Wife turned slave

I saw her at church I was looking for god but the devil lured me in.You see I was a very bad young man with many exploits but I was trying to change so when I met this beautiful young virgin that saw the good in me I was hooked. It didn't take long before she was lured into my charms.I found unplowed ground so I had to claim it as mine I proposed and she accepted but no sex until marriage. I could not wait so after 4 months we eloped. The first night was like heaven soft passionate love making teaching her how to suck my cock right how to submit.After the first couple of months my inner demons began to surface.I was tired of playing nice so while she took a shower i was getting prepared to make her into my slave.

She came out of the shower dripping wet I greeted her at the doorway to the bedroom naked she was intrigued.I turned her around and held I her whispered in her ear that tonight she would submit.She laughed I then grabbed her by her wet hair pulled her over to the bed and bent her over she laughed again so I gave her a playful smack on the ass she yelped with dissatisfaction I then slid my cock in her ass it hurt me a little but the pain she felt was evident she cried for a minute but I would not let up she finally begged me to stop. I pulled out and grabbed her by the waist and told her to get on her knees I f***ed my cock in her mouth and with a firm grip on her hair slid it into her throat she gagged but I could not let up now after sa couple of minutes I yaked her by her hair on to the bed.She must have like this because when I touched her she was dripping wet. I slid into her and begin to pound in like I had never done before she begged for it faster I granted her request I put her ankles up to her ears and was hitting the bottom.After a while she began to get a quiver I could feel her ready to cum . This night though she would not be able to after some teasing and playing and she was begging so I pulled out and flipped her over I fucked her in her ass until I was came.

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2 years ago
very good start more details
3 years ago
more more ;)