Jerkin beside my buddy

This story took place a couple years ago when i was in highschool. One of my good buddies would always come over and we would play xbox or watch a movie i had downloaded or sumthing like that. So one night he came over and we were playin xbox, the decided to watch a movie. I happened to have some vodka hidden in my room, so we decided to drink while we watched the movie. drinking was still a special thing to be doing because we were both u******e and had to hide it from my parents. We ended up drinking a fair amount and when the movie was over we went back to my room and went on the computer. I was showing him the recent movies i had downloaded. he was amazed that i could download movies in great quality before they were even out of theatres. He then asked if i can download other things like porn to. Ofcourse i said yeah and i showed him the folder i had of downloaded porn. He said we should watch some and i was fine with that because well i like watching porn and i had watched porn with other guys plenty of times, sometimes jerking but we would be under blankets and not watch each other. But this time we were both d***k, so who knew what would happen.

We began to watch some lebian porn i had downloaded, making comments here and there about how hot it was and how watching this stuff always made us super horny. He said he was deffinitly gonna be jerkin it the second he got home after leavin my house. Being d***k, and having done it before i said hey man dont worry about it, just cover yourself with a blanket and go to it, i didnt care. He was sitting on the end of my bed looking at the computer on my desk and i was sitting infront of my desk on my rolling computer chair. He said na thats okay ill take care of it later. So we continued to watch the pron, continually drinking getting more d***k, especially since we were young, maybe 16 at the time and we were lightweights.

All of a sudden i noticed that he was rubbing his crotch through his jeans. So i was like ok if hes gonna touch himself then fuck it i am to, so i began to rob my hard cock through my jeans. we werent saying much at this point, just starin at the pron and rubbin our pants. Eventually he stuck hand down his pants and began to rub his dick dirctly, i followed quite quickly. So there we are jerkin in our jeans, when out of the corner of my eye it looks as if the tip of his dick is sticking of his jeans as he rubbed it, i looked closer and it was. i began to get nervous, i had never really seen another guy naked in real life this close to me. After about a minute of that without even saying anything he pulled down his jeans and boxers and was sitting there on the end of my bed jerkin his dick in plain site. I couldnt help but stare at his dick, it was anything special in size but it got me extremely excited. I should state at this point that i have had sexual feeling for guys for many years and still do, and yet this story is the closest i have ever come to being with a guy.

I was d***k enough at this point that i said fuck it and ripped down my jeans and boxers. He then took his shirt off and i took off mine. So there we were, two but naked buds, d***k, jerkin infront of eachother. I had never let another guy see my dick before so this was all very exciting. We watched eachother for a bit and looked at ecahothers dicks. He then said with a smile on his face, man your dick is bigger then mine! we laughed and continued to jerk off. Hearing this made me very happy because i mean what guy doesnt like to be told hes got a bigger dick. I so badly wanted to ask him if i could help him out and he could help me out, but even the liquor wasnt enough courage for me to risk being outed as bisexual or bicurious or wutever the fuck i am. looking back on it now, i wish i had taken the risk, considering he started to jerk naked beside me without even asking, it seems like he may have been open to more.

We jerked for about 20 mins and i was ready to finish so many times before that, but i f***ed myself to slow down and not cum because i didnt wanna cum before he did. After about another 10 mins he said oh i think im gonna cum, which i right away replied oh fuck me to! i was so glad i could cum now and didnt have to hold it in any more. He layed back on my bed and sprayed his hot cum all over his chest while moaning and smiling. I slouched down in my chair somewhat and after watching another guy cum 2 feet away from me, i exploded more then i ever had all over my chest. i stood up and still naked dripping in cum, walked over and got kleenex for us to clean ourselves up. After cleaning off our cum saoked bodies, we got dressed and finished wtaching our movie and then he went home. We never did get to do it again, we talked about it sometimes but he thought it was kinda akward so i never brought it up again. we stayed good friends for many years until after highchool and weve drifted apart.

ill never forget that one night where i almost experienced one of my biggest fantasies, it was my first almost gay experience, and im hoping not my last. Reminiscing over this story has made me very horny and i think i will go give myself a helping hand now. Hope you enjoyed :)
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3 months ago
Great story and I did similar episodes at about the same age. I would like to do it again too
2 years ago
Been there...done 14. Like to try it again!
2 years ago
I wished!
3 years ago
I had a lot of experiences like this in middle and high school. Man I loved those days of jerkin with a bud and sucking cocks. Nothing like fucking around with a guy.
3 years ago
Mmm SO hot.
4 years ago
Excellent story. I had something similar but before porn was readily available. We ended up going all the way for a few years until we grew up and got married, sure miss those days.
4 years ago
very hot story! I had some similar experiences as well and wished more had happened.
4 years ago
My best friend and I were jacking off together and I got so excited that I moved down and sucked his cock.I loved the feel and taste of his thick hot cum gushing into my mouth.He jacked me off but never sucked my cock.I sucked him all through high school.
4 years ago
great story would have love to if you had gone the next step thanks