horizontal dance? sure... I love to dance !

I met this really cute guy at the bar last week. His name was troy and by the bulge in his pants I can see why he was named troy...... I'm so sure that he was named after the trojan horse! he asked me if I wanted to go out dancing sometime and I said " sure baby... I love to dance. .. We decided on getting together the following saturday night. I was going to be in the neighborhood anyway so I said I would stop by his house around 9 o'clock. Saturday night came and I got ready and headed over to his house. He said we were going to the new club in schaumburg called drink and I really really love dancing at the club. When I got to his house he open the door and invited me in. " hi jessie... your looking so fine baby..... can I get you a drink? " sure..... but only 1.... I get kinda ditsy if I have more than that...( giggle ).... And then I heard another guys voice coming from the kitchen.... " ohh my god..... who is that! " that's my friend trevor... he's gonna hang out with us tonight " but I thought we were going out on a date dancing tonight troy..... " we are baby.... but first we had this really great idea.... we wanna try out this new dance with you..... it's called the horizontal dance..... and we can all do it together "..... old my god..... that sounds like soo much fun! ..... let's go baby.... let's go to the club and try it out... " we will jesse.... but I think we should practice here first..... let me get you another drink and we will get started " ok.... but just 1 more.... hey...... ohh my god..... why is your friend trevor taking off all his clothes !!??....." don't worry...... just have another drink..... you'll be fine baby " I feel really really dizzy troy..... is there somewhere I can lay down for a minute? ..... " sit down on the couch over here with us baby..... you can lay your head down right here on my lap..... you look a little warm..... let me take some of those clothes off for you jess.... just relax "
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7 months ago
i don't know why this has so many downvotes!? so hot!
11 months ago
I would love for that to happen to me;)
12 months ago
great story...
2 years ago
I would love to horizontal dance with you
2 years ago
wow perfect
2 years ago
do not continue, by the way this is going on they're gonna take advantage of you :(
2 years ago
tantalizing .......mmmmm
2 years ago
Nice. Please continue...
2 years ago
very exciting
3 years ago
yes please go on
3 years ago
Mmmmmmmmm please go on ;-)