second floor window

There's a house near me. Great big georgian thing, three floors. Always been a house that people look at, and tell themselves that one day they'll have one just like it.
I used to know the girl who lived there, Catherine. After we left school, we lost touch, she moved away.
I used to pass the house on my way to work, usually at around four in the morning. It was always dark, and spooky, but I would always think of my friend as I passed.
I like music, and listen to my ipod as often as I can. One morning, however, the battery failed, and I had to plod on in silence.
It was dark, cold and had been raining all night. As I wearily trudged on, I passed Catherines old house and was bemused to see a light on. At four am...
I slowed I passed, and looked up at the second floor window. As I did, I began to hear soft moans, that were unmistakable. I stopped by the large confer trees at then end of the drive and listened, as the moans got a little more intense.
This was bizarre, here I was freezing cold stood practically in a tree listening to sex.
I moved slightly so that I could see the window but remained hidden from view. I imagined what could be going on up there. It must have been her mother, as I had not heard that they had moved.
I felt my cock begin to harden. I couldn't stay long, I had to go to work. And yet, there I stayed.
The sound now were definitely sex, the 'uh, uh' of a rhythmic thrust. I slowly undid my zip on my jeans, barely believing what I was about to do, when Tue lovely noises stopped suddenlyn. I froze, not knowing what to do, but then she appeared at the window.
For a brief moment, I saw her, it was catherines mum, all right. Blonde, tall and still very attractive. She wore what looked to me like a silk nightdress, her hair was disheveled and she had a lopsided grin. As she pulled the sash window down, she looked up and down the road for a moment. I was sure at that point she had seen me, but she didn't shout, or look twice, even.
She returned into the room, and I was dismayed when I realised I could no longer hear anything. It was then that I made the bravest decision I have ever made. I stepped away from the trees, all the while looking up at the window, at made my way to her front door. My hand was shaking as I knocked twice, gently. Looking up at her window, I saw movement, and seconds later, the window opened once more. She looked down at me, and hissed 'what do you want, who are you?'
'I was enjoying listening to that', I said, 'dont close the window?'.
She stared at me for a second, the closed the window once more. My heart sank, I really had enjoyed listening. As I turned toward the road, I heard the door unlock, and there she stood, just in her nightdress. She turned, and walked softly up the stairs, looking back at me as she got to the top, then carried on walking. I needed no further invitation, and came into the house, closing the door behind me. I followed the path she had taken, until I walked into her bedroom, nervously. There she was, laid on the bed, looking at me. She hepdd in her hand a thick, pink dildo.
Motioning me to the chair across the small room, she pushed her hair away from her face. As I sat, she resumed thrusting the plastic length in and out of her, under the nightdress. I timidly went to pull the hem of it away, but she gently pushed my hand back. It was clear that we weren't going to talk, so I sat back to watch Aw sue closed her eyes and thrust back and forth with her hand.
After a minute or two, she looked at me again, and softly smiled. She was staring at my crotch, as I slowly unzipped and pulled out my cock. Seven i****t, and uncut, her eyes seemed to widen when she saw it. O began to slowly wank the length of my penis, loving the fact that here was a woman 30 years my senior, watching me intently, and making those same noises I had heard outside not ten minutes before.
She slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position after a while, and beckoned me over. Taking my cock in her hand, all the while keeping the vibe inside her, she gently licked my pre cum off the tip of my cock.
I began to slide the dildo in and out of her, feeling her heat on my hand, hearing the soft, wet sounds as her juices oozed around it. This was more than I could take, and I began to tense. She then took my shaft into her mouth and guide my hand to fuck her hard and fast, as the gave a very muffler moan. Her thighs squeezed my hand until it hurt, and my balls tightened. She took my cock out of her mouth, and we both watched my cum As it spurted again and again, onto her nightdress. She looked at me, grinning, and keeping her eyes on mine licked my cock clean. 'you should go, now' she said, and lay back on the bed, closing her eyes. I slowly grabbed my coat, went downstairs and out The door. Turning to look up at the window once more, and seeing noone there, I walked the rest of the way to the office, with a smile. I never told the guys there about my morning. I made up some story to excuse my tardiness, and attempted to do a days work. Of course, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I would walk that way tomorrow, and see what happened...
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1 year ago
well done that man, loved that
3 years ago
very nice story,liked it
3 years ago
it was good
3 years ago
It esd great my pussy was squirting every where wish he could have tasted her and keep the scent on his lips all day. Mmm
3 years ago
Was written on a phone, sorry about the spelling and typos.