Mom helps injured son - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Tim had some buddies over for the afternoon and they all sat around surfing the net and watching tv. Will and Cara came home and Tim’s friends left as I prepared supper. We all ate together and watched tv before going to bed.

“How’s Tim’s showers going” Will asked as he was reading an article in a magazine

“Oh…fine” I replied, not telling him of the other service I was giving him.

The next morning was uneventful and before too long it was time for Tim’s shower. We were getting ready as usual when Tim asked if I could message his back and neck again. I agreed and got him undressed, noticing that his penis was already in a state of semi-arousal. He got in and waited as I removed my clothes and put the white panties on, not bothering with the bra.

I set about soaping him up and messaging his back and neck before moving down to his legs. All the while I was experiencing those same tingling sensations from my breasts lightly brushing against his back. It ran through me from my stiffened nipples down to between my legs.

As I washed first one leg and then another I noticed he already had an erection. I began wondering if this routine was becoming something more for him. I didn’t even ask him if he needed my help, but just soaped up my hands and started washing his testicles and erect penis. The washing turned into stroking as I softly gripped him in my hand.

I remembered reading an article about women talking about their sons becoming young men. They felt that they had developed affections for them that weren’t traditional mother-son feelings. They had become frustrated in not knowing where to place these developing feelings.

As I thought about the article my hand slowed down on his penis and I reached my left hand around, lifting and kneading his testicles. With my right hand I began a slow examination of his erection, really feeling how hard and stiff he was. He wasn’t particularly large or thick, but rather slim and about 5 and 1/2 inches in full length. I dragged my nails gently across the underside of his staff and then rubbed my thumb around the head before grazing back down. I then began a slow, deliberate stroking of his member, sliding it up and down in my hand.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Tim moaned in response to my slow manipulation.

I felt my breasts firmly pressed against his back and began brushing them back and forth, sending sparks through my body.

“UGHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Tim cried out as his penis twitched f***efully in my hand and shot off a long line of seaman. I slid my hand to the end of his penis and felt his second round shoot through my fingers, bathing them in his warm cream. I gently continued to stroke him until he shuddered and the last small stream of seaman dribbled out and over my fingers.

I suddenly awoke from the dream-state I was in and realized what I had done! I quickly dropped my hands, rinsing them off under the shower and getting out. I was shaking as I dried myself off, mortified by my behavior. Tim came out and I quickly dried him off, trying to avert my eyes from his spent penis dangling in front of me. I dressed him and then shut the door after he left. I lay down on the bed trying to calm myself and make sense of what I had just done.

I went to bed early that night, not wanting to spend too much time around Tim. He on the hand seemed to be in a great mood, smiling and joking.

The next morning Tim had a doctor’s appointment and we left right after breakfast.

When the doctor examined his hands he seemed pleased by the progress and said he would reduce the size of the bandages for now and then discard them in another couple of days. They re-wrapped his hands, this time leaving his fingers exposed to the first knuckle.

As they finished the doctor noted that in these new bandages Tim would be able to do quite a bit more things on his own. I felt a great sense of relief as my thoughts rushed to his daily shower. He probably wouldn’t need my help any longer! When they were done they gave him a special pair of gloves he could wear when he washed so the garbage bags wouldn’t be necessary. They reminded me of racing gloves since they left his fingers exposed to match his bandages.

When we got home I fixed us some lunch and then suggested to Tim that he take his shower.

He left and seemed to have no problem getting out of his clothes on his own. When he returned with a towel wrapped around him I helped him put on the gloves he was given. He asked if he could still use my shower stall since it’s a bit roomier. I told him that was fine and he turned and left. I felt truly relieved as I heard the shower start and the stall door close. My relief didn’t last long though, as few moments later I heard him calling for me.

“Hey Mom!!” he shouted a second time before I got there.

“What?” I asked

“I can’t do it!” he exclaimed.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Hold the soap” he explained “I can’t get a grip on it. My fingers can’t bend enough and I keep dropping it”

“Oh” I said, knowing what this probably means.

“Can you help me?” he asked

I felt a pang of guilt go through me, but then realized that he just needs my help and I should give it to him.

“All right, give me a minute” I replied, leaving the bathroom to go get undressed.

I took off my clothes and grabbed a pair of white panties and put them on. I the considered putting on the bra, but decided the irritation wasn’t worth it. I went back into the bathroom and I thought I could see Tim watching me through the frosted glass door, but I wasn’t sure. I stepped inside and reached for the soap.

“I’m really sorry Mom” he said sincerely.

I just about melted when he said that and realized he probably didn’t give yesterday a second thought.

“It’s o.k. sweetie. Let’s get you washed up” I replied

I soaped up my hands and started washing his back and shoulders and then reached around to do his chest.

“Uh, Mom, can I turn round and let the water hit my back? It’s so stiff from sl**ping in awkward positions” he asked.

“Uhm, well…ok” I replied, knowing that he’d have a good look breasts and I couldn’t do anything about it.

He turned and arched his back, allowing the water to hit him at the base. I saw him steal a quick glance or two at my breasts and then avert his eyes.

I proceeded to soap him down while he kept his head turned towards the wall, going over his chest and arms and then reaching around to get his back. In order to reach his back I had to get into close contact with him and I felt my breasts grazing against his chest. My nipples instantly got hard at the feel of contact with Tim’s chest. I tried to ignore it, but I felt shivers across my body every time my breasts touched him.

I felt a rush of conflicting emotions between not wanting to admit that I was a bit turned on and needing to maintain a proper relationship with my son.

I finished his back and pulled away, glancing at his face. He was looking at my breasts, surely having felt them on his chest, and was breathing heavily. I kneeled down to get his legs when I was nearly hit in the face with his stiff member. Obviously the feeling of my breasts against his chest caused a reaction and he was now at full reaction. I quickly finished his legs and stood up, not quite certain of what I was expected to do next.

“Uh….honey…I..uh…see you probably..uh..need some…relief?” I said, my voice quivering. “Why don’t I leave you alone now so you can…uh…take care of it.”

“Uh, wait Mom. I..I can’t. I can’t grip the soap…or..anything.” he reminded me.

“Oh…yea…that’s right” I replied reluctantly. “ I need……help?”

“Could you?” he replied and buried his face into my shoulder.

I soaped up my hands and reached down, grabbing his rigid member. I slowly began stroking him in a firm, caressing fashion. I realized that, due to the tight quarters, when he did orgasm that he would probably ejaculate all over me. This caused a sharp tingle to wash over me and I subconsciously increased my pace.

“Uhhhhhhhh!” Tim moaned as my stroke brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

I felt his body abruptly stiffen and his erection throb in my hand in prelude to orgasm.

Tim suddenly lifted his head and pressed his lips on mine in an unexpected kiss! I was about to push him away, but he immediately started to ejaculate, shooting his warm seaman onto my belly and I got swept away by the moment. I continued to stroke him, pulling the juice from his extended member as I softened my lips and stopped fighting his kiss. His penis jerked a few times in my hand as the last dribble of cum ran out and his lips pealed off mine.

“Uh…thanks.” he said, somewhat embarrassed.

“Uhm…why don’t you go out first” I said, suddenly feeling self-conscious about my naked breasts and covering them with my arms.

He left, grabbing a towel on his way out the door. I stood there for a while taking in what had just happened. Was it all just an innocent moment or did we just cross a line? I knew this had to end and soon!

Tim went out for the rest of the day and didn’t return until supper. We all ate and after dinner Tim went out with some friends, so we didn’t have to confront what happened earlier.
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