The biggest cock.

So here we were me and my fiance on the couch, im on my knees sucking his cock when I feel hands on my naked ass, and fingers penetrating my pussy and ass, we found a stranger on craigslist with a 10" cock and he was about to stretch out the tightest pussy of his life while my husband watched and filmed it. I was 19 and craigslist guy was 35 my pussy had no idea what she was in for. He pulls his enormous cock out and kneels behind me I feel the head of his cock slap my lower back while he positions me to his height, he then slides his cock halfway slowly in and out untill finally he starts going balls deep, slapping my clit so hard they were so full of cum I couldnt help but stop sucking my hubbys dick and tell him how great his cock feels balls deep my leg would start to quiver in my first orgam I felt my tight pussy clinch on to him as he pounded me.harder and harder, I was cumming so hard I only remember him pulling out and a fountain of my cum and his gushing down my thigh, mr craigslist decides he wants to then pop my anal cherry while im bent over my husband dripping for more cock inside of me, his big cock goes balls deep into my ass swiftly cuz of our juices, I let out a moan but didnt want my hubby to know he was poppin my anal cherry, which was in itself such a turn on to.hide at that point, I was now on all fours while he pounded my ass so hard and deep I was cumming while kissing my hubby and getting anally destroyed by a complete stranger with no condom which was agreed he had to wear. Neways as im cumming on his monster cock I.feel him pull out of my ass completely and says come over here and clean off my cock with that lil toungue, I turned around showing my stretched pussy n asshole to my hubby and couldnt believe how big his cock was my mouth opened outa shock and he pulled me down by the hair making me gag on his big cock thrusting throat and holding my kneck down he did this for atleast an hr, str8 forcing my throat on his cock, I opened my eyes and saw his balls absolutely enormous and I told him to blue ball himself for a week for me, I love monster cumshots, so I immediately work my way down to his monster balls start sucking and licking them while he tells my fiance your girl wants my cum man.........i sucked and licked his balls for an he was so right everytime he gold my hubby/fiance what he was gonna do I wo moan on my mouthfull and lick his ass he even told my fiance if my pussy is still to tight he wont be able to pull out of me and says im gonna be falling down her thigh a week from now thats how full her pussy will be with my loads. I was so turned on at this point I could feel my orgasm building without being touched, he tells me to lay on my back I do and all I see is an even bigger/harder and fatter cock then b4, he put the head inside of me and pounded me so good I came right away and my toes curled so hard everytime I was cumming, I couldnt open my eyes he was fucking me so good I could get glimpes of my hubby watching my toes push on his ass cheek so I could feel deeper then deep cock, god it was amazing I lifted my legs and held my toes wide open for this stranger to pound my littl teen pussy I felt his thrust going so deep while I had my legs spread that I couldnt control my body any longer I was having my first ever orgasm on this strangers cock while my hubby holds my leg for me I look him in the eyes and say as soon as I finish saying ever I feel his cock balls deep inside me shoot a big stream of cum he smiles and keeps shooting twice more I on the other hand am so orgasmic I cant speak , finally after dumping three heavy shots inside my rib cage he was so deep in my stomach I look down and he is straddling my kneck unloading massive amounts of his balls all in my mouth in my hair on my chest, and massive zmount all covering my face, I could feel his cum start trickling down my asshole and he decides he wants to drenched in his cum, I was sucking him off while he throat and unbelievably I f***es his cock balls deep in my throat pins my head back and starts facefucking me so hard, I never thought it was possible to go that far down someones throat but he.did, and decided he wasnt finished pounded my throat and dropped another two shots of his ball juice directly in my stomach, which my husband still doesnt kno the last two times he grunts and thrusts my throat hes unloading more and more in my mouth it was so hot, I could suck n fuck that guy for weeks. Hands down biggest cock, best sex, best tasting cock balls ass and cum ive ever had, and still till this day I havnt cum anything like the cum I left on that strangers cock.
97% (38/1)
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9 months ago
and I'm hard
10 months ago
Jelly, amazing re-account!! We'd love to hear more. Hello from a fellow Nutmegger. If you ever want an audience I'd love to watch any sexual stuff you do.
10 months ago
wish I was there....
10 months ago
DAMN that was good!..more more more