sissy slut is humiliated and loves it

New story:
I get off the plane in Fort Myers and you are there to pick me up. I get in the back seat of your vehicle and you tell me to open the bag. I look inside and it's a pair of vanity fair full-bottom panties, pink acetate and practically see thru. A full, open-bottom panty girdle with six thick straps and white; a pair of wolford white thigh-high stockings and a pair of sandal strap five inch stiletto heels, white. The ensemble is finished with a pink chemise, silky and smooth as candy.
"Put your outfit on sissy," your request, I interpret as a command from my wonderful mistress.
"Yes my queen."
I dress and you pull into the parking lot of the nearby mall.
"Get out Audrie," you command. "And walk over to the lightpost marked Area G, look behind the shrubs and bring the package you find there."
I am horrified. I'm not wearing makeup and anyone walking by will know I'm a sissy crossdresser. I begin to walk and I want to walk like a woman and I stride slowly, swinging my hips in my best interpretation of a sexy woman and I glance around as if I'm trying to find someone. I glance back at the car and look at you. You're smiling and your eyes are drilling into my soul. I'm so excited to please you and be the sissy I've always dreamed I could be.
I reach the Area G lightpost and have to bend over to reach the package. I walk slowly back to you, and then I start to look in the bag.
"Hey, sissy slut!" You shout across the parking lot. "No peeking whore!"
I am humiliated again and see that a handful of people are watching me and glancing back at you. An older woman with two friends laugh at me and whistle and wave to wave back and smile.
I get to your car and open the front passenger side door.
"In the back slut!"
I get in the back.
"Open the bag now Audrie."
Inside is a wireless vibrating but plug and lube.
"Get out! You're not putting that thing in your pussy while your in my car!"
"But Amy..."
"Bitch! I didn't hear you! I am your queen."
"Yes my queen." I am secretly clit is hard and beginning to drip.
I get out of your car and stand with my back to the car and realize my hard clit is tenting the loosely fitting panties and I catch my own image in the full window of the van parked next to us. I am a sissy and I realize how much this moment means to me and my stomach and mind is filled with butterflies and lustrous desire. I lube my fingers and finger my shaved pussy making myself wet for the pussy plug. I begin to lube the fallick plug and the window suddenly rolls down.
"Use your mouth cock whore."
I realize there's a couple sitting in the car in the next aisle...have they been watching the entire time. I slide the cock into my mouth and drip as much spit as I can and slip the lovely cock into my shaved and slippery pussy. Pushing slowly my ring widens as the plug reaches it's widest point and then my pussy ring closes fastly around the narrow end and the familiar feeling of the flared end of the plug seats perfectly inside my cunt. I am filled and I relish in the feeling as I pull my pink vanity fairs back up over my clit and ass.
I go to get in and the doors lock from the inside.
"Come here Audrie."
I walk around the car and to your open window. You hand me a camera.
"Take this to the next person walking by and ask if they'll take a picture of you. When you pose, put your hands on your hips like a woman, not like a man, and cross your legs at your calves, and push your chest out toward the camera so your ass has to stick out....oh, and one more thing. You will do this and know that your devotion seals my ownership of you. You are no longer free...I own are my sissy toy. Do you understand?"
"Yes mistress. I love being owned by you my queen. I love that you know what I need and how to command me." I smiled at you, looked into your beautiful eyes and leaned down with my pussy filled with cock and kissed your wet mouth long and slow, running my tongue over every lovely bit of your lipsticked lips and mouth, breathing in your intoxicating scent and tasting your sweet mouth as if I was making love to your mouth like it was a sexual organ. "Yes, oh yes my mistress."
I walked down the aisle and over to the car with the couple watching. The man rolled his window down as I approached and I walked to the driver side window.
Oh god I was so embarassed. My clit no longer hard, just a soft clit swishing around in the see thru vanity fairs, the panty girdle pushing it down so it hung below the hem of my chemise and I could feel the cool breeze caressing my pantied bottom. I must simply ask him...I must be the sissy I crave to be.
"Excuse me," I sounded just like a man. "My....mistress would like a picture of me. Do you think you could..."
"Oh god sweety," his girlfriend said laughing. "You've got to take her picture." It couldn't have been scripted better.
He got out, I handed him the camera and stepped into the center of the pathway for cars to drive and posed. My ass sticking out in my panty girdle, my legs crossed narrowly at the calves and I leaned forward nearly tipping over and kissed as he took my picture.
"Excuse me," I heard you calling from your car. "Feel free to take as many as you like...her name's Audrie, but you can just call her sissy."
Oh god, I felt so wonderfully alive. I wasn't getting hard but I felt as if my pussy was getting wet. I bent over and grabbed my ankles and he took another picture. I sat on the hood of a nearby car and lifted my legs together and spread them wide and I let him take more pictures of me.
He handed me the camera and his girlfriend was taking pictures of me with her camera. I was horrified but the naughtiness was too much to deny and I let her.
I walked back to the car and you were now seated with your legs outside the car, your door wide open and your dress pulled back exposing your pantied pussy. I looked down and you'd placed a car mat on the cement, position where I knew instinctively was my place of worship. I kneeled and approached your silky pantied pussy with reverence and desire. I slowly and firmly moved in and rubbed my face lightly over your soft panties feeling the fleshiness and warmth that eminated from within. I breathed in and out heavily onto your covered pussy and smelled your arousal and could see the wetness touching and forming a little damp darker coloration. I licked slow, soft and long up and down, kissing your warm fleshy thighs and pressing my face into any available spot that drew your body's attention. I wanted to use my face, mouth, lips and hair to make you feel good and your body responded. I sat there and heard people walking by and laughing, talking, gasping, stopping to look. You wore dark sunglasses and were shaded by the shadows and tint of your windows, but I was exposed and available for anyone to see and laugh at. I loved it...the combination of humiliation and your body's arousal were more intoxicating than any d**g or spirit could be. You were whispering the entire time...
"I own you slut...service your mistress sissy...god you're so so lovely, your mouth is like a sex toy for me sissy me, eat me, eat me!"
And you used your hands to press my face closer to you and your hips pushed up and fucked my face and between my wet tongue and your wet pussy your panties were soaking wet and when I pulled them off your body suddenly you were too driven with desire to chastise me and you fucked and fucked my face and my tongue and mouth were slipping and sliding and moving and undulating your wet slippery cunt as if it was only an extension of you. My mouth was your sex organ and you came with both hands tugging me close to you and your hips practically breaking my neck. Your orgasm was so free and open and inviting it felt as if I was cumming thru you and I was rock hard but so content. To finally make you orgasm with my mouth was more of a completion than any orgasm I could ever have and I wanted to make you cum like that for our entire stay together.
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