THE MAKING OF MY SLUT WIFE – True story – Part 2

It was the following morning when my wife phoned me at work and said all was OK, she had been to the pharmacy and got morning after birth control pill. I have to admit I was getting a bit worried that they might not provide her with them, as I had seen in the papers that they was being very strict who they proscribed them to. I was having to go away on business on the Thursday and did not want to leave Jackie on her own if she was worried.

That night Jackie talked to Michael on the internet and told him how much we enjoyed meeting him. He wanted to meet again at the weekend, but Jackie told him I would be in Germany on business for a few days and would not get back until Monday, she said maybe we could meet the following week.

It was Friday evening after work in my hotel room that I checked my emails and there was a message from Michael, it said “Hi Simon, by the time you read this I will be fucking your wife again”. I phoned home, but there was no answer, but I had talked to Jackie earlier and she had said she was going to her mums for the evening. So I just replied to Michael “Have a good time”

Saturday morning I phoned Jackie but did not get any answer, I tried several times during the day but did not manage to get her until late on Saturday evening. I did not mention about the email from Michael, just I had tried calling several times, she just said she had stayed at her mums.

On Sunday morning I received another email from Michael. It said “my b*****r fucking” It had an attachment that was a short video clip. The clip was of a huge black cock fucking a white pussy and the guy pumping her full of cum. When the guy pulled out his cock was limp, but still as thick as a coke can, it was covered in juice. I looked at the clip again, there was no faces showing, but I knew it was Jackie’s cunt, it was swollen, red and dripping cum.
I did not mention any of this when I called her Sunday night, I gave my flight details for the following day for her to meet me at the airport.

The next day she met me at the airport, it’s a short drive home and I just asked her how as the weekend, she just said OK. As soon as we arrived home, Jackie burst into tears and said she had been very silly. I asked what was up and she told me she had seen Michael. She could not talk as she was sobbing so much. I told her it was ok, don´t worry I´m not angry.
After she had calmed down, she told me all about it.

Michael had emailed her on Thursday and asked her to come over on Friday evening. She said she had thought about it and knew it was wrong but could not say no. She did not want to cheat on me but wanted him so badly.

She said that when she got to his place on Friday evening she wanted to turn back, but when he opened the door he was just wearing boxer shorts & he looked so good.

Michael had fucked her for 3 hours and then asked her to stay the night, she said she was carried away with lust and wanted him more. He fucked her all night and came in her 4 times.
The next morning she said she was sitting in the lounge only wearing one of Michaels T shirts. The doorbell rang and Michael answered the door, it was his b*****r James. Michael invited him in and introduced me, I was trying to hide myself as the T shirt was very short. James eyed me over and said your right Michael, she is some exceptional ass.

James was the image of Michael but a lot younger, not much older than my son.
I said to Michael I had better get dressed and go, James asked what the hurry was, he was hoping to have some fun this morning. With that he unzipped his trousers and produced a massive semi hard cock. Michael laughed and said did u think I was big. He stepped over to me and said suck it bitch and I did.

James and Michael fucked her all day and I had seen some of it on the video clip. She said that they had not made her do anything she did not want to. She had gone along with them willingly and loved every minute of it. I did not tell Jackie about the emails or video and I did not think Michael would.

When we went to bed, she sucked my cock & I licked her pussy. The inside of her legs and tits were covered in Love bites.

We was having breakfast the following morning when I suddenly thought about the birth control pills. I said did u manage to get some on Sunday, she said no and she had tried on Monday at the same chemist but they would not give them to her again. She was going out this morning to a different chemist. I said, but Jackie it fucking Tuesday today and he started fucking you on Friday evening. You have had 2 young studs dumb god knows how much sperm in you, at their age they must have very high sperm counts what was you thinking of not getting the pills. She started to cry and said she did try to get them, it was not her fault.

I calmed her down and told her not to worry, I don´t think a few days will make much difference.

I asked what she thought of James, she said he is only 23 years old and a real good looking guy, his cock is about the same length as Michael but a lot thicker. I can´t belief he would ever want to be with a women of my age, but he has said that he would like to see me again. That was very fortuities as a we learned that next time we see Michael, he was moving up north for a new job, James and a friend was going to rent his house.

Over the next couple of weeks we met Michael and Jackie found herself rushing off the next morning for birth control. One night when we was making love, she said she found it a bit exciting that she was having sex and there sperm was seeking out her eggs. But I told her if we was going to continue this life style she would have to get some permanent birth control. There was no doubt in her mind that we was going to continue, so she agreed to go to a birth control clinic.

A few days later she visited the clinic and they gave her a check over and found a problem with her womb. The end result was an operation and permanent birth control, as she was not able to conceive after the operation. She said well this solves the long term problem.
After a few months she was back to normal and we met James and his friend. She could not wait to have his huge cock fucking her again.

Over the last four years since that first time with Michael my wife has fucked more than 40 black guys, she is a real slut for black cock and I still love to watch her

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another great story.
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