daddy daughter

Tasha looked at the gorgeous man and couldn't help but wonder who he really was. Yes, he was her father, but she did not know much about him and that needed to be changed. He was six-foot two-inch tall, dark black hair that was graying around his temples and a very rugged face. He always had a smile for her and as of late, it started to excite Tasha and she noticed Dad with quite a few hard-ons.

She knew it was weird, but Tasha didn't think of him as her Dad, she thought of him as one very sexy man and wondered what he thought of her. She hadn't seen him but five or six times over the last ten years and at the age of twenty-two, she was very impressionable and he was making a very 'big' impression on her.

She watched him lifting the heavy barbells and he must have had a hundred pounds on each one of them, but Dad lifted them with little effort at all. "I was thinking about going out to dinner tonight, are you up for it?" Tasha asked as she looked up and down his tall, muscular body, thinking of how easily he could hold her down and fuck her brains out.

Tasha knew he had a massive cock and guessed it to be right around ten-inches long. Back when Tasha was around ten and her mother was still alive, she walked in on Mom and Dad screwing each other like wild a****ls. The visions of his long, hard cock had remained in her mind all of those years and now with them living together, she caught nice glimpse of him naked and it was getting to her.

Max looked to his sexy daughter and fought to keep his cock under control, but it was becoming an impossible thing to do. "What do you have in mind?" he asked trying not to look at her gorgeous body, but that was a difficult task and getting 'harder' with each passing day.

She was five-foot-ten, black hair and a body that could make a dead man hard. Tasha's eyes were dark, almond shaped and they had a mysterious gypsy look. Her hair was cut short and it looked kind of shaggy around the sides, giving her a wild and sexy look. Her breasts were a large, C cup and they were the kind that looked like two, big water balloons, nailed to a wall and sloshing around.

Her waist was thin and it was toned from hours in the gym. Tasha's hips were slender, he guessed them to be a size six and Max looked at them every chance he had. Her legs were long and also very, very toned and with all of Tasha's time in the sun, they were tan.

"I was thinking of dinner and I think it's time we got to know each again." Tasha said as she looked at his thick, hairy chest and all of his muscles.

"What do mean by that?" he asked and walked over to next to her, enjoying her tiny white, string bikini.

"We don't know anything about each other, Dad. After Mom died and you went back to the army, I went to live with grandmother and we drifted apart." Tasha said with a low voice, thinking of him being in the Special f***es and all of the things he must have done, but she didn't know anything about it or him.

"I'd like to get to know my very sexy Daddy again," she whispered and ran her hand up his sweaty back.

He knew she was right and they did need to bond again. Before Cindy died, he and Tasha were always together and doing something fun. "Sure, I'd like that very much," he smiled to her, enjoying her soft touch and tried not to look at Tasha's sloshing breasts under her small bikini top, but his eyes could not stay off of them and Max hoped she wouldn't notice.

She could see his dark, bedroom eyes on her and Tasha loved it. She didn't care if he looked at her, but it was taking its toll on her and she was horny day and night. "Where would you like to go?" she asked as she slid her arm around him and hugged, enjoying his muscles and his manly sweat dripping on her.

"How about if we stay home and I cook a nice dinner for us?" Max asked and hoped she would like that. He liked keeping Tasha to himself and he hated seeing other men looking at her or anything.

She thought for a few seconds and figured it would be a great idea. Tasha had a new and very short skirt she was dying to wear, but not in public. This would be the perfect opportunity to wear it and see if Dad had any reaction to it. "On one condition." Tasha said as she turned to face him and like always, Dad was looking at her big tits and it turned her on.

"Just name it, sweet-heart." Max said as he put his arm around her and hugged.

"We are going play a game of question and answer. Anything goes and...we have to answer, no matter what." Tasha said with a firm voice and she saw a shocked look fill his face.

He thought and wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not. "I don't know...that could bad honey."

"Oh come on, let's do it, Dad. I think it'll be fun and if we play by my rules, by night's end, we know each other in and out!" Tasha laughed and wondered what Dad would think of her questions for him.

"Yeah I know and that's the problem." He said and reached for a towel lying next to Tasha, but she took it and started patting it all over his face and thick chest. "I could use to living with you, but you're going to spoil me," he smiled and Max felt his cock slowly filling with bl**d, but it wasn't right. Tasha was his daughter and he couldn't get hard for her, but her beautiful body was driving him crazy and he was constantly hard.

"Good, cuz...I like spoiling you and maybe after tonight, we'll be even uh...closer." Tasha whispered as she slowly toweled Dad's lower stomach and she could see his erection under his shorts.

Max was a little stunned by what Tasha said, but his cock loved the idea and it jumped with joy. "I hope so, because we lost a lot of wonderful time together and now, you're a beautiful, young lady and I don't want to let you out of my sight!" Max said and he had an urge to kiss Tasha, but he thought better of it and was content with looking at her breasts swaying back and forth.

She sat up on her feet and moved against his side, loving his eyes on her breasts and she had a nice surprise for him tonight. "We may have lost my c***dhood, but Dad, I'm a grown woman now and uh..." Tasha paused to wipe his forehead, pressed her breasts against him and she went on. "And...uh if wanted," she stuttered with her soft voice and Tasha was dying to kiss him.

He bit his lip and leaned away from Tasha. "If I wanted...what?" Max said as his ran his big hand over Tasha's hair, petting her as if she was a cat in heat.

She leaned against his hand and Tasha hoped he was getting her vibes. She wanted him and didn't care if he was her Dad or not. "You can...uh...pretend I'm you're, if you wanted to." Tasha whispered, as she chewed her lower lip and hoped that her face wasn't that red.

He laughed and now he was sure. Tasha was coming on to him and she was turning him on. "Well, I haven't been out with a woman in a long; long may not be safe!" Max laughed and gave her a good hug.

"Mmmm, that would be as nasty as fuck, wouldn't it!" she laughed, showed all of her teeth and Tasha's face turned bright red.

"Girl, I should bend you over my knee and spank your ass!" Max laughed with Tasha and he gave her a playful nudge with his elbow. "But, if you're that nasty...I'm sure you'd love your ass spanked too!" he laughed and she pushed him back.

She loved him pushing her and if he went along with her plan, Tasha hoped and prayed that later, she'd be under Daddy. "Shoot Daddy, any 'dirty' girl in her right mind...would bend right over for you!" she smiled and caressed over his lower stomach again, but this time, the towel was gone and his bare flesh, felt like she was toughing red-hot steel.

"What in the hell did they teach you in college, girl?" he asked with a laugh and Max loved her fingers caressing his body, but his cock was starting to get very hard and he knew that he needed to get away from Tasha.

She smiled and moved closer, until her front was pressed completely against his side and Tasha felt his left hand cover her right ass-cheek. "It's not what I learned in class, but at when I really learned things, Daddy..." she panted in his ear and leaned to kiss his sweaty neck, enjoying his manly and very salty taste on her pouty lips.

"And Daddy, I paid very 'close' attention," she whispered in his ear as both of her loving hands caressed his body. Her right hand covered his chest and her left one, caressed his strong back and she could envision him on her, loving her long into the night.

"Yeah, I can see that!" he laughed and Max had to get up. "I'm going to go along with your 'date' game, know."

"Dad, I know so relax and let's have some fun, ok?" Tasha laughed as she stood up, moved into his arms and Dad's cock was smashed into her lower stomach, just an inch or so from her wet, excited pussy and she wanted to scream. "I'm going to dress up for you and go all out. Is there anything special you'd like me to do or wear for you?" Tasha asked and she could feel the hot, boiling bl**d racing through his hard, manly cock and she wanted to drop to her knees.

He thought and Max knew this was no good, but his cock took control of his brain and it only thought of pussy, even if Tasha was his daughter. "I liked that little outfit you wore last month, when you went to that party." Max said as he slipped his arms around her and his hands found Tasha's gorgeous, tight ass.

"Ahhh Daddy, you liked my 'school girl' look huh? I would have never guessed it!" Tasha smiled and she had some nice things to wear for Daddy.

"I liked that and you looked sexy as hell, but kind of nasty too." Max said as his hands held each of her firm ass-cheeks and he gently pushed his hips into hers. "Any normal guy in his right mind would love that!" he laughed, as his cock grew more and Max knew Tasha felt every inch of it on her stomach.

She felt his cock and it was a 'true' monster. "I love dressing up and playing around. It's called roll playing, Daddy and I'm very, very good at it too." Tasha smiled and he was growing harder, for her, his fucking daughter and she loved it.

"I'm going to go all out for you, Daddy and you'll love how real I can make things seem," she purred in his ear and her hand started around the side of his hip. "So, if you go along with it, be ready for a wonderful night!" Tasha purred again and she slowly moved her hand around his body, but he jumped away from her.

He felt her hand slithering around his body and he pulled from her. "I'm going to start things and I'll meet you back here!" Max said with a big grin and he took off to start dinner for them.

"Oh God, this is so fucking cool and I can't believe that my Daddy, wants me to dress like a schoolgirl!" she said and couldn't help but jumping up and down with total joy. "I'm sorry if you get mad at me Daddy, but tonight," she paused to twist both of her hard and very excited nipples. "I'm going fuck you until your ears bleed!" Tasha growled with lust and she went to prepare herself for him.


Max had dinner going and rushed to clean up for Tasha. He knew that it was wrong, but she was turning him on and there was nothing he could do about it. She was a very beautiful young woman and it seemed that Tasha had taken after her Mom, she was a nympho and Max loved it.

"Hey Daddy, I'm home!" Tasha yelled, slamming the front door and she strolled into the kitchen. "Hi Daddy," she said as Dad turned to see her and his big eyes grew wide.

He saw Tasha and Max quickly knew that this was bad. She fluffed her hair and Tasha's makeup was perfect. His eyes looked at her pretty face and they roamed down to her thin, white blouse. Tasha's had no bra and he could see that her nipples were hard and they looked bigger than normal. Her toned stomach was bare and she had one of those belly-button rings in it. Her small, plaid skirt was short, giving him a great view of Tasha's long legs and it went up to her stocking covered thighs.

"Wow, my little girl is sure growing up and you're so pretty!" he smiled and hugged her tight, not caring if she could feel his swollen cock or not and he flexed it against her.

"Thank you, Daddy." Tasha whispered as she stayed against him, enjoying his erect cock resting on her stomach again and it made her pussy tingle. "Daddy, I got a bad grade on my report card. Please don't be mad at me," she whispered as her fingers caressed through his thick, black hair and Tasha felt him flex again.

He had to smile and Tasha was very good at this. "What class?" Max asked as he looked to her pretty face and he pretended to be mad at her.

"Don't be mad at me, Daddy. It is my sex education class. I don't understand some of the things my teacher said and I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Everyone would have laughed at me," she said with a soft, very innocent voice, as her lower lip came out and Tasha hugged him tight.

"You have a bad grade, in such an easy class? Tasha, I should spank your ass, girl!" he said, trying to act mean. "Sit at the table and get your books out, now!" he yelled and gave her left ass-cheek, a firm slap.

"No Daddy, please don't spank me. I'm sorry and I promise to do better. Maybe if you help me with my class, I'll get a better grade next time," she smiled and sat at the table, rubbing her stinging ass and hoping he would keep this up.

"I don't mind helping you sweet-heart," he said and walked to her side, pressing his stiff cock against the side of Tasha's left breast and he felt her suck in a deep, breathe of air. "So, what didn't my baby girl, understand?" he asked as he ran his fingers through her soft hair and he was petting Tasha as if, she was a cat. Her mother loved that and as much as she and Tasha were alike; he hoped that his daughter would love it too.

Tasha came close to having an orgasm, but she wanted to wait and do that around Daddy's big, fat cock-shaft. "Some of the words confused me, Daddy and if I would have asked my teacher what they meant, I would have been laughed at by my class." Tasha said with that same voice and she put her sexy, lower lip, out farther than before.

"What words, baby?" he asked and caressed her pretty face.

"Like, orgasm, what does that mean, Daddy? All of the k**s in school talk about having an orgasm with their girlfriend or boyfriend and I don't have a clue of what it means."

Max got down on his knees beside her and he hugged Tasha. "When two people like each other they kiss. You've seen movies and people kissing, right?" he asked as his right hand moved to her leg and Max caressed her sheer, white stocking.

"Yeah a little. Is kissing fun, Daddy?" she whispered as her arm slid around his strong, manly neck. "I've never kissed anyone, but you," she moaned as his big hand slowly moved up and down her leg, driving Tasha crazy.

"Kissing is very fun and it is really good when you do it with someone you love."

"Daddy, I've never kissed like that before. Is it fun?" Tasha asked and she felt his hand sliding up her leg, until he found her bare thigh and she couldn't help but moan. "Mmmm, that feels so good, Daddy," she purred and just sat; letting him do anything he wanted to her. "Tonight, when we watch TV, will you kiss me, Daddy? I love you and you said that made it even better, right?" Tasha whispered as she leaned to kiss the side of his mouth.

He smiled and looked up to her and knew that shit was getting crazy, but Tasha was old enough to know what she wanted and that was good enough for him. "I don't know, but I'll think it over. A Daddy is not supposed to kiss his daughter like that, but you are growing into a beautiful, young lady and we'll see what happens." Max said as they looked into each other's eyes and he knew that this night was going to change their lives forever.

"I can't wait, Daddy. I think that I'll love kissing you," she smiled and could not believe how wet her pussy was.

"What other words are you having trouble with?"

"All the k**s say funny things like, cock and pussy. Daddy I don't know what any of the words mean." Tasha said with the teasing voice and put her lip out.

He laughed and Max loved this shit. "Well, let's not say cock. Let's say penis and it is what Daddy and all men have. We pee through it and a few other nice things too."

"What does a penis look like? Can I see yours, Daddy? Pweeze." Tasha said with the youngest sounding voice she could.

"Well, I'm not supposed to show you, but...if you're very good girl and if you promise to do anything I say...I might even let you hold it too."

"Mmmm, that sounds fun, Daddy. You should let me see your penis, now."

He stood up and was so tempted, but it would be much better if they took things slow and not rush this. "Nope, you have to wait until later and you have to be a good girl!" Max said with a firm voice and he went back to the stove.

"I'm always good for my, Daddy," she stood and moved behind him. "I can't wait to see your penis, Daddy. Is it a big, long one?" she asked and tried to slip her arms around him, but Max pushed her back.

He smiled and flipped over a steak. "You mother loved it and she was always holding and kissing it. She loved Daddy's big penis."

"Did your penis make me, Daddy?" Tasha asked with a soft whisper and she kissed the back of his neck, enjoying his after-shave on her lips.

Shivers ran through Max and he knew Tasha would get her wish. "Oh yes! Mommy and I had a wonderful time when we made you!"

"How did you get me in her belly, Daddy?"

"Well, if you're a good, little girl and pay very close attention tonight, Daddy may show you how you got inside Mommy."

"Oh Daddy, I can't wait to see your penis! I bet that you have the prettiest one there is and I promise to be a very good, little girl for you and do 'anything' you tell me to." Tasha moaned as she reached around him and very gently squeezed his cock.


Later, Max was sitting in his recliner and relaxing after dinner, when Tasha caught his eye. "I see that you changed into Daddy's favorite nightclothes," he smiled and looked over her tall, slender body and the small, blue shirt that did little to cover her breasts. He looked down to the equally small, panties on her hips and Max felt his cock growing hard.

"Do you 'really' think I'm pretty, Daddy?" Tasha said with that same, innocent voice and she slowly turned, knowing that Dad loved seeing her ass and Tasha wanted to show him everything, tonight. She wanted him hard and ready to go in her body.

He pulled her on his lap and Max hugged, hoping he could really slip his dick into his own flesh and bl**d. "Yes, I think that you are very pretty and I want you to be my girlfriend," he said as he caressed her face and peeked down to her big, swollen nipples and Max noticed something very nice. Tasha's nipples were fucking pierced.

She smiled and saw his eyes on her boobs. "Daddy, if I'm your girlfriend um...can we kiss each other and I still get to see your penis?" Tasha asked making sure her lip was out and she snuggled closer to him.

"We'll see, but now, I want you to kiss me and after you do," he had to stop, Tasha kissed him and she quickly moved back, acting as if she was embarrassed. "Ok, let's try that again, but this time, don't move away. Keep your lips on mine and try to do everything that I do, ok?" Max said as he caressed Tasha's face and he hoped she was sure about this.

She got up and sat back down on his lap again, but this time, Tasha was facing him and they were nose to nose. "I'll do better this time," she panted and Tasha was on fire. "I promise, Daddy." Tasha whispered as she moved her mouth to his and they kissed.

Max held the sides of Tasha's face and they lightly kissed. "Now, I want you to do everything that Daddy does, baby," he said as their mouths were still together and he wanted her in the worst way, but it would be much better if they went slow and took their time.

"Ohhh, yes!" Tasha moaned as they lightly kissed and she loved Daddy holding her so tight. It made her feel so helpless and at his mercy. Her pussy was dripping and it was running down Tasha's thighs.

He held her as they kissed and his cock was hard. "Sit all the way down on Daddy and guess what's under your butt."

She smiled and sat completely down on him. "Oh God, feels so good!" Tasha moaned as she grabbed his massive neck and hugged with all of her might, as she pushed her hips down and rubbed her pussy on his swollen shaft.

Her wetness covered him instantly and Tasha was on fire. Max held her as they hugged and she felt good in his arms. "I know baby!" he grunted and he had to make sure this is what Tasha really and truly wanted, before they went on.

"Baby, are you very certain that this is what you want? Once we start...I won't be able to stop." Max said as he held her face and Tasha nodded her head yes.

"I know Daddy and I'm very sure about this." Tasha said in her normal voice and she kissed him. "I've never wanted anything as I want you, now," she added and kissed him again. "And, if I want to be your 'girlfriend', I gotta do whatever you say." Tasha said with her 'other' voice and she smiled at him.

Max knew that they were sure to burn in hell, but this was awesome and he couldn't stop now. Tasha was a vamp and she had him under her control. "That's right and Daddy wants you to kiss me again, but this time, open your mouth and flick your tongue on mine." Max whispered as Tasha lay on his chest, kissing deeper, flicking their tongues together and Max reached under Tasha, caressing her ass.

"Oh Daddy!" she moaned as he held her butt and softly kissed her. "This makes me feel all tingly and my special so wet, why Daddy?"

He held her and Max hoped Tasha wouldn't kill him. "That just means that you love Daddy and like it when we hug and kiss," he said with a smile and Max had to get his cock out of his jeans. "Daddy has a surprise for you, baby and I think that you're going to love it too!" he said with a wink.

"Mmmm, what is it, Daddy?" Tasha asked as they continued to kiss and nibble each other's lips.

"Do you still want to see Daddy's penis and find out how you got in Mommy's belly?"

"Oh Daddy, yes, may I please see him! I'll do anything you want...I promise! Please!" she said, making sure that her lower lip was out and Tasha was ready to see her Daddy's cock.

He reached under her, unzipped his pants and leaned back in the chair. "Be easy with him and you can 'only' hold him and nothing more! Do you understand Daddy?"

"Ohhh yes, I understand, Daddy." Tasha replied as she slid from his recliner and sat on the floor in front of him, on her knees and she was ready to please her Daddy. She reached in his pants, gently pulled it out and Tasha thought that she was going to faint.

"Daddy, why is he sooo fat and sooo long?" she asked with a smile, holding him with both hands and Tasha slowly licked her lips. She knew why it was so big and long.

"Well, most ladies like them that big, so they can kiss it and play with it. They also know Daddy can give them a baby, if it's so big."

She looked up at him and tried to look as innocent as she could. "Do I get to kiss your penis, Daddy?" Tasha asked with a soft voice and she saw him smile at her. "Huh, Daddy?" she whispered as her lips grazed over the head and Tasha felt him flex.

"Can I kiss him?" she whispered as her soft lips puckered and she smiled. "He's so big and it's sooo hard too!" she moaned and slowly leaned forward, until his cock-head was against her lips and Tasha opened her panting mouth.

He just sat, enjoying Tasha's game and she forward. "Kiss it real slow, baby and move your hand up and him, ok?" he said as he caressed the side of her face and she licked the head. "That's Daddy's good, little girl. Kiss all over him and keep rubbing him too." Max said as he watched his young daughter, kissing the tip of his swollen, cock-head and it was great.

Her lips were kissing all over him and she was smiling, while lightly stroking Dad. Tasha's breath was warm and her lips were so wet. "Am I doing it the right way, Daddy?" Tasha purred with a smile and quickly returned to pleasing her Daddy's big, hard cock. "Hum, Daddy? Do you like the way I' him?" Tasha whispered with a bigger smile, knowing that she was driving him crazy.

"Yeah, you're the best ever and I love you." Max said as he watched her go back down, kissing his cock-head and he could feel Tasha licking the tiny slit on the head. "That's where babies come from and if you keep kissing Daddy like this, you're going to see Daddy's penis squirt," he moaned and watched Tasha smile at him.

"Daddy, what will it squirt out?"

"It will squirt 'baby juice' all over your pretty face and if you are 'really' Daddy's girlfriend, you will drink it for me." Max paused to kiss Tasha and he smiled at her. "Now, Daddy wants you to suck him and pretend it's one of those big, fat pickles you love to suck on," he winked at Tasha and she just smiled at him.

She smiled again and licked the tip again. "Silly Daddy, I'm your girlfriend and I'll do 'anything', you want me to." Tasha moaned and leaned down to Daddy's cock, sucking him hard and with need. "Mmmm Daddy, is the 'baby juice' good to drink?" she teased and stroked him faster. "Huh Daddy, is it good?" she moaned, leaning over him, letting a big drop of saliva drip on him and Tasha stroked faster.

"Oh yes, your Mommy loved to drink Daddy's juice!"

"Oh Daddy, I'm tingling all over and I'm burning up!" Tasha moaned as she watched the pleasure on his face as she sucked him and had a feeling that he was very close to cumming for her.

He didn't hear what she said and Max was in heaven. A young, beautiful lady was sucking him off and she was his sexy daughter. "I'll fix it for you baby, just keep kissing Daddy's penis for now," he moaned looking at her face and Max loved the beautiful smile around his cock-shaft.

She let him 'pop' from her mouth and licked her lips. "Ok Daddy...I'll do anything you tell me and I 'mean' anything, Daddy," she moaned on his cock, licking up the entire length of his shaft and Tasha stopped to tease the tiny slit again. He lifted and shoved more of his hard cock into her willing mouth, but Tasha lifted too and she pretended to gag.

"Aaarrrgggg! Daddy, do you want me to kiss and suck 'more' of him for you?" she asked with a sweet smile and didn't wait for his answer. Tasha took a deep breath and she sucked more than half of his cock into her mouth and partly down her silky throat.

He felt Tasha suck hard and before Max could think, his cock-head used into her warm throat and he had to stand up. "Oh my holy, mother, oh sweet Jesus! Ahhh, God! Tasha, oh my sweet baby!" he moaned out and it was a loud moan. "My baby, oh Lord!" he moaned again and gently pushed his hips to Tasha, wondering if she has another talent her mother had and his question was quickly answered. "Ahhh, baby, yes, yes!" Max yelled as she sucked more of him and he knew this wasn't going to last very much longer.

Tasha just smiled as she pleased Daddy and from his loud moaning, she knew he was enjoying her and her skills. 'Oh Daddy, yes! Fuck me, me Daddy...fuck my mouth!' Tasha thought as he eased forward, pushing more of his glorious manhood into her willing mouth and throat.

Max felt his cock jump and Tasha got a sweet surprise. "Oh God, oh God! Oh baby, my baby girl!" he yelled as warm jets of cum shot from the tip of his long cock, into her mouth and down Tasha's throat. His cock jerked, his balls felt as if they were going to explode and his heart pumped fast. "My baby, my baby girl!" Max yelled again as he held Tasha and filled her mouth full of warm seeds.

She sucked and held him in her mouth, waiting until he finished and Tasha smiled up to her Daddy. "Daddy, can I do that every day? I loved making my Daddy, so happy," she said and moved up on his lap.

He had to smile and hug this beautiful, young woman and he held her tight. "Oh baby, you can do that anytime you like! Daddy loved the way you kissed me." Max smiled and he quickly felt Tasha's need, dripping on him and he stood with her in his arms. "I think it's time that I took a beautiful woman to bed and make love to her. What do you think?" he asked and Tasha slowly nodded her head yes.

"Mmmm yeah, I'd like that, Daddy." Tasha purred as she held his neck and he walked towards the bedroom.


He put Tasha in the middle of his bed and lay next to her. "I think you should take that top off, so I can see and play with...these!" he said as his finger traced over Tasha's excited, right nipple and she had the shirt off in a split second. "Oh how nice!" he moaned, looking at the tiny gold bars through her nipples and Max smiled. He leaned to tease her nipples with his tongue and Tasha went wild under him.

His long tongue lashed at Tasha's swollen buds and her back arched high in the air. "Oh fuck, Daddy! Yes! Yes!" she screamed and quickly felt something else. "Daddy, oh Daddy!" Tasha whimpered when she felt his fingers on her wet, aching pussy and she spread her legs for him.

"I can't believe how wet you are, but I love it, baby." Max said with a smile, as he nursed Tasha's right nipple and his fingers teased her needy pussy.

She lay with her eyes on him and enjoying such a skilled lover, even if, he was her father. "I'm so glad that we're doing this Dad and I never want it to end." Tasha said with love and she was ready for Dad to love her. "Daddy, I'm on fire," she said with need and want.

"Well, why don't you climb on and take your ol' Dad for a spin!"

She heard Dad and she was ready and on him in a flash. "Oh God, I'm so horny, Dad!" Tasha moaned as she rubbing her dripping pussy on his rock-hard shaft and it was time. Tasha got on her feet, squatting like a catcher in baseball and she reached down to guide Dad in her body.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, oh Dad! Ahhh, God!" Tasha screamed when his big, fat cock-head slipped into her tiny pussy-hole, stretching it wider than ever before, but Dad was in her and nothing else mattered now. "Oh fuck! Oh my fuckin' God, Daddy!" she squealed as his cock-head spread her wide and it hurt, but she was not going to stop for anything.

He held Tasha's butt as she slowly lowered herself on his cock and as it entered her body, her tight muscles grabbed him and it was as if he was being sucked by her mouth again. "Oh Lord, God!" he moaned as Tasha lowered and she took him deep into her pussy, while her tight pussy sucked him in and her pussy sucked hard.

"Daddy, I love you!" she moaned as his cock slipped deeper and it felt so wonderful in her pussy, filling it full of cock, but this cock, was Daddy's and it was the best. "Oh fuck...Daddy, I love you so much!" Tasha grunted as she lowered, easing more of Daddy inside her tiny hole.

He smiled and lightly kissed her lips, enjoying her young, fertile sex. "I love you too," he whispered as Tasha started rocking her hips back and forth, side to side and any other way she could move. "Oh yeah, that feels good!" he moaned and held her hips, savoring her wet pussy and Tasha's tightness around his cock.

"Oh Daddy, I love you inside me!" Tasha cried out as her pussy burned and juices were pouring from her, covering Dad and it made a wonderful sound. "You're so...fuckin' big and long!" she moaned as he slid deeper, continuing to stretch her. The wet, slurp sounds filled her ears and Tasha loved hearing it. "Mmmm, I'm so wet for you and your cock is like...heaven," she smiled and her hips started bouncing up and down, moving faster and with more need than ever.

He held Tasha and Max could sense her need. "Is my girl horny? Does my sweet baby need to cum on her Daddy?" he whispered to her and Tasha moaned, moving faster and driving him deeper into her young pussy.

She heard him and liked hearing Dad taking dirty to her. "Oh dirty to me!!" Tasha whimpered as she continued to bounce up and down on Daddy's long, thick cock.

"How dirty do you want it?" he asked as he squeezed Tasha's ass, grinding her against him and Max could feel her pussy starting squeeze him.

She loved his big, powerful hands squeezing her ass and when he pulled her down, Daddy shoved himself to the back of her pussy. "I like it...dirty as fuck! Oh Daddy, I'm wanta be your whore!" she yelled as she rocked side to side and quickly lifted up, but Tasha lowered back down and she took him all.

He slapped her ass and shoved her down on his cock. "You are too young to be a whore, but I can train you, bitch!" Max said with a 'fake' mean voice and he slapped her ass.

She slammed down and he drove to her core. "I wanta be your...whore, Daddy! Please train me, please!" Tasha screamed as the sting from her ass, quickly rushed over her entire body. She went up and down the entire length of his cock, Tasha's head was spinning and her heart was racing.

"Go faster, whore! Fuck your Dad, slut! Fuck your Dad, whore!" Max growled as he continued to slap each of Tasha's ass-cheeks and he started to lift his hips up, shoving his cock to Tasha's core.

"Oh yes, I'm nothing but a whore...your whore...Daddy!" Tasha yelled out as he slapped her ass, rammed his cock in her so hard and Daddy called her such wonderful names. "I'm Daddy's nasty, little...whore!" she yelled louder as Daddy lifted up, thrusting his long cock deep into her pussy, touching places that Tasha never knew were there, until Daddy found them for her. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, harder!" Tasha screamed and she came again.

Max felt her pussy clamp around his cock and he held Tasha as tightly as he could. Her pussy grabbed him and it started pulling on him, hoping it could make him cum, but Max needed a little more time in his daughter's pussy, to cum now.

"Ahhh, that's my whore," he whispered when she fell on him. "Yeah, that's my good, little whore," he whispered again as her pussy grabbed him again and it pulled harder, but this time, it won and it got Daddy's cum. "Oh fuck, you bitch! You fucking made me...cum!" Max laughed as cum shot from the tip of his cock and it sprayed deep into the back of Tasha's warm pussy. "Ahhh, my God, Tasha! Oh baby, oh yes!" Max grunted as he lifted his hips, making sure that every, single seed was deep in her belly.

Tasha lifted her head and smiled at to him. "Holy God, I do hope it's that good every time!" she smiled and knew that Daddy would be the last man that would ever enjoy her.

He smiled and his hands caressed over her long and very smooth back, when a strange thought, filled his mind. "Hey, I know that it's a little late to ask this, but are you on the pill?" Max asked and he could feel her giggling.

"Yeah, it is, Daddy, but didn't you have a splendid time fucking me, your daughter. Huh Daddy?" Tasha replied and watched a terrified look cover his face. "Huh, Daddy? Did you enjoy fucking your daughter and cumming up her pussy? Mmmm, I bet you loved it, until you remembered about the pills!" she laughed more and Tasha just smiled at him.

"Please do not fuck around, are you taking them or not?" Max asked again and he was getting upset with her.

"Well, I guess you'll have to wait and find out, won't you?" she laughed and eased him from her used and very sore pussy. "But, what would you say if I told you that I...wasn't. What would you do?" she asked him and snuggled against his side.

He just held her and thought for a second. "I guess we would have a baby, wouldn't we." Max smiled and it would be fun having a baby with Tasha, but she was his daughter and that would not go well.

"I think it would be so fun, Daddy. I could give you 'our' baby." She giggled again, stretched up to kiss him and figured that she should stop teasing him. "Don't worry yourself, Daddy. I'm on them and I have been for the last three years."

"You had we worried for a second, but what you said, was kind of nice."

"Oh Daddy, do you want to 'knock' me up, but Daddy...I'm your daughter. You can't do that to me or...I'll tell on you," she moaned, turned on her back and Tasha spread her legs wide.

He quickly moved on her and his cock was a full hardness in a split second. "Oh yeah," he moaned and Max gently eased his hard cock back into her warm pussy.

"Let's try it, Daddy, please! I would love to have your baby inside me!" she yelled when his cock hit the back of her pussy.

"No, we can't," he moaned and moved his powerful hips back and forth, thrusting his cock to the back of Tasha's pussy and he'd ease back out.

"Daddy, you could suck my warm milk, while you fucked me. Wouldn't that be sooo fuckin' hot, Daddy?" she moaned as her arms held his neck, enjoying his thrusting cock and her slender hips moved in perfect time with his. "Huh, Daddy? Would you like fuckin' your daughter, while you sucked the milk from her tits?" Tasha cried out as pussy squeezed him and her brain was spinning

"And, you would know that it's 'your' baby is growing in me...oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed and kicked her heels into his ass, forcing him to fuck her as hard as he possibly could.

"Oh God, you're going to end up killing me!" he growled and Max fucked his daughter hard as he could. "You're so good baby!" he moaned and wrapped his arms under her legs, pulled them up to her chest and he held her down. "I'm going to cum again and I can't believe you're doing this to me," he grunted and cum shot from his cock, but it was nothing like the first two times and he fell on her.

She held him and just smiled. "You're a wonderful Daddy." Tasha purred as she held Daddy to her left breast and enjoyed him gently nursing it, wishing that she hadn't lied to him, but Dad said he liked the idea of having a baby with her.

"Thank you, baby and you're a wonderful daughter." Max smiled, yawned and closed his eyes.

She continued caressing his face and Tasha held him, hoping that she had a new life growing in her belly.


The playing went on for three weeks and suddenly, Tasha completely cut him off for two weeks. Max hadn't laid a finger or anything on her and he was getting very horny. "Baby are you ok? We haven't had sex or played in two freaking weeks and I could use a long and very deep, blow-job!" he laughed tried hugging Tasha, but she pushed him away.

"Oh yuck, Daddy, I can't do that anymore, it makes me sick and if you try to make me." Tasha said as she crossed her arms under her breasts, blew out a sigh and figured that Daddy was full of cum by now. "I won't play with it anymore!" she said with a pouty voice and acted as if she was mad at him, but then, Tasha winked at him and thought of all the seeds that were in him.

He sat up and wasn't sure where to go with this, but he saw her wink. "You 'will' and you'll do it, whenever I tell you to!" Max said with a deep voice.
And, what if I won't do it?" she said with a snotty voice and made a face at him.

He stood up and moved in front of Tasha, watching her smiling and she looked so innocent. "If you don't kiss Daddy's penis, Tasha...I will spank you and I mean it!" he said as he pointed to her face and she stuck her tongue out at him. He grabbed her by her hair, pulled Tasha up and Max slapped her left ass-cheek.

"You're going to your room and I'm teaching you how to be a good girl!" he growled, took her arm and d**g Tasha to her room. "You cannot treat your Dad like this!"

"No Daddy, no!" she screamed and acted as if she was pulling from him, but Tasha wanted him very close, inside her close and filling her with hope. "No Daddy, stop!" Tasha yelled as she pulled and acted liked like she didn't want this, but she did and she wanted it real bad. "I'll tell, Daddy! I'll tell on you!" Tasha screamed and Dad grabbed her by the throat.

He grabbed Tasha's throat and the poor thing looked like she was scared to death, but she smiled at him. "If you tell anyone about this," he said as they were nose to nose, his hand lightly choking her and they were inhaling each other's warm breath. "I will kill your favorite teddy bear and..." he growled again and squeezed Tasha's throat tighter, but not enough to hurt her in any way. "And I won't buy you anymore ice cream, ever!" he said and continued to her room.

Dad pushed Tasha in her room and she loved this game. "I'm gunna tell on you, Daddy! This is bad, cuz I'm not supposed to see, touch or suck your penis and now, I'm telling on you!" she yelled and flopped face down on her bed, but before she could think, Dad was on her and holding her down hard.

"You go right ahead and I hope you like the prison they put you in. Oh yes, they have prisons for 'bad' girl's like you and I will lie, tell them that you wanted to play with me and that you liked it." Max stopped and he jerked her face to his. "Tasha, you can't promise Daddy something like that and then, just back out. I'm going to make you play with me now and it's not going to be nice." Max growled as he kissed her ear, lifted his left hand high in the air and it swung down to Tasha's left ass-cheek.

"Ouch, Daddy... no more please!" Tasha screamed out, but she wanted more, lots more and she needed his warm cum in her pussy. Tasha loved her ass slapped and to get roughed up a little, but she couldn't trust just any man to do such things with, until now. "No Daddy! No Daddy, stop it!" she yelled as his weight and strong body kept her penned to her bed.

"I'm sorry, but you have to learn not to tell your Daddy no and that I'm the boss." Max growled in her ear and he slapped her thigh.

"Ouch, please Daddy, no!" Tasha yelled as his hand hit her thigh, but then, Dad caressed her ass, deep into her crack, until he found the back of Tasha's excited pussy. "Ahhh, fuck!" she whimpered as he gently fingered her and a hot rush of bl**d tore through her body and Tasha was helpless.

"Oh Daddy, I'm sorry! Please, I want to be your girlfriend again and I'll suck on your penis, ok." Tasha said with her most innocent voice ever, hoping he would hurry and take her. She loved this game and from the way Dad was acting, he most definitely loved it and he was sure to give her lots and lots, of cum.

He eased off Tasha and pulled her against his side. "Now I want you to lie between my legs and I want your face...right here!" Max said with a firm, as he pointed to his cock and he grabbed a big, handful of Tasha's and Max pulled her down to it. "You're to suck me very hard and," he said, lifting his hips, shoving his hard cock to the back of her mouth and she gagged.

Max laughed, pulled her hair harder and he shoved Tasha lover, pushing his cock deep into her mouth. "I want you to take it 'all' tonight. Your mother could and I'm betting that you can too!" he laughed again, as Tasha gagged and Max could feel her starting to swallow him.

Tasha fought the urge to throw up and keep sucking Daddy as hard as she could, hoping she could suck him like Mom did, so long ago. He pushed harder, she gagged more, but Tasha kept relaxing her throat and gently swallowed more of Daddy's cock. Her throat was being stretched just like her pussy had been and Tasha was ready to cum again.

He lifted more, Tasha tilted her neck and it happened. "Ahhh, my God!" Max yelled loud. His entire cock was in his daughter's mouth and down her throat. "Ohhh, baby! Ohhh, God!" Max yelled again and Tasha was a dream. He lived to have his cock down his late wife's throat, but until now, no other woman could come close to this. Tasha had it all and she was keeping it in for a long, long time.

Tasha loved hearing her Daddy moaning and yelling with pleasure, it meant that she was pleasing him. 'Yeah Daddy, stuff it all in me! I'm your whore, remember, but no cumming in my mouth! I need it up my pussy, Daddy, so I can give you a baby!' she thought as he pushed his cock into her throat.

"Ahhh God, you are going to kill me!" Max laughed as he slowly eased from her mouth and pulled her up beside him. "That's great, but I need my baby's pussy and I'm going to fill you so full!" he smiled and rolled on top of Tasha.

She felt like a rag doll, but it was wonderful having Daddy being so f***eful with her and Tasha knew that they would do this again, soon. "Oh my, is my Daddy horny for...his daughter's pussy?" she asked with a low, sexy voice as he reached down and guided himself into her wet need. "Ohhh, Daddy! Yes, oh my God, yes!" Tasha cried out as Dad pushed in her with one, powerful thrust and he was to her core.

"I'm going to be lucky if I last two...minutes!" he moaned as Tasha's muscles grabbed and they started pulling on him. "I've never had!" Max grunted and his swollen cock started filling Tasha with two weeks of thick, gooey cum and Max hoped that he could make her dream come true.

She lifted her hips and Tasha knew this would be the time, the time that Daddy gave Tasha their baby and she was right. Nine months later, Tasha gave her Daddy a healthy, baby boy and they moved to an undisclosed city, somewhere in the south and have not been heard from since.
90% (91/10)
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4 months ago
"Daddy Daughter" - Tasha and Max - (Twenty-two Year Old Daughter and Widowed Father).

Tasha is one fine lady that KNOWS what she wants and certainly wants what she knows. She's lusted for her widowed father for quite some time, she's ready to "settle" down and the ONLY man she wants is HER father--her seldomed seen father over the past ten years. She wants him, she needs and adores him, she loves him as she would a lover and a husband, and that is exactly her aim!! She also wants to make her affair with him permanent--by insisting him impregnate her--she wants children with and for him!! My kind of girl precisely, exactly, and endearingly!
1 year ago
Incredibly hot+nasty roleplay made my cock hard as steel
1 year ago
so sweet
1 year ago
"Daddy Daughter" - Tasha and Max - (Daughter and Father): There's not many things in life that come close to perfection; however, the incestual, true and pure consummated copulation, with ensuing impregnation, is the most erotic, exotic, romantic, sensual, heavenly and celestial aspect in the universe!!!

Tasha, being twenty-two years old, is mature and sensible enough to know exactly what she wants, the risks involved and the rewards that she expects!!

Having had a relationship with my daughter I comprehend and understand the emotional, physical and soul-shattering earthly thrill and electrifying satisfaction that the ultimate pure, perfect sexual relationship can give the honest and respecting couple!! Tasha and her father Max are the perfect example, when the affair and love is honorable and appreciated from the depths of their heart and soul. This story permeats with that depth of love, known only by very few lovers!!!
1 year ago
Excellent story. Had me leaking precum the entire time!
2 years ago
Fucking hot
2 years ago
Fuckin' great!
2 years ago
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Soooo hot
3 years ago
terrific story
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very hott
3 years ago
Daddys make my lil pussy so hot I love when they want to play with there lil daughters like my daddy loved to do with me! :P
4 years ago
that is a hot story, keep them cumming
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wonderful sexy hot excellent
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ohhhhhhhh jesus....
The most sex story ...ty! xxx
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very good
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Excellent, Thx for posting
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absolutely excellent hope you keep em cumming
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Wow so hot