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[Story] First Semester- Grad School; new place-new roommat

The last few weeks before graduation everything seemed to be coming unglued and to be falling apart all around me as I was trying to study for finals, not lose my boyfriend (& to a different college...not a different girl), and keep my sanity after our place was robbed in the midnight hours as my roommate and I slept in the next rooms of the house.
I got good scores on the finals and last thesis. I lost my boyfriend in that last week of school, he decided to take the scholarship-grant research route, less than 12 hours after being accepted to Cal Tech, he was packing and showing me his airlin... Continue»
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Shoutin' Out

Hugs and kisses to my old HS dayz kickers from our naughty after school traditions that we eventually dubbed The Gender Juice Club. Usually 2-4 of my gyrls would join with me to lure 1-2 boyz to a 'safe place' after school where we would have a crazy cum orgy for 1-3 hours.
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