Mom helps injured son - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The rest of the evening went without incident, as we ate and settled in to watch t.v.. There were a few knowing glances between Tim and I, but for the most part we behaved ourselves. That night I fell right to sl**p, not quite recovered from the sexual encounters of my 18-year-old son.

The next day was Saturday, Will’s normal day to play golf. He got up at around 7am and showered and I got out of bed as soon as he left the room. I usually got up and made him breakfast before he headed out. This morning I could already feel my libido cranking and a constant moisture between my legs. I felt very sexy and decided to forego my usual frumpy housecoat and wear something that fit my mood. I dug out a short-sleeve, dark blue, silk nightshirt I had gotten one year for Christmas, but never wore. It fit rather snug, landing above my knees with slits up each side. I loved the way the silk felt against my nipples, causing them to stiffen and heightening my state of arousal. Just to add to the thrill, I decided to forget about any panties!
I made my way down to the kitchen where Will had his head stuck in the sports page.

“You want breakfast?” I asked as I walked in.

“Na. Just coffee.” he answered, never looking up.

I made coffee for us and grabbed a part of the paper. I spread it out over the center-island and read it while sipping my coffee. My heart was racing a bit as I knew that as soon as he left it would leave Tim and I alone. My daughter had left at the crack of dawn to go on a rafting trip with her friends.

Much to my surprise Tim came sauntering into the kitchen much earlier than usual for a Saturday. I could only guess that he knew his father would be leaving soon and wanted to make the most of the time we would be alone.

“Morning” he murmured as he walked in, dressed in a pair of boxers and a sleeveless t-shirt.

Will grunted at him and turned the page, still hidden behind it.

I looked up as he made his way to the cabinet behind me for a glass. He smiled slightly as he noticed the nightshirt I had on and let his eyes graze up and down my frame. I realized that the way I was leaning on my elbows, reading the paper, caused my ass to be tilted up and the back of the nightshirt to ride high on my thighs.

As he got the glass he walked behind me, his hand landing on my hip and his fingers gently caressing my inner thigh. He hand then swept around back and stroked a feel across my naked ass!

Tim quickly went to the refrigerator, pouring himself a glass of juice before joining his dad at the table. He grabbed what was left of the paper and glanced at it. He was obviously antsy, as he kept looking up at me and then over at Will.

Suddenly Will put down the paper and gulped down the remainder of his coffee.

“Do you know where that new cooler is? The one that plugs into the car?” Will asked.

“Uh…I think it’s down cellar in the playroom.” I answered.

He got up, opened the door in the kitchen that leads down stairs, and went rumbling down.

As soon as he disappeared down the stairs Tim got up from the table and came over to me.

“Mom, I don’t believe I said good morning to you” he said.

“Uh, sure you did, when you came into the room” I replied, straightening up from the center isle.

“No, not like this” he said.

Tim quickly placed his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him, covering my parted lips with his in a firm kiss!

My first reaction was panic with Will being right down stairs, and I tried to push Tim back. But, he soon had his arms wrapped around my waist and had managed to work his tongue between my lips. I felt my resistance slip as I started to kiss him back and soon we were engaged in a full, open-mouthed, deep kiss. God, can this k** kiss! In no time I had forgotten all about Will and had my arms wrapped around Tim’s shoulders, our mouths were fused together, as our heads swerved gently back and forth.

Suddenly I head Will’s foot hit the bottom step downstairs and Tim and I quickly broke apart. He went back to the table and I settled back onto the island.

“It’s not down there” Will said as he closed the door behind him.

“Uh…try the hall closet” I suggested.

He turned and went down the hall to the closet near the front door. From the hall the only part of the kitchen you could see was the table, the rest of the room lining up to the right of the hall. I saw Tim watching his dad closely and then getting up and coming around behind me.

“Now, where were we” he whispered, his groin pressing firmly into my ass.

“Are you crazy???” I whispered. “He’s right there!!”

“He can’t see us” Tim replied, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back towards him.

He nuzzled his face into the corner of my neck, kissing it, as he ground his obvious erection into my ass.

“TIM!! Stop It!!” I groaned under my breath as I tried to get away.

He ignored my plea and continued to plant wet, open-mouthed kisses along my neck. His hands then traveled up from my waist and he slowly began to unbutton my nightshirt.

I grabbed his hands in mine and stopped him after he had gotten a couple of my buttons undone, but he slipped his hands out of mine and down the front of my shirt. He grasped my breasts in his hands and massaged them vigorously. I felt all resistance slipping away as I pushed my breasts against his hands, my juices flowing rapidly between my legs

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Timmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!” I groaned.

He left one hand on my breast as the other slid down my frame and between my legs. He cupped my sweating twat. His finger slid along the swollen lips before plunging inside me! He sawed first one and then two fingers in and out of my slick canal, driving me wild with desire. His mouth continued to suck on my neck as his other hand swept from one breast to the other.

“It’s not here!” I heard Will yell somewhere in the deep recess of my mind, not quite registering.

Tim had his erection pressed tight up against my ass, his shorts and my nightshirt the only things separating us, as he humped me steadily.

“Did you hear me!?” I heard Will yell again, this time piercing my clouded mind.

“Huh…what?” I responded hazily.

“I said it’s not here” he said again.

“Oh….” I said, drifting back and forth between semi-consciousness and lustful oblivion.

At that moment I could feel Tim rustling behind me and then suddenly lift the hem of my nightshirt. I then felt the heated flesh of his stiff cock jammed between the cheeks of my ass, sliding up and down. My sexual instinct took over as I pushed my as back against his rigid pole, reveling in the feeling as I began to meet the thrusts of his fingers with ones of my own.

“Well!!!” I heard Will yell.

“Oh…uh…” I mumbled, trying to shake the cobwebs loose from my head.

I tried unsuccessfully to dislodge Tim from my ass, but he held steady.

“Uh…did you look up …on..the..uh..shelf?” I asked

Tim was paying no attention, as he continued to ravish my breasts and finger my drenching slot while his dick rode between my ass cheeks.

“It’s not on the shelf!!” Will yelled, obviously annoyed at my lack of help.

“Uh…uh....try….…..Cara’s…room..” I blurted out as the temperature in my pussy was reaching a fevered pitch.

“O.K.!” Will yelled and I heard him start to climb the stairs.

As soon as I knew that Will wouldn’t be coming back to the kitchen I threw myself into the decadent lust that was washing over me. I vigorously thrust my twat onto Tim’s jabbing fingers, which also served to shove my ass back against his prodding cock.

“Ohhh…Mom!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna cum all over your ass!!!!!” Tim moaned.

“Ohhh…no…don’t!!!!!!! I rasped, imagining the mess that would make. “Wait”

I quickly pulled my hips in, dislodging his throbbing rod from between my cheeks and raising my right leg with my hand. Tim quickly caught on and pulled back, lining his cock up with the seeping entrance to my steaming canal. He placed the head of his cock between the lips of my pussy and then pushed, sinking deeply inside me in one thrust!

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I head him gasp as my body broke out in goose bumps from the delirious relief of sexual satisfaction

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I cried out as his cock hit bottom and his balls slapped against my ass.

“OHHHHhhhhhh Mommm!!! I can’t hold back!!!!!!!! I’m gonna cum!!!!” Tim cried as I felt his cock twitching inside me.

The foreplay had gotten to both of us, for as soon as he hit bottom the spark of an on coming orgasm started deep inside me.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!” Tim whimpered as his dick fired off a round of his hot, thick cream deep inside me, washing over the walls of my fiery pussy.

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!! I responded as my orgasm overtook me, shaking me to my toes.

We stood there rigidly as Tim’s cock discharged again and again inside my clutching, clamping slit. As our orgasms subsided we began to relax and my mind cleared. I quickly remembered Will and knew he’d be down any second.

“Pull out, quick!” I whispered to Tim. “He’ll be down any moment!!”

He did as he was told and dislodged himself and quickly reached down for his shorts.

I turned and headed for the paper towel rack over the sink, ripping off a sheet. I stuffed it up my seeping twat, damming the flow of Tim’s recent deposit before it ran down my leg.

As soon as I straightened up Will came into the room, the cooler under his arm. He took his time loading the cooler and getting ready to leave. The entire time I tried to appear nonchalant, reading the paper on the island.

He soon left for the day and I breathed a sigh of relief. I quickly made it to the hall bathroom, glancing at Tim in the living room watching t.v., to dispose of the soaked paper towel between my legs. I decided to go up to my own bath to freshen up and once again glanced at Tim as I left. He was deeply engrossed at some program and hardly noticed as I went by. I put a little extra swing in my walk to see if I could gain his attention, but to no avail.

I went upstairs and into my bathroom, thinking about a shower, but deciding on a quick sponge bath instead. I ran a cool, wet facecloth between my legs, wiping away any left over residue from Tim’s load. I then rinsed and swiped the cloth over my torso before flinging it into the hamper. I felt refreshed enough and preened at my image in the mirror.

My thoughts ran back to an hour ago and my risky coupling with Tim. As I relived the event I could feel the skin on my arms start to tingle and a familiar dampness spread between my legs.

With an entire day alone with Tim, I quickly decided not to waste another moment and made my way down stairs. As I descended the stairs I glanced into the living room and found Tim. He was on the sofa with his shorts off, slowly pulling on his semi hard cock.

It seems that we are always on the same frequency lately as I moved down the rest of the steps.

I paused as I hit the landing, staring at Tim as he lie there. His eyes met mine and then swept over my body. He noticed that I had unbuttoned a few buttons on my nightshirt, exposing half of my breasts to him. My pulse started to race and the moistness between my legs quickly turned into a flood. Tim eyed me and increased his stroke on his extended rod.

I slowly moved towards him, unbuttoning the rest of my shirt as I did. As I got to the couch my shirt was completely open, my nipples hard as erasers. I shucked off the shirt, feeling it caress my frame as it slid to the floor. I slid onto the couch, my knees on the outside of each of Tim’s legs. He grabbed his cock and pointed it upward, lining it up with the entrance to my slit. I slowly sat, impaling myself on his rock hard cock and sinking until my ass was nestled on top of his balls. I leaned in and fastened my open mouth to his in a deep, lustful kiss! We sat there rocking and thrusting gently in a slow, methodical love-making session. It was wonderful to have all the time we needed and not be worried about getting caught. I lost all track of time as we kissed and suckled at one another, all the while maintaining our slow and steady pace. It was only after what seemed like hours ( but was probably more like 30 minutes) that I could feel the slow climb of my oncoming orgasm. I quickened my pace and Tim followed my lead as we both thrust and lunged at each other until we exploded in the bliss of an overwhelming orgasm!

We finally unwrapped ourselves and lie next to each other, kissing and hugging in the contentment of our spent energy. We made love 4 more times that day, moving from my room to his to the dinning room and finally to the shower!

It’s been 6 months now and we still go at it like newlyweds, with the obvious precautions. On many occasions I have snuck out of bed to join him in his and gone at it like love starved a****ls! Of course, our favorite place is the shower and we have re-played that eventful day many times!

I know some day he’ll meet a girl, fall in love and get married. He’s promised me that no matter what, he’ll still take care of his old mom!

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