A Fantasy Cum True

My wife and I had met another couple our own age and we started hanging out. We learned that we had a lot of common interests. The guy is a computer programmer and pudgy, with a lazy attitude. The women owns her own company and has large hips with a small waist and likes to get things done. This is where it gets complicated, she had a crush on me for a few years, and me on her, and she was a fantasy I had been having for awhile. She asked her husband if she could act on it. He said sure, as long as he was there and ground rules were laid down.

It began with a day of drinking during a wine tour. We went back to their place and decided to open a few bottles and play cards. 5 bottles in it was suggested we play strip poker. We were all d***k so we said yes. By this time, lets call her "S" to protect her anonymity, had been casually rubbing her feet up and down my leg. I decided to be bold as no one could see under the table and pulled her foot into my lap so she was rubbing her foot on my cock. I was getting harder by the second. After awhile it was pretty certain I was winning as i had most of my clothes still on so I decided to lose on purpose. I also placed my foot in her crotch ad was gently rubbing her outer labia, she was getting so wet that i was able to slide my toe in with no resistance. It was wet, warm and inviting. My wife and "S's" husband were a little uncertain about where this was heading. I was so hard from her rubbing and seeing her breasts for the first time that there was already pre cum sliding down my shaft. We decided to get some more drinks and move into the living room. When "S" stood up i caught my first glimpse of her trimmed pussy. It was everything I had imagined. Her ass was a beautiful heart shape. We went into the living room and laid down the ground rules, oral and hands. No kissing or fucking. This was going to be a problem as I really wanted to stick my cock in "S" and fuck her from behind. We all agreed and started to touch each other. My wife was the least sexually explicit person there so "S" and her husband started touching her all over to get her more comfortable with the situation. I got down on the floor and began to kiss my wife's thighs leading to her pussy as she started to stroke "S's" husband. I told her between licks to start to suck him. She took him into her mouth while I continued to lick her. That's when "S's" hand pulled my arm and pulled me to a different part of the room, on the other side of the coffee table. By now my wife and "S's" husband were engaged in a 69. "S" pulled me close and whispered in my ear that she had been wanting me for a long time, as she put her tongue in my ear and licked. She grabbed my cock and slowly started to spread the pre cum all over, she then took it in her mouth and let out a throaty moan of pleasure. As she started to suck me I could feel my wife come up behind me and start to help "S" pump my cock into her mouth. "S's" husband laid down on the floor and began to eat "S" out while she straddled his head. I noticed that "S's" husband had gone flaccid and that was why we were back in a foursome. Just then "S" grabbed her husband and moved him away, she then grabbed my wife and laid her on the couch. She got on top and told her husband to kneel beside them. She was going to get him hard again. "S" started to jerk her husband off as she also began to kiss my wife. I knelt down behind them and beheld a beautiful sight my wife's pussy and asshole hovering over "S's" pussy and asshole. I began to lick, alternating between the two pussies with each lick, mingling their heady juices. I also started to finger each at the same time. "S" asked if I was fingering both and licking at the same time. I came up long enough to answer yes. By now "S's" husband was hard again and he invited my wife over to the other couch for some more oral. I jumped at this chance to taste just "S" all alone. I stated by kissing her feet and slowly kissing up her legs until my nose was nuzzled into her outer lips, she smelled amazing. I got up on my knees, my cock standing straight up, and grabbed her leg. I began to slowly rub mt thumb over her clit, gently and with rhythm. I started sucking her toes and she let out a moan of pleasure, this was a first for her. As I sucked I began to rub harder and more quickly, she started to pull her legs together in the start of an orgasm. I was not about to miss this so I abandoned sucking her toes and licked all the way up to her pussy where I took her clit into my mouth and started to flick it with the tip of my tongue and sucking at the same time. She exploded in my mouth. It was one of the most delicious pussies I have ever eaten. After she stopped shaking I began to kiss my way up stomach to her neck and began to give little kisses on her neck. "S" pulled my head down to her and told me that was the hardest she had ever came. She also told me of her fantasy to fuck me while the two of us had been working together. She was stroking my cock and rubbing it against her labia. And then we were interrupted again with a flaccid husband, I would later find out that he was intimidated by having another man there. I took my wife and after eating her out for a little bit she was very wet so I began to fuck her as "S" straddled fer face and she began to eat "S" out. "S" leaned back so I could play with her breasts and kiss her neck. "S's" husband went to get another drink so I took advantage. I stopped fucking my wife and pulled them both to their knees and placed my rock hard cock in between them and told them to suck, they took turns taking me into their mouths and at one point they were kissing around my shaft. "S's" husband came back into the room as his wife and my wife were both taking me in and he wanted double blow job access as well, he never got it. So feeling jealous he took my wife and laid her down and began to drip scotch onto her pussy and lick it off. By now the drink was beginning to effect "S" in a very bizarre way. She was passing out and waking up every few seconds. She was whispering to me to come closer and when I did she started to grind her hips against me begging me to fuck her. She pulled me onto my knees and wrapped her legs around my waist and started to rub my cock over her swollen pussy lips. I pulled away and began to kiss her all over getting close enough to whisper that I was not going to break the rules and that I would lick her to another orgasm. She wasn't as d***k as everyone thought, she just used it as an excuse to get me alone and close. I started kissing her from the neck down this time and stopped at her breasts to lick ans suck her nipples, gently biting each and pulling it into my mouth. "S" let out another moan as she started to slide her fingers into her wet, once again, pussy. I left her breasts and continued my kissing until i got to her pubic bone and began to lick my way down through her trimmed pubic hair parting her outer lips and sliding my tongue into her pussy as far as I could. I tongue fucked her for awhile until he juices were running down my chin and then I found her swollen clit again and this time began to hum while moving my head and tongue side to side. In no time "S" was cumming a second time and again into my mouth where i lapped up every drop of pussy juice. My wife had not had an orgasm so i left "S" to deal with a third time flaccid husband and began to massage my wife and slowly insert my cock into her somewhat dry pussy. I could tell that this was getting "S" jealous but a dutiful husband never neglects his wife, especially when the other guy is going limp all the time and can't make her cum. I was pulling her hips towards me as i began to thumb her ass hole. I flipped my wife over and went down on her again, with my fore finger and middle finger stroking her g-spot. I sucked her clit hard into my mouth as she began to throw her head from side to side and pull my head tight against her squirting pussy. Three orgasms in my mouth and they all tasted good. By now it had been three hours since we started our little escapade. I had not yet cum and neither had "S's" husband. So "S" decide she would sit me down in a chair and put on some sexy music and start to grind her ass and pussy up along my shaft, I slipped inside and thought i would cum from sheer shock of what I was doing. I held on and pulled her off and told her to suck me off, which she did, tasting her own juices on my now extremely swollen cock. Within a few minutes I was breathing hard and i told her I was about to cum. "S" pumped my cock with her hand as she sucked the head of my cock as i exploded into her mouth. I have rarely cummed this hard, it felt amazing and seemed to last forever. When I stopped cumming she looked my in the eye and with a gulp swallowed all my cum and continued to stroke me cock as i calmed down. This fantasy cum true has been a source of great pleasure as I replay moments while jerking off and i can still smell and taste every last drop of cunny juice from "S". We have had a few encounters since then, but they are for another time.
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27 days ago
Hmmm great story!
1 year ago
That's Hot! I would love to have some foursome action with my wife and another couple. Added to my favorites; Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
good story, I had a couple of 4somes that kinda went like that, hubby had trouble keeping it hard. it sort of puts a damper on the mood.
2 years ago
that sounds like a wild night.. I have also fantasies about having a foursome with my girl and another couple.. we have talked about it but I dont think she would act on it.
2 years ago
nicee one
2 years ago
Cool story bro
2 years ago
Sounds like a god night. My wife and I always talk about a missed opurtunity with some freinds a few years back. We had earlier made use of the other room to fuck our freinds seperatley her and him fucked and later me fuck her. Later that night we were all messing around and my wife went to unbutton his trousers but backed off.