Hi...My name is Amit and I am 34 year old. I would like to share my experience with a virgin girl. This is a real experience which I had 2 weeks back. I am married but living alone in this southern city because of job. I am living in a single bedroom flat and the day I entered this flat, one thing I found attractive is the engineering college which is just opposite my window. I used to really enjoy looking at the young babes in tight clothes parking their two wheelers in the parking opposite my flat which is in ground floor. I used to get absolutely erotic looking at the curves of these young babes.It just happened on one day when I took my bath around 8.30am and came out. I was eagerly looking out of window and was drying my body with the towel. I didn't realize that I wasn't wearing an underwear and I just saw a girl from far staring at my house while parking her scooty and bending her head down. She again looked up and I didn't realize what was happening. When she turned back going towards the college I realized that she is interested and when I looked at myself I first felt embarrassed and then excited. The next day I waited at the same time and the same girl came and looked at my flat.

I was fully dressed this time and I smiled at her and waved my hand. She turned back and went away. The next day I hid myself and looked for the girl. She came and when she didn't find me near window I could find disappointment. I suddenly came out and caught her unawares. But I could find happiness in her eyes. I planned to speak to this girl and was ready in my ford when the college left for lunch and she saw me as she came out of college with her friends. I saw her getting separated from crowd and moving ahead. I parked myself 100 meters ahead and as she came I opened the door. She entered the car and I took the car to a star hotel where we had lunch. She told me that her name is Jyothy and is in 1st year Btech. After the lunch I told her I am staying at home the next day. She smiled and kept silent. I was eagerly waiting to see her near parking next day and she didn't appear. As I was getting little worried my calling bell buzzed and as I opened door I found her outside in tee shirt and jeans. She smiled at me and entered in. I was wearing shorts n tees and welcomed her in. As she came in and looking around I closed her and unable to control I hugged her from behind. She moaned and held my hands tight. I turned her around and pulled her towards me and moved my lips towards her. She closed her eyes. I touched her lower lip with the tip of my tongue. The touch made her shiver. I moved my tongue over her lips and kissed her lips with mine. She opened her mouth slightly and I kissed her passionately pushing my tongue in and held her tightly. The kiss became more passionate as the time grew and my hand moved on to her boobs and started pressing her. She moaned and became very desperate. I was pressing her boob's alternative like mad and slowly moved my hand to pull the t shirt. She was wearing a black lacy bra which was unhooked in a second and I held her tightly moving my lips to her boobs and my tongue found itself around her nipples and the other hand pressing the other boob. I held her tightly and raised her to take her to the bed and threw her on the bed. I released myself on her and started playing with her nipples.

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She started moaning and the sound of moan increased. I moved my hand to release button of jeans and pulled jeans out. She was wearing a black lacy panty and within seconds the panty is out of her. She was absolutely nude and was watchable. I never thought that I could have a teen beauty in my bed. I moved myself to brush lips against her pubic hair. She moaned and separated her thighs allowing me to smell her pubic hair and cunt. My lips found way to the cunt and I pushed my tongue in to find clitoris. I could feel the clitoris and I held it with my teeth. She moaned hard and started responding to my lick. After having enjoyable feast on the count I moved myself on her and positioned my dick and slowly pushed in. She cried in pain as it entered and I asked her " R u a virgin". She nodded in reply and I slowly pushed it in. She nodded head in pain and I told her "Don't worry" and pushed it hard. The dick found itself in and the virgin girl was crying in pain. I told her" It's over" and slowly started moving my bums. Within minutes I found that she is started enjoying and I increased my speed. The speed is now matched with the moans of the babe and I started hitting cunt like a piston. After 10 minutes I moved myself out of her and asked her to come on me. She didn't know what to do. I taught her what to do and she started enjoying the horse riding. I started pressing her boobs while she rode me and now came into sitting position with legs around her. She is still riding me. I held her close and started sucking her boobs again. I find her crazy now and I again threw her on bed and entered her from top. It was a fight between an experienced man and a virgin and about 15 minutes later I released my cum inside her. We both relaxed after a long session and after 10 minutes I pulled her to shower and released the hot water. We hugged each other and played in the shower. I asked her to suck me and she obeyed me. Ohh...It was so nice as her cute lips around my cock moving up and down. I was enjoying the suck and after sometime asked her if we can go to bedroom. Once we are in bedroom our session again started. We had sex thrice that day and it continued after wards.

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