What my ex doesn't know

Hi guys,

This is my first post so please bear with me.

It's kinda like a confession, My Ex GF was a 19 Y.O Korean Girl and I've had feelings for her going back to the first time I've met her.

One day when I first started dating her before we were myspace friends known her about 2 months on it) She told me that one of my friends I associaite myself with sometimes was her ex, My response was "really? how long?" she told me "it was brief" and she asked me "What are you thinking about oppa?" I gave her the "oh, well i didn't know him back then and I didn't know you either so I guess it's kinda funny how it's a small world"

About a few months later after that incident she dumped me partly because I was too worried about my job then I do being with her.

My heart shattered and for few weeks while I was in pain from the lost of a GF
(that thinking it about it now she was the typical wife material woman!)

I ran into that old ex of hers slash my buddie and hi greet and i asked him straight out that I will be willing to give him passwords to some of these asian porn sites that don't exist today for some of his ex and particualarly our last gf I told him before that his ex was my gf and it was random and we didn't know each other back then.

He suprisingly agreed and we exchanged emails and when I finally got home i saw there in my inbox naked self photos of my ex in my email, YES,those Nake photos of her fingering herself for the camera.

she does know that I have a few clips of her video that i made of her being toppless for total 30 seconds my 1 bedroom videos of me kissing her or while she was topless standing in my living room I'd stand behind her with my crappy $100 at most camera just recording her. (I'd post it up online but video is poor quality)

sometimes I wish there was a way that she know or can know or that slight feelings when i talk to her on facebook or txt messages leave apply that feeling i have some nake photos of her. (or so I think it sometimes when we keep in touch)

pictures of her on my profile and my profile pix is her

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