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[Story] Mother Requires Her Son to Use a Condom

The story starts now:

"About six months ago my oldest son got divorced, so I invited him to come home and live here. After a few weeks, he started making sexual advances towards me. I had a long talk with him then we agreed that he must always use a condom. I read on the internet that if a mother's son wears a condom then in*cest is not an issue. That's because their skin is not touching."

"Anyway, he anxiously drove over to the pharmacy and purchased a box ... Continue»
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[Story] Mom, Dad, and Us Part 1

Forward: I am not the author. I found this story on an old desk top I was cleaning out to dispose of. I thought Hamster Fans might like it!

Mom, Dad, and Us Chapter 1
The room was darkened by drawn d****s, and Lorena had stopped just inside the door, but she could see plainly what was happening on the bed, where her b*****r was jacking off.

Shock held her motionless, and she stared entranced at the boy's stiffly upright cock, at how his hand was moving slowly, lovingly, up and down upon it. Glynn was masturbating... Continue»
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Shame on Me for Letting My Son Fuck Me

I am a happily married housewife and have a teenage son with my husband. Although I love my husband so much, he is an event planner who has to go on business trips every month for a week or so. I was fine with that before since I have my son to take care of. But ever since I turned 36, my body just heats up all the time and I can’t get my mind away from sex. And now that my son started high school, he needed less of my attention and with my husband mostly away, I just feel empty at times.

My husband and I still fuck at least twice a month, but for a woman in my age it’s just not enough. An... Continue»
Posted by zopri 3 years ago

[Story] d***k on Lust

It's dark I am laying down in his bedroom, no one is's just me on his sheets absolutely naked. The light is shifting around the room from the video of Chica Bomb on my tv screen, but all I am thinking about is his smooth naked body. I picture his eyes staring into me, his neck, his Adam apple shifting as he swallows hard, his bare shoulders, his rough, powerful yet gentle hands, with long talented fingers. The tools for my pleasure. I picture his wide chest, a hair trail down his stomach leading all the way to his engorged immense cock throbbing up, and look as hard as led.... Continue»
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[Story] Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser / Prologue)

It was the day our parents went away to a wedding both my b*****r and I refused to attend. That day neither I or he had any plans, so we end up chilling together. To be more honnest, he was chilling I simply got in his way. He was watching The Grudge (the only good thing that was on at the time), and I was sitting closely drawing. It was a cold day and we both shared a blanket our legs entangled, after a long fight over space. I wanted to be near, I loved the way he smelled, and how his presence made me comfortable. However unfortunately Grudge finished early and he went off to the shower and ... Continue»
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[Story] The b*****r I masturbated about...After Party

So since our parents left for the wedding my b*****r decided to throw a party. Lots of his friends came, got d***k and now most of them are sl**ping in the living room. I just came from the night out with the girls, I was supposed to sl**p at a friend's house, but didn't feel like it, so came back home. Hmm... you can barely call it a party, if there wouldn't be bottles of beer rolling around, I wouldn't even guess it was one, but everyone is passed out and it's only 3am. My b*****r like a king is lying on the couch. He's all rolled up in a ball and looks so cute.... Continue»
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