Couple play

I would meet them at a Motel about once a month in
which they already would have the room. We would split
the cost. As I enter the hotel room, the lights were
off, the curtains closed, the t.v. would be the only
light in the room. I would sit at the table for a
moment for me and him to have small talk. She would
usually wear a teddy, the type with no panties, most
the time laying on one of the beds, always a room with
two beds. She would spread her legs and said that all
this nasty talk thru-out the day had her so hot and
wet she wanted to masturbate for me, wanted me to
watch. (We'de been talking nasty on the e-mails.)
Rubbing her fingers lightly around her clit, up and
down her pussy lips, making herself nice and wet. Her
knees would bend as she slide her fingers in her pussy
with some nice moaning. Her finger went from inside
her pussy to her clit, then back inside again, the
back to her clit. I usually couldn't take it for long
and moved to the bed and layed beside her and watched
as I took my cloths off. Her legs went tight, then
realaxed as she would cum, and cum hard with me now
kissing her neck and ears. I would get between her
legs with my cockhead right at the opening of her
pussy and ask what she wanted make her beg alittle for
my cock as I rubbed the head up and down her wet pussy
lips as she tried to get my cock inside her by pulling
on my ass. I wouldn't put in her right away, but go
down on her and slide my two fingers deep inside her
pussy and find the G-spot as I licked her clit. I
could tell I had the right spot by feeling her G-spot
swell and she would come again. As her body went limp
I slide up and slide my cock deep inside her and she
would have a new awaking. I hold my cock as deep as it
will go as she would wiggle and I start to rock on
that nice clit without loosing any depth. The rocking
starts to pick up pace as my weight shifts from being
propped up on my hands to sliding them around and
under her ass to cup her cheeks. About that time she
would come again. We would fucked for about 2-3hours,
in every different position as he watched from the
other bed, sometimes stroking himself, sometimes
telling me how good I was fucking her,sometimes
joining in, it is very exciting...I would like to find
a couple who is into the same thing...
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