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So the curious ask....

What is it that you like about being a tranny....

Is it the way your body feels when shaved and smooth?

Is it the fun of putting on your make up perfectly and styling your hair?

Is it the thrill of nylons against your legs and lace against your body?

Is it the fun of shopping and trying on shoes and dresses and burying pretty and sexy things?

Is it the excitement of feeling all eyes on you when you walk into a room?

Is it the tingle of looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful, sensual woman where once there was something very different.

Is it the ego charge of men and women on line flirting with you?

Is it the thrill of a lesbian kiss?

The wonder of a mans hands on your legs?

The rush of his lips on your neck?

The sexiness of your breast pressing against another woman's?

The amazing feeling of a hard man slipping inside?

The thrill of being something that so many see as sexy, exciting, thrilling, naught, nasty, kinky and taboo?

Is it the delight in having met the challenge to become fully what you always were, but tried not to be, until the she took over the male and released your spirit and your sexuality to its fullest?

When they ask those questions, my answer has always been....

Posted by jenn1 2 years ago
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1 month ago
Transvestites are the hottest people on the planet!
10 months ago
Beautifully expressed Jenn and so true!!!
1 year ago
amazing . love it
2 years ago
Good answer!
2 years ago
Wonderful. :)
2 years ago
yes yes yes ....