Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hu

written by jerojerome

It's my first full story and English isn't my first language...therefore sorry if there are some (or many) mistakes ...

I always wanted to become a stage director or film producer since i saw girls like Victoria Justice (my dream girl), Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens on tv (and i can't count how many times i jerked off to them). For that reason i moved immediately to hollywood after i finished school. It was hard to get one of these good jobs for a 19 year old guy like me, but i somehow managed to get a job (as a normal worker/footboy) on the set of the new Spring Breakers movie with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson & Rachel Korine. It was like a dream come true to see Selena and Vanessa in person, but the best part about all this is that they will wear bikinis most of the time on the set.

Now i'm standing here probably seeing the hottest sex scene in my life.It is the sex scene of the Spring Breakers movie and it's a threesome between Vanessa, Ashley and a guy. I still couldn't believe my luck seeing Vanessa and Ashley making out while they are slowly taking each others bikinis off, but because of the position of the camera it was impossible for me to see them from the front. I needed my full concentration not to touch the growing bulge in my pants, but it was necesarry to place my pulsating cock in a different way so that nobody would notice my boner. In the same second when i was done with it, Ashley began to ride the guy heavely and although i couldn't see her from the front, was the thought of her big boobs bouncing up and down enough to get my cock fully erect. When it was Vanessas' turn to ride, my cock began to twitch and i could feel the precum oozing out of the tip of my cock. To fuck her was the only thought i had...
Fortunately the scene was over now what means for me that i can jerk off to calm down...
I don't know if it was because of my horniness but i could swear that when Vanessa and Ashley left the set i could recognize wet spots on their bikini bottoms...

Just when i wanted to go to my room (to jerk off) my boss wanted me to let the girls know when the next scene starts. At first i knocked on Rachel's door then Ashley's and Selena's. All three of them wore just a bikini. Of course i tried not to stare, but for me it looked like that they tried to look as sexy as possible (by sticking their chest out and literally posing for me) when they talked with me.

Last but not least i knocked on Vanessa's door. To my surprise the door was left ajar...therefore i slowly opened the door , but Vanessa was nowhere to be found. When i entered her room i could hear the shower running...just when i decided to come back later i realized that the bikini Vanessa wore earlier in the sex scene was lying in front of the bathroom door...i coulnd't help it and i tip toed to her bikini and checked them for wet spots because of the scene ealier and i was right! Her bikini bottom was wet and when i began to sniff on them my cock grew to his full lenght and that was when i realized that the bathroom door was left ajar too!!!Again i tip toed closer to the door and carefully opened it more...my heart was racing when i saw Vanessa under the shower... her perfect round ass and her nice handful tits looked exactly like in my dreams...and Vanessa is also shaved (what didn't surprise me).

My cock was almsot hurting and when i decided to take my cock out....

'Well, well, well what do we have here?', said the first girl behind me.

'Let me guess...a pervert?', answered a second girl.

My heart litterly skipped a beat and i immediately turned around (still holding Vanessa's bikini bottom in my hand) to see Selena & Ashley standing right in front of me with crossed arms.

'Hey.. Nessa you should come out here!', Ashley yelled.

After some seconds (what seemed for my like an endless time) Vanessa came out just wrapped in towel and when she saw her bikini in my hand she already knew what's going on here.

'We caught him spying on you and he was about to jerk off ', Selena said and broke the silence.

I was still paralysed because off the situation and started to stammer something.

'I....I... was....mm.....'

'I was about to jerk off while spying on you and used your bikini for that too...this is what you wanted to say, didn't you?', Vanessa said while raising an eyebrow.

I immediately let her bikini fall down and started to apologize...telling them that i need this job and so on....

The three of them just turned around and whispered something i couldn't understand.
Finally they turned around to face me again.

'How about we talk about it later when we finished our scenes today?', Vanessa said.

'At 9:00pm.. don't come too late', Selena continues.

'Or we go back on our dicision', Ashley finished Selena's sentence.

When i knocked on the door Ashley opened it and let me in. All three girls are still wearing their bikinis of the last scene and i couldn't help it to stare at their boobs..especially on Ashley's big tits.
I sat down on a couch and Ashley, Vanessa & Selena were standing right in front of me.

'Well...we wanted you to come back later because we thought that maybe we could make an arrangement', Ashley said.

'We all just agreed to this movie because we wanted to get laid, you know...', Selena continued.

'By now we just managed to fuck each other, but we need a real cock and we are getting tired of fucking each other...we all agreed that you are the right guy for us..., Vanessa said with a grin.

'Are you sure or are you joking with me?', i asked a bit confused.

'Of course we are sure.'

'Hell yeah..i'm totally in', i answered and i couldn't believe my luck.

With that said, Selena sat down on my right side and Vanessa on the left. Both started to stroke my legs while we were making out and my cock grew to his full lenght. When Vanessa and i were making out Selena started to kiss my neck and vise versa. All the time Ashley was still standing right in front of us and suddenly she started to take her bikini of and exposed her big tits and started to play with them by squeezing and shaking them...then she stepped up to us and knees between my legs. At first she rubbed my cock through my pants, but then she slowly opened it and took my pants of..leaving me in just my boxers.

In the meantime Selena & Vanessa managed to take of my shirt and their bikinis of course too.
Both of them have such a nice handful of boobs, but what sets Selena apart is the full round shape and firmness of her breasts. Just when i was about to touch her boobs, i felt Ashley's fingers grabbing the waistband of my boxers and at one go she took of my boxers...to her surprise my 6 ½ inch cock hit her forehead what made her, Selena & Vanessa laugh.

Immediately Vanessa grabbed my cock and started to stroke it slowly.

'Mmmm such a nice hard cock...perfect size to fuck and it looks like that you aren't an asian stereotype...', Selena said while she started to stroke my cock.

'Maybe because i'm just half filipino'.., i answered.

'And i like it because i'm partly filipino too..', Vanessa said with a grin and we started to make out again.

Just when i was about to touch Vanessa's and Selena's boobs (while making out with them) i could feel Ashley's hot breath on my cock and at the same moment Ashley squezzes my cock between her boobs..giving me hot titfuck. I started to moan.

'Mmmm..sounds like someone enjoys it', Ashley said seductively.

'Oh yeah...your tits are so big...soft....and...warm.' - Ashley's answer was to squeeze my cock even harder with her boobs and she started to move up and down.

'But her tits aren't wet enough, are they Sel?', Vanessa said with a grin.

Without losing some time both of them spitted on Ashley's tits to make them wet for my cock.... giving me some exra pleasure.

'I have a better idea', Ashley said.

Then Ashley stuck her tongue out and began to tease my cockhead. As soon as her tongue touched my cockhead i was cumming like never before...one spurt hit her face..one went right in her open mouth and three more spurts on her tits.

'Wow...this was a huge load!', Selena said and licked her lips

'And very fast..', Ashley said surprised while my cum is running down her big tits.

'Let me guess...you're a virgin, aren't you?', Vanessa continued.

'Kind of...my ex-girlfriend just sucked my cock or jerked me off and i'm sorry Ashley..i should have warned you.'

'It's ok i..i mean we love to get drenched in cum', Ashley said while rubbing my cum all over her tits and belly.

'Now let's come back to the virgin thing...i think Selena should take care of it and i should clean our dirty Ashley here.', Vanessa said.

After Vanessa finished her sentence my semi erected cock twitched to the thought of it and slowly started to grow to his full lenght again.

'Looks like he can't wait for it', Ashley said while pointing at my growing cock.

'So do i...but the bedroom is a better place for it', Selena said.

After Selena pushed me on the bed next to Ashley she slowly took her bikini panty off by swaying her hips seductively (what makes her perfect tits bounce a little bit too). It doesn't surprised me that Selena's pussy was shaven, but her pussy looked very tight ,young (tighter and younger than my ex-girlfriends pussy) and perfect. Selena just smiled and climbed on the bed between my legs and grabbed my cock.

Ashley began to moan next to me because of Vanessa. Vanessa started to finger her under her bikini panty while she is licking my cum from Ashley's stomach. Suddenly Vanessa stops and ripped her and Ashley's bikini panties off. Ashley's pussy was shaven like Selena's, but Vanessa has to my surprise a bit of public hair over her slit. As soon as they were fully naked, Ashley spread her legs and Vanessa laid on top of her and rubbs her pussy against Ashle's while she hungrily licked and sucked her big tits.

'I think i should clean your cock and make it wet for my tight pussy', Selena whispered to get my attention back.

Selena squeezed my cock hard to get the rest of my cum out. At first she licked the cum on the tip of my cock and teased me by playing with the tip of her tongue with my pisshole.

'Mmmm you taste good', Selena whispered again before she licked up and down my cock.
When my shaft was completely coated with her saliva i felt her hot breath on the tip of my cock..
Selena pressed her lips against the tip and slowly opened her mouth until my cockhead was in her mouth.Then she started to suck on it and swirled her tongue around it. Suddenly she stopped and kissed the tip of cock.

'Your cock is wet enough and i hope you're ready for your first time', Selena said with a grin.

With that said, Selena climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock. At first she rubbed the tip of my cock between her pussylips and i could feel the wetness and hotness of her pussy. All the time Selena looked me in my eyes.


The only thing i did was to nod. Without losing some time Selena guided the tip of my cock between her pussyslips and sinked slowly down my cock inch by inch. I set up and saw how my cock slowly dissapeared in Selena's tight and wet pussy. I've never felt anything like this before and therefore i lied down again to enjoy every second of it.When my cock was half in Selena moved up until only the tip of my cock was in and moved down again..withal Selena started to moan.

Suddenly when my cock was half in again Vanessa pushed Selena all the way down my cock what made her perfect boobs jiggle and in addition to this Selena gasped for breath. Selena's tight and wet pussy around my dick felt like i was in heaven. When Selena recovered her breath she pushed Vanessa aside.

'Calm down, Selena and ride his cock. What are you waiting for?', Vanessa said laughing and slapped Selena's ass.

Selena's answer was to lean back and supported herself against my legs to move her hips back and forth with my cock deep inside her pussy. Her perfect tits were jiggling with every movement.
Both of us began to moan. After some seconds Vanessa moved behind Selena and started to rub Selena's clit and some more moans escaped from her lips. Suddenly Vanessa pushed Selena forward so that she was lying on top of me and slapped her ass again. Then she moved between Ashley's legs and started to eat her out.

Selena sat up and supported herself against my chest. Immediately she moved her hips up and down my cock. With each thrust she rode my cock harder and faster until she was literally jumping on my cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down heavely. I couldn't helped it and grabbed her tits and squeezed and massaged them. Besides i could feel how her pussy juice was running down my cock.

'Selena...i think...'

'I'm near.... to cum... too', Selena said between her moans like she was reading my mind.

Then Selena flipped herself over so that she was riding my cock in reverse cowgirl now.
Suddenly Vanessa started to rub Selena's clit again while Ashley sucked on her tits to give her some more pleasure...

'Yeah..that's what i call riding a cock', Vanessa said cheering Selena up.

After Vanessa finished her sentence i grabbed Selena hips and began to thrust to Selena's riding.
That took her over the edge.... i could feel her pussy spasm around my dick and that took me over the edge.

'I'm cumming......

Immediately Vanessa pulled my cock out and jerked me off over Selena who was still lying on top of me. After two big spurts Vanessa sucked on my dick to get the last drops of cum and with a loud pop sound she let my cock pop out of her mouth.

'Mmmm...that was hot', Vanessa said seductively while Selena laid down next to me and wipped her finger over her with cum covered belly to taste my cum.

'One left..two more to go..who is next?', Selena said jokingly.

'I bet that Ashley is more than ready for it', Vanessa said pointing at Ashley who is fingering herself.
'Besides i have to help Selena to clean herself up, but at first we should get you hard again for Ashley...'

I wasn't sure if it might be possible to get me hard again, but Vanessa knew what to do to prove me wrong. Vanessa grabbed my semi erected cock and started to jerk it while she used her tongue to lick the tip of my cock. When she realized that my cock grew a little bit she opened her mouth, sucked on my cock head and swirled her tongue around. After that her head was bobbing up and down my cock while licking and jerking it at the same time. Every time when only my cockhead was in her mouth she sucked on it hard and jerked my cock furiously. It didn't take long until my cock was rock hard again and at that point Vanessa stopped sucking my cock.

'Now you're ready for round two. Mind if i guide your hard cock in Ashley's pussy?', Vanessa asked me and gave my cock a long lick.

'Of course not..'

Then i moved between Ashley's spread legs. All the time Ashley was fingering herself while she massaged her big boobs with her other hand. Suddenly she stopped and lifted one leg onto my shoulder.

'It's my favorite sex position.', Ashley said smiling.

'I know,' Vanessa said who was behind me.

Immediately Vanessa grabbed my cock from behind and rubbed the tip of my cock between Ashley's pussylips. Ashley's reaction was to moan and to squeeze her big boobs. After that Vanessa slapped my cock repeatedly against Ashley's dripping wet pussy to tease us more. Finally Vanessa guided my cock slowly into Ashley's pussy, but at the last inch Vanessa pushed me hard in what caused Ashley's big boobs to jiggle and her to moan out loud.

'Now fuck the shit out of her and i will clean Selena...mmm i love the taste of your cum', Vanessa whispered and licked her lips.

Fortunately for me was that Ashley wasn't as tight as Selena and the fact that i cummed two times before meant that i might last longer this time. Anyway...i started with slow and deep thrusts what made Ashley moan a little bit. When i got used to it i fucked her with hard and deep thrusts. With each thrusts her big boobs were jiggeling and shaking. More and more moans escaped from her mouth what made me pick up my pace and i fucked her harder and faster than before.

'Mmmm...yes....don't stop....ohhh god....'

Her moans cheered me up more and i picked up my pace again.

'Ohhhhhh yesssssss....right there.....mmmm.....damnnn yessss'

Ashley's boobs were jiggeling and shaking continuously and all you could here was her moans and the wet slapping noises of our fucking. When Ashley lifted her other leg on my shoulders i was able to fuck her even harder.

'Yeah fuck her brains out', Selena & Vanessa yelled while they are fingering themselves.

'Hey...why don't you come over here and help to get her off?', i yelled back at them.

Vanessa and Selena just looked at each other and moved to us. Without losing some time Selena started to suck on Ashley's tits and Vanessa rubbed her clit while i fucked her as hard and fast i could. As soon as Vanessa rubbed her clit Ashley was almost screaming and rocked her hips.

'Ohhhhhh godddddd.......yessssssssssssss......mmmmmmm.....'

Shortly after that Ashley rolled her eyes back and i could feel her pussy tighten like Selena's when she was cumming. Immediately i pulled out because of Vanessa.

'I've...never cummed like this..... for a long time', Ashley said catching her breath.

'You're welcome', i said with a grin.

'Two left and only one more to go', Selena said pointing at a smiling Vanessa.

'Fortunately for her that i didn't cum yet', i answered.

With that said, Vanessa got on all fours and swayed her hips seductively. As soon as the tip of my cock touched her pussy, Vanessa pushed her hips back so that my whole cock was in.

'You're such a slut', i said to Vanessa.

'I know and i love it! By the way doggystyle is my favorite position and i like it rough!
And before i forget it...i love it to get fucked in the ass, but at first...fuck my pussy!'

'I could prepare her ass for you', Ashley said.

Immediately Ashley stuck one finger in Vanessa's ass and started to finger her while i started to fuck her pussy.

'Fuck me harder!', Vanessa commanded and pushed her hips with each thrust back.

I just grabbed her hips and picked up my pace while Ashley stuck a second finger in her ass. I exactly knew what to do because i often fantasized about fucking Vanessa and other celebs. Besides i always thought that Vanessa might be slutty.

'Slap her ass', Selena suddenly said.

'I have a better idea....'

Then i raised Vanessa up by pulling at her hair so that Selena was able to see Vanessa's boobs bouncing up and down to my thrusts.

'Mmmm yessss...don't stop....'

'Selena...get over here and spread your legs', i commanded.

When Selena spread her legs in front of us i grabbed Vanessa's hair and pushed her hard on Selena's pussy. It didn't surprise me that Vanessa began to eat Selena out. This view motivated me to fuck Vanessa harder. All you could here was how my balls were slapping against Vanessa's dripping wet pussy and her suppressed moans because of Selena who pressed her head against her pussy.

Suddenly Ashley gave me the sign to shove my cock into Vanessa's ass. I immediately pulled my cock out of her pussy and rammed my cock all the way in her ass. After that Vanessa arched her back and started to scream, but her screams changed after some seconds into moans. Before Vanessa was able to say something i slapped her ass and started to fuck her as hard and fast i could because i knew that i wouldn't last long because of her tight ass (her ass was even tighter than Selena's pussy). In the meantime Selena moved under Vanessa and began to suck on her clit.

'Ohh yessss.....just....like ….this..........ohhh god...damnnnn'


'Ohh god..i'm cummminnggggggg', Vanessa finally screamed.

'Me too!!!!

To my surprise Vanessa turned , grabbed my cock and opened her mouth waiting for my cum. In the same second i cummed directly on her face and into her waiting mout. To give me some more pleasure Vanessa slapped my cock against her tongue before she sucked the last drops of cum out of it.

'We will have a lot of fun for the rest of the film shooting!', Vanessa said and we all started to laugh.

To be continued?
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1 year ago
most people... they'd look at this (most people who were fans of these actresses when they were disney channel stars) would never be able to look at them the same way after this O_o
1 year ago
Pls continue