Taken by f***e

She was riding in her usual covered carriage with her trusted driver at the reins. The trip was thus far uneventful. They had traveled this road many times. As they turned a corner in the road, they were confronted by a band of scruffy looking young men. There were three of them; more than her elderly driver could fight off. One of the men looked in the carriage and saw the long curly red hair of the woman sitting clutching her breast as if to ward off an attack. The man pulled her arms away from her heaving chest to reveal the cream colored tops of her breasts above the corset she wore under her dress. He turned to his friends, and said, "We may not get any money from this, but look what I found," and he pulled her out of the carriage. The three men grinned and passed looks from one to the other that said everything she needed to know about what was going to happen.

The first man threw her up against the side of the carriage, and began to tug at the fabric of her dress. The dress tore revealing the corset beneath. He took his knife from the sheath on his hip and cut straight up through the stings that were holding her in. Her full, creamy breasts were exposed and heaving as she tried not to think about what would happen next. The man then took his knife and cut her skirt open revealing that she was wearing knee length knickers which he tore off. He turned her roughly to face the the carriage and ordered her to cross her arms above her head. He grabbed both her wrists in one hand and held them tightly. With his other hand, he was kneading her tits, and then he moved his hand lower until his fingers felt the warmth between her legs. Despite herself, she was very wet, and when the man felt this he commented that she must be be quite the slut if she was so turned on. Meanwhile, her driver looked on half horrified, half aroused.

The an held her wrists above her head, and used his free hand to slide the tip of his hard cock against the wet slit between her legs. Involuntarily, she let out a moan, and he whispered in her ear, "I am going to fuck you just like the slut that you are. Just wait until you feel my cock all the way up you. I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." At this, she became scared and aroused at the same time. He lifted her skirt out of the way, and put the head of his throbbing dick against the opening to her pussy. With a cry from her, he thrust the length of his cock all the way up inside her her. He pulled out just enough that when he thrust again, she felt the thick head of his dick push her open again. His friends watched eagerly as did her driver.

He pulled his dick in and out of her fully each time so that each stroke was the full length of his member. He began to thrust faster and faster, and she became wetter and wetter with each thrust until she began to cry out, and he began to moan with each thrust. Finally with one last hard push, he came inside her and she cried out as she began the muscle spasms that signaled her own orgasm. He pulled out of her, and she dripped with a combination of her own cum and his. She slumped to the ground as he let go of her wrists. His two friends let go of the old man, and they disappeared back into the forest from which they came. The man was right, she never did forget how he fucked her.
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