Mom helps injured son - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The next morning the doctor’s office called and asked about Tim’s hands. They said he should come in the day after tomorrow and get the bandages removed. I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment come over me. Had I enjoyed this little game I had been playing with Tim? What kind of a pervert does that make me? I decided to concentrate on the relief of this whole routine ending soon.

Tim came into the kitchen and I fixed him some breakfast. We sat and ate in total silence, not even looking up at each other. Soon we were finished and cleaning up and then Tim disappeared into his room.

An hour later he came into the living room dressed in his shorts and a towel in his hand.

A sharp jolt went through my stomach as I knew what he wanted.

“Uh…Mom…can..uh…we get my shower out of the way now? I want to go over Jim’s after.” he asked.

“Uh…sure” I replied.

For a moment I wanted to bring up the kiss yesterday, but then though the best thing was to forget it.

I went into my room and could hear the shower running. My heart started to race and I was suddenly short of breath. What was I so tense about? Was I afraid of a repeat of yesterday or was it my reaction to it that had me so nervous? My hands were trembling as I stripped, leaving me naked as I studied my face in the mirror. I grabbed a pair of white underwear and put them on and then thought long and hard about a bra. I figured at this point why bother and threw it back in my draw.

I approached the shower and could see Tim’s outline behind the frosted glass. I took a deep breath and opened the door. He had his back to me and was looking up, the water hitting his face. I quickly glanced at his naked ass and caught myself, looking away.

I entered the stall and started soaping up my hands as Tim stood there. As my hands touched his arms I could feel his body stiffen and his breathing was labored. I tried to hurry as my hands flew up and down his arms and then across his chest. At this point my hands were trembling again and I was short of breath as well. I soaped up his back and then made my way down his legs, washing his ass on the way back up.

“Uh…you..uh…should turn around and rinse your back.” I said

Tim turned to face me and, as he did, his rigid erection sc****d across my abdomen. I felt a pang of titillation run through my body. He moved his back against the spray, rinsing the soap off. As he did, his chest grazed mine several times, brushing against my nipples and I could feel his penis pressing into my lower abdomen.

My nipples became rock hard instantly as the light touch caused my head to begin to swoon. I looked up and saw that Tim was staring at my breasts as they rose and fell on my chest. He slowly reached up with his two hands and lightly caressed them with his fingers, tracing circles around my nipples.

“Stop.” I whispered, my breathing becoming ragged, as I reached up and captured his hands with mine.

Tim looked into my eyes for a moment, his face a mask of lust. He slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine! I struggled for a moment, my mind swimming against a tide of pent-up passion. Tim gently kissed me, his lips softly moving against mine, as he moved in closer. I could feel my breasts flatten against his chest and his erection slide across my midsection as his fingers gripped my waist and pulled me closer.

My entire body tingled as I could feel myself slowly slipping into the depths of an illicit craving. Despite the struggle going on in my head, I began to respond to Tim’s kiss, gently pressing my lips back against his. He immediately reacted, kissing me firmer and wrapping his arms around my waist. I felt his tongue probe against my lips and, without resisting, I parted them, allowing it to flood my mouth. His tongue lightly caressed mine as our mouths fused together.

I felt the last wisp of resistance drain from me as my body flushed with desire! My arms slid up Tim’s shoulders and around his neck as I returned his kiss with a fiery passion, grinding my mouth against his. We kissed hungrily as our wet bodies slid against one another, the stall echoing with the sounds of our lustful moans.

My whole being was awash in a decadent craving that I had never experienced before. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire as I clung to my son and kissed him with a voracity that left me week. I could feel the heat emanating from between my legs as my juices began to flow, quickly flooding my crotch.

Tim’s hands were sweeping up and down my back as he ground his throbbing erection against my lower stomach. His hands slid down my back, inside my panties and came to rest on my ass. His fingers pressed into my cheeks, kneading and lifting them gently and then pulling them towards him. His erection felt like it was trying to bore a whole through me as he continued to mash it against me. Responding to instinct alone, I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around Tim’s, my panty-covered crotch coming into direct contact with his extended member.

The feeling of his organ rubbing against my steaming vulva sent sparks through my entire lower region. I urgently pushed back against it, my complete consciousness focused between my legs. I suddenly felt Tim tugging at my panties, pulling them down. Somewhere deep inside I knew this was wrong, but the lust that had enveloped me pushed any rational thought aside. I lowered my leg, allowing him to push my panties over my hips and then gravity took over and sent them down my legs. They fell and hit the floor of the stall with a soft splat as our hips smashed back together. The sensation of his erection in contact with my naked crotch set off flames licking the deepest recess of my vagina.

We continued to ravenously kiss as I lifted my leg and wrapped it again around his. I reached down and grasped his organ in my hand, pulling it down towards my saturated entrance. My hand shook as I parted the lips of my weeping slit with the head of his member, dragging it up and down. The only thoughts in my mind were extinguishing the unbearable fire that consumed my entire body. I pulled his throbbing organ, piercing my drenched gash and coming to rest with the crown lodged into the entrance of my canal.

Simultaneously, Tim pushed as I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled. His rigid member slid inside me, parting the walls of my heated vagina until he was completely in, his testicles nestled against my ass. I could feel my pussy clutching and grasping at his rod, the pleasure washing over me.

In the position we were in it was hard to get any kind of movement going without slipping and getting hurt. I raised my other leg and wrapped it around him and lifted myself off the floor. Tim leaned in, pushing my back against the wall and began thrusting himself in and out of as best he could. Even though he was barely moving inside me, the sheer illicit act was driving me towards orgasm! I pushed my pelvis against him, feeling him stretch my insides. We break off our kiss as he leaned down and attached his mouth to my breast, sucking vigorously on my nipple.

My swollen clit is rubbing against the top of his thrusting rod, driving me higher and higher over the cliff. The room is filled with the sound of our moaning as I feel an enormous orgasm suddenly overtake me. My entire body goes rigid as I burst into a million pieces, my body wracked in a mind-numbing climax.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH HHHHH!!!!!!! !!!!!!! I moaned as wave after wave of pleasure, so intense it borders on pain, crashes over me.

I feel Tim’s member jerk hard inside me and he lets out a painful groan as he coats the walls of my insides with his steaming hot juices. We cling to one another, twitching and trembling, as we both ride the wave of orgasm to the end.

As the aftershock slowly wound down, I felt my senses coming back to me and, with them, the horrid realization of what we just did.

I slowly slid my legs down from around him and stood on my feet. I felt his spent member slowly withdraw and finally exit with a soft plop. We stood there awkwardly for a moment, untangling ourselves.

“…uh…beter..uh…go dry up and get dressed” I whispered, not even able to look at him.

“Sure” Tim responded quietly.

He quickly left and toweled off, beating a hasty retreat to his own room. I stood in the stall for quite a while dealing with a rush of emotions, most of them guilt. I finally willed myself to get out and dry off. I stayed in my room the rest of the day, sl**ping through most of it. I was exhausted from the intensity of the orgasm Tim had given me, and, at the same time, depressed about the aftermath.
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