Daniella's Date with Jeremy - A husband asked

Daniella's date with Jeremy:

I would come by your place to pick Daniella up at 7pm. She would have been getting ready and getting dressed in the outfit that makes her feel the most comfortable and sexy. I would be a gentleman and come to the door with flowers. With a light kiss on the cheek, I would greet her and let you know that Daniella and I would be out for the night and that I will have her back after breakfast the next morning. After she blew her loving husband a kiss goodbye she would walk with me to my car...I'd open the door for her, we'd both get in and then we'd be off...

In the car her sweet perfume filled my nose and the sight of her beautiful body tightly wrapped in a sexy low-cut top and fitted skirt had me throbbing and dripping in the driver seat. Knowing that she's been excited all week, I assume that she's dripping into her panties, and by the time we got to the restaurant she'd be sitting in a puddle of her own anticipation. Daniella and I went to that swanky new restaurant in downtown San Diego. We pulled up at the valet and he helped her out of my car. Even the valet is taken back by this sexy specimen of a woman, gracefully stepping out of the passenger seat. He checked her out and then caught my eye...almost embarrassed that he was checking out my wife. But I give him a smile and a nod reassuring him that there is no problem with taking a peek. As we walk up to the front door, I open it for her and place my hand on the small of her back, gently guiding her inside. We'll sit at the bar instead of getting a table. That way it's a little easier to flirt and talk with other patrons sitting near us and the bartender. We find two seats at the bar where we can see everyone in the restaurant, and everyone can see us. The handsome bartender comes over to take our drink order and quickly shuffles off to fetch us some cocktails. Daniella slowly and seductively sips on her Greyhound while I do the same with my vodka martini. All the while, she holds her drink with her left hand to be sure to flaunt her wedding ring. The cocktails are a nice distraction for the both of us. I can see her flush a little bit at her collar and I'm doing everything I can to subdue my arousal. We sip on our cocktails and talk about love, life and of course sex. Daniella quietly explains to me her sexual history and desires. As she's doing this she's moved closer to me so that none of the other patrons can make out what we are talking about. As she moves in closer, her full breasts graze my hand resting on the bar. Just as this happens I feel a large drop of precum drip out of the head of my cock and I feel my cock flush to an engorged state.

As she gets to the bottom of her drink she shuffles her body and moves her legs giving me a peek of her red silk panties underneath her skirt. She and I are both feeling great as we are now a little more relaxed and feeling flirty. I lean into her and give her a sweet soft kiss on her ruby red lips. (I just love when women pay attention to detail and match their lips and nail polish with their panties). When the bartender returns to ask us about our next drink, he makes a bit of small talk and asks us how long we've been together. Daniella with her left hand on the bar blushes and I look up and explain that this is our first date. The bartender raises his eyebrow and smirks with a bit of a naughty grin, "Oh!" He says...and then gets us another round.
Daniella and I shared some stories and quickly built our connection, we both knew that the physical attraction was there, but now we had a personal connection, and what was about to unfold would be amazing for the both of us.
After sitting for about an hour or so, we settled our bar tab and were ready to go back to the room I had reserved for us. I had checked in earlier that day so I could have everything ready for when we walked in. As we got to the hotel, we wasted no time in the lobby and took the elevator up to the top floor. Thank god we had a room up top because the long elevator ride gave us time to have a full deep passionate kiss. When the doors opened to the 21st floor, we scampered down the hallway and found our room. When we walked in Daniella was surprised to see candles lit, and champagne on ice. Her eyes immediately darted to a black satin bag on the foot of the bed and a camera on a tripod in the corner of the room. She looked back at me with her jaw dropped. She was speechless. I reassured her that this was going to be a night to remember and I wanted her to have a little something to remember it by. She smirked and then threw herself into me with a hot kiss, our tongues swirling around and hands sliding all over as we fell onto the bed. She straddled me and asked if everything was ready. I said that the camera was on and ready to go, there was just one thing that I wanted her to do before we got lost in each other. "What?" She asked. "Call your husband" I said "Tell him that you're having a great time, and that we're back at the room safe and sound." Tell him you love him."

As Daniella picked up her phone and dialed her husband, I sat her down on the bed and unbuttoned my shirt...I loosened my belt and pulled out my dripping cock just as she said, "Hi honey!" She looked up and gasped and tried to continue her sweet check-in conversation. I hear her say what I had asked her to say...and then I heard her say "He has his cock out right now...I'm going to run it over my lips" Daniella's lips became wet with my precum as she lightly slurped and said okay hun, I have to go now...Love you too" click.
Daniella looked up at me and said that she was going to worship my cock tonight. She spread her legs fully for the first time. The view of her wet red silk panties made me throb as she took me in her mouth. As she was sucking me I told her to open the black satin bag and pull out what was inside. Her hands found something big and firm then she excitedly slipped out a big black dildo and a ruby red princess butt plug. I told her that her pussy must be dying to wrap around something hard. I told her to sit on the dildo while she sucked my cock. This gave me an opportunity to study how she liked to be filled. Watching her beautiful shaved pussy wrap and squeeze around that cock was hypnotizing. I watched as she bounced in rhythm of her sucking. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and with her mouth still wrapped around my cock I heard her say, "Fill me with your cum." The mumbled mouthful of words let me know she really wanted it. I took her hands up to my nipples and with that I let out a rope of my cum into her mouth, followed by another and then another. Her lips were glistening with my semen and she took a full gulp to swallow it all. Catching her breath she fell back to the bed, her legs still spread with the dildo resting in her pussy. I got down on my knees and started kissing on her clit slowly and softly. My tongue found her tight slit and licked her thoroughly while pumping the big toy into her pussy deeper and deeper. I reached up to her nipples and gave the a squeeze. She began to quiver and shake as I could feel her pushing her clit onto my tongue, humping at the pace she wanted to be licked. She moaned low and loud and on repeat said, "I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming."
I picked myself up off of her lap and let her lay there while she came back down to earth. I had gotten hard as soon as my tongue had found her pussy, so I walked over to the ice bucket and pulled out two glasses. Daniella could see me standing there with cock still full and erect...I think she was just understanding what she was in for.

I took her, our drinks and the bottle of champagne to the bathroom. I drew a hot bath and gently place her in the tub. Sipping our champagne flutes quickly turned into more deep tongue kisses. I pulled her into me, her legs wrapped around my waist for more kissing and grinding. The hot water started splashing around so I stood her up and with her ass and pussy over my face, leaned up to slide my tongue into her pussy while grabbing her ass and pulling her onto my mouth. I stood up and grabbed the bottle of champagne and began pouring the cold bottle of bubbly over her tits while I slurped up the sweet drink. I bent her over and poured some more down her back and drank it as it poured down from her pussy. I licked slowly from her pussy up to her ass, pouring more down her back to drink the sweet suds off of her wet skin. With the bottle nearing the end, and more water out of the tub than in the tub, Danielle stood me up and grabbed a towel to wrap both of us up. Feeling the warm plush towel engulf our sensitive bodies was heavenly...feeling her pussy push up against my hard cock was sinful.

After we dried off, Daniella was feeling very naughty. She dropped the towel and grabbed me by my cock. With a firm grip she led me back to the bedroom and sat me down on the edge of the bed. She asked if I would reach back into the black satin bag and pull out the remaining toy. I eagerly reached in and grabbed the ruby red butt plug and bottle of lube. She swiped it out of my hands walked over to get her high-heels and slowly strapped her sexy heels on. With her beautiful ass and legs lifted she get real close to me...her pussy just inches from my mouth. I wanted to lick her again but she grabbed me by the chin, turned around and bent over spreading her ass right in front of me. WIthout a word she lubed up and slipped in the Ruby Red Princess plug. With her ass now full, she told me that this was the first time she had ever felt a plug in her ass. She explained that it felt different, good but different and she loved the sensation of being filled up. I told her how happy I was to hear that. I then told her that she would be wearing that for the rest of our time together. She gave me a naughty smirk and then reached down and started lightly rubbing her pussy.

I reached up to her hips and pulled her on top of my cock. I held her while she rode me faster and harder than she had before. With the camera now behind us, I made sure to grab and squeeze her ass in a way that showed off the plug in her ass while she slid up and down on my cock. I sucked on her nipples, switching off from side to side and she rode harder and harder. I felt her pussy tighten and with alternating moans, we each found each other in the moment and came together.
Daniella collapsed onto me as we both lay there on the bed, Daniella still straddling me and my cock still full inside her pussy. The pleasure reached such heights that time seemed to be at a standstill, and before we knew it, we both fell asl**p. We both came to a couple hours later and by then it was near 3am. We continued to fuck in that position...knowing how good we made each other feel earlier in the night, and not wanting to remove each other from the ecstasy. Daniella came with me 3 more times before the sun came up that morning. When we finally did awake, it was almost 8:30 am and we both knew that if we didn't hurry up and get out of there, we wouldn't be able to leave. We quickly packed up and made it down to my car still in the clothes we wore from last night.

In the car ride back to Daniella's house, we felt the warm sun on our skin, and were both left a little speechless until we started playing back the events of the night before. Daniella looked at me and began kissing my cheek while I was driving. She whispered in my ear that the plug was still in her ass and it was making her pussy drip. Daniella reached up her skirt and pulled her panties off in the passenger seat. She reached up to her blouse and slowly undid the top buttons. With her tits bouncing out, she reached down to my zipper and slowly pulled it down to free my wet cock. She turned her panties inside out...she wanted me to feel her wetness...feel the spot where her pussy was just dripping onto...so she placed them on the tip of my cock and began squeezing and stroking me into her panties. She leaned in and said that she wanted one last present to take home with her...and with that I let go and released my cum into her silky panties. She pulled them off of my cock and gave a little lick just to keep the cum from spilling out. She carefully reached down to slide them back on and carefully arranged them under her skirt. Moments later we pulled onto her street and up to her home. I walked around to her side of the car and opened the door for her. I pulled out the black satin bag which had the camera and the dildo and gave it to her to bring in the house. I stood there on the curb and gave her a long sweet kiss goodbye...my cock again began to twitch thinking about all that we had shared, and then I watched as Daniella with a princess plug in her ass and her panties full of my cum slipped into her house and back into her husbands arms.

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7 months ago
Thank you billy69boy. This took me about 5 days to write. My muse was as distracting as she was inspiring...

I don't believe this has been copied and or re-posted on this site yet, but I know that this is a common issue with a lot of stories on this site. This one is a 100% Jeremyjay2 original. I too don't know why this is posted under "sex humor." I wish it wasn't because I think it would get more views.
7 months ago
First class erotic story. It is obvious the author put a lot of time and effort into crafting this steamy tale, which is refreshing, considering some of the junk out there.

I hope to read more fine work from this writer in the future.
8 months ago
Hot sexy story or a most erotic woman to share your lust with.
9 months ago
Great story. So hot!!! Any women we be so lucky.
9 months ago
Excellent story!!! Thanks for sharing!
9 months ago
great story!....would love to let you take my girlfriend out!
10 months ago
WIth a doubt the most erotic story I have read in many years. Well done sir.
My wife spent several weeks in Turkey a few years ago touring the country with a girlfriend and she met a guy named Mike who offered to drive them anywhere they wanted to go. He knew Cindy's girlfriend from a previous trip and I think she actually set him up with my wife. About half way through her vacation I realized that the pics of her and her girlfriend seemed to always have the same guy in them. When I confronted her she admitted that she was sleeping with him but said it was because we had talked about it lots and she knew I'd be ok with it. I was of course but it was hard knowing she was making love to this guy every night. His favorite was to take her anally and also cum on her tits. She was actually happy with that as she didn't want him in her pussy.
Anyway love your work my friend. Sincerely Jason
10 months ago
I'm speechless! I would love for another guy take me out for a night like that! I especially loved that you had her call her husband.
1 year ago
It's a great story and very well written.
I would love to cum home from a business trip to find my wife in our bed on all fours with a guy fucking her mouth and another guy fucking her pussy.
Both guys are fit with big dicks, one of them is you!
When I walk into the room, she stops sucking cock and smiles at me and says "Welcome home Honey, these guys are going to pump me full of cum!" I walk over and give her a deep French kiss and then gently guide her mouth back to suck the guys cock...
1 year ago
What would you like me to do for your wife? Write a story for her?...This took me 4 days and a lot of great inspiration! I'm always happy to fantasize about a married woman, but I put a lot if time and thought into it too.
1 year ago
Can you please do that to my wife?
1 year ago
Glad you liked it. I worked long and hard on that one. I hope you both got to enjoy that one
1 year ago
Awesome, made me cum just imagining the details... excellent.