. We both lie there hot and spent. I remove myself from you and you turn over to cuddle me. After a few minutes you look at me, kiss me gently and say “I need a shower”.......

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