Serendipity on the Dance Floor

(This is a work of fiction, made up in my mind, any resemblance to actual events, or people, or another author are strictly coincidence. This is an original work. -JW)

At some point or another everyone has a fantasy about having some amazing sex with some complete stranger in the heat of the moment. The following can be filed into that category.

I have never considered myself to be one of the beautiful people. I am more along the lines of the guy who lands in that group below the top rung of the totem pole. Which means that I am able to confidently approach a woman without fear. I am fit, take care of my body, and I am not afraid to dress to impress.

The night in question I was dying to get out and go dancing. I've been newly single and the need to get back out there and meet new people has been itching me more and more this past week. I shower up, shave my face, privates, and hop into the shower. Donning some of my stylish clothing I head out the door to a local dance club to get my groove on.

It is one of those nights where I am feeling extra confident in myself that I look good, and feel good. I get in, order myself two Vodka & Tonic's, down one almost immediately, and carry the other one to the edge of the dance floor. I have to survey the crowd. Sometimes men forget that women go to clubs to not just dance, but to also meet men.

Standing there I finish my second drink and see my target on the other side of the dance floor. She's the one trying desperately to get away from the fat d***ken guy trying to grind against her, and her girlfriend. I catch her eye from across the room and we lock for a moment. I read her instantly, her eyes are calling me over to her.

There was a blonde, about 5 foot 4 inches, 140 lbs, C cups, and nice pouting lips. The brunette was about 5 foot 7 inches, 150 lbs, probably D cups, she was thick but well proportioned. She is the one I locked eyes with on the floor.

Both ladies are in their mid forties I can surmise as I am making my way across the crowded mass of people grooving on on the floor. As I get over to the one I locked eyes with I hold out my hand and she takes it and spins around so her ass is pressed against my crotch and make sure that the d***k sees that he's been dismissed. He quickly retreats off to somewhere, I have no idea, as I was busy with the two ladies on the dance floor.

As I was grinding with eyes lady, who's name I found out to be Bethany, I looked over at her friend and locked eyes with her. I'm a free agent, and nothing is better for getting attention than creating jealousy on the dance floor. I smoothly slid my hand down Bethany's arm to her hand and spun her around so that she was facing me again.

Then I reached out and grabbed the hand of her friend and I danced up real close in her personal space, the whole time locking eyes with her. She was lost in the moment, and I danced around behind her so that we were grinding, but I could now see Bethany looking at me dancing with her friend.

I switched off a few more times, and then we all decided to go and take a break. It was then I found out that Bethany's friend's name was Chrissy. We all end up buying a round each, so that is three more drinks a piece at that point.

We get back out onto the dance floor and the dancing begins to become more and more suggestive. The women are both relaxing and getting into a sort of three way grind fest between us all in the middle of the dance floor. I realized just about then that this night was going to be a little bit different than I could have ever expected.

I rarely wear underwear when I go clubbing, they just seem to get in the way. Not that anything usually happens, but when Chrissy danced behind me as I was grinding on Bethany, and unzipped my pants to reach in and grab my cock; I am reminded as to why I do not wear them. I was already hard from grinding on these two women for the last hour or so on the floor.

So Chrissy is there jerking me off into Bethany's ass inside the mass of people on the floor. I was not at all worried that anyone was going to be seeing what was going on. Bethany must have realized what was going on when my hot cock bounced into the back of her thigh. She bent over, and reached down and slid her panties to the side under her skirt, inviting me to slide myself inside of her glistening wetness in the flashing lights.

I am not one who just stuffs my cock into a strange woman without a rubber, but tonight nothing was stopping me from pushing forward and breaking that into her glistening pink wetness. Which is exactly what I did, with the help of Chrissy, who was still holding onto the base of my cock. I barely saw the head disappear before her skirt fell back down over top of me and served as a curtain to what was going on underneath of it.

We quickly started fucking to the beat of the music there in the mass of people. I had a laughing moment when the song by pitbull called, "I know you want me," came on. I became brazen in my advances as the friction of my cock insider her brought her to a shuddering orgasm. I could feel it building in her and I grabbed Bethany by the waist and held her to me on the floor as she convulsed on my stiffness inside of her.

When she had come down I whispered in her ear that it was Chrissy's turn. She nodded and I pulled out of her and turned around to face Chrissy. Who quickly turned around as Bethany pushed her tits onto my back to help to conceal the act that was about to occur. Much like her friend did, Chrissy bent over real quickly and pulled aside her panties to reveal her waiting sex to me.

Within seconds I was buried deep inside her. My lust was raging at this point and I was becoming even more brazen as to fucking this woman on the dance floor of the club. I pushed up her shirt and unclasped Chrissy's bra while I was pounding into her in rhythm to the music. Her 34 C's spilled out of the cups from the rocking my cock was giving her lithe body.

It was at this point that a few people around us had realized that Chrissy was getting fucked silly on the dance floor. Realizing that we now had an audience I knew that I would not be able to hold on much longer without blowing my load somewhere.

I leaned back to Bethany and asked her if she wanted to take it in her mouth so that we didn't make a mess. She was saying yes before I had even finished asking her. I took three more pumps and Bethany bent over, grabbed my cock out of Chrissy's wet pussy and shoved the head into her mouth as I blew blast after blast onto her waiting tongue.

I zipped up and the ladies and I made our way back over to the bar. Just as we were getting ready to order another round of drinks, a bouncer comes up to us and informs us that he is going to have to ask us to leave the club. Apparently fucking your brains out on the floor is frowned upon, who knew?

The guy was actually pretty nice about it. They e****ted us out of the club and we all knew that what happened was nothing more than a moment that we all seized for our own pleasure.

We hugged and all went along on our way. I never ended up seeing them ever again but it sure was a night to remember.
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WOW, that was hot. Thanks