A Sissies Humiliating Confession

This is a real life situation that happened this past weekend. I am sissy slave jennifer and i am owned by my beautiful Mistress Rita. Mistress Rita loves nothing more than putting this pathetic lil sissy through the most humiliating situations She can get away with. I once confessed to Mistress that when i was 16 i wore my very 1st pair of panties. Mistress insisted that i tell her who's they were, where i got them, and how i got them. i was embarassed to confess that i actually stole them right out of my mother's best friends panty drawer. Mistress insisted i continue and to give her the complete story. i told her that Mrs. Hagan had asked me to feed her cat while she was gone for a few days. So each time i went over to feed her cat, i would go up to her bedroom and go through her drawers. i would find lots of dirty magazines of naked girls & boys doing exciting things to each other. But what made my cock grow big & hard was the site, and the scent, of Mrs. Hagan's panties. I continued to confess to Mistress how i would try them all on and masturbate while i laid on her bed in full lingere. Stockings, garters, bras, & panties. I would cum all over my tummy being very careful not to get it on Mrs. Hagan's lingere. Then i confessed to Mistress that i put on a pair of white silky panties and wore them home under my boy underwear. When i got home i hid them in a drawer where my mom wouldn't find them. Mistress asked me what i would do with them. i told her, completely embarassed, that i would smell them, taste them, and cum in them. i washed them out in the sink by hand. i probably kept them for a year. that's when i started buying my own in secret. As embarassing that was to confess to Mistress, what She had in mind was unthinkable. Mistress told me that W/we will go to the store, buy a brand new pair of white silky panties, and take them to Mrs. Hagan where i will give her these new panties & confess to Her that i had stolen a pair of panties from Her bedroom drawer over 30 years ago. i was to share all the filthy dirty details that i had just confessed to Mistress. i was mortified and instantly sick to my stomach. This past weekend, i was sent into a department store near Mrs. Hagan's house and purchased a brand new pair of panties that was very similar to the ones i stole from her drawer 30 years ago. Mistress & i pulled into her drive, walked up to the door, then Mistress laughed as She rang the doorbell. I was so sick, scared, & humiliated while W/we waited for her to answer. i was hoping she wasn't home. Mrs. Hagan had lived alone for at least the past 20 years and ws about 70 years old now. To my horror she opened the door. i was f***ed to obey my Mistress & i, with my voice shaking, introduced myself as jennifer and my Mistress Rita. of course she had no idea who i was. then i explained that she knew me as John 30 years ago. i was your son's best friend. You used to babysit me. You were my mother's best friend. She then saw John through the make-up, long blonde hair, and fem clothing. i quickly explained that i was a transgender now and had something very important to talk to her about. She invited U/us in and asked if my mother was alright and i assured her she was. i also asked her to keep this visit a secret from her if she ever happened to see her again. Hesitaing a little, she did agree. Mrs. Hagan invited U/us to sit down as she did on her sofa. Mistress sat beside her and i stood in front of them both. i looked at Mistress and She said " Jennifer, don't you have something you would like to say to Mrs. Hagan?" Mrs. Hagan then insisted W/we call her Carolyn. Then this sissy proceed to tell Mrs. Hagan how i went through her panty drawer, would try on her lingere, and lay on her bed and masturbate as i looked through her dirty magaazines. i could see the shocked look on her face. Not so much shocked about what i did 30 years ago but shocked that i was in her living room 30 years later, humiliating myself by making this confession. Then i confessed that i had stolen one pair of white silky panties and i wanted to make ammends to her. i pulled out the new panties, handed them to her, got down on my knees like an obedient sissy, and asked for her forgiveness. She sat speechless for what seemed like minutes before saying "I don't know what say John...or I mean Jennifer" Then Mistress sent me to a corner in the living room. i was shocked that she did this, but i obeyed. Then Mistress & Mrs. Hagan and Mistress went into the kitchen where they had a long talk. It felt like it was at least an hour when they returned to the living room. Mistress ordered me back to stand before both of them as they say on the couch. Mrs. Hagan then asked me if i had really felt guilty about this over the years. i told her "yes Ma'am i have. Mistress Rita said " it's because you hadn't confessed or been punished. Now that you have confessed, now you must be punished". Fearfully i said, "yes Mistress". Mrs. Fagan said "since it's a little to late to report you breaking & entering and stealing from my home, how do you suggest i punish you?" i thought about it and said "i don't know Ma'am." Mistress then said "jennifer, how do i usually punish you?" i said, "with a spanking Mistress." Mistress then suggested that i ask Mrs.Hagan to punish me with a spanking. i was so mortified that this humiliation was going to continue now with a spanking from Mrs. Hagan. i obeyed Mistress and asked Mrs. Hagan if she wished to punish me by giving me a spanking? Without hesitating she said that "Yes I would like to punish you by giving you a very severe spanking" i was totaly shocked that she was going to punish me. She asked me if i remembered how she would spank her k**s when we were young. i remembered so clearly. She used a wooden spoon on all three of her boys but never on me. I said "yes Ma'am the wooden spoon" She sent me to the kitchen to get it. When i got to the kitchen, there it was, right out for me to see on the counter. I brought her the spoon and stood before both her & Mistress. They looked at each other then to my shock Mrs. Hagan said "pull your pants down." i slowly began to unbutton & unzip then Mistress yelled "NOW!" i drop them to the ground and then was told by Mistress "Panties down too." i stood bare before Mrs. Hagan as she pulled me across her knee. For the next 15 minutes or so i was spanked reapeatedly and without mercy by Mrs. Hagan with the wooden spoon. She stood me up and i was then sent to the corner by Mistress wher i stood for about a half hour. Mistress & Mrs. Hagan lfet the room & went upstairs. i was called upstairs where i found both of then in the same bedroom i had stolen the panties from 30 years ago. Mrs. Hagan then pointed to the dresser and told me to open the top right hand drawer. When i did i noticed right away this was her panty drawer. i was then ordered to find a pair of white silky panties. as i rumaged through all her panties i finally found a pair of white silky panties. i was ordered to pull them out and stand in front of the bed where both ladies were now sitting on the bed. Mrs. Hagan then said to me " I want to see what you did with my panties 30 years ago. Do exactly what you told me you did". i begged, " please don't make me do that Ma'am, please don't". She told me that i would not be forgivin until i did exactly that. So, already standing in fornt of them with no pants or panties on, i bgan to play with my pathetic lil dick in her panties, just like i did all those years ago. Both ladies laughed at me as i could not get an erection. They warned me that i would masturbate all night if that's what it took so I'd better get my pathetic lil dick hard for them. After being teased & made fun of for at least a half hour my erection had grew and i was ready to cum. I told them this and both laughed loudly. Mistress told Mrs. Hagan to make me beg. She screamed at me beg for it. As i begged & pleaded to cum i was still denied. i began crying like a lil girl begging for forgiveness, begging to be give permission to cum. Finally, i was ordered to release my cum in Mrs. Hagan's panties just like i did 30 years ago. i collapsed, spent & whipped. Mrs. Hagan told me to crwal to her , pulled me by my hair and said, "I forgive you...you filthly pathetic lil sissy whore."
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1 month ago
wow...something tells me that Mrs. Hagan enjoyed every minute of this, primarily because you said earlier that she had pictures of boys doing "interesting things with each other" in her panty drawer. Isn't it nice to know that there are women who are empathetic to your sick desires? You should write her a letter today and tell her thanks, not only for punishing you but also for having those pictures so many years ago.
1 month ago
wow...something tells me that Mrs. Hagan ejoyed every minute of this, primarily because you said earlier that she had pictures of boys doing "interesting things with each other" in her panty drawer. Isn't it nice to know that there are women who are empathetic to your sick desires? She should write her a letter today and tell her thanks, not only for punishing you but also for having those pictures so many years ago.
2 months ago
Hot story
8 months ago
You are so naughty! But when you are naughty, you are goooooood! :) Kisses love.
9 months ago
I love to be this lucky
1 year ago
now you need it moor heavy
i wanna hit on your hot spot and mak you scream
1 year ago
What a great story, I'd love to bend you over and spank you.
1 year ago
love that story jennifer. you are such a lucky sissy to be owned by Mistress Rita.
1 year ago
excellent story you pathetic sissy
2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
yes i did but never want to do that again
2 years ago
You deserved that.
2 years ago
thank you Leslie
2 years ago
hot hot hot