A TV in the Shoe Store

I work at a ladies shoe store at a large metropolitan mall.
My name is Jillian, though my friends all call me Jilly.
Those same friends also say that I am blessed with a
beautiful face, and an athletic body! Pretty heady for a 30
year old woman whose ideas of athletics never got beyond
sports illustrated and Cosmo! But friends tend to flatter,
that is why we are still friends! I tend to dress with a
flare towards teasing. You see I always wear my skirts and
dresses a bit shorter than fashion demands, and I always
wear sheer reinf***ed heel and toe stockings. A habit
started by a doting Aunt that gave me my first stockings
and garters for a big dance at my high school. The
attention and care given me by my date and others that
night convinced me that stockings were my hosiery of
choice, even if most other girls wore pantyhose, or ugh!
bare legs! My dear Auntie also loaned, then gave me,
against my mothers wishes, my first pair of stiletto heels.
Mom always said her s****r was the black sheep of the
f****y! Well, Auntie did look hot in black!

The salon I work for is called "Pizzaz!". The store fills
the niche of supplying stylish and risque ladies shoes for
discriminating tastes. I have been working all day and we
are closing in 15 minutes. I begin to put away the clutter
from the day's fittings as I spot a new customer, walking
into our lobby. She is a striking tall lady with a stylish
look. She appears to be over 6 feet tall, in her 5 inch
black leather pumps. Her smokey grey hosiery has the sheen
and delicate look of money! A very haute leather dress of a
deep reddish hue adorns her lithe body. Curves in all the
right places speak of endless hours in the gym. Long blond
hair in a French twist, has her high cheek boned face on
full display.

Gorgeous eyes and lips are made up so expertly as to only
hint they are not natural. This woman was of class and
breeding, no doubt. I couldn't help but admire her elegant
walk and calm demeanour as she purveyed our stock of
fashionable shoes.

I put down the boxes I was carrying, and walk over to this
statuesque beauty to ask: "Hello, I am Jillian, welcome to
Pizzaz, how may I be of service?"

For an eternity the lady looks at our selection of 5 inch
and taller heels, then pivots on her thin spike to face me.
"Hello Jillian, I would like to see a 5 inch sling-back in
red patent leather, if you please!" she says. "And the
uppers must be real leather, my feet are not comfortable in
man-made materials." she continued.

"Oh, of course madam, your size please?" I inquire. I look
down and guess maybe a 10! She is a large woman, maybe even
a larger size, I puzzle.

"Please measure my foot dear, I don't know my US size as I
have been away from this country for some years." she
replies, then adds: "I wear a European size 40 to a 42
depending on toe box and heel height!"

She slips her foot out of her slender heeled pump and
points the toe of her nylonned foot my way. I fetch the
Banak sizing gauge and ask her to place her heel against
the stop. I am surprised to see a delicate smokey toe
reinf***ement to her stocking that comes up just partially
over the tips of her well manicured scarlet toenails. I
also notice dark heel reinf***ements that indicate
stockings like I wear rather than common pantyhose!

I am curious about her hose, so I ask: " Please Madam, what
kind of hosiery are you wearing, I never have seen toe
reinf***ements such as you have. They look very delicate
and sensual." I blurt, then blush at my forwardness.

"Oh they are not too often seen I would imagine," the lady
offers, "they are called demi-toe reinf***ed sheer
stockings, in 10 denier!" she continued. "I buy them in
France. What the French men lack in manners, they make up
for in lines of fine lingerie!" she laughs! "I have been
living outside Paris these past 10 years on business, and
have had access to all the best hosiery!"

Hmmm size 11 M. I would never guess a foot so large on such
a well proportioned lady!

"Excuse me madam!" I say, "I must lock the door, you will
be my last customer this day, and please do not feel
rushed, we are not in any hurry!"

Fortunately our lines of shoes are carried in up to 14W for
our special customers with those needs. My manager, Marie,
usually waits on them herself in the back fitting room, by
appt. only! An 11M is in stock! I bring four pairs to
choose from: 4 inch, 5 inch, and 6 inch, as well as a croc
shoe in red and also 5 inch. I ask Madame to be seated so I
may help her try on my offerings. The lady sits carefully,
checking the hem of her leather dress in a most well
practiced manner! I still manage to glimpse a patterned
stocking top and black garter strap as she sits. When
you've worn them for years, you know exactly when and how
to look!

I carefully kneel in my dress, as I am wearing a black
velvet mini, with my white satin blouse. But, I make sure
that my stocking tops are put on display for this customer
in the know. My 4 inch heels are not too difficult for me
to get around as one might think. Thank you Auntie: for all
those lessons with your heels!

I take one of those bewitching ankles in my hands, I pause
at the warmth that is in my grasp, the fine hosiery feels
so luxurious. My other hand reaches for the heel and deftly
removes it like I had so many times that day with my
customers. Only this time I feel my heart beating faster as
I see the delicate toes and heels. I think my staring is
obvious, as she clears her throat to wake me from my
daydreams. I blush again and quickly place the 5 inch model
in red patent on her pretty foot, then ask her to stand so
we can check the fit! I am impressed by how sensual the
reinf***ed heel of her stocking is on display in the finely
crafted sling-back stiletto!

"How does it feel madam?" I ask.

"Hmm not bad, the leather is quite soft, these are very
well made!" she compliments. "May I try the mate as well?"

"Of course, allow me." I say as I kneel to help with the
second. Again, I help her carefully and make sure the strap
is adjusted just so. Please try to walk again. I stay on my
knees this time and am treated to a VERY good view! She not
only has on stockings, but they are held by an eight strap
belt if I saw correctly! Red lace panties with a noticeable
wet spot covered her privates. And what privates, I am sure
I saw more than I expected!

My customer takes a short walk down the aisle. Her hips
sway just enough to appear to be the ultimate in
femininity. I notice every sway and wiggle, yet, what was
it I saw a moment earlier? I ask myself, and ponder as I
stare after her.

She carefully checks herself in both mirrors at the end of
the aisle. One is a full-length view, which shows the shoes
with the entire outfit. The next is a close-up mirror,
which is exclusive for the shoes. They can be examined
closely from an admirer's viewpoint. She takes her time
pivoting her foot this way and that looking at every curve
in her new heels on her well-formed limbs. I am impressed
even if she isn't I think!

After sauntering back to her seat, and crossing her long
legs, she says: "I'll take them honey, they are very
comfortable, in fact I would like to wear then home."
Slowly my lady starts a graceful foot dance, as she bounces
and wiggles her new shoe. Again I am caught staring!

"Honey, wake up," she smiles, "what is that different pair
you brought? I should like to try them as well!"

Hurriedly I slip the newest pair on her sensual feet, then
stand back to admire the view! The fine crocodile leather
is so well patterned that she gives a little squeal of
delight when she sees her feet in them. Again, she strides
off to look them over. And I watch closely from floor
level. On the return trip my lady stumbles in her new heels
on my carelessly left out foot measurement device! Oh my!
She falls and twists on the way down, but catches herself
in the arms of the chair with me tumbling out of the way.
We are both spread legged, totally exposed to each other.
Me in my now wet panties, gartered nylons blatantly on
display! My mystery lady in her very moist panties with an
erect penis sticking out the leg band!

We both stare in amazement at each other's crotch. Our
chests heaving due to sinful excitement, rather than to any
physical exercise as yet. I blush but my worldly customer
merely smiles in a wicked way and moves her leg band on the
lacy panties to let her extended clitty be on complete
display! I can't help but smack my lips in response!

"Can I be of service?" I repeat, "In any way? Please?!"

My Madonna just smiles another wicked smile, and begins to
stroke her extended clitty! "Get on it, hon!" I hear her
now husky voice, "Suck my cock you horny little bitch!" she
snarls, then grins at me!

I crawl on all fours towards this sensual goddess, and
begin to kiss and lick her impressive clitty! I am soon
bobbing on her vibrating tool, with my sexy customer
throwing her head back and howling for more! I am
encouraged to take her deep into my throat, something I
never wished to do before with any boyfriend! I am frantic
trying to breathe and swallow every tasty inch. She holds
her slender fingers against the back of my head and coaxes
more passion from my lips than I have ever mustered! I am
determined to have her touch my very soul with the long
clitty pole she was so skilful in feeding me! I feel her
member swell and this further enrages my sensual side to
engulf her treasure and never release it. I feel her pole
begin to quake, and my lady shudders then fills my throat
with her seed. I am not letting go, I want more! She begins
to harden again in my lips desperate grasp. I want to feel
her in me!

This time, I give the wicked smile, as I pull off her and
lick my moist lips. I sit on a fitting chair and point my
stilettos straight up in the air as an obvious invitation!
My lady returns my smile and smirks as she rips my delicate
panties out of her way! She kneels on her delicate hose,
and lays my skysc****r heels on either shoulder to gain
entrance to my love canal! I hardly feel her clitty gaining
entrance! I only know that I want it all, and now!

This perfect lady is also the complete tramp! She ravages
and plunders my willing body. I am continually brought to
the brink of ecstasy and back as her movements in me cause
a repetitious delirium of pleasure. I am satiated and calm,
then inflamed with passion, over and over. Deeper she
plunders my pussy and pervades all my conscious thought.
The fire in me swells, and I feel her increase her pace. I
am engaged in a hypnotic dance with the devil. I begin to
raise my quivering buttocks. Lifting my body by pressing my
nylonned ankles down on her beautiful bare shoulders. A
more sensual ballet has never been experienced.

Convulsions wrack my needy body like thunderous waves
crashing on a beach! I feel and hear my intruder wailing
with a same passion. She falls into my waiting arms. We are
spent and in bliss now. Knowing what comes after may never

An hour, maybe more passes before we release each other to
the tedium of the real world. We kiss lightly and look with
passion and knowing in each other's eyes! This is how life
should be experienced! The fire must always burn within.

My temptress buys all 4 pairs I had presented, I am
grateful for the sale, and the life lesson! My eyes follow
her flowing form as she disappears in the now quiet mall.

99% (113/2)
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