Son loves father_2

I looked at the price tag and objected, "Brit, I can't afford these boots."

"Don't worry about it. If I'm going to dress you, I'm going to pay for it. Actually, I'm putting it on my father's credit card, so he's paying for it. Consider it an early Christmas present from me."

I shrugged and followed Britney to the next store, a lingerie store.

She took me back to the fitting room saying, "Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than her lingerie. Choose your lingerie with the man in mind, it's part of the teasing that leads to the pleasing."

I nodded as she handed me an alluring sheer black lace camisole with lace trim along the neckline, hem and straps. My nipples harden as the material caressed my chest. The hemline fell just above my navel, so sexy. A matching black lace garter belt and a pair of black lace thigh high stockings followed.

The frustrated look on my face told Britney I needed help figuring out how to put them on. She stepped into the fitting room and showed me how the hook and eye snaps worked. Handing me the stockings, she informed me the proper way to caress them up my legs.

By the time I had them up to my thighs and attached to the suspenders, my big clit was leaking excitement. Lastly, I slid a black lace thong up my legs. The feel of its dainty fabric against the bare flesh of my pubic area and its snugness in the crack of my ass made my big clit want shoot its delight.

"Ouch!" I cried out as Britney smacked the head of my clitty. The sting made it softened immediately.

She countered, "I'm sorry Alex, but you need to tuck your genitals. A woman doesn't have testicles and you need to have a flat panty-line."

"You don't have to be so brutal," I seethed with a glare.

"I'm sorry we just don't have a lot of time to transform into a girl."

I nodded, "What do I need to do?"

She pulled out her Smartphone and quickly found an Internet entry that she had bookmarked earlier. Pointing at my testicles, she read, "When you were born your testes were hidden away inside your abdominal cavity, and at some point they descended into your scrotum. There is no reason the testes can't be slipped back up inside the abdomen. So spread your legs and squat."

I widened my stance as far as possible just as Britney instructed.

She continued to talk me through the procedure, "Now press your fingers into the base of your scrotum, you should be able to feel the opening into your abdominal cavity."

"There it is," I confirmed.

"Okay that's where your testicles are going. Now press your fingers against one of your testes and align it with the hole and pop up it into your abdomen. Keep your fingers flat so that you are distributing pressure evenly across your entire testis."

In quick succession my testicles followed each other up into my abdomen. I could feel them bulge just above my pubis. I was thankful that it had not been a painful procedure.

Britney smiled at me, "Okay, pull your penis tightly back between your legs. This will act as a sort lid closing off your abdomen enough to keep your testicles inside. The thong should be tight enough to hold your penis in place."

"Very nice," said Britney patting my pubic area.

I looked between my legs surprised at the smooth feminine panty-line and grinned wickedly. With my intimate apparel needs met, I put the skirt and sweatshirt on over my sexy lingerie. Despite the baggy clothes I did feel sexy in the lingerie just like Britney said I should.

Once my new boots were on my feet, I followed Britney to another store. She quickly browsed through the racks until she found just the right dress for me. She handed it to me and as we walked back to the fitting room and said, "If you feel confident about your look, you'll feel sexy. Red is not only a holiday color it's a sultry color, just perfect for you. It will make your complexion appear warm and golden."

As soon as I was in the fitting room, I slipped into the red velvet dress. It was an above the knee mini that had an o-neck with long lantern sleeves. After I put my knee high boots back on, I wrapped a thick black belt, Britney had found for me, around my waist. Teary eyed I gasped at my image in the full length mirror and with elation said, "Wow. I can't believe it's me."

Britney had me turn a full 360 degrees to get a look at my appearance from all angles. She nodded her approval, "You look simply gorgeous."

She added a black purse that matched the belt and boots then paid the clerk. Since I now wore the dress, she asked for a shopping bag for the items I had been wearing. Leaving the store, she said we have one more stop to make and led the way to the next store. She instructed, "Now for accessories, remember Alex accessories make the outfit."

We charged into the jewelry store. Since there was no point in piercing my ears, Britney found a pair of clip-on earrings. They were black crystal chandelier earrings that were an inch wide and five inches long. They practically touched my shoulders. Noticing my frown she said, "We're calling attention to your lovely face and away from your flat-chest."

Nodding with understanding, I giggled.

She placed a wide two-inch black lace choker around my neck. It had a large red rhinestone mounted in a delicate filigree in its center. She smiled and said, "It's not only lovely but it will hide your Adam's Apple, even though it is small. It's the small things that usually give you away."

"One last item," said Britney stopping at a kiosk in the middle of the mall that sold acrylic fingernails. She found held several different sets of red nails to my dress until she found a set that matched.

I splayed my fingers on the counter while the clerk quickly glued the artificial nails over my chipped and chewed natural ones.

Meanwhile, Britney had slipped into a nearby d**g store and purchased some items for my purse to include facial tissue, lipstick, a compact, hairbrush and a small bottle of lubricant. She returned to the kiosk and placed the purchases in my purse and paid the clerk.

As we walked the length of the mall to the entrance, Britney taught me how to walk sexy, mainly by trying to put my feet in the same footprint while rolling my hips. She cautioned, "Don't look at your feet."

"Damn it," I cursed after catching the heel of one boot with the toe of the other and stumbling.

Her grin reassured me, "You're doing better than you think. You just need to walk with an attitude."

"What kind of attitude?"

She put her hand on her hip and strutted, "An I know I'm hot,kind of attitude. An attitude that says I know all the girls want to be me and all the guys want to fuck me."

I mimicked her moves.

She laughed and said, "That's it."

We got outside and the rain had turned to snow. We got into Britney's car and she started the engine. She let it warm and gave me another lesson on how to be a girl. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss. She overcame my resistance by stabbing her tongue into my mouth. For a moment our tongues wrestle until she pinned mine. She broke our kiss and said, "That is how a man kisses."

"And this," she softly brushed her lips across mine, "Is how a woman kisses. Feel the difference?"

I nodded then softly brushed my lips across hers. "Like this?"

"Very good," she whispered before she once again plunged her tongue into my mouth.

Outside the car a crowd of onlookers clapped their approval of our performance. I turned red-faced as Britney put the car in gear and pulled out of the parking lot. We drove to the restaurant hosting my father's company's Christmas party.

As she drove Britney continued her tutorial on how to be a girl. "You probably won't get all your father's cock in your mouth. Wrap your hand around the base of this cock. Your fist is at least three inches that leaves the top three inches of his cock for you to suck on. Your dad won't mind because that's the part of the cock with all the nerve endings."

I silently nodded. Butterflies in my stomach did loop-to-loops as I wondered what my father's reaction would be to my appearance.

"You'll want to swirl your tongue around the head of his cock and stick your tongue in the piss slit. It drives my boyfriend wild when I do that to him. Of course you know that," continued Britney.

I shook my head negatively and admitted, "No, Brit, I don't. I've never gotten a blowjob. In fact, the only time I had sex it was disaster. I got so excited that I shot my wad before I could get my cock into her pussy. It was embarrassing."

Britney flashed me a sympathetic look and said, "That's too bad. I hope sex with your dad is better for you. I won't lie to you, Alex, anal sex is going to hurt the first time. The first time I had cock jammed into my ass I thought it was going to rip me apart. But, once the pain subsided I found it quite enjoyable in a decadent kind of way. You'll need to use plenty of lube and remember, a girl was made to me penetrated."

"I so want to be my daddy's girl," I said with a lusty confidence.

We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant where the party was to be held. I said, "Thanks Brit, I appreciate you doing all this for me. I know I couldn't have done it without you."

"It's been my pleasure. If you love your father so much that you're willing to go through all this for him, maybe I ought to rethink my relationship with my own father."

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves then opened the car door and headed to the restaurant. A wave of reassurance washed over me as Britney accompanied me. Once inside I asked the hostess the location of the company party.

She pointed down the hall to a private room.

Britney nodded and said, "Wait here, I'll go get your dad."

I nodded and to busy myself, I took the compact and lipstick from my purse. After flipping the compact open, I looked at my feminine appearance and still quite couldn't believe it was me. I popped the cap off the lipstick and brought it to my lips. My hand was shaking so much I couldn't apply it. I bit my lip to steady my resolve and focused on my father's need instead of my fear. I puckered my lips and rolled the lipstick along my lips.

A couple of guys saw my smooth move and one commented to the other, "Did you see that? She can wrap those lips around my cock anytime."

I chuckled and took his lewd comment as a compliment. My father arrived with Britney just as I finished painting my puckered lips. He did a double take then his mouth opened and closed a few times before he was finally able to ask, "Alex?"

"Yes, Daddy it's me," I said using my practiced higher pitch.

"What the..."

"Can I be your date tonight?"

My father continued to blink rapidly then he shook his head and asked, "Alex is this your way of coming out?"

A sense of calm filled me and I reached for my father's hand. I looked directly into his eyes and said, "No Daddy, I'm not gay. I just want to be your date."

"I don't understand."

"You needed a date for this evening and I wanted to be that date, so Britney helped me change for you. Okay?"

"Sorry, I just need a minute to process everything," he said rubbing his hand through his thinning hair. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. His voice cracked with emotion. "You've transformed yourself into a beautiful woman. I would be honored to have you as my date tonight."

Taking my father's proffered arm, I winked at Britney conveying everything was fine and she gave me an easy nod as she exited the restaurant. I e****ted my father to the party.

We strolled into the festively decorated private room. In the corner was a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. At the piano in near the bar someone played Christmas Carols. The CEO of the company and his wife welcomed us like f****y as we walked in and insisted that we pose for a photo with them. There was a table of appetizers and an open bar, complete with a bartender. My father ordered a generous whiskey and a wine cooler for me.

Daddy greeted his peers with handshakes and introduced me as his date. Several offered me flirting smiles and others shrewdly winked at him. He gulped down his drink in a single swing and ordered another one while I took dainty lady-like sips. He smiled at me and asked, "Why?"

"Because I love you, Daddy. I know you've been depressed since the divorce and I thought a date might cheer you up. And, since you made it perfectly clear you had no intention of asking a woman out on a date, you left me no choice, but to become a woman for you."

Daddy's forehead wrinkled as he mulled my words over. He shrugged and said, "I appreciate you going to all the trouble and you do make a lovely woman by the way."

"I'm glad you think I'm an attractive woman, Daddy...," I said taking a jumbo shrimp and dipping it into cocktail sauce. Looking directly into his eyes, I sucked the sauce off of it and breathily said, "...because I have every intention of physically pleasuring like a woman."

His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped for air. His reaction made me giggle and pleased me greatly.

After an hour of good cheer we were invited to take our seats amongst the different tables. Daddy put his hand on my waist as we made our way to our table. Slowly, he slid his hand down my waist onto my butt possessively. Primordially, he was warning every other male in the room that my ass belonged to him. Smiling, I felt wanted and protected at the same time.

The CEO snuck up behind us and waved a mistletoe sprig over our heads. Chuckling, he said, "I think these two are obliged to kiss."

While the guests hooted and clapped, Daddy hesitated for a moment, I nodded then closed my eyes as he leaned in and kissed my lips. His lips were hard and held a dreamy intensity. His tongue invaded my mouth, letting me know how much he hungered for me.

I returned his tongue with reckless abandon, receiving his tongue like I wished to receive his cock. My senses reeled. I was shocked by my own eager response to my father's kiss.

He broke the kiss and looked at me with lust-filled eyes and a flushed face. The crowd applauded their approval and I blushed with arousal.

The wait-staff invaded the room bringing in the first course of our holiday feast, butter lettuce salad with walnuts and g****s emulsified in oil vinaigrette. The CEO gave a toast and we ate. The main course was prime rib, creamed spinach, and parsley potatoes. It reflected the jovial spirit of Christmas.

After dessert was served, employees took turns in a white elephant gift exchange. Each chose a wrapped gift from under the tree or took an unwrapped item from the previous person while everyone clapped and yelled jokes. It was pretty wild, it was friendly, and it was Christmas. Daddy started with a $50 gift card, but ended up with a pair of argyle socks. He didn't seem to mind as he laughed hardily, the first time in ages.

The evening ended with the CEO passing out bonus checks to the employees on the way out the door. As he handed each an envelope he said, "Just to show our gratitude."

Daddy wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we exited the restaurant. As soon as we were in the car, I threw myself into Daddy's arms and kissed him shamelessly. Hotly, my tongue probed his mouth. Suddenly, he broke the kiss by pushing me against the passenger door and I clung to it panting. He said, "This isn't right, Alex."

"Why, Daddy?"

"It's i****t, it's taboo Alex. It's a double taboo because you're my son."

"Daddy, I love you and I want to physically express that love to you. Like a woman would, let me your woman tonight. There's a motel right across the street. Let's get a room and just make love."

He glanced across the street then with an impatient huff he nodded his head. Putting the car in gear, he drove to the motel. He parked and went into the lobby to get a room while I sat in car and freshened my make-up using the vanity mirror.

I took the key card from Daddy and led him by the hand to the motel room. Looking over my shoulder I smiled at him, he was mesmerized by the oscillation of my buttocks beneath my dress. I put a little more wiggle in my walk for him, it made feel sexy and feminine.

Once we got to the room, I lightly slid the card across the lock and it released. I pushed the door open and pulled Daddy inside by his tie. Flipping the light switch bathed the room in glowing lamp light.

I turned to Daddy. With a wanton grin, I grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head then tossed it into a chair next to the bed. I stood before my father in my sexy black lace lingerie and leather knee high boots. The combination of leather and lace made me feel sexy.

Daddy watched in silence as I walked slowly towards him seductively swinging my hips. His eyes roamed down my body and he licked his lips. Impishly, I smiled at him before wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him with passion. Gently, but firmly he squeezed my bare buttocks melding me into his body.

I could feel my father's very erect cock pressing against me through his trousers. I slid his blazer off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then I unbuttoned his shirt, planting a kiss on his chest as I undid each button. Soon his shirt joined the jacket on the floor. Dropping to my knees I unzipped his trousers and his cock sprang out.

It was on my knees getting ready to take my father's cock into my mouth that I experienced that wonderful connection that comes between a man and woman during the most intimate of moments. Looking up and seeing the wonderful half-smile on my father's face as I stroked his hardening cock with both hands filled me adoration. I loved that look on his face.

Tentatively, I kissed his cockhead. I looked deeply into his eyes as I sucked his cock into my mouth. I could tell by the way his cock throbbed in mouth and pulsated against my tongue how much he is aroused. But it was his eyes that let me know how much he loved me.

Treating his cock like a delicious candy cane to savor, I sucked him. Each lick and suck got him harder. I lavished love on his cock as I slid up and down on his shaft. I paused to lick the top of his cock with a flick of my tongue. Then I focused on gently sucking just the tip of his cock.

Daddy broke the silence of the room with extraordinary moans of pleasure. Looking up into his eyes, I felt an incredible love connection to him. Stroking him lovingly made his orgasm achingly close. With a groan his hips bucked wildly into my fist towards my mouth.

My hands worked his shaft over and over, beckoning him to cum in my mouth as he got closer and closer to orgasm. The look on my father's face was amazing, I'm his and he is mine in this incredible moment of pleasure. I felt the jets of his warm, creamy cum flood my mouth and I captured every sweet drop of his passion.

From my knees I smiled up at my father and showed him that he had, indeed, filled my mouth with cum. Then I swallowed, a look of pure pleasure crossed his face. I licked the few drops of cum drooling from his cock as it grew soft.

Daddy helped me to my feet and hugged me tight. His fingers danced on the bare skin of my exposed buttocks. "Alex, I love you so much. You've become my naughty girl."

"I love you too Daddy," I said reluctantly breaking our embrace. I slowly slid my thong down my stocking clad legs, revealing my pretty pucker to him. I paused briefly bent over to let him enjoy the sight. Then I stepped out of my thong and climbed on the bed and placed my head on the mattress, arching my butt up in the air.

Daddy finished stripping and crawled on the bed with me. Tenderly, he kissed my butt cheek. He spread my ass cheeks and I clutched the bed sheets for all I was worth as his tongue rocketed into my pucker. Moans of ecstasy flowed from my mouth. He sucked hickeys on my cheeks then teased me with long, slow licks along my crack. Lovingly, he circled my anus with the flickering tip of his tongue. His hands massaged the round globes of my butt as his tongue worked its magic.
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