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Fun with Dad

When I was 15 my father asked me if i wanted to take a ride in the country with him on his bike, of course i said yes, I loved to ride on my dads motorcycle. We were out for awhile had lunch and was heading back home, I was kind of sad to see the day end as I was enjoying the feeling of the motorcycle and my arms wrapped around my dads waste. My dad pulled of the main road down a dirt path, when he stopped he said he had to take a piss, I said I did, too. My dad just pulled down his zipper and took out his c*ck and started to pee, I did the same but when I see his c*ck spraying that p*ss, I started to get hard. My dad finished and walk back toward the bike, I was having a hard time as my cock was getting r*ck hard, he yelled for me to come on. I zipped up and started walking back to the bike and I noticed my dad look down at my pants, I knew he noticed my hard on. He just smiled at me and said get on the bike, when I did my cock was right on his butt,he lifted his butt and sat right on my c*ck, damn it felt so good, he rode all the way with hard on under his butt.

When we got home he said go in and clean up, which I did. Later that night, I share a room with my younger b*****r whom I would jerk off with, he was 13. I woke up as i felt something moving in my bed and my cock was out of my pajamas and felt wet, when I opened my eyes it was my dad giving me a blowjob! He put his finger to my lips and whispered to be quite. I did what he said and just enjoyed watching him work my c*ck with his hot wet mouth and tongue. Damn he knew how to work my c*ck. I wondered how many other c*cks he serviced. I could not hold back for long and whispered to him I was going to c*m, he continued so I let it go and he swallowed it all, he moved up on me, and slide his tongue into my mouth while rubbing his hard cock on mine, he whispered that he enjoyed that and to lay still while he dumped his load all over my c*ck, balls, and stomach, he had brought in a towel and whiped me off, and then left my room for his. I did enjoy that night!
Posted by jerkme2005 2 years ago
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7 months ago
hot story!
1 year ago
mmmm very hot !