working together and a toy

We always traveled together and both in relationships. One night we were sitting in the hotel bar enjoying some wine. It had been a long day and we were exhausted both mentally and physically. She had just hung up with her boyfriend and was not happy at all. I ordered her another glass of wine and just smiled and said that there was no need to explain. I told her I had many of those type of conversations and knew how she felt.
She took a drink and asked if she could ask a personal question. She took another drink looked straight ahead and asked if my wife and I had sex drive difficulties. I laughed and said yes, my drive was very high and hers was little or almost none. She shook her had and said that they were the opposite. She had asked him to call a counselor and he still had not done so.
I asked asked many times as well and told her that I am still trying after 12 years.
We continued our conversation and found we were in similar relationships and laughed about the similarities.
We both went to our separate rooms that night I had my dick in my hand very shortly after getting in bed. The next day we visited locations and did not speak a word about what we talked about the night before. That evening we were done a little early and were out at a restaurant having dinner and a few glasses of wine. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I had left my iPhone in the table and when I returned, she was looking at the phone. I didn't really think anything about it at the time. I forgot that the last website I was looking at was porn though. On the way back to the hotel, she asked if we could stop somewhere. Ok I said and she told me to keep going past the hotel. About a mile later she told me to turn right into the parking lot of an Adam and Eve. She asked me to stay in the car and I complied. about 15 minutes later she came out with a bag and put it in the trunk. I figured that it was best that I did not ask any questions but was very curious to know what she bought. Once we arrived at the hotel I asked if she wanted to get a drink but she said she was going to her room.
I retired to my room and stuck on a pair on shorts and a t-shirt and started to see what was on TV. I got my phone out and started looking at some porn when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and she stepped in wearing a robe and flip flops. She said that she had a confession to make. She said that she went through my phone and saw what I was looking at on the internet. I became very nervous and was trying to think what I had looked at. She untied the belt and slowly opened her robe. She was wearing an lacy purple bra, a harness and strap on dildo. Apparently I was looking at a strap on movie. She said that she always wanted to get one and use it on her boyfriend but she was lucky when he did his 5 minute missionary hump.
I walked up and and kissed her lightly then with a crazy amount of passion. I then stared kissing down her chest, stomach and to the strap on. She said "suck it baby, suck my big dick. I was sucking my first strap on and started fingering her dripping wet pussy. She was moaning and came in about 2 minutes.
Your turn baby as he lifted me up and laid me back on the bed. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked. I hadn't had a blow job in 15 years and forgot how good it felt. She stopped and crawled up and had this look in her eye. " I want to fuck up now" she said. I told her that I had never done that and that we had to go easy. She bought more than the strap on, she also had lube and condoms.
She shoved a pillow under my lower back and another one under my ass. She took out the lube and started rubbing it into my ass. She was pushing a finger in and kept adding lube. She told me that she had been reading on the web how to do this. Using a strap on was a major fantasy of hers for years.
She then started using a second finger and more lube. She told me to had her a condom. She placed it on the dildo and lubed it up. The look in her eye was excitement and passion. she rubbed the tip on my asshole and went up and down just teasing me. I started pushing back until she eased the head in. It felt enormous. She took her time and eased it in a little but at a time. She said that she had a surprise. she reached down into the harness and a vibration started. I could see that it was having an effect on her. She started pushing in and out. The vibrations were having their effect on me but could not take my eyes off of her. The vibrations were about to set her over the edge. She was pumping my ass, I was pumping my dick and we were both about to come. This was the most intense thing I haver ever felt. She started to cum and I could not hold back anymore. I shoot so hard it hit my chin and my chest. She fell on top of me and the dildo popped out. she licked the cum off my chin and then kissed me deeply sharing my cum. We stayed the night together and slept like babies.
I can not wait till our next trip together this month.

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3 years ago
Enjoyed it.
3 years ago
What a great evening!
3 years ago
Nice story.
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