Emma's Second Night with Black Dicks

When Emma awoke, she noticed a gift box with a card. Emma opened and read the card which said “Put this on and ONLY this and then ring the bell. As Emma opened the box, she saw a fancy blindfold and bell. Emma was intrigued and noted the handwriting of the note was that of her friend Naomi. Emma had learned to trust her friend and removed her clothes leaving her completely naked and placed the blindfold on. Emma then rang the bell and waited. In less than five minutes, Naomi entered the room and offered her hand to guide her downstairs.

“I am glad you rang, you are going to have an amazing time tonight.” Naomi declared. “Oh good, you left your wedding ring on. That’s perfect.

Emma wondered what all this meant and what was about to happen. As Emma and Naomi reached their downstair’s destination, Emma could sense other people in the room. She felt a charge of sexual energy ignite as she entered.

“Here, get on your knees and remember, this night is all for you” Naomi whispered as she took off Emma’s blindfold. To Emma’s surprise there was big black dick right in front of her face. As she looked around she noted several naked black men in the room with serious smiles. Emma also noticed Naomi was fully clothed and armed with a video camera.

“This is just for momento’s, and remember this night is all about you” Naomi calmly replied. Before Emma could say anything else, the black man in front of her lifted his cock and slapped it right on her forehead.

“Lick them balls, bitch” he commanded. Emma once again obeyed and began licking and sucking his balls. Naomi began video recording this act and even gave instruction.

“Now take his cock with your mouth. Use both hands on that shaft.” she directed as Emma began sucking him off. Another black man approached Emma with a sharpie pen and began writing on her. On one foot he wrote “slut” and on the other he wrote “wife”. On the small of her back she wrote “ Black Cock Owned” and on her forehead he wrote “Whore”.

“Wave to the camera and be sure to use the wedding ring finger” Naomi once again directed and Emma complied with a smile while giving a blow job to the black stranger.

The man with the sharpie lay down near Emma’s pussy and wrote “For Black Breeding” above it. He then threw the pen across the room and began eating her out. Emma never had taken two men at once before and she never had a black man put his tongue in her vagina. The newness of it all, along with Naomi video taping the whole event raised Emma’s sensitivity. The man eating Emma out, decided he had enough and got behind Emma and pushed her onto all fours. As he began to enter her, Emma let out a little grunt for air as her pussy was still sore from the adventure the day before.

“Aww, look at that Emma, you are like a pornstar” Naomi remarked as she continued to video tape the affair. Emma let out a shy smile as she closed her eyes and felt both black men inside of her. After several ecstasy filled minutes Emma felt the man in her mouth jerk out and yell as he climaxed. The black stranger intentionally pulled out of her mouth to show his dominance and mark all of the black man’s new conquest. He ejaculated onto her face suddenly and f***efully. Emma could feel his semen shoot up her nose and into her hair. Some even got into her left eye temporarily blinding her. Emma coughed and fell forward trying to remove the cum from her eye, when the black man riding her doggy style grabbed her back up by her hips.

“You ain’t going nowhere bitch, I got something for you” he exclaimed as he quickened his pace and pointed to Naomi and her camera. Naomi was sure to get a close up as he began to cum. He pumped his hips for each squirt as Naomi zoomed in her lens. As he pulled out his cock, cum leaked out of Emma’s vagina like a broken dam.

“Nice and tight ain’t going to be tight no more” he proclaimed as he smacked her ass and walked away. Emma recovered from her facial and stood up. Once again she could feel the cum ooze out of he fertile womb.

“Two down and two to go” Naomi said with a smile as she pointed to more black men that were hard and ready. One black man was sitting on the couch and commanded Emma.

“Get over here and ride this bad boy” Emma obeyed with a slight smile. She spread her legs and straddled him as he lay down on the floor. From this position Emma could feel this large cock almost pierce her stomach. She moved up and down in painful pleasure and let out a cry as she began to cum. Because she was reaching her climax, she failed to notice the last black man behind her. He squirted a cold jelly substance onto her backside and began rubbing it into her ass. Emma yelped as he stuck a finger in.

“Damn! A tight white virgin ass. Get ready to be whored cuz after I am done with you, you won’t shit right ever again” he whispered into her ear

Emma became scared by the pain from just his finger. She had never let Eric or any man fuck her in the ass before. She tried to wriggle away, but once again the black men were much stronger. He grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her back onto his cock. She could feel him slide in his cock head at first. The tightness of her ass stretched as he pushed in further. Emma instinctively tried to fight his dick off as she squeezed her cheeks tights. But she could feel herself lose the battle and the lube seeped into her more and more of his cock began to penetrate her asshole. Then suddenly he grabbed her by the shoulders and thrust his whole shaft in until it reached his balls. Emma screamed in pain as she felt her ass tear and bleed, but there was no mercy as both men doubly penetrated her. Naomi continued to film Emma struggling and crying as she realized she crossed a bridge she could never return. The joy of becoming a black owned whore was freeing but painful. Both men continued until the one inside her pussy came. He laughed as he pulled out and said “ Probably going be a nigger baby in that belly, don’t expect me to pay for it”

This left only the black man in her ass. He f***ed her on all fours by grabbing her hair and riding her like a dog. Emma continued to whimper and bleed as he mercilessly worked her asshole. He yanked her hair back and stated “ I got a big surprise for you bitch” as he reached back and punched her in the head. The sudden shock and pain caused Emma to tighten up including her ass and as she did, he came inside her rectum.

He did not say anything and just got up to leave. Emma was in a daze on the floor with cum on her face, dripping out her pussy and her asshole was now gaping open bleeding and with cum.

Naomi walked over with the camera focused on Emma to help here up.
“Welcome to the world of a black cock whore.” Naomi said with a smile. As Emma struggled to stand up, she could feel the cum leak out all of her orifices. Emma looked straight at Naomi’s camera and said “I guess I am the slave now” with a smile. Naomi had her camera fade to black.

Emma’s world would never be the same and she could not be happier.

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1 year ago
This story series makes my little man clit so hard.
2 years ago
ouch! Nice more pls!! :)
2 years ago
wow that was hot,