Threesome with a mature lesbian

Not quite sure where to start here.. Basically this is the story of a threesome my boyfriend and I had with a older lesbian woman on Monday night.

One of the good things of being in a open and honest relationship (both bi) is that we get to have great fun in many forms, MMF, MFF, etc. On this occasion we decided to write about our experience with Teresa a woman we hooked up with via a local dating website.

On Saturday my bf and I were looking through a few profiles to see if there were any people looking for some fun locally, we stumbled across Teresa's profile, which basically went along the lines of "61yr old woman, slim build, seeking younger woman/couple for fun times". Deciding to give it a try, I left a message and within a few hours had got a reply, after a few exchanges we agreed a meet at a local pub in the countryside. On Monday evening we arrived at the pub 30mins before the planned meet and sat waiting apprehensively in the corner for Teresa to arrive. Because of the quick arrangement of the meet, it dawned on me that we hadn't really had the opportunity to discuss likes/dislikes too much and realised that Teresa may not of been aware that I was a tall and larger/curvier build woman than she may have been expecting. After a while a single woman who to be honest looked in her mid sixties walked into the pub, she was wearing the cream jacket she told us to look out for so I assumed this to be Teresa, she went and stood at the bar and casually looked around the room, there was only half a dozen people and we were the only obvious couple in the room, so as she glanced at us I beckoned for her to come over.
The first thing I noticed about Teresa was how trim she looked in a black pencil skirt, tights and slim fit blouse, as she approached the table she slipped her light jacket off and my eyes instantly glimpsed her pert little breasts cupped neatly in her lace bra through the gap in her blouse. Like I say she looked slightly older than the advertised 61yrs old but she was very well presented with nice shoulder length brown but slightly greying hair, she had an air of sophistication about her and seemed quite relaxed and experienced in this sort of meeting.
After a couple of hours of drinks and chatting about experiences and ideas for the night, we decided to leave. We had assumed that Teresa would either want to head to our place or a hotel but during our chat she said she loves outdoor sex, and that she wanted to have some fun outside that night as it was warm and pleasant. We got into our car, leaving Teresa's at the pub car park and drove for a few miles to a secluded dirt track that disappears off into some fields well off the country lane. On the journey I sat in the back with Teresa as matt drove, we sat chatting quietly and she said to me that she loved my appearance and confidence and was surprised but pleased to find a curvy but happy woman comfortable with her appearance. She explained that she had never been with a curvy woman before and looking down at my 42GG breasts said she hadn't been able to take her eyes off them since we first met.
As we pulled to a stop it had just turned to complete darkness with no visible light anywhere to be seen, with only the interior light of the car allowing us to see anything at all. Without hesitation, Teresa and I had turned to semi face each other and had our hands on each others thighs, matt had moved across to the passenger seat and turned to watch us as we began to kiss. As our lips met Teresa's hand gently cupped my large soft breast, her thumb stroking over the material of my halter neck top and directly over my nipple. My hand then slid up her toned tummy and cupped her pert little breast, she was probably no more than a 34b cup but it felt so good to hold in my hand, as I gently caressed it i could feel her nipple growing under the lace of her half cup bra until it was straining firmly against the palm of my hand. Slowly I began to undo the buttons of her blouse, leaning in towards her as I did so, my lips kissing at her neck, her perfume was strong but seductive and I couldn't help myself from kissing her neck passionately as I undid her blouse. Lifting my arms, Teresa then removed my top and finally caught sight of my large soft breasts straining to be contained by my black lace bra. Slipping the straps down of Teresa's bra I leant forward and as her cups slipped away from her breasts I run my tongue over her erect nipple, it was so hard and long, easily a half inch, my lips surrounding it immediately, because of her age her skin had that tanned but aged look and feel to it but her body was so trim that she looked and felt beautiful to touch. After a few minutes teresa reached around and unclasped my bra and gently lowered the cups from my breasts, she let out a little gasp and nibbled her bottom lip as she finally got a look at my large breasts hanging heavy and waiting to be sucked. As I leaned back she leant over and slowly began to lick and suck at my nipples, running her tongue around my huge areolas before taking my erect nipple between her lips and sucking it. From the front of the car I could here matt unbuckling his belt and jeans and after a bit of fidgeting he had remove his trousers altogether and was sat stroking his hard 7in cock as he watched us. we soon both had our hands under each others skirts, my hand was cupped against teresas crotch over her tights, and she had slipped my panties to one side and had her fingers probing my hairy pussy, rubbing up and down my slit as I parted my thighs to accommodate her probing fingers. After a while Teresa said she wanted to taste my pussy and wanted me to do likewise. With that, I stepped out of the car and removed my panties, standing in the doorway I then put one foot on the ledge and lifted my short denim skirt up over my hips. Teresa then laid back on the back seat and started tonguing my pussy as I squatted over her mouth, I rubbed and played with her nipples as she lapped at my clit, within minutes I was so wet and horny that I could feel my peak approaching and having realised this Teresa grabbed at my plump ass and licked my clit with renewed vigour as I ground my pussy on her mouth. As she continued pleasuring me I asked her if she wanted matt to fuck her tonight and in a muffled voiced she said yes. With that matt went round to the other door and positioned himself between her now parted thighs. Lifting her tight skirt up over her hips he then reached down and tore the crotch of her tights open, as I already knew, she wasn't wearing any underwear, and moving towards her he guided his thick veiny cock slowly inside of her, her greying thick thatch was already glistening from the dampness from inside her tights. As matt slid his cock all the way in Teresa gasped as she continued licking my pussy, after a while I stepped back and leant down so that my breasts hung right by her mouth and reaching over her I began to rub her clit as matt continued to slide his dick in and out of her wet hole, cupping and squeezing both of my breasts, she begun to suck them, one hand then reached up and under my thighs and began to rub at my clit. After several minutes I decided it was my turn to taste her pussy, so switched sides with matt. As Teresa then sucked greedily on his length I then squatted down at the side of the car and started to lick and suck at her clit and pussy lips. There was the warm musty aroma of a just fucked pussy and that turned me on even more so as I licked at Teresa's clit I reached down and started to rub my own. For several minutes I enjoyed pleasuring Teresa's pussy before standing up and leaning in over her and sucking on her bullet hard nipples, nipples that were so erect the areola around them had wrinkled up to accommodate their hardness. As I sucked and nibbled on them, I eased two fingers deep inside of her wet pussy, sliding in easily I began to finger fuck her, all the time she had her lips wrapped around matts hard length. Judging by the noises coming from matt I knew from experience that he was close to cumming and within minutes he pulled away from her mouth and started wanking his length, rubbing it around her face and lips, suddenly a torrent of thick warm cum covered her face and breasts, as his orgasm subsided he fed his cock back into Teresa's willing mouth for her to suck dry and I leant over and licked his cum off of her breasts and nipples. After tidying ourselves up we headed back to Teresa's car and made arrangement to meet up again this weekend, this time at home where we would be less restricted.
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Hot story.