Mom helps injured son - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

When I awoke Tim was still there beside me, sl**ping. I had some time to think about what had happened and to my surprise I felt no regret. I had just had the most incredible sexual experience of my life and I realized that regret would be a waste of effort. My body betrayed my sense of right and wrong twice now and I knew it would again. Maybe it would just be best to try to avoid being placed in a position where this can happen again. A good first step would be to get the hell out of bed before Tim wakes up!

I started to roll over to the side of the bed when I felt Tim begin to stir and I froze!

Tim started blinking rapidly as his eyes fought to open. He finally focused, looking into my eyes. We were both on our sides, facing one another.

“Hi” I said in a low whisper.

“Hi” he answered.

“I…I was just getting up.” I said

“Oh. Uh… Mom, are you mad?” he asked.

“…I’m not mad” I replied.

“Good” Tim said smiling. “I wouldn’t want you mad again like last time”

“Well, you know I’m not exactly proud of what we’ve done” I said. “It really is wrong on so many different levels.”

“I suppose” he said, staring into my eyes and lightly caressing my arm with his fingertips.

Tim grabbed the edge of the sheet and slowly pulled it down, gradually exposing my breasts. I had a knee-jerk reaction to pull them back, but stopped as I watched his gaze scan over me. It gave me an absolute thrill to watch the way he looked at my body.

“God Mom, you’re so hot!” he exclaimed, his fingers wandering up my arm and down my chest before lightly running across my breasts.

The hair on my arms stood up from his light caress and I could feel a tingling starting between my legs. Tim leaned in and placed his lips on mine, kissing me softly. The kiss lingered for several moments and I did nothing to stop it. I could feel the desire welling up in me and remembered my thoughts about trying to avoid these situations. My mind struggled for a brief moment with this, but this kiss was intoxicating and rendered me immobile.

Tim slowly pulled back, our lips gradually peeling apart, as we caught our breath.

“I..uh…I…need to…uh…get up…and..and….get…dressed.” I stuttered, staring at his lips.

“Uh huh” Tim whispered and brought his mouth back towards mine.

All will to leave left me as I wrapped my arms around him and met his mouth with mine in a deep, open mouth kiss. Our mouths gently ground together in a soulful french kiss as I wrapped my arms and legs around him and he pulled me tight to him. Our hands slowly swept up and down each other as the kiss continued and our tongues intertwined.

We lay there, making out for quite some time, languishing in this delicious embrace. My hands slowly ran down his back and then up his sides before slithering in between our groins. I ran my fingertips lightly up his erection and then took it into my hand, gently stroking it. Tim seemed to be inspired by this as his hand reached down and his fingers lightly caressed the lips of my pussy. Our kiss went on and on as our breathing became more ragged.

My hand was now fondling his rod, running my nails up the underside and then softly gripping it and stroking it downward. Tim’s two fingers delicately ran up and down my slit, causing my body to release my juices and lubricate his caress. He slowly inserted one, then two fingers into my quickly flooding canal, gently moving them in and out.

This methodical session had me in heaven, never wanting it to end. It reminded me of when I was in high school and making out with my boyfriend in his car. I let him go to third base, but never all the way. The difference now was that this was my son and I had every intention of seeing this all the way through.

We continued our kissing and stroking until our desire reached a fevered pitch.

“OHHHHHHHH Tim!!!” Ohhhh, honey!!!! I groaned, my need for him overwhelming.

He reacted quickly, moving between my outstretched legs. His cock grazed against my weeping slit, sending chills through my crotch. We moved in unison as he lifted his hips and I pushed my ass into the bed, allowing the head of his cock to line up with the entrance of my pussy. He gently pushed forward, the head of his cock piercing my opening and then the rest of his rod sliding deep inside me.

We rutted tenderly, enjoying the feeling of our union. Tim slowly withdrew, his cock head nearly escaping, before slowly driving back inside me. I met every thrust with one of my own and then slowly shoved my ass down as he pulled back. We made mind numbing, slow, gently love for what seemed like hours. Our mouths met again in another deep, soulful kiss, tongues caressing, as our slow, steady thrusting continued. My entire body was tingling as I wallowed in the bliss of the gentle, unhurried lovemaking between my son and I.

While our first session was full of urgency and illicit lust, this was a soft, gentle mating of two people in love. My heart was full of emotion for my son-lover as he thrust in and out of me. I never wanted him to stop, wanting this moment to last forever as I lifted my crotch up at him, feeling his cock sliding against my swollen clit.

“OHHHH MOM!!!!!!! YOU FEEL SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!” Tim moaned. “I WANT TO DO THIS EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!”

“OHHHHH GOD HONEY!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS! OHHHHH MY DARLING!!!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO STOP MAKING LOVE TO YOU!!!!!!” I groaned, enraptured in the most heart felt love making of my life.

At that moment I regretted my age, desperately wishing that I was still furtile so I could be impregnated with my son’s c***d. The overwhelming sense of love I was feeling made me long to be able to produce a c***d from it.

We continued our slow, deliberate mating, clutching one another tightly. As our tempo increased I could feel the beginning of an orgasm start down in my toes and spread.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh Tim!!!!!!!!!! I….I’m getting close!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh honey!!!! I want you to come with me!!!!!!! I groaned as my entire body became engulfed by my oncoming orgasm.

“OHHH MOM!!!!!!! I..I’m Gonna Cum soon!!!!!!!!!! Tim cried

“OHHHHYESSSS!!!!!!! Harder Honey!!!!!!! Harder!!!!!!! I groaned as we picked up the pace. My ass was flying up to meet his thrusts as Tim began hammering his distended cock in and out of my drenched canal.

I dug my mails into his back as my orgasm washed over me, causing my body to stiffen under him.

"OHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHH TIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried as I came hard, my pussy clutching and convulsing around Tim’s cock.

“AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Tim cried as his cock spewed the first round of his hot, thick cream deep into the recesses of my cunt.

We clutched and grabbed at each other as my pussy continued to clasp and milk his twitching cock. He fired round after round, his fiery juice drenching the walls of my steaming cunt. We shuddered and twitched against one another as our mutual orgasms ran their course, leaving us week and winded.

As we relaxed we looked into one another’s eyes and slowly brought our lips together in another deep, passionate kiss. We rutted our groins together, still feeling the last embers of our fading orgasms. We lay there for another half-hour or so, kissing and caressing until Tim’s spent dick slowly slithered out of me with a soft plop.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed, glancing at the clock on my night table. “Your s****r will be home any moment!”

As we both leaped out of bed, I was amused by the fact that I had spent the day making love to my son. Tim quickly darted out to his room as I jumped in the shower and got ready for the rest of the f****y to come home.
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They are 'all in now' be caught up in something as wrong as this has to be peculiar and strange. Wouldn't want that kind of complication in my life. Good story.
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Very good
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good 4 both of you...
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damn that's good
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so very hot, great story's enjoying every one
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each one gets better and better
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I've enjoyed this very much...