Waking next to you

My beautiful mature, 65 year so soft and supply with youthful skin. Lay here under my fleece all warm, but ready and eager to please. Stroking myself slowly and fully, thinking of what it would be like to slip in your bed beside you, and start by kissing you hands and sucking each finger in turn to find the ones you use when u think of me giving you long passionate thrusts... To lick u off your fingers ant to slowly begin sliding down your bed kissing every bit of you,pausing over your beautiful perfect breast and to sweetly suck your nipples in turn into my mouth and lick slow and rapidly over them with just the very tip of my tongue the kiss such at them as they harden to teasing teeth pinching xxx i slide lower kissing your tummy and pressing my tongue against your belly button, your legs moving apart in preparation at welcoming me in the final destination we both know we want.
I kiss slowly back from your knee up ur inner thigh, its so warm under your bed cloths and i can smell the warm musky air of your excitement to my loving touch x my hand stoke along your legs as my face buries into you and i feel warm and close to you and no other woman. As i move my head up in long drawing motions my laping tongue tailing after it you left your pelvis and press closer . My warm hands spread you lips and i reach every tingly moist zone you long me to taste.
You grip at your bedding as i suck your hard log clit, sucking it like a lolly, and pinching on kt with my lips, your legs are wide and as i lay licking and face concentrating on your clit one then two of my fingers push into you, deep and thrusting and curling to excite every bit of you vagina x i slide one more in and push and bare down like a huge cock as i lap at you and pinch you nipples ad still finger ducking you move up the bed to kiss your lips longingly
Our mouths open and out tongues meet, i push my had out and it is drenched with your cum, as we kiss, and lose ourselves in the moment, i reach down and guide my hard cock into you, mmmmmmm feels so warm wet, i slide deep into up, we kiss eyes wide open looking into each others soul.
Your legs come together and wrap around me anchoring me pulling me into u x my hips and ass thrusting your ares around me and us kissing deeper longer and more passionately than all our dreams.
Fuck me you whisper in sighing moment between kisses, fuck my hard... I do, long slow deep thrust then rapid ass pounding moments, i slide a finger in you as to heighten the moment, waves of pleasure build up i up as ur face pales and a rosy glow comes to ur cheeks and we are kissing less yet our mouth are apart our tongues still lap longingly at each others tongue and inside each other mouths, you whisper more, o your bastard stop teasing me, fuck make me cum.
We roll over and you are on top of me working me now i am trying to hold back to the last moment, til your ready to open your gates and wash over me. The room filled with the sound and smell of our love, your thrusts get longer and push hard into me and alternate,short undulating bursts, i hold you hands out stretched and with clench our hands, you lean forward so i can suck your nipple, then you slip forward and i know with you pants and slow pulse thrust you have cum you lean back me still holding your hands, you still cummimg and a warming golden shower comes from you ad as it warm my tummy i cum, like i have never cum before and we lean into each other and kiss xxxx
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1 year ago
You need to learn how to read and write first, in English. Cause your shit does not Make any sence!