Emma's Third Act with Black Dick

It had been almost a month since Emma’s adventure in the cabin. Her friend Naomi who had converted her had now moved out to spread the word to other friends. Emma’s thoughts and dreams were haunted with the images of black cocks and white cum all over and in her. She would often awake moist and have to finger herself back to sl**p pretending her fingers to be a black lover. Whenever she left the house, she would look longingly at any black man that crossed her path, but never developed the guts to say anything to them. At home she would watch movies with lots of black men and masturbate. Emma had even gone into an adult bookstore and purchased a giant black dildo to help her fantasies. At this point, Emma started to become desperate and began searching the internet for possible hook-ups and chat rooms. Sadly she found that most of the sites were populated by white men pretending to be black.

Finally on a Thursday night, Emma received a package in the mail. Inside the package contained a DVD and some slutty clothes. As Emma played the DVD, she recognized herself. It was the video Naomi took during her last visit to the cabin. She could see the four black men gangbanging her as she smiled and waved showing off her wedding ring. She watched mesmerized as each man came inside of her or on her face. She felt herself reach for her black dildo when she noticed a letter inside the delivery material. Emma began to read the letter which read

“We have many copies of this DVD and will send this to all of your f****y, friends and husband unless you do exactly as we command. Come to this hotel and room at 5PM tomorrow wearing this outfit and your wedding ring. Show up or else.”

Emma felt nervous yet excited at the same time. She was not able to sl**p or eat as the time neared. Emma showered and dressed herself according to the instructions. The outfit had high heels, an extremely short skirt and tight top. Emma noted there was no underwear so she went without. She made sure to put on her wedding ring as left to go the hotel.

As Emma entered the hotel and asked for directions to the room, she could not help but feel as if everyone was watching her since she dressed like such a whore. She got her directions to the room which turned out to be the hotel’s largest suite.

Emma could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she knocked on the door. To her surprise the door was opened by Master D, the man who first converted Emma.

“Right on time baby, come on in” he said with a smile. Emma slowly entered the suite which was huge and well decorated. As she looked around she noticed among the nice furniture various lighting and camera equiptment.

“What is all this for?” she nervously asked partially knowing the answer.

“We going to make a couple of movies and guess who is the star?” Master D replied with a small laugh.

“What movies?” Emma asked with fear and anticipation.

“Black Breeding Emma and Emma’s Anal Destruction” he said calmly with a wicked smile.

“Wait, I didn’t sign up for that. That is too much, plus what if someone I know sees this movie” Emma replied as she started walking towards the door.

“If anyone you know sees this movies, tell them to join in. Now I know you ain’t going no where cuz I have been inside of you and I know you want this” Master stated as he grabbed her hand and placed it on his enormous black cock. He then used his other hand and place it up her skirt.

“See, just as I thought, moist and ready” Emma’s eyes closed in a state of passion as she could feel his strong black hands crawling around her pussy and the throbbing cock in her hand felt so right Emma turned from leaving.

“Look, I have to tell you something. I think I might be pregnant. I am not sure who the father is, because so many of you came inside me that weekend. I thought you should know” Emma blurted out.

“I thought you looked a little heavier. Well don’t look at me to pay for anything. Black man has been the slave long enough to the white folks. You need take care of that yourself.” Master D replied indifferently.

“Now you wanna stay and cry all day or do you wanna get fucked proper?” Master D asked.

Emma on the verge of tears, looked up and smiled realizing that Master D was not mad and that she was still desirable even though pregnant.

‘That’s my girl, now do me a favor and get on your knees and suck my dick.” he commanded.

“Right here in the hall, what if someone sees?” she nervously asked.

“I want to prove that you deserve the star treatment I am about to give you” he insisted.
Emma thought and then slowly lowered herself to his knees as Master D whipped out his enormouse dick slapping her across the face.

‘That’s it baby, open up and say ahhh” he said with a wicked smile.

Emma opened her mouth and proceeded to suck his dick with both hands. After what seemed like an eternity of humiliating bliss, a door across the way started to open and Master D grabbed her by the hair and yanked her into the room closing the door. Emma’s mouth popped as Master D pulled out his cock from her mouth.

“Okay baby, you done good. While I get everything setup. Read this letter and get ready to deliver it to the camera. I want a before shot before you get all messed up” he said as he handed her a script and went into the next room. Emma read the paper was shocked at what was written, but the more she read, the hornier and wetter she became.

“Okay, all set” Master D said as he returned and began to position a mounted video camera towards Emma. “Alright, now when I say action, start repeating the words on that script and then we can get going” Before Emma could object she heard him say action. The words stammered out of her mouth at first but then began to flow as deep down inside she really felt it to be true.

“Hello, my name is Emma and I am a black cock whore. I am one of the many growing numbers of white women who are being converted to the superior black dick. Sorry white guys, you are too pathetic to even look at. But you can watch as they fuck me in the mouth, in my pussy, and even up my ass. Dozens of black men will fill me with their cum. You see this?” she said as she pointed to her stomach. “I got me a nigger baby growing inside of me and I want more. For all you white women out there, BLACK COCKS ROCK. It is true, once you go black, you never go back. So sit back and watch how it is done”

“Perfect, I will get the music going and you start dancing” As the rap music played , Emma started to sway her hips and move around slowly taking off what little clothes she had on.. As she was almost naked she saw the door to the other rooms open and out started to march what seemed like an army of black men marched into the room glaring at Emma while she danced. The only thing this group of men had in common was that they were black and of course well hung.

“Alright then, Emma get on your hands and knees and start servicing your masters.” Master D commanded.

Emma obeyed and got down like a dog and crawled over to the first black dick. Almost immediately she had a black dick slapping her across the face.

“Okay bitch, suck this nigger’s dick”

Emma opened her mouth and gladly accepted the cock. From behind she could feel another black man mount her like a horse. She could feel his bare cock barrel inside of her with f***e and anger. This group of black men were quite militant and wanted to treat her like the whore she had become. As she licked one man’s balls, she could feel the one riding her doggy style get faster and faster until he came inside her.

“Oh damn, busted your nut early” Master D teased as he continued to roll the camera.

“I ain’t done with this white bitch yet” he said as he reached into her pussy and got a handful of his cum and f***efully rubbed it on her face. “Dirty white devil gets what she deserves” he said as he left.

The other man than f***ed Emma on her back and sat on her face.

“Lick my ass bitch” he yelled. Emma stammered and tried to escape, but with his full weight on her, she had to comply. Her tounge darted back and forth and around his asshole.

“You like that ass?” he asked as she continued to kiss his hole. Another black man lifted her legs up and began to penetrated her. This was becoming a true gang bang. The cameras continued to roll as man after man would cum in her pussy or face. After what seemed like hours, Emma dazily stood up and looked at the camera. Cum covered her face and was dripping down her leg.

“What you got to say for yourself baby?” asked Master D

Emma stammered for a second as the camera rolled. “ Nigger’s know how to fuck a white woman right. I can feel a nigger baby growing inside of me right now. All white women, know your role and fuck black bareback. Now who wants to see me take some black dick up my ass!”

“Perfect girl, that was perfect!” Master D exclaimed. Now hit the shower and clean up. The rest of you b*****rs hang out while she gets ready for the ass fucking of her life”

Emma went to the bathroom and hopped into the shower to wash off all the cum from her body and hair. As she got out from the shower, she could not help but look at herself in the full length mirror. Her pussy was definitely stretched out larger than it ever had been. She could see her eyes were different. For the first time she was happy. Happy to be a black cock slut. She did not care if the world knew it as long as she kept getting that black dick.
She walked back into the living room, where Master D focused the camera directly into her ass.

“She this nice tight white ass before the nigger destruction. You ready girl?”

Emma nodded with a nervous smile and got on all fours on the couch. She used her small hands to spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. The first black man grabbed the lube bottle and squirted her back with ample liquid. He rammed his cock deep into her ass like a prison r****g. The sudden pain made Emma scream out loud and she tried to crawl away, but he grabbed her arms and pulled her back in. She could feel her ass tear and bleed as his cock almost reached her stomach. He gave he no mercy and continued to pound her into submission. By the time he came Emma had tears rolling down from her eyes.

“One down, nineteen to go bitch” Master D emphasized.

Emma’s eyes darted with fear at the thought of 19 more black men cumming in her ass. Once again this turned into a true gangbang as black man after black man lined up to **** her anally. Emma cried into the couch pillows and she felt each cock tear and rip away at her. Each time the man was done he could feel him shoot his hot seed up her ass and into her torn flesh. She could not believe her life had to come to this but she wanted more. By the time the final man had cum in her ass, her entire body was numb.

She once again stood up before the camera, this time too tired to say anything. Master D once again focused the camera in on her ass. “Another white ass destroyed by the Nigger Nation. Now let’s go mark our new property.

Before Emma could take another step, she her knees buckled as she shit on herself. Her asshole had become so loosened she could not maintain bowel control.

“Damn nasty girl, but that’s what happens when you white whores get used up” Master D proclaimed

Emma was in a full daze as she ran to the back room to clean herself up.

“You are not done yet” Master D said as he came into gather Emma and take her to the other room.
Emma was led to a chair and where she had to lie back. Sitting directly on her ass caused her too much pain so she rolled onto her side. She was almost too exhausted to ask what was going one when she noticed one man with tattooing equipment.

“Spread those legs” he commanded.

Emma obeyed and he began to work and gave her spade tattoo on her right inner thigh and then he marked above her pussy. Black cock owned.

Emma was so tired she did not object and fell asl**p from exhaustion. As she awoke hours later, the hotel suite was empty of people and equipment. The TV was turned on and kept repeating a video short of a sex trailer of Emma being gangbanged by hordes of black men.

She noticed a letter on the DVD player, which she read.

Thanks for the good time and the great video material. Feel free to keep the DVD, we are going to make a fortune selling you all over the world. If you want to get more black dick you know where to get us. But you have to bring a friend.

As Emma listened to the video loop, she could her herself moan and sing the praised of the black men. Emma became desperate, not because of the video being released but because she now had to find a friend to convert otherwise she would not get the black dick so craved.

Then Emma remembered she has a s****r.

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Too hot.
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Oh I love it!
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Not bad ! Good story idea !
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fucking hot and so engaging
what a whore... for BBC
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