Another Good Girl Gone Bad!

Chad and I met in middle school where we instantly became the best of friends—never anything more, though often much less. We did almost everything together until the end of school. That's when we started heading our separate ways in life. Chad landed a dream job a few years after high school. It required a lot of travel and paid nearly ten times as much as any two of the jobs he previously held combined. I dropped him off at the airport and occasionally picked him up when he had a chance to visit.

After a year of traveling and saving, Chad finally decided he needed a break. He called and I gladly offered to give him a place to stay, which was to share my room at my parent's house. Little did I know how awkward it would be for us to be cramped in such a small space. Chad had a car but was tired and didn't want to leave. I didn't have a car, but I did have to study and preferred to do so in my room. We spent nearly two weeks carefully existing in the same small space. I nearly turned cartwheels when an ex-girlfriend called and invited him to the club. I drove him clear across town just to get a few hours to myself.

There were lots of things I couldn't do with Chad in my room. As soon as I got home I dressed up in my shortest, tightest dress. I slipped on some stockings and stilettos, and I put on a little too much makeup. It was my usual routine—dress up, drink and flirt on the webcam. Glasses of wine turned into shots of Jack, and the roar of Chad's ride made me quite aware that I had completely lost track of time. I ran to the front room and peeked out the window. Chad and his ex, Spring, were making their way up towards the house. I didn't know what to do.

It was after 3 o'clock in the morning, and Spring and Chad were more than making out before they reached the porch. My nosy neighbor from across the street noticed and decided he needed to water his lawn. Spring sat Chad down in the chair on the opposite side of the window I was spying from. She hiked up her skirt, bent over at the waist and teased his crotch with her mouth. Dan, my nosy neighbor, stretched the hose down to the street and watered his curb and driveway for a better view.

We were never more than friends and I had definitely never seen Chad's cock, though he had brushed an erection or two against my body before laughing it off. Spring unzipped his pants and slowly pulled his erection out to play. He was long and thick and perfect. She swirled her tongue around the head of his dick until it jumped a few times in her hand. He was throbbing hard and ready. She sucked on his head a few times, teasing him, never breaking eye contact. Dan eagerly watched on, creating puddles in the street as he completely forgot how to water his grass.

Spring sucked on the head of Chad's dick for ten or fifteen minutes. She shifted from squatting between his legs to hiking her ass up in the air and bending over at the waist. Dan's neighbor, Joe, happened to find his way down to Dan's curb to aid in watering the lawn. I couldn't help but touch myself on the other side of the window as I watched Spring suck Chad's dick and tease my neighbors at the same time. Chad stroked his perfect dick until he shot a load of warm cum all over his shirt. Spring teased like she was going to taste it, helped him wipe it off and said goodbye.

At first I wanted to run to the bathroom to change back into the Jennifer Chad had always known, but Spring had blown my mind and Chad's dick was so thick and long and hard. I sat on the couch by the front door and slowly crossed my legs. He was turning the key in the door. Things were about to change forever. I couldn't help but bite my lip when he walked in. He had been drinking and he had definitely just relieved some stress on my front porch. He had not managed to put his dick completely away, though.

I grabbed Chad's dick as he approached me. It was still wet from Spring's mouth. He instantly started throbbing back to life. With the front door standing wide open and my two nosy neighbors still watching from the puddles across the street, I took Chad's perfect dick into my mouth and pressed it towards the back of my throat. The light from the other room cast our silhouettes on the front door for the neighbors to enjoy. The taste of Chad's dick set off a warm wetness between my thighs. I clicked the overhead light on and dropped down to my knees in front of him.

I took all eight or nine inches into my throat and held it until I needed air as much as I wanted Chad's dick to explode in my mouth. Precum and drool dripped from my chin and coated my stockings and thighs. I grabbed my heels and let Chad do the work. He fucked my mouth and throat until he couldn't take it any more. He pulled out just as my aunt was walking up to the front door. Time seemed to stand still as Chad's perfect dick exploded towards my face. I quickly took it back in my mouth and swallowed as much and as hard I could. I didn't notice my aunt until I finished cleaning up every last drop of hot, delicious cum from Chad's dick and balls. She winked and stepped aside before Chad opened his eyes again.

It ended up being the best show that never made it to my webcam!
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2 years ago
ok, you really need to write more!
3 years ago
Wow Jennifer that was amazing and wonderful! One can only hope you find the time to write more. ;)
3 years ago
Very nice read. Thanks
3 years ago
Good, but the Big John story was a bit more exciting. It had my dick bulging in my sweats. I guess the build up on this one was a bit too quick. Something about that elongated anticipation that does something to a mu-phucka, ya know? I guess when your imagination gets a chance to spin its own yarn as the tale is told it can get steamy in your head...feel me? You are good writer. Do some more. can't wait.
3 years ago
Smoking hot read! Well written.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Naughty girl! Keep up the great work!
3 years ago
very hot