The Craziest Night of My Life.

My name is Aaron, and I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart. We're an average couple in an average town. Which is why what happened a few weeks ago is so crazy. Lets backup a little bit.

When I was young my parents divorced. My dad was a deadbeat and an alcoholic and one day mom decided she couldn't stand him anymore. She sat my b*****r and I down and told us we could stay with dad or leave with her. That day changed my life forever, because my b*****r decided to stay. He thought he was in love and I was really too young and too angry with him to understand.

So my mom and I packed up our things and headed off to a new life. My mom changed her name legally back to her maiden name and since I wanted to support her I took her last name too. We settled down in a small town and began to start over. She got a job as a waitress at the diner and I had to face a new school with new faces.

That's where I met Emily. I was so nervous and shy on my first day in the strange new school. I sat alone at the cafeteria feeling about as small and invisible as any boy could. But Emily, being the kind spirit that she is wouldn't have any of it. She sat down right beside me, introduced herself and kept talking and asking me questions until I came out of my shell. After that, we were best friends.

Emily was the classic girl next door type. Wavy brown hair that always fell in her face just right, freckles that eventually turned from dorky to sexy and just the most perfect smile I had ever seen. It would dimple just right displaying her pearly white teeth. Her dark eyes were usually covered with horn rimmed glasses. And as we grew up, her body blossomed from awkward to amazing.

Emily and I did pretty much everything together. We joined the school band together, we played sports together we even went shopping together. "You and Em (everyone called her Em for short) are kindred spirits" my mom would say. It would have seemed like Emily and I were destined to be together, but fate has a way of playing out in ways you least expect.

In junior high a f****y moved in next door and that's where I met Nick. He was the same age as Emily and I, and he and I had a lot in common. We both liked football and video games and typical teenage guy stuff. And we both also liked Emily. It was fairly obvious his feelings for Em. He practically swooned the first time he met her. I had never admitted to anyone at that point that I was in love with her and I think his feelings for her made him oblivious to the fact.

One day Nick and I were walking home from school and he told me he was going to ask Em out to the dance. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to tell him that I was not ok with it, but Nick had quickly become my closest guy friend and I thought it would be cruel. Furthermore I was naïve enough to think that Emily wouldn't be interested.

The next day at lunch he asked her to the dance. The very first thing she did was look at me, as if to see if I would protest. I had my chance, but I choked. It's still a moment I remember vividly to this day. She took my silence as approval, and agreed to be Nick's date. The night of the dance they kissed, soon became a couple and are still together to this day.

I on the other hand was heart broken, at least for a little while. As Nick and I became high schoolers we joined the football team, which meant hitting the weight room. I began to fill out nicely and before long other girls began to notice me. In particular Beth noticed me. I was too busy being in love with Em to ever really pay attention to Beth. But with her and Nick being an item, I soon caught on to Beth's advances.

Beth is a very sexy blonde. She's short, slim and has tits that even back then were huge. For such a small package she had just a ridiculously rockin body. It was hard to say no to her, heck it still is!

On prom night I lost my virginity to Beth. A few years later I proposed and we are still married to this day. The 4 of us still live in the same small town and live as I explained earlier, average lives. At least they were.

See sex with Beth had always been good, at least I thought it was good. When you've only been with one person it can difficult to differentiate between good and bad. Beth for her part always seemed satisfied, but there was a part of me that could tell she was looking for a bit of adventure. One night we were spicing things up by watching a porn movie while in bed. It was one of those films that had a plotline, which she enjoyed. The plot involved a man sharing his wife with a stranger and she seemed to get extremely turned on by it.

We fucked like rabbits that night, and afterwards I asked her about it. She admitted that it was a fantasy of hers, and reassured me that for starters she could probably never actually go through with it and also that I'd have to be there. It stayed on my mind for the next few weeks, although to be fair I wouldn't even know where to begin to make something like that happen. We live in a town where everybody knows everybody so it's not like you can post a note on the town bulletin board, "please come screw my wife".

I was over at Nick and Em's house one night and we were drinking and having a good time. The 3 of us still hang out all the time so this was not an unusual occurrence. We were all so comfortable around each other that we really didn't have any secrets. So as the drinks flowed the talk slowly started becoming a little more R rated.

"So Aaron, how are things between you and Beth in the bedroom?" Nick asked rather bluntly. "You still lighting her fire?" Again if this had been anybody else I would have been insulted. But there was such a comfort level with these two I had no qualms talking about it.

"Wellll...things are good", I started. I could see they knew there was more I wasn't telling. "Good-ish", I relented.

"Mmmm is it getting hot in here or is just me?" Em teased giving me a playful wink.

"Ok look. It's not that things are bad. The sex is still great. It's just..."

"Just what buddy?" Nick prodded.

"The other night we had some of the best sex in ages. And the weirdest part was it was to a porno of a guy sharing his wife", I said. "That's weird, right?"

"No that's not weird", Em said, extremely nonchalantly. I was expecting them to laugh and tease me about it, not to understand.

"Yeah dude", Nick agreed. "We're not swingers or anything, but Em and I have had a little fun now and then".

"Fun? How?" I asked with increasing curiosity. I took a swallow of my beer, expecting the answer to be that they'd watched similar porno's in bed.

"Well" Em began, "to be honest Nick and I have had a threesome with another man". I almost spit my beer out. I was blown away by that response. The delicate little flower that I had grown up with had been tag teamed by two guys! I didn't know what to say.

Nick laughed. My expression must have been priceless. "Yeah man, it was actually a lot of fun. Plus Em got to be fulfilled completely so it was worth it." I was gob smacked. I never would have thought my two best friends in the world would be such sexual creatures. But then again I was admitting to them that my wife was fantasizing about the same thing, so they probably were just as surprised about us. I could have left it at that, but curiosity got the best of me.

"Wait, so who was it with?" They exchanged a glance. I realized that was a rude question. "Sorry, I don't mean like 'who' who, I just mean how did you find somebody in this town that would go along with it and keep it quiet?"

It was Em's turn to laugh. "I wouldn't trust the guy's in this town to keep minor water cooler talk a secret, let alone something like that." When she noticed my confused look she continued, "That's what the Internet is for stupid."

"Yeah man", Nick chimed in. "We posted on this message board. Found a really discreet guy. Met up with him and yeah, had some fun. He's from the city so we had no worries about him blabbing to the town church or something".

"Wow", I said in shock. I had expected their advice to be something like, "Every couple has naughty thoughts", not "Yeah it's possible and here's how to do it!". I took a long pull from my beer and sat back to let all this information process.

"Look", Nick said. "If you want we can give you the number of the guy we used. Like I said he was super discreet, not to mention he had a rather nice surprise that Em enjoyed". I was a bit puzzled but Em quickly made a gesture suggesting "large penis" that quickly clued me in.

I told them I would think about it and left that night feeling nervous, a bit curious, and just in disbelief that my two best friends were that kinky. I hadn't thought about Em in that way for a long time, but that night I dreamed of her being tag-teamed by 2 men. I woke up the next morning with a major hard on popping up from my boxers. Beth, God bless her was game and we screwed each others brains out. It was a bit weird having my horniness inspired by Em, but I tried to shake it off.

I thought that it would be the end of it. I tried shrugging off the thought in the following days, and even hung out with Nick and Em again without the subject being brought up. I knew I wouldn't have the balls to pull something like that off anyhow. I'd talk a big game and then choke, the way I had choked that day in the cafeteria when I could have fought for Em.

Everything was returning to normal, when I remembered my 10th anniversary was quickly approaching. This was obviously a big one, and I wanted to do something special for Beth. Problem was I couldn't figure out what to do. Jewelry was too cliché, we couldn't afford to go on an expensive trip and we'd done everything worth doing in the town dozens of times.

I was hanging out at Nick and Em's place again, drinking as per usual, when I brought up my conundrum.

"Why not fulfill her fantasy", Nick said. "Listen, I know you're shy, so let us call the guy, we'll set you up make sure it goes smoothly, and then leave you to it". I was probably too buzzed that night to make a good clear decision, but I said, "Ok, do it".

The days leading up to our anniversary I was a nervous wreck. I did my best to hide it from Beth but even she could sense something was up.

"What do you have planned mister?" she asked me with a playful smile.

"Just a little surprise for my number one", I replied and planted a kiss on her soft lips.

"Oooh a surprise" she said giddily. "I like surprises. What is it?"

"I can't tell you", I teased her. "Or else it wouldn't be a surprise. Just make sure you're free on Friday night and I'll text you the instructions."

That had been the plan I'd worked out with Nick and Em. We would meet at the town hotel on Friday night at 8pm. I'd go to the room and wait in the closet while they showed the stranger to the room. Beth would show up, and when things with her and the stranger started getting hot and heavy, I'd pop out of the closet and join in. I thought it sounded really hot. It was certainly something that would surprise her.

So Friday night was rapidly approaching and my stomach was in knots with nerves. What if Beth didn't go for it? What if the guy was ugly? What if Beth liked him more than me? Hundreds of questions swirled in my mind. I checked my watch. It was 7 o'clock. I pulled out my cell and texted Beth.

"Hey baby. Meet me at the sl**p Inn Hotel at 8:30. Room 101. Wear something sexy. Aaron"

I checked into the hotel and went up to the room. My heart would not stop racing. I knew I was going to need a little liquid courage to go through with this, so I bought a bottle of scotch before hand and sat down in the corner chair and poured myself a glass. By about the 3rd glass my nerves were finally starting to settle.

I looked at my watch again. It was just about 8. I jumped out of the chair, tucked the scotch and the glass into the dresser so it wouldn't appear as if anyone had been in the room, and quickly stripped down to my boxers and threw my clothes into the bedside closet. I got into the closet and closed the door. I had never been so nervous, excited and horny in my life. I already had a massive tent poking out in my boxers simply from the anticipation.

The scotch had left me buzzed and the anticipation had me wired so I lost track of time. I was still wearing my watch, so I clicked the indigo function, at it read 815. I began to panic. What if the guy changed his mind, or if Nick and Em had car trouble and couldn't make it? I was about to leave when I heard noises coming from outside the room. This was it, I thought to myself. Little did I know how crazy things would turn out.

The quiet murmur quickly escalated into a loud commotion and all of a sudden the door to the room burst open and I heard the scurrying of footsteps as the door quickly slammed shut.

"What the shit!" I heard Em exclaim. I couldn't fathom why she was in the room. The plan was for her and Nick to show the guy to the room not to actually be in it.

"What was I supposed to do!?" came Nick's voice. "She was right there, I panicked!"

"You guys gotta hide if this thing is gonna happen", came a third voice which was clearly the mystery man. Something about the voice seemed oddly familiar. But my mind was racing with thoughts on the situation at hand.

"Shit Nick, now what?" I heard Em ask. I found out soon enough as I heard footsteps and the door to the closet flung open. I was standing there in my boxers with an erection, and Em and Nick were standing before me with looks of panic on their faces. I should have been embarrassed about the boner, but that was the least of my concerns.

"Oh my God I'm sorry dude" Nick hurriedly explained. "We were running a bit late and all of a sudden we saw Beth coming and we panicked. We couldn't let her see us or she'd know we set this all up and it would be ruined and -"

"Shut up and get in!" Em interrupted as her and Nick pushed inside the closet beside me.

"What?" was all I could manage to get out. I wanted to protest and tell them to leave. But I couldn't find the words and everything was happening so fast.

"I'm so sorry Aaron", Em replied. "But you need to be quiet now, or we're all gonna be busted".

I shut up. Not necessarily because of Em's instruction more so from the shock of the situation. I was barely able to work up the courage to go through with watching and joining my wife with another man, let alone having my 2 best friends watching with me!

That thought was interrupted by a knock at the hotel room door. The 3 of us remained dead silent as we heard the mystery man open. Clearly Beth must have been surprised because I could hear her say "Oh I'm sorry, this must be the wrong room".

"No Beth, this is exactly where you're supposed to be", replied the man very smoothly. "Come on in and I'll explain everything". Apparently the man, upon seeing my wife, didn't care that the plan was shot to hell, and still wanted to fuck her. I didn't know what to do or think. I could have popped out of the closet, embarrassed all of us and put and end to things. But a part of me was curious. Curious to see if Beth would go through with it not knowing that I was inside the room.

"Please have a seat", the voice said and I could see Beth come into sight. I can see why the mystery man was so anxious for her. Beth had on a coat that was now zipped up, but what I can only assume was open when she knocked on the door. Underneath it appeared she had on nothing else on but some lacy purple lingerie. She really took my suggestion of dressing sexy to heart.

Beth took a seat on the bed. I was already a bit surprised she hadn't bolted when she saw I wasn't in the room, at least not to her knowledge. "So where is my husband?" she asked, her voice cracking just a bit. She was clearly nervous as well.

"Oh he'll be along shortly I think", replied the voice. "He was telling me earlier about a little fantasy of yours".

"Oh yeah?" Beth replied. Her chest was heaving up and down quite rapidly.

"He tells me you want to experience another man", came the voice. "He also told me that you want to try out a nice big cock". That part wasn't true, well at least that's not what the fantasy entailed, to the best of my knowledge anyhow.

"Umm perhaps I should go", Beth started out. She had begun to get up but then froze in place. I couldn't see what she was seeing but clearly something was causing her to freeze in awe. It became clear what that was. "Oh wow" she blurted out. "My God, holy shit. That is fucking huge!" I couldn't believe how bold Beth was talking. She later told me that she had downed several glasses of wine before hand herself to put herself in a sexy mood.

So to recap, there I was, standing 3/4 naked in a closet with my two closet friends, my wife sitting on the nearby bed in lingerie staring at a strangers cock. And somehow, some way that wasn't the most shocking part. That came when the stranger stepped into view for the first time. My heart damn near leaped out of my chest and I almost fainted. Standing with his cock inches from my wife was my estranged b*****r!

Nick and Em clearly didn't know that this was the case as I had taken my mom's last name when we moved, and my b*****r Cody had kept dad's last name. Furthermore, my b*****r and I looked nothing alike. I took after my mother, and he looked like a splitting image of my dad. You would never be able to tell we were related.

I hadn't seen my b*****r in years yet there was no mistaking it was him. He'd accidentally cut his neck open rather badly as a k** and had a life long scar to remind him of it. And that scar was plain as day, as was his cock, which Beth was hungrily drinking in with her eyes.

"Your husband will be along shortly", my b*****r said, pulling off his shirt and showing what I had to admit was a very chiseled body. "He said to go ahead and get started". Now, you have to realize that my b*****r hadn't seen me. I was in the closet, and of course what in the world would give him reason to believe it was his b*****rs wife he was supposed to fuck?

I was going to storm out of the closet and put and end to it, but I couldn't. It was as if my muscles were temporarily frozen. I half expected Beth to run, instead she reached out, put her hands on his hips, pulled him close and wrapped her mouth around his cock. She looked as if she were hypnotized with lust and she quickly got a hang of his fat dick, sucking on it hard and deep.

"Oh shit, that's it. You're a good little cock sucker aren't you?" Cody asked looking down at the sight of my wife slurping away on his rod. I had never really been into dirty talk, but it seemed to drive Beth wild. She just murmured "mmmhmm", with her mouth full of his fat cock. Cody wasted no time, and as my wife sucked away on him, he had unzipped her jacket and pulled it off. He then slid the straps of her lacy bra down and pulled out her big tits.

Beth shook them free seductively. I couldn't believe how much she was loving this. But that was the point, wasn't it? I guess in a way this is what we were supposed to want. She sucked one of my b*****rs balls into her mouth, stroking his saliva covered dick all the while.

"Fuck yes!" Cody groaned. "I'm gonna make you my little slut". She actually quivered when he said that. With her free hand she had begun rubbing her pussy through her panties. I realized at this point that I was screwed. There was no jumping out of the closet. As soon as I would do that, Cody would recognize me, freak out, my wife would be mortified beyond belief and I'd never be able to hang out with Nick and Em again. Beth knew I had an estranged b*****r, but I'm sure she never imagined tonguing his balls before!

So I knew that meant I was going to be f***ed to watch my b*****r have his way with Beth. From the looks of things it wasn't going to be struggle. She was sucking his cock like it were her last meal. It was such a wet blow job you could literally see her saliva dripping down his shaft and onto his balls.

Cody pulled away from Beth, her mouth making a pop noise from the suction she had been applying to his cock. Without asking he abruptly pulled her to her feet and then tossed her onto the bed. Beth gasped, but in a way that seemed to suggest it was in excitement not fear. My b*****r pulled his pants the rest of the way off and fully nude laid down on the bed in between her legs. He pulled her purple panties to the side, and before he'd even touched her she let out a lustful moan.

He teased her for a few moments, drawing in close to her pussy and then pulling away. Each time he approached a little closer she'd gasp in delight. "What does my little slut want?", Cody asked, with his mouth mere inches from her waiting cunt. At first she didn't she anything, she just momentarily threw her head back into the hotel pillow in sexual frustration. But when she came back up she left no doubt.

"Eat my pussy! Please eat my pussy!!!"

He gave her a snide little smile. "You little slut", he snickered and plunged his face into her twat. She cried out in pleasure as he began licking and sucking on her lips, his tongue visibly darting in and out of her vagina. Beth's toes were clenched, apparently my b*****r was an expert pussy eater. She was practically squealing in pleasure.

I have to admit, up until that point, and I'm not really sure how long it had been, at least a few minutes. Up until that point I had forgotten that my best friends were literally watching this same erotic scene unfolding before us. I think I was so shocked by the whole situation that I had lost track of all time and space. Watching my wife with another man, let alone my b*****r, was beyond anything I could have possibly imagined.

Which is why I nearly jumped out of my boots when Em whispered in my ear, "Are you finding this as hot as I am?" She startled me enough that I knocked into the back of the wall loud enough to make a thud. Thankfully, Beth was experiencing her first orgasm at that same moment, and she didn't hear the sound through her screaming as Cody was eating out her gushing box. Beth was so vocal I thought the whole town might hear.

I felt a hand on my own cock. "Apparently you are", whispered Em softly into my ear. I really don't know how to explain it. There's really no logical reason why I should have been turned on by the sight of my b*****r with my wife, maybe it was just the taboo nature of the whole thing. But for whatever reason my cock was at full attention. And Em was tugging at it gently through my boxers!

"What are you doing?", I whispered. It's not like I hadn't thought of Em touching me before, but here in this moment, hiding in the closet, it felt almost surreal. It also felt very good I must admit.

"She's having fun", Em whispered back. "Why shouldn't you?" With that she freed my cock through the opening in my boxers with her hand. She was now touching my fully erect prick skin to skin. I almost came right then and there. She was slowly jerking me, making sure not too make too much noise.

My b*****r meanwhile had positioned himself between Beth's legs and was guiding his large member into her twat. He had at some point taken off her panties, and they were both now completely nude. Her cunt made a wet sploshing noise as his prick penetrated her. She must have been soaking wet. As soon as his cock bottomed out in her pussy, she shuddered from head to toe, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She had just had her second orgasm.

"Fuck, this little slut has a tight cunt", my b*****r told her. "Does this slut wanna get fucked like she's never been fucked before?"

"Ugghhh yes, fuck me!! Beth practically begged. I'd never heard that tone in her voice before. It was like she was in a hypnotic trance. Cody was happy to oblige and began aggressively thrusting in and out of her pussy. "Oh fuck" she squeaked in the lightest of voices. It was barely audible. She wrapped her legs around his waist and was pulling him into her cunt. Her nails were digging into his back. She was quite literally being fucked.

"Beth is pretty hot huh?", Em whispered in my ear. It was a peculiar question. I mean clearly she knew I found Beth hot, Beth was my wife after all. I wondered if what she was really asking was if I thought Beth was hotter than her. Honestly, that would be a difficult question to answer. Em took her hand off my cock, as if waiting for an answer.

"She's pretty hot", I whispered back. It was non-committal but I guess that answer satisfied Em. In the darkness of the closet I could faintly make out the silhouette of her body lower down. I wasn't exactly sure why, until I felt a warm wet mouth on my cock. I nearly blew my load right there. I quietly yanked Em, back up. After all her husband was in the closet with us!

"What are you doing?" I whispered. I was sure we were making too much noise and would be caught. But to be fair, with the squeaking of the hotel mattress, Beth's loud moaning and the slapping noises of my b*****rs balls hitting Beth's ass with each thrust, we probably could have set off a car alarm and they wouldn't have heard.

"Oh come on, don't tell me you've never wanted this", Em cooed in my ear. She was beyond right, but again Nick was in the closet with us, and I'm sure he could probably hear us.

"Nick is right there", I whispered back as quietly as I could.

"You don't think he's not jacking off watching Beth get fucked?", she replied. I hadn't really considered that. I guess in my naïve brain I thought they were watching the scene and hating every minute of it. I should have realized they were enjoying the action as much as I was. When I didn't reply, she whispered "exactly" and lowered herself back down.

Em resumed sucking my cock, which incredibly she was doing without making a sound. Yet at the same time it felt beyond amazing. She was swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, licking the shaft and probing my balls. I had a 7 inch cock, which I always thought was big enough, but she was deep throating it with ease.

It was the most erotic moment of my life. My eyes were watching my wife getting her brains humped out and meanwhile my best friend in the entire world was giving me an amazing blow job. It wasn't long before I could feel myself getting close. I didn't know what to do. It's not like I could say something, I had to be quiet.

I tried thinking about anything, everything but what was happening. Baby kittens, baseball, scary movies, all thoughts that ran through my head. It was a moot effort. How do you prolong orgasm when the girl you've loved since first sight is sucking you off, while you're watching another man slam his cock in and out of your wife's pussy?

I held it together for a few moments. That was until I heard my b*****r grunting and noticed his thrusts were picking up speed. "Oh fuck yes you little whore, you're gonna make me cum!" he shouted at her. "Where do you want it slut?"

To this day I'm still a bit gob smacked that my wife actually replied, "On my face! Cum on my face!". Beth had never let me cum on her face before. Even when we watched porno's together she always was repulsed by the idea. So needless to say I was shocked that she was willing to let my b*****r do it. "Please cum on my slut face!" she begged.

"OH FUCK YES!", Cody groaned as he pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy and scooted his torso up to her face. With only a couple of tugs at his prick he began shooting a massive load of jizz all over Beth's face. The first spurt flew across her face and across the room. The following shots landed right on my wife's pretty little face, soaking her in cum.

The sight of my wife covered in sperm put me over the edge. I tried to back away from Em's mouth, but she wouldn't have any of it. She put her hand on my butt and pulled me in close as the first shot of my own sticky cum unloaded in her mouth. I don't know how I stayed quiet, because it was the most powerful orgasm of my life. I was shooting buckets of cum, and Em didn't gag or stop for even a second. She just kept swallowing shot after shot of my jizz.

Beth had finally come back down to Earth, and perhaps realizing for the first time what she had just done, quickly got off the bed, grabbed her clothes and ran for the bathroom. All the while cum was dripping off her chin onto the bed and floor. Cody just chuckled and began to get dressed.

My own orgasm had finally ended, and Em stood back up in the closet beside me.

"Jesus Aaron, pent up tension much?" she whispered to me.

I heard the bathroom door open and Beth, I assumed fully clothed, quickly thanked Cody for the good time and left. My b*****r tied his shoes, got up from the bed and exited shortly afterward. Em and Nick told me later that they had been told by Cody that sometimes the husband didn't join in, and he was cool with letting the husband be a voyeur. Of course they didn't know Cody was my b*****r!

I assumed the night was over as we heard the door close, and for the first time could open the closet door and escape. I picked my clothes up from the closet floor and began to put my pants on. Em meanwhile just plopped down onto the same bed that Cody and Beth had been fucking on mere minutes ago.

"Wow that was hot!" Em exclaimed. "How'd you enjoy it baby?", she asked. At first I thought she was asking me, but then Nick chimed in. "Yeah that was mega hot! You're a lucky man Aaron".

"Uh thanks", I replied. I was feeling a little guilty from being sucked off by Em, even though my wife had just been fucked. I reached down for my shirt and noticed Nick was getting undressed. I was royally confused.

Nick must have sensed my puzzlement, because he said, "Well hey, there's no reason we can't have a little fun."

"Huh?" was all I could manage to get out. Nick slid his trousers off and was now standing in only his briefs.

"Em likes 3somes, remember?" Nick explained. I looked over at Em and she just giggled and nodded. In all my life in all the times I'd imagined Em and I together, never had I pictured it being in a 3-way with Nick. "She gave you a great blow job didn't she?"

I was at a loss for words. So Nick had known what had transpired in the closet. "I-uh...we ummm", I stammered.

"Relax, in a 3some she's gonna be going down on the other guy right?" Nick replied. "Babe, I think he needs a little encouragement. With that Em pulled the dress she was wearing over her head. I was shocked to see she wasn't wearing any underwear!

I had pictured Em naked hundreds of times before, but the real thing was better than I could have ever imagined. Her breasts were C-cups, with perfect dark little nipples that were fully erect. He pussy was shaved except for a little landing strip patch. My cock immediately sprang to attention.

Nick slid his briefs down and his fully hard cock sprang out. It wasn't quite as big as mine, but it was nice and thick. Em gave him a grin and began sucking on it. In the dark of the closet I hadn't been able to see anything but God she looked sexy sucking dick. I still hadn't moved, and noticing my paralysis Nick pointed to Em's pussy and said "Have at 'er dude".

That was all the encouragement I needed. I'm not sure my clothes ever came off faster. Em, unlike previously in the closet was slurping loudly whilst sucking Nick's cock. I laid down on the bed and positioned myself between Em's legs. My heart was beating so fast I thought it might burst.

As my tongue first hit her warm wet pussy lips, Em let out the sexiest moan I've ever heard. "He's good huh babe?" Nick asked her as she was licking his cock and tonguing his nuts.

"Mmmhmm", she murmured as my tongue was exploring the pussy I thought I would never in my life have. I know it sounds crazy but she even tasted incredible! Her juices were the sweetest thing I'd ever known and I lapped away at her like a dog. Em's moans began to get louder and all of a sudden her body tightened up and she shuddered from head to toe, her pussy juices exploding all over my face. I couldn't believe it, but I'd just made Em cum!

"Alright I gotta get in that pussy, before I blow", Nick announced. I scooted off the bed and he placed Em on all fours. It was the hottest site. He slid his prick into her now very wet cunt and began pounding away on her doggy style. I just stood back for a minute and enjoyed the view. I couldn't get over how sexy Em was.

"Get over here", Em commanded. "I wanna suck your cock". I wish I would have had a tape recorder for that. I could have played it over and over and never grown tired of hearing those words. I certainly wasn't going to keep her waiting though, so I plopped down on the bed in front of her. I had waited all those years, but amazingly for the 2nd time that night Em was sucking on my cock.

Nick seemed to enjoy the sight of his wife blowing his best friend because he started to get vocal. "Fuck yes babe, show him how you suck cock!" he yelled as he began fucking her even harder. Em was moaning and with her lips around my cock it was creating a vibrating sensation that felt amazing. "Suck on his balls baby. Let me see it", Nick instructed.

Em did as commanded and started sucking on my balls. In the closet it felt amazing, but now that I could watch her pretty freckled face and she wrapped her mouth around my testicles it was unbelievable. Thankfully I had already cum or otherwise the purely erotic sight of Em with my balls in her mouth would have made me explode.

Apparently it was doing that for Nick because he yelled out, "Oh fuck lets switch buddy, I can't last much longer. He pulled his cock, which was now wet from Em's pussy, out, and went to the top of the bed. Em told me to lie down on my back.

It was the moment I had always dreamed about, and I thought maybe it was my imagination but Em seemed almost nervous as she lowered her pussy down onto my cock. As my cock parted her lips and began to penetrate her I noticed she had goose bumps on her skin. It was the most erotic thing ever. We began to get a steady rhythm down and Em took Nick's cock into her mouth once again.

Em's pussy felt absolutely amazing. It was tight and seemed to hug against my cock with each thrust. Em was moaning while sucking off her husband. It was a bit odd having Nick standing over top of me essentially, while his wife was sucking him off. But if the trade off was fucking Em I was game.

Nick didn't have the luxury of having cum once before, so he couldn't last any longer. He started to moan loudly and yelled out, "OH BABY I'M CUMMING!", and his body began to shake and his balls began unloading down Em's throat. Em must have enjoyed the taste of cum since it was the second load she had swallowed that night. I saw her swallow 3 or 4 times so clearly Nick was shooting a big load as well.

As he finally finishing spunking, Nick wiped the sweat from his brow and said, "Wow, that was hot. I need to go towel off". With that he jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I expected Em to follow, but to my surprise she stayed glued to my cock.

As soon as Nick was out of sight she bent her head down and kissed me. Now I probably should have been grossed out since she had just swallowed Nick's cum but this was no ordinary kiss. This was the type of kiss that had been on deck for almost 20 years. There was such passion and lust in it, and all the while she was still bouncing up and down on my cock.

I might have been able to hold out for a while longer, simply to enjoy the moment a bit longer, but Em broke off our kiss and whispered in my ear, "I've always wanted this Aaron. I always loved you".

"I love you too" I whispered back. Unfortunately the next words out of my mouth were "but I'm gonna cum". I was waiting for her to pull off of me, instead she just started bouncing on my cock even harder. SLAP SLAP SLAP, the noise of her ass meeting my balls made. I couldn't hold out any longer. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would happen, but I was about to cum inside of Em.

"OH MY GOD, EM!" I managed to moan as my cock unloaded wave after wave of jizz into her wet pussy. It had to be the biggest load I've ever shot because it felt like my orgasm lasted over a minute. Em meanwhile had tensed up and was cumming herself. I could feel her juices leaking out onto my bare legs. She started kissing me again as her own orgasm took hold of her. It felt in that instance almost that we were making love, not simply fucking.

I would have held her there all night if Nick weren't also there. The look in her eyes said the same thing, as she finally broke our embrace and climbed off my cock, my juices and hers dripping out onto the bed. I certainly didn't envy the maid who had to clean the room after. We all got dressed, and after a little small talk parted our separate ways.

Driving home that night my head was a blur. When I got home Beth and I fucked. She wanted to thank me for the gift. She had no idea I was in the closet the whole time. As we fucked all I could think about was Em.

I didn't talk with Nick or Em for a few weeks after that. How are you supposed to start up a natural conversation after something like that. Eventually I got a text from Em asking to meet up for coffee. She said that things between her and Nick had been weird ever since. She asked if I had feelings for her still and I admitted I did. She kissed me before she left and I let it happen. I wasn't sure what to think until I got a text message this morning that read:

"Aaron, meet me at the hotel tonight. Come alone. Em".

My normal life would never be normal again.
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