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Sorry I didn't keep you posted on Saturday night, but I was sorta busy being my usual slutty self. Story to follow:

I talked to a guy on megaphone. He works as a night security guard at a big office building on the edge of town. He is there all by himself in this huge, mostly vacant building, in a safe area, so there really isn't anything for him to do but set around and be horny. So he was looking for someone to come over to his job and get nasty.

Naturally I was just the girl!

I'm all dressed up in one of my hottest outfits and looks, so I jump in the car and race over. It takes me 20 minutes to get there, but it was going to be worth it!

When I arrive the parking lot is completely empty, except for his car. It's about 9 p.m. and I have to get out of my car, straighten my dress, grab my purse and briefcase containing my bondage gear and then walk across this parking lot in my six inch spike heels and tight dress all alone. It was the sorta scene that leads to **** stories (so of course it turned me on thinking about being grabbed and taken right there).

So I go up to the door and its locked. I bang on it and wait for a minute or two, still feeling wonderfully vunerable. Finally a really cute young black guy cums to the door and lets me in. His eyes are racing up and down my hot body, and he is quick to tell me how sexy I am, which I know, but still thrills me and makes me blush.

So he takes me upstairs to an abandoned floor and into what used to be a work center for copiers, etc. He is flirting with me the whole time, as if he has to sway me to eat his dick or something, but its cute anyway.

I take out some of my bondage toys: cuffs, collar, leash and lay them out. Then I get out my camera and ask him to take some photos of me, which he is more than happy to do. I'll share some here and the rest are posted on my profile. (Hope you like them).

After he takes some photos he puts my collar on me, and pulls me by my leash to a giant room where they used to have a lot of cubicles. He takes me to a dark corner, shoves me to my knees and tells me to take out his cock.

This I do MOST eagerly, and what a cock it was. Long, thick and black!!! Then he orders me to suck his dick, which I can't wait to do. He lets me suck him for a while and then tells me to put his cock back in his pants, which I do reluctantly, and then he pulls me up to my feet with the leash, leads me back to the first room and says he has to do his rounds and he'll be back. Then he leaves, locking me in the room from the outside.

So there I am, locked away and horny as hell. I resist playing with my boy clit, which would be hard to get at anyway b/c of the gaff I am wearing. So I spend the time admiring my legs and snapping a few photos of them.

Finally he cums back, tells me to crawl over to him standing at the door. Once again I am ordered to pull out and eat his cock. This time he takes photos of me in action (really good ones too I might add). After ten minutes or so he orders me to eat his ass hole and turns around. I dive onto his ass with gusto, licking and probing with my tounge while he moans and tells me what a submissive bitch I am. Which I know.

I can tell the tounge bath I'm giving his hole is getting him hotter and hotter. Suddenly he pulls away, tells me to turn around and drop my panties and bend over.

OH BOY! This is what I've been waiting for! My black gaff falls to the floor, resting gently on top of my heels.

But all he does is rub that giant black piss stick all over my ass, teasing me like I'm a whore in heat.

Then he tells me to pull up my panties, which I do. He grabs the leash, leads me back into the big open room and then into a corner office. He opens the window blinds so that light from the parking lot cums in. I press myself against the wall and into a corner, trying to feign being frightened, but putting off the "Fuck Me" vibe that I always seem to put off. :-)

"On YOUR KNEES" he orders. I do as I am told (always). He drops his pants and brings his 9 inch long dick to my lips and ****s my mouth. And I mean he ****s my mouth. I try to keep up with his thrusting, but he is so turned on I can't and he is pounding my head back against the wall so hard he threatens to break my glasses, which I just manage to take off before it is too late.

I am moaning like a slut, and he keeps telling me what a submissive bitch I am as he continues to abuse my mouth pussy. His cock tastes sooooooo good and fills my mouth wonderfully. I don't know how much more I can take, but I don't want it to end either.

Finally he pulls out and blows a giant load of cum all over my face. THe hot goo feels so sexy as it splashes against my nose and chin. I can sense big gobs hanging onto my makeup.

Of course he is VERY satisfied, and I feel disgusting, used and slutty ---- in other words just the way I love to feel. He zips up, I stand up --- wobbly from a great mouth fucking, and we go back to get my purse and briefcase.

He leads me to the elevator and makes me wait there until he goes down the stairs to the lobby to make sure the coast is clear. So there I stand, looking like a slutty business woman who used her cunt to close deals, still dripping cum from my mouth, waiting on the elevator. What a LOVELY picture!

Finally the elevator comes and I go downstairs. We say our goodbyes. He says he can't wait till next time, and there WILL be a next time. I ask him if he always sends girls home with cum smeared all over their faces. He smiles, I say good bye and walk out to the car, with that same fear/hope of being grabbed and ****d along the way.

So THAT was Saturday night. I hope you like this story and the photos that go with it! Be sure to comment! I love feedback!

Till next time!


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8 months ago
very fun time
1 year ago
fantastic story wish it e=was me
1 year ago
love the story thanks
2 years ago
great story, sexy when you got that facial :)
3 years ago
Nice story pics please
3 years ago
nice store
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
that weas so hot i had to jack off thanks