a story for mom

I cannot remember a time when I was not attracted to my mother. Of course, this is something no one knows, not even my best friends. I don't even write about it. The only reason I'm talking about it today, with you, is because I trust you very much, I love you very much, and you already know all about it.

The first time I remember being attracted to you was in third grade. You came to school that day to read to the classroom as a volunteer. You wore my favorite sweater, and you kept leaning over when you held the book out to the class to show us the pictures. The sweater would fall open a bit, and we could see the shadow between your breasts. I'm sure I was the only one who noticed it, but I couldn't stop staring. I was afraid you would catch me, but your attention was on the book the whole time, so I was safe. I had no idea why I was fascinated...but I surely was.

From that day on, I thought of you differently. You were still my Mom, but...something changed. Other boys would talk about being "boyfriends and girlfriends" with a girl, and I was never interested. I always thought about you. I thought about holding hands when we crossed the street. I thought about watching you at the hairdresser's on Saturdays, when you got your hair, nails and toes done. When we left the studio, you always looked like some sort of movie star or a magazine ad model. I remember very clearly Dad never noticing until you asked him to. That made me sad, and a little mad.

When I started really noticing girls, that's when I started to feel badly about how I felt about you. I knew something was really wrong about it, or at least, it felt that way. No one else ever talked about their moms like I thought about you. I was too scared to open the subject. Every time i****t came up in discussion (which was very rarely) everyone made sure to express their total disgust at the notion. I did too. And I felt it, I honestly did — but not about you. I chose to think differently of us. We were the exception that proved the taboo, I suppose.

Junior high was difficult. I kept getting these spontaneous erections. I didn't understand them. Teachers with big breasts were impossible. I squirmed around a lot in class.

I got very practiced at squashing thoughts about you, because they made it impossible to concentrate in class. I got in trouble for "daydreaming" a lot — remember that visit to the principal's office? You were so disappointed. How could I tell you that it wasn't all my fault, that your nighties and housecoat and bra and panties when running to the laundry downstairs were blowing my young mind?

So I kept quiet. And tried harder.

High school was a bit easier, because getting involved so heavily in sports was distracting. You tried to make as many games as possible, but I understood that things were hard after Dad left. You worked all the time. When you came to a game, I tried so hard to do something memorable. Even my coach noticed, but he never put two and two together, not until near the end.

I think he suspected at that point. He guessed it was a girl, and went through several possibilities. Near the end of our champion season, he came to me after the game.

"Hey, sport, you really rocked out there."

"Thanks, coach." I smiled up at him while I took my pads off.

"No, really, you performed out there better than I've ever seen from you. Trying to impress someone?" he asked.

I could feel my face blushing. There was nothing I could do about it except look down at my pads and pretend to focus on the laces.

"Ha! Yeah, that's what I thought. Best motivation in the world. Is it Jessica? She's always staring at you from the sidelines." Jessica was the third most talented cheerleader on the squad. She was way too skinny for my tastes.

"No, coach, it's nobody. Just wanted that trophy real bad." I continued looking down.

"Ok, hey, listen, sorry if I embarrassed you. Any special plans tonight to celebrate? The team is hitting up Arby's."

"Actually, my Mom is taking me out to dinner. She's really felt bad about missing so many games. She wanted to be here today, but she was out of town and had to fly back during the game. She's really trying to get this promotion so she doesn't have to travel so much," I said.

"Awesome! Enjoy your dinner! If I know your Mom, she'll be turning heads in that restaurant, for sure. Your f****y's got the best genes. Just ask Jessica!" he laughed.

"Ha ha, thanks...I guess." The conversation was getting a little weird, and I think he knew it. I think he felt bad that he was moving to another school, and was going to miss this team. This was his last chance to treat us like adults before he basically never saw us again.

"Well, thanks, sport. Without you, this team never would have reached this goal. You should be very proud of your hard work, and so should your Mom. Thanks so much for everything this year." He held out his hand. "And, well, I hope I'm not stepping out of bounds here, but your Dad should be proud of you too, even if it's hard to be proud of him." It was his face on fire now.

"Thanks, coach. I know exactly what you mean." I was a little embarrassed for him, but also proud of what he said. He never really became a father-figure for me, but it got pretty close at times.

"So long, buddy."

That night was the best night of my entire high school career. Do you remember it? You asked me what to wear that night. That was the first time you ever did that. My heart started racing the second you asked. I hoped you didn't notice my face. I knew immediately what I wanted — the blue gown you wore on your seventh anniversary. I mentioned it, and I could tell you were really surprised at that.

"You want me to wear that? I'm not even sure I could fit in it anymore," you said.

"Well, it's ok if you don't want to," I lied.

"No, I'll try it. Ok, you go get ready, and if that doesn't work, I'll let you know," you said.


I went upstairs to take a shower and jerk off. The thought of you in that dress had my hormones in overdrive. I knew it hugged your ass tightly, and your ass was your finest feature. You have nice, big, firm breasts, but those cheeks, as you well know, stick out like a shelf from your lower back. They defy gravity.

As I stroked my cock, taking my time, imagining my hands all over you, my teeth biting your neck, tongue in your ear, whispering really naughty things and telling you exactly what position would be next, I never heard the door open. All of a sudden, I heard a gasp.

"Hey, um, listen, the dress will be fine. I just wanted to let you know," you said. You were standing just inside the bathroom door.

"OH! Oh, ok, Mom!" I turned away from the frosted glass. I was terrified you had seen my shadow or something.

"Sorry I didn't knock, I'm too used to all those hotel rooms and being alone. Just didn't think. Please...carry on," you said. I thought I heard a slight smile in your voice.

"Uh...ok, Mom...will do..." I had no idea what was going on at that point. You closed the door, and I looked down. My cock was about the size of a small stack of dimes. I sighed, and reached for the shampoo.

The rest of that evening is just a series of momentary snapshots for me. Driving you to the restaurant, trying not to stare at your left leg, exposed to the thigh by the slit up the side. Putting my hand around your waist as you stepped through the front door. You turned to me with a smile and a raised eyebrow. I took my hand away when the maitre-d' grabbed the menus and took us to our table. When she said, "Mr. ________, party of 2?" I looked over at you and said, "Yes." That word meant a great many things to me at that moment.

Sitting at the table, watching your eyes close in delight as the ahi tuna entered your lips. Those lips dragging across the fork as the last piece of cheesecake was consumed. I wanted to put my entire body in your mouth. I was paralyzed with lust for you.

I knew I was being obvious, but the food was overwhelming me, the glass of wine you allowed me to have ("if you can get killed in combat, you can have a glass of wine, for Pete's sake") was going straight to my head, and I would have done anything to see just a glimpse of your panties.

The drive home was depressing. I knew the night was over. When we walked into the house, you took off your heels with a sigh of delight.

"I know these make my legs look good, but I'll be damned if I can find a comfortable pair I can wear for longer than an hour without getting cramps," you complained.

"Yeah, they really do make your legs look amazing," I said. I almost wanted to slap my hand to my mouth. I couldn't believe I said that out loud.

"Really?" Your eyes sparkled at the compliment.

"Um, yeah, sure." I tried to blow it off, but you knew there was so much more to it than that.

"Exactly how do they make my legs look good?" You bent down to put them back on.

"No, don't they hurt? You don't have to do that."

"No, I want to know. I've always been curious why men like heels so much." You slipped the second one on. What you did next will live in my memory until the last day I take breath.

You turned to the wall. We were standing in the hallway just inside the front door. You put your hands on the wall, and brazenly stuck your ass out at me. You locked your knees tightly. The dress actually rose up a good two to three inches because your ass-cheeks were so prominent.

"Ok, so, using your words as I know you can, what is it that just changed?"

I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Uh, Mom, this is kinda' weird." I actually had a scared feeling inside. I was being given so much of what I desired and thought about for so many years. I didn't know what I was afraid of, but I was terrified.

"Baby, it's ok. I just need a little positive reinf***ement. I haven't had much of that lately. Traveling's fun and all, but the bars are all full of opportunists. I'm not like that. I spend the entire time working, watching TV in the room, sl**ping, and working out in the hotel gyms — when they have them. That's my whole life. I haven't had a man compliment me in years, not one I could trust to mean it without an agenda. I would really appreciate this — it would mean a lot to me." Your voice broke a little at the end.

"Uh...ok, Mom. What do you want me to do now?" I was breathless. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew those were two radically different things.

"Just tell me what you notice right now. Why you think my legs look better with heels on," you explained.

"Ok. Well, for some reason, when you straightened your legs, the muscles in your thighs and calves really stood out. That made these shadows appear between the muscles. That just...looks really nice," I stammered, hoping I wasn't revealing what my heart and my mind were screaming.

"Ok, that's nice. What else?" You were really pushing me. Do you remember this?

"Um, well, the dress really...hugs your body. It shows that you're in great shape, which is attractive." Oh shit. Now I did it. Did I really just say "attractive"?

"Oooh, I like that. I like being considered attractive by a boy...I'm sorry, a man, who has almost every girl in high school after him," you teased.

"That's not true, Mom, " I said.

"Yes it is. But back to me. What else?"

"Wow, Mom, go fishing much?" I asked.

"Only if I get a lot of bites," you said. That made me blush. And I knew that you saw it, because you chuckled. That low laugh almost made me grab you.

"Well, ok, you asked for it. Your...um, rear end...makes your dress rise up when you stand like that. And, well, I don't know if I should say this, but that dress is so tight it's impossible to see if you're wearing any panties, which, well..." I faded out.

"Which what?"

"Well...jeez, Mom, this is really weird...it makes me wonder if you're..."


"Ifyourewearinganypanties," I blurted out.

"Whoa, buster, I thought we were talking about my legs here," you laughed.

"Mom!" I was getting uncomfortable.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin our evening. I am so, so sorry," you said sadly. You turned around and smoothed the dress down.

"NO! I mean, no, Mom, you didn't. This was a great night, the best night ever, really." I didn't want to see you upset, and frankly, even with the teasing (maybe even because of the teasing) it really was the best night of my life ...up until that point.

"Good. Ok, now, seeing as how I took you out to dinner, I think I deserve a good night kiss."

I just stared at you. Did you mean a mom-son kiss, or a date kiss?

You looked me in the eyes.

"Baby, I'm going to do something...a little naughty. And I know I shouldn't. But I'm going to anyway. And this will be the only time this ever happens. But tonight was a very special night for me, something I've needed for a long time, and I want this night to be memorable for you too. Your team won the championship. Instead of hanging out with the team at Arby's, you went out with your Mom. You could be partying at someone's house — while their parents are on vacation, no doubt — and making out with some gorgeous cheerleader. I saw how they watch you, don't think I didn't notice that. But you're here with me." Your eyes were getting shiny. It looked like you were about to cry.

"It's ok, Mom. I wanted to do this."

"I know you did, baby, and I think, just maybe, I know why," you announced cryptically. "But we'll talk about that later. Right now, we need to give each other a kiss goodnight, and then I need to go to bed. I have to fly out again tomorrow, hopefully for the last time." You held out crossed fingers as you stepped closer.

I looked down at you, and you looked at me. Your hand went around the back of my head, and I put my hands on your hips, drawing you closer. Your eyes closed, and so did mine.

Our lips touched, and we staying there for a moment. I would say that I don't remember who opened their mouth first, but that's a lie. It was me. If this was going to be a one-time event, I had to know what your tongue felt like. I just had to know.

I opened my lips just a tiny bit and snuck the tip of my tongue out.

I felt your tongue exploring back.

We both took a massive breath in. I don't think either of us expected such a pheromonic response. Our bodies were telling us to make a baby, right then, right there. Evolution demanded it. For some bizarre, inexplicable reason, we were a perfect chemical match.

Our kiss got stronger. I pulled your hips closer until you were up against me. My cock was rock hard. I knew you could feel it, and I no longer cared. You moaned as you came into contact with my body. Your hands were pulling my head closer, fingers running through the short hairs on my neck, giving me shivers and making my legs shake.

I had never felt this powerful passion before in my life.

We broke away. You turned to the side, surreptitiously wiped your lips with your fingers from the juicy making out, and said brokenly, "Oh, um, wow, ok, holy— that was nice. Um, I need to go to bed now. Goodnight." You almost ran up the stairs. Still in your heels. I watched your ass bounce up and down as you climbed, wishing my face was buried in it.

I immediately took my cock out of my pants. Fuck going to my room. I was going to empty my balls right there on the tile. I knew you were not coming down again. I thought that maybe I had made you mad, but I also knew something else was going on, that some — some, thank God — of the feelings I felt were reflected back.

I never felt a longer, harder cock in my life. It took one lick of my palm — the scent of my saliva immediately reminded me of us kissing like lovers — and less than ten strokes of my cock before I exploded on the floor. I groaned and whispered, "Mom."

Then I cleaned up the mess and went to bed.
I think we both felt really awkward after that. I felt bad, I think you felt worse. The guilt and shared shame at knowing we wanted each other so badly really took a toll on our relationship for a while. I know I avoided you for weeks, spending all my free time at friends. I think I played more video games that month than I ever had before.

I remember exactly what broke the ice. It was your promotion.

"Hey! HEY! Come downstairs, right away!" You had just gotten home from another trip.

I thought I was in deep trouble for something. "Ok, Mom, be right down," I called. I was right in the middle of, yes, masturbating about you again. It seemed like every time I was home alone, that's about all I did. I tried to will my erection away, put on some really baggy shorts and a tank top and went downstairs.

"We are going out to dinner again tonight, because...wait for it...I got the promotion! I'm not traveling any more!" You had the biggest grin on your face.

"Wow, Mom, that's fantastic news!" I walked over to give you a big hug. I felt your body stiffen for a moment when we came together, and I worried that I upset you, but then your whole body softened against me. I felt your breath on my neck, and it made my arm hair rise.

"Oh, baby, isn't it the best news ever! Between your acceptance to the college being so close, and no more travel, we'll be able to spend some quality time together. It's been too long." We were still hugging. I was milking the moment for all it had. We so rarely had physical contact, especially after the dinner night.

"Yes, that is awesome news. Do you want to go to the same restaurant?" My cock was rising because we were still hugging.

"Yes, I think so. That's our special place now," you murmured, lips about half an inch away from my skin. I got even harder. I felt you lean in closer, and my cock made contact with your upper thigh. I tried not to gasp — you pushed your thigh against it even harder. Was it on purpose? It had to be.

"What should I wear this time?" you asked.

"Um, uh, well, whatever you want. Your choice." I couldn't think. I was about to explode in my shorts. I thought about road-kill, grandma naked, shooting terrorists in Call of Duty, whatever I could to keep that from happening. And then you began very very slowly to move your thigh up and down.

"Oooh, my choice? Ok, I think I know just the thing. How about...no, I'll keep it a surprise. And I want you to wear the suit you wore for Aunt Ellen's wedding. It should still fit, that was only three months ago." Up, and down. Up, and down.

I moved away quickly before my nuts drained.

"Sure, Mom, no problem." I started to walk upstairs.

"Baby?" you called.

"Yeah?" I turned around.

"I am really excited to go on a date with you again." Your eyes flashed down really quickly to my cock outlined at this point through my shorts. I thought I might have imagined it, but I chose to believe it anyway.

"Me too, Mom. Me too."

I went upstairs and took a shower. For some reason, I chose not to stroke off. I liked the excited feeling I had, and I knew it would be drained if I exploded under the water.

I changed into the suit, tied, re-tied, and re-tied my tie again until it finally fell just half an inch past my belt. Black belt, black wingtips. Brushed my hair, teeth, and I was ready.

When I got downstairs, I took a seat in the f****y room and booted up a game. I knew it would be a while before you were ready.

"Hey baby?" you called.

"Yeah, mom."

"Can you come help me, please?"

"Sure, I'll be right up." I gulped. I paused the game. What would I see up there? My imagination ran wild. There was that erection again. The thing was like my shadow.

When I walked into your room, you were standing in front of the full-length mirror. Your hair was piled up high on your head in curls, with little wisps on each side of your face. It was very anime, but still appropriate for your age.

I wanted to plunge my canine teeth into your neck. It was a disturbing, predatory thought, and I banished it immediately. Too many anime vampire video games...

"What do you need me to do?" I asked.

"Zip me up, please."

That's when I noticed the dress. It was black, very black, made out of some sort of velvet or something. It absorbed all light striking it completely. The zipper was down just above your waist. It was tight all down your torso and hugged your hips, and it had a flared skirt in some sort of pleats. The skirt ended above your knees. Rather...high...above your knees.

I stepped up closely behind you. I reached down and held the fabric under the zipper. I held the zipper and slowly moved it upwards. As I did that, I noticed your ass started poking out at me more and more.

By the time I reached the top, your butt came into contact with my crotch. I couldn't tell how much was fabric, and how much was skin.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I just didn't want the zipper to break — this is a great dress, but not very expensive. The zippers break on these things all the time. It helps if I stretch that way while you do that. I should have warned you."

"It's ok, Mom." The hottest part? We didn't separate while you explained everything. We just...stood there. I looked over your shoulder at your eyes in the mirror. You looked back at me. My hands went down to your waist, and I slowly pulled you in tighter to me. I saw your eyes close, and you went up on your toes, then back down again, caressing the hardness sliding in your cheek-cleavage. Then you pulled away quickly.

"Um, ok, please go downstairs. I'll be down in just a minute." Your chest was heaving and your nostrils were flaring a little. Your cheeks looked like red LEDs.

"Sure, Mom."

I was certain now. You wanted me as much as I wanted you. I had no idea what to do about it. I didn't want anything to change between us, but my entire life-focus became concentrated on getting a very insistent part of me back where my entire self had come from so many years ago. I had no plan, I had no courage either...but I had something far more valuable. Hope.

The beginning of dinner actually went by rather anti-climactically. There was no teasing, no innuendoes. We just...talked. I think since you knew you would be home so much more, you started to open up about how hard all of that travel had been. I never really knew the extent of your loneliness. I felt bad for not really thinking about it before. We opened up to each other that night.

You asked me about girls, and I mentioned some I had been dating for a while. I noticed that the longer I talked about them, the more agitated you became. You asked fewer questions, but they became rather pointed. I decided to go for broke. It was now or never.

"So, yeah, they're cute and all, but...they just never hold my attention."

"Oh yeah? What does, then?" you asked sharply. You weren't looking at me. The conversation about girls had you drinking from your wine glass frequently. You ordered another bottle.

"There's someone I've had my eye on for a long time, but...I'm not sure she would be receptive. And she probably doesn't think about me in that way at all." Opening gambit. Pawn to D4. Whatever, I didn't know anything about chess, but it sounded good in my mind.

"Really? I find that very difficult to believe. Who is this girl, if I might ask?" Your eyes turned back to me.

"Well, number one, she's not a girl. She's actually a bit older. And number two, I'm not sure I should tell you." Pawn takes pawn.

"Oh, come on, baby, you know you can tell me anything. Who is this older woman? A teacher? It better not be a teacher!" You laughed, and had another swallow. Your face was flushing, I knew you was getting tipsy. It emboldened me.

"No, not a teacher. I mean, she's definitely someone who could teach me a lot of things. In fact, she already has, for a while now." Pawn takes bishop.

"Hmm. This is a true mystery. Not a teacher, yet teaches you. Older woman, not a high-schooler. Oh my God, is it a neighbor? Mrs. Cuttle?!" You were smiling hugely now, certain you hit the mark. I performed a lot of chores for Mrs. Cuttle. She was about twenty five years old, and smoking hot. Her husband paid top-dollar for car washes, lawn mowing, and anything else he needed. Like you, he was out of town on business a lot. Mrs. Cuttle had worn some pretty revealing things around me a couple of times, but I never got any sort of vibe from her.

"No, although I wouldn't mind getting a kiss or two from her. She's really hot." Pawn takes knight.

That rattled you. You looked away again. "Yes, she is, isn't she. Well, she should enjoy being in her twenties as long as she can. Once you hit thirty, it's all downhill." You fly-cast for sympathy. Well, it wasn't going to be that easy.

Ok, that's a lie. It was totally going to be that easy. I was desperate to let you know how I felt about you. And you knew it. Bishop takes pawn. Women!

"Mom, she cannot hold a candle to you. Do you have any idea how hard you work out? She's, what, twelve years younger than you? You look the same age. Seriously, no— " I stopped myself.

"It's ok, baby, you can curse around me. I know you do it with your friends. I hear you on the phone, and especially when you're playing on the Xbox. But do you really think that? I know my boobs are bigger." You took a deep breath and they pushed out your dress marvelously. The deep cleavage held a teardrop silver pendant, nestled deep in the soft flesh. Saliva flooded my mouth. Bishop takes knight.

"Yeah, and your ass— " Stopped again. Now I had the Santa cheeks.

"What about my ass?" Bishop takes castle. I was going down, hard. And I didn't give a shit.

"Your ass makes my hands itch, my heart race, and my eyes burn." There. Laid it all out. To hell with the consequences. I figured if you were offended, I could play it off on the wine (I only had one glass, but you'd never remember that). Castle takes bishop.

"OH! Oh...my goodness." You sipped your wine to give yourself some time to recover. There was a silence.

"Mom, I'm sorry, I— " I started.

You interrupted quickly. "No, baby, it's ok. It's totally ok. Don't worry about it. I've known you've looked at me that way for a long time now." You continued to look away, but sneaked a glance at me. Queen takes castle.

"You have?" I buttered some bread, not hungry in the slightest anymore. Not for food, anyway.

"Oh yes. Do you think I haven't heard you in your room? You can get kinda' loud. And there have been a couple of times when I've come back right after leaving and you didn't know I was in the house. Baby, I've heard you...calling out for me...while you're..." She stopped.

"While I'm what, Mom?" I pushed you, trying to save my king. Castle threatens queen.

"While you're stroking that long, thick cock, whispering 'Mom' over and over. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?" You licked a finger tip, and circled the top of your wineglass, making a ringing noise almost below hearing. You were playing me as you played the glass, making my whole body resonate with your delicious words. King takes castle.

I couldn't speak. My cock was about to explode. My own Mom was making an undeniable pass at me, her own son. She wanted to fuck me. There was no way I could be mistaken about that. Was that going to happen tonight? I had to find out.


"Yes, my sweet baby." Finger circling, circling.

"Can we go home now?"

"Yes. I think we should. Right. Now."


Queen takes king.


You reached over and stroked my cock through my pants as I drove. I asked you to stop after about two minutes and just as many close accidents. You giggled and said you'd be good. Then you raised your skirt. You had a garter belt on, and black silk stockings. You slowly stroked your bare, smooth upper thighs. I kept my eyes on the road resolutely, only staring when we stopped at red lights. There was no way I was going to let a car accident blow this chance.

"Oh my God, seriously, I must be really d***k. I can't believe I'm doing this. I am shamelessly showing my body to my own son. But my God, baby, you are so hot. Do you have any idea how hot you are? Your body is absurd. You're 18 years old, you play football. You're, like...the ultimate sex toy for women my age. I cannot believe Mrs. Cuttle hasn't taken advantage of you." Stroking, stroking. Your fingers got closer and closer to your panties. They were black, with dark magenta satin lace, and so fucking tiny. It was clear you waxed.

"No, she hasn't. But you know what?" I asked.

"What, baby? ...God, are we home yet?" You moaned. Your fingers dug into the deep crease between your thighs.

"Well, I was going to say, if you want me to hit on Mrs. Cuttle, I can, just to see what happens." I joked. This was brave, but you seemed to like it too.

"What?! No! I will not have that hot little slut tramping around with my son! If anyone is going to seduce you, it's going to be— " She stopped herself, and I could tell she was afraid of her own thoughts.

"Mom, it's ok. I know what I'm doing. I'm a grown adult. I can make my own decisions," I lied. At that point, I didn't think there was anything I wouldn't say or do to make this dream come to fruition. Too many years...

"Baby, are you sure? There's no going back from this. We have a great relationship. I think I'm taking advantage of you. I know you probably want this more than anything else right now, but how will you feel tomorrow? How will you feel around your friends, or, oh my God, around your Dad when you visit him this summer? This could really be a disaster." As she spoke, I noticed her fingers didn't stop their work.

"Mom." I pulled the car over about 8 blocks away from the house.

"Baby, I want to get home."

"I know, Mom, but this is important." I looked right at her. I took her hands away from her panties and held them.

"Mom, you need to understand that you are the only woman, the only girl I have ever loved, and as far as I can tell, you are going to be the only woman I love this way for the rest of my life. You felt that kiss. You and I were made to be together. I have no idea why that is. It flies in the face of all social convention. I feel bad about it sometimes, but...well, I think of it this way. If I love you this much, if my feelings for you are generating this much love in the world, and I mean genuine love, not just lust or whatever, then God must approve of this. Why would He create this much love if it was so wrong?" I spoke as earnestly as I could, putting all my emotions into it. My eyes welled up.

"Mom, I love you like no other ever will. You made me. You held me inside you for 10 months. You created every cell in my body. I can look at your beauty because you made my eyes. Everything I touch I feel because you made my skin, my nerves and my brain. If I am made to be with you, then so be it. It is what it is, and I don't feel like fighting it anymore."

You were crying very softly. "Baby?"

"Yes, Mom."

"I feel the same way. Let's go home now. I need to show you something."


I put the car in gear, and tried not to race home too quickly. You smoothed down your dress and looked out the side window the whole time. I saw you brush the tears from your eyes a couple of times.

The driveway appeared, and I pulled into the garage.

As I closed the door, you turned to me and said, "Please wait down here for about fifteen minutes. Then come upstairs. First though, give me a kiss. Carefully."

I wasn't sure what you meant by that, but I moved in and our lips met. We tasted each other's tongues, moaning. My hands grasped your butt through the pleats.

I began to raise the skirt, desperate to feel the garters.

You squirmed out of my grasp. "Baby! I said carefully! I have plans for you, and I can't be coerced into dropping them and doing you on the floor right here." You smiled up at me.

"Oh, so that's what that meant. Ok, I'll wait."

"It will be so worth it, I promise." You bit the side of your bottom lip between your teeth and looked at me coyly. I have no idea how I didn't take you right then.

You walked up the stairs. As you took each step, you thrust your hips out to each side, exaggerating your walk. You raised your skirt along the way. Near the top, you bent over straight-legged. Your panties were a g-string in back. Your ass was fully exposed. You slowly stood back up, turned and looked down the stairs at me. I think my mouth was wide open.

"Fifteen minutes, sweet baby boy. Don't be late," you said, smiling. And then you winked and walked away.

That was the longest fifteen minutes of my life. I decided to go into my room and take off my tie and shirt. I put some some suspenders, so thankful I got the fancy option on those pants. I put on a white a-frame (I always hated it when people called them "wife-beaters" — those guys should be castrated, not have a piece of sexy clothing named after them), snapped the suspenders over my shoulders, and watched my alarm clock. Each second felt like a minute. Finally, the time was nigh.

I walked down the hallway, slowly. I knew this was a turning point in my life. I was about to get the woman I most wanted. I hoped that my performance was up to par. I knew it would be difficult not to come too soon. I was nervous, but so excited. It was every Christmas morning of my life all rolled into one moment.

As I entered your room, I noticed candles lit all over. The bed was turned down, and soft music was playing on the stereo. I couldn't see you anywhere.

"Mom? Are you in here?" I asked.

"Yes, baby, I am." You stepped out from behind the mirror. I almost dropped to my knees.

The dress was gone. You still had the garters on, but no panties at all. You had changed into a bustier that did not cover your breasts. They were completely perfect, lifted up and presented as the gifts to mankind they are.

Your hair was down now. You had applied some additional makeup, I wasn't sure what, but your features were darker, your eyes were bigger, and your lips were very red.

"Baby boy?"

"Yes, Mom."

"I want you to do something for me tonight." You looked at me intently.

"What is it?"

"For the rest of tonight, I don't want either of us to forget what our relationship really is. I'm not going to use your name. Every time I refer to you tonight, you're going to be my sweet baby boy, my son, the man I gave birth to eighteen years ago. I don't want us to forget that fact, in what we're about to do. No pretending that this is socially ok, that we're not related. We ARE related. I am your mother. And when you're deep inside me, I'm going to remind you of that, over and over, until you come inside the very woman who made you. Do you understand?"

"Oh God, Mom, you have to stop talking, please. I'm about to come, right now." I was shaking. I could not believe this was happening. I thought I was having a heart attack. My bl**d was some sort of thick oil, pushing through my arteries at glacial speed.

"Shhhh, baby." You walked up to me. "Shhhh, it's ok. Here, hug mommy. I'm going to take such good care of you. It's ok, relax." We hugged. You pulled my head down into your neck. I breathed in your perfume. Your nipples cut tiny little holes in my chest. I was totally lost in you.

"I love you, baby boy. I loved you the instant I learned I was pregnant with you. Every single day that has passed since then, I have loved you twice as much as the day before. You are the most special person in the world to me. If the world allowed it, I would be your wife. I know how you feel. I've known for years. A mother always knows. It has taken huge self-control not to give in to my own desires for you. I traveled so much to give us space, to be away from you and not so tempted all the time. Baby..." You stopped.

"What, Mom?"

"I've been in love with you since you were about fifteen. Your dad thought I was seeing someone else. That's what started all our fighting. He could tell I wasn't interested in him anymore. I couldn't tell him it was you. I couldn't tell anyone...until now. It was so wrong. I mean, not only were you u******e, you were my own son! I felt...sick! But the truth is, I am totally in love with you. I am so proud of every single thing you do, all the nice things you do for me, for your friends...for Mrs. Cuttle..." She teased, smiling.

"Mom, you're the light of my life. I would marry you too, if I could."

"I know, baby. Since we can't do that, let's consummate our love anyway. Only we will know."

"Mom, I have to know something first." I was afraid to ask, but the question had to be answered.

"What, baby love?"

"Is this a one-time thing? I mean, it's ok if it is, but I need to know so that I don't get disappointed tomorrow, or next week...you know what I mean?" I looked right in her eyes, an extremely difficult thing to do with those breasts right in front of me.

"Baby, look at them. It's ok, stare all you like. We can totally talk while you look at my body. I want you to." She held my held with her hands and aimed my eyes at her chest. She lifted them up with her hands, displaying them to me. "There. Is that better? Look right at them, Drink them in. Do you like them? I really hope so, because...well, baby...they belong to you now. They're yours. No, this is not a one-time thing. I have thought about tonight for years. It took me the last six months to make the final decision. If we're going to do this — and we are, baby love, we are going to fuck all night, and all day, and the next night too, you are going to be inside you own mother for days on end, my gorgeous baby boy — then this is permanent. We're going to love each other the rest of our lives. If you'll have me." You reached up with your mouth and kissed my cheek. I was still staring at your tits.

"YES, Mom, yes, forever. I love you forever."

"Good. Now kiss me."

That kiss was the best kiss of my life, and that's saying something, because I've been with you for almost twenty years now, and our sex life has never skipped a beat. We've experimented with a lot of crazy stuff — remember that weekend in Amsterdam when we hired those sex workers to pretend they were a mother and son too? — but nothing has ever topped that first kiss as true lovers, knowing I'd be with you always.

Our clothes melted off. I was no longer really capable of coherent thought. You knew that, and took charge, your experience allowing you to survive the onslaught of lust and passion a bit better than me — but not by much. You were shaking too. I held you in my arms, standing in the middle of the room, candlelight on our naked bodies. You drew lines around my muscles with your fingers, sucking them into your mouth like I was made of honey. I knelt down in front of you, my head against your stomach, my arms around your waist. You caressed my hair, whispering over and over, "I love you, baby boy. I love you so much, baby love."

When we got in bed, I don't think either of us could wait any more. You reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube.

"I am so wet for you right now, but I'm going to use this lube too. Do you know why?" you asked.

"No, why?" I was wondering about it.

"Because we are going to fuck so much and so long, and it is going to be so good, we won't be able to stop, even if we get really sore. This lube will help us last a lot longer. I'm going to use a lot. And baby?"

"Yeah, mom?"

"I have plenty, whole bottles, so if you want to put it all over me tonight, or tomorrow, if you want to just cover me in it and make my skin shine and run your hands all over my slippery body, feel free. I would love that." We kissed again. You were killing me slowly.

Your hands put the lube all over my cock. I reached down quickly.

"Stop, mom, your hands...I'm gonna' come," I gasped.

"Oh! Baby! Put it in me right now, it's ok, go ahead and come, but do it inside me! We have all night — I know it's really hard for you. It's ok!"

I moved between your legs. You drew your knees up to your chest, completely exposing your pussy to me. It was dripping with your juices. My cock was shiny with lube. It was time.

"Oh baby, come to mommy. Come back where you came from...please, please, baby boy," she pleaded with me. Your eyes demanded satisfaction. Your hand wrapped around my waist, pulling me in. Your fingers spread your lips open.

I reached down and aimed my fat, purple mushroom-head, sliding it into your lips. I knew that I was going to come the moment I entered you.

"Baby boy, my son, my beautiful, beautiful son, kiss me as you enter me, oh, please..." you asked.

I lined up with your entrance, leaned down, slid my tongue into your mouth as my cock entered your body.

I came instantly.

So did you.

I didn't expect that. I was so worried about coming so fast, I didn't understand that all of your pleading was for a reason — you were holding off coming until I was inside you too. You had been on the edge the entire time you were preparing the room, lighting candles, getting undressed. If you had touched yourself once, you would have exploded. It was so hard not letting your hands anywhere near your pussy.

Your head arched back, and you didn't exactly scream, but the sound was something more than just a moan. It was a release, an expression of so much pent-up emotion and repressed desire and frustration with the impossibilities for the past three years.

I had never come like that before. There were barely any contractions, just this long stream of hot come rising out of my balls and lighting the way like a stream of hot wax all the way up my cock and into your sex. I could feel slight pauses as my body continually applied pressure to get all of that come out of me.

I don't know how long that lasted, but I was also amazed when you came again about 30 seconds into my orgasm. I guess feeling all that hot come filling you up set you over the edge.

"Baby!" you gasped.

"What, Mom?" I was concerned. You were still coming, but you had a strange look on your face, like you were worried about something. I continued moving in and out slowly, still rock hard, still coming a little bit.

"Baby! I have to...oh my God, I think I'm going to come again, that's three...Oh my God, I have to tell you...oh God...oh my GOD!" You came again. I was blown away. I'd never heard of multiple orgasms like this before. We kissed deeply.

You pushed me up so you could see me again, your hips rocking against me, shoving your pussy onto my cock over and over.

"No, seriously, I have...oh God that feels so fucking good, please don't stop, don't stop...I have to tell you something really...FUCK that's sooooo good, oh my God, wait, ok, wait, stop, stop, just for a second, stop moving!" you begged.

I stopped.

We were both panting. Your face was beet red, your upper chest flush with bl**d. Your nipples were so hard.

"I have to tell you something really important!" You kissed me.

"Ok, what, Mom? Are you ok?" I was getting really worried now.

"Yes, I'm totally fine, oh my God, I am so excellent right now. But...well, there's something I...Oh God, I really hope...I don't want to ruin this, but you HAVE to know." You pulled my face down and kissed me again.

"Mom, I love you. There's nothing I would not do for you. I would die for you. Whatever it is, it's going to be ok. Please tell me." I kissed you.

"No, ok, stop kissing me, or we'll start fucking again. Ok. Let me catch my breath." You paused for a minute or two, just looking at me, then looking away again. After a bit of time passed, you started moving against me very slowly. "Oh my God, you are so gorgeous, I can't stand it. I am the luckiest woman in the world right now. Just...slide it in and out, but really, really slowly. Damn, that is such a nice, thick cock. Oh, my God. Keep moving, I can't get through this without you fucking me. This is the scariest thing I've ever done in my life."

"What? Having sex with me? Your own son?" I smiled. I felt your pussy contract when I said it.

"Oh my God, you are so bad. That is so hot when you say that. Ok, so..." Your hand reached down to slowly stroke your clit, and your other hand came up to hold my cheek.

"When I tell this to you, I'm going to come. I can't help it. Oh God, I love you so much. I'm scared, and I'm hornier than I've ever been in my life. Baby...my baby love..."

You paused.

"You're not wearing a condom."

You paused again.

"And I'm not on the pill."

Another long pause. The feel of your pussy on my cock was making my balls expand again.

"Listen...listen to me...you could be...unnnh, unnnh, oh yes, just like that, right there, holy fuck I am totally addicted to your cock already....ok, listen to me, you could be making me pregnant RIGHT NOW. And...oh, oh God...here it comes...oh shit, here it comes, baby, oh shit, this is SUCH a big one, oh, oh, oh, oh my God, oh, oh, listen: I WANT to have it. I want to have your baby! Do you hear me?! I want you to put a fat, beautiful fucking baby deep inside meeeeee!" And that just set you off. Your last word escalated into a high-pitched scream.

I kept going, right at the same speed, slowly and steady, but with a lot more pressure. Each thrust had my whole body behind it. I was afraid of hurting you, but I trusted you'd tell me if that happened. All I wanted was to make you feel as good as I could. I watched your tits bounce with each thrust. I wanted to devour your entire body.

And I wanted you huge with my c***d.

I didn't care about consequences. I didn't care about my Dad. I didn't care about school. All I cared about was watching your belly expand, drinking your milk from your huge engorged breasts... I couldn't think of anything else but holding your hand as we crossed the street, men staring at your exposed, sexy belly and huge, tight tits in a tank top. Knowing you were all mine. Knowing I was all yours.

"Mom, you BETTER get pregnant. If not tonight, tomorrow night. And if not then, the night after." I started punctuating my words with long, deep thrusts. "I am going...to keep shoving this...rock hard cock...deep into you...until you make me...a father to our c***dren." I was getting really close.

"Oooooh, baby, I love it when you talk like that, yes, oh yes, don't ever stop loving me. Baby, I can feel you getting close...are you getting close, baby boy?" Your hands were pulling my ass into you.

"Yes, Mom, yes I am."

"Mommy, baby, please, call me mommy."

"Yes, mommy, I am so close. I love you so much, mommy. Do you want a girl, or a boy?"

"I don't care, as long as it's yours. Do you really meant it? You want to make me pregnant? Your own...oh God, I think I'm going to come again, this just isn't possible, NONE of this can really be happening, oooooh, fuck, your cock fits so fucking perfectly inside me, right to the bottom, ooooh, shit, do you feel that? That's the fucking entrance to my womb, that's how deep my baby-love's cock goes.... Your own mother? You want to make your own gorgeous, sexy, horny-for-her-own-son mommy pregnant with your own c***d? You are such a good mother-fucker, you are taking such good care of me...OH! OH! YES!" Another one.

My answer was to lean down, kiss you deeply, and explode a gigantic load of come inside you. There was so much, it leaked out between us, running thickly down my cock and your thighs, all the way down your ass-crack, a hot river flowing past your sensitive back door.

I collapsed on top of you. You held me closely, stroking my hair again.

"Baby, I kinda' hope that was it, but I kind of don't," you murmured. "I want to keep trying. I want to keep hoping that each time we do this, you're fucking a baby into me. I'm sorry about my language, but DAMN I feel so strongly about this, it's the only way—"

I interrupted you with a kiss. "I understand entirely. I feel the same way. I can't believe I am fucking my own mother." Just saying it started to make me hard again.

"Oooh, baby, I can feel it, are you getting hard for mommy again? Is your hot mommy making you excited? Is my hot mommy-body getting your balls full? Does knowing that I want my sweet baby boy's cock in my mouth, my pussy and...yes, baby love, my ass, deep in my ass, mmmm, I can't wait for that...does knowing that on top of shoving all that hot baby-come inside me make you want to fuck your hot little mommy again?" Your words drove me insane.

With a roar I flipped you over, pulled your hips up, and drove into you fiercely, The thrusts were so hard you had trouble breathing in between them. You reached over and grabbed the lube, thrusting it back at me.

"All over my back, on my ass, on your cock, right now!" you demanded.

I sprayed lube all over you. I squirted right on your ass, in between the bouncing cheeks. It coated my cock, made it all almost frictionless.

"Mommy, I'm gonna'....gonna'..." My teeth gritted, every muscle locking up. My hips thrust madly.

"What is it, baby? I'm your mommy, you can tell me anything. I love you...go ahead and tell mommy what's going to happen now."

"Oh my God, I'm going to come deep inside you. It's...mommy, my balls hurt, you're making me too excited..." It was true. I was in pain from the intensity.

"Oh baby-boy, I'm sorry, I really am, I'm sorry you're hurting right now, but I'm not going to stop. I can't. I'm serious, I can't stop. And, well, I don't really think you want me to, even if it does hurt." You shoved your ass back on me, hard. I winced. It hurt. I thrust harder. "I really would stop if I could, but you're just too fucking hot, I want a baby too much, and I want you to come deep in my pussy. Give me that hot come, right now!!"

"Oh, mom, it's here...I'm going to....holy shit, I don't know if I can..." I didn't really get what was going on. It didn't feel good, exactly. It felt kind of like a seizure or something. I was no longer in control of my body. I kept thrusting, but my arms lost strength and my hands got weak.

You looked back at me and saw my face. "Here, shhhhhh, baby-boy, here, just relax, stop, I'll do it, let mommy do it for you. I want to take care of my baby-love," you whispered. I slowed down, and finally stopped moving, my hands resting lightly on your hips. Something about the way your skin felt under my hands made the come start boiling over. You pushed your tight, hot bubble-ass back at me slowly. It bounced and jiggled each time I hit bottom. I couldn't look away. "Here, this will help get all that baby-making sperm to where it belongs." You pushed back deeply and firmly, pausing each time I bottomed out. "You've got to go really deep, honey, so we get every drop into my womb, so we can make a f****y together. I can't wait to see you as a father. You're going to be so good for our k**s. The best dad ever." Your hand reached down and lightly stroked my nuts, then you slowly squeezed them. "Does that help, honey-baby? Does that help you make me a mommy again?"

That did it. Your words and your fingers put me over.

"Mommy...I'm coming." Lights exploded behind my eyes as I closed them. I went somewhere else."Yessss, baby, I can feel it. Ooooh, that is so much hot come. Do you always come this much, this many times? How can you have any come left? Oooooh, I am so full, baby, look how full I am!" you exclaimed proudly. You reached down with your hand, scooping up the come and juices dripping from between our bodies. Your fingers came up by your face, glistening with our combine love.

"Baby-boy, watch momma." You looked back at me, and then you licked your fingers, sucking them into your mouth. I started groaning and grunting. I was done coming, but the fucking excitement you were causing was just too much. I kept thrusting.

"Mmmmm...you taste so good. I can't wait to get that straight from your cock. And baby-boy?"

"Yes, mommy."

"I love you."

"I love you too, mom. More than anything."

"Oooh, that's good, baby-bear, because we have a long night ahead of us. And I am never, ever letting you go."

"Yes, oh God, just like that. That feels so much better." His hands were covered in frictionless lube, smearing it all over the giant, round dome of tummy sticking up from the bed. Only one more month to go. He thought back to the early days.

"Mom! I'm home!" he shouted as he walked through the garage door.

"Come on up, sweetie!" she called out.

He set his lunch bag and backpack down and walked upstairs.

As he entered her room, she walked over to him and kissed him. She was wearing a negligee and heels, like she did almost every afternoon he came back from work. "Baby-bear? I want to suck your cock right now. Can I do that?" she asked sweetly. His cock, already hard from anticipation on the drive hom, got a little bit harder.

"Sure, Mom, but let me just take a second to get cleaned up. I'm kinda' sweaty."

"Ok, if you need do, but make it quick. I'm hungry for my baby." She licked her lips.

He went in the bathroom and used a washcloth to get himself presentable.

He walked back out completely naked.

"Oooh, that's what I like. My baby boy all bare for me. And look at the present you brought me!" Whenever she talked like this, it made it difficult not to come too quickly.

"Damn, Mom. Where did you learn to talk like that?"

"Well, all your MILF magazines have educated me quite a bit. The rest I've improvised. I guess I have a talent for it." She got down on her knees and fisted him. "Just like my talent for sucking all that hot juice from those big balls of yours. Damn, boy, I made such a nice cock for myself. I should pat myself on the back." She leaned forwards and pulled the hard piece of him down to smack herself behind her right shoulder.

He laughed. "Wow, Mom, you really are crazy sometimes. So, what's the occasion?"

"Do I..." Suck. Pop. "Need a." Suck. Pop. "Special occasion?" She hollowed her cheeks, pressing the slick, hot inside of her mouth against me.

"Oh, God, no, I just wondered...damn, that feels good...what this was about. Usually we chat and have dinner first."

"Well, I guess there is something, but that will have to wait until a bit later. Right now I need to focus on you." She pulled away and looked up at him. Her blue eyes made his heart race. "I'm going to slide my wet tongue all over this flesh, the flesh I made. All over the veins, this ultra-soft mushroom head, and down to those big fat hanging nuts. I'm going to take them in my mouth and suck on them like a baby on a rattle. Your beautiful fuck-stick is going get covered in my spit. Wanna' watch?" She arched an eyebrow and grinned, fisting him up and down.

"Yes, I definitely want to watch," he said. "Then you know what I want to do."

She shivered. "Oh, baby, no...don't start with that right now, I really want to suck you off, and I can't do that when you talk about...that. It makes me want to fuck you too much." She shivered again. "Damn it! No! I am going to suck your cock!" she almost shouted. Then she slid her lips onto his throbbing organ and tried to mash her face into his crotch.

His dick slid into her throat. He could feel her repressing her gag reflex. When she had first started doing that, it repulsed him, but still made him hard and want to come. They talked about it, and she convinced him that she wasn't doing it because she thought she had to, she was doing it because she knew it felt good for him, and that he'd enjoy it. She suggested that they try it a couple more times and see if he was still turned off (yet turned on...a mystery) and then she'd stop. As it turned out, the talk took away the repulsion and allowed him to simply bask in the feeling of her throat surrounding his cock, massaging the head, and coaxing load after load out of him.

"Oh, Mom...yes, oh, all the way in," he murmured. She reached up with her hands and placed his hands on her head. She pushed his fingers into her hair, making sure they were close to the scalp.

He dug in deeply, getting secure handfuls of hair. He knew that if he got down to the roots, even if he pulled her head roughly, it wouldn't hurt. The pressure would be spread out, and he could guide her head with some f***e. She enjoyed being used that way. He still felt a little guilty about it — but not enough to stop doing it.

He began moving his hips, fucking her mouth. She moaned around him, causing vibrations up and down the length. He was so horny, he didn't think he would last long, and he was right. Within five minutes, he was getting close.

"Mom...it's coming soon. Do you want me to...?" he asked.

Without removing him from her mouth, she nodded her head, making his dick move up and down. "Mmmm-hmmm."

He closed his eyes. She slapped his stomach lightly. He looked down, and she was looking into his eyes. He knew what that meant. He maintained eye contact with her. The come in his balls started to churn. His toes wanted to curl up. His hands gripped her hair even harder. "Oh...oh....Mom!" My Mom, my mother, sucking me off! "Oh, oh shit, here it comes—"

She pulled back, closed her eyes, aimed his cock at her face. Come flew out of the slit, hit her nose, left cheek, chin, and nose again. She laughed, stuck her tongue out and swiped it all over the head as he kept coming. "Oooh, yeah, come all over my pretty face, mark this territory!" She laughed again.

"Jesus, Mom, you are such a fucking porn star!" he yelled. A few more dribbles oozed out of him. She used a hand to wipe his come off of her face while she sucked him back into her mouth, cleaning him off. She moaned as the last traces of come came out of him.

"Oh baby, I love sucking your cock so much," she said, standing back up. She wiped the corners of her mouth with her fingertips, then sucked them clean. "Wow, honey, you're still hard! I think I know exactly what to do with that."

"Yes, I think I do too. We need to perform a certain task." He looked at her with a smile.

"Oooh, baby-boy, what's that? What are you going to do to me?" She put her arms behind her, pushing her tits out at him, and rocked up onto her toes.

"I'm going to lay you down on the bed, and then I'm going to get on top of you in missionary position. Do you know why?" he asked.

"No, " she lied. "Why?"

"Because that way, when I come, all of that really potent sperm will go as deep as it can into you, and that will help it find your egg, so we can make a baby. Our baby. In your hot little womb. So we can start our f****y."

"Oh my God, I love it when you say that. Do you have any idea how wet that makes me?" she asked. "Feel."

He slid a finger into her folds. She was right, she was soaking wet. "Yeah, Mom, that's good. That's exactly what you need to be, so I can get in as fast as possible. Now, get on the bed."

"Yes, sir!"

She pulled the comforter back, along with the blanket and the top sheet. Pushing the roll of fabric all the way down to the bottom of the bed, she prepared everything for the action she knew was to come. She laid down on her back, and pulled her knees back to her shoulders using her hands. Her pussy and asshole opened up to him, entirely exposed, denuded of all hair.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked him with a smirk.

"Oh yes, I like it very much." He got onto the bed on his knees, moving forwards slowly, holding his cock in his right hand and lightly stroking it up and down. "I like it enough to eat it, but that will have to wait until later. I need to be inside you, making our baby." His own words made his heart beat very heavily.

"Oh, God, yes, do it. Do it! Make me pregnant, give me all that come and knock my hot ass up! Please!!" she moaned. She reached down and rubbed her clit.

He got between her legs and leaned down. Her arms went around him. "Oh, baby-boy, I missed you all day today. I couldn't wait for you to get home, so we could do this." She looked up at him, love making her face soft.

"Me too, Mom. Me too." He lined up with her entrance. He knew her so well that he could slide directly into her without any assistance. They were made for each other.

"Ooooh..." A long drawn-out groan came from the beautiful woman below him. "Ooooh, ooooh, God, yes, back where you came from, you bad, bad boy." She smiled and started rubbing her clit again. "Oh, yes, that feels so amazing, honey-bear. Please don't ever stop doing what you're doing."

"I don't think I could even if you wanted me to," he replied. "I'm stuck on you, forever." He moved slowly in and out of her depths. Her walls hugged him. Every time he looked down to see his thick organ bluntly pushing its way into her wet folds, his balls bucked and churned.

He tried to decide which breast to kiss and suck on first.

"The right one, baby, do the right one," she demanded.

"Absolutely." He used his hand to push her tit upwards to expose the sensitive skin on the underside. He licked and kissed her there, carefully avoiding the nipple. It got harder as he moved closer in tightening circles, kissing, kissing, and nipping a little every once in a while to keep things interesting. She was dying.

"Oh, baby-bear, suck on it! Please! Put that fucking nipple in your fucking mouth!" She arched her back as he continued to thrust into her, trying to feed her nipple to him. Her fingers continued to rub her clit in little circular motions, alternated by long strokes with all four fingers pushed tightly against the hood and lips.

"You mean like I used to?" he asked.

"Yes, just like that, when I used to feed my beautiful baby boy. Pretend I'm still keeping you alive with my tits, baby." She reached up and brushed his hair with her hand. Her heart was beating so hard she wondered if he could hear it. They had been trying to get pregnant for almost two months. She didn't care if it took two more years, as long as the continued to do this. Every time they were together, it was so special.

She never experienced anything like this before. She wondered how many other mothers ever got to go through something like this. Not many, I'll bet.

She watched his face get tight as his balls filled up with what she needed. She wondered if today was the day. Her temperature reading that morning was indicative of fertility. She wanted his swimmers to fuck her egg so much. She didn't care if they made triplets, as long as a piece of him grew inside her.

"Oh, Mom...it's...I'm close...do you want me to come?" he asked, his eyes half-closed, breath coming quickly, chest rising and falling, hands gripping the sheets tightly, ass-cheeks flexing, hips pushing, pushing.

She reached up with both hands and stilled his body by taking his face in her palms. "Shhhh, shhhh, slow down, honey. Nice and slow. Go as slow as you can, make it last as long as you can." His body slowed and his cock slid thickly in and out of her slick pussy. Her walls tightened on him as she clenched her pelvic floor.

"Ooooh, God, Mom, when you do that..."

"What, baby-bear? What happens when I do...this?" Clench. She smiled up at him. He couldn't get over that look. It was the look of infinite love, of infinite giving and gratitude.

"It makes my balls so full, they hurt!" he laughed.

"Well, then, baby-love, I think you know what you need to do, don't you?" She pulled his face down and kissed him, then moved her mouth to his ear. She whispered, "You need to plant a baby deep inside me, so deep inside, we won't even see it for months. But eventually, do you know what's going to happen, honey?"

She felt him start coming, but he was going so slowly, it was going to last.

"Ooooh, God, aahhhh, that feels so good...oh, oh, ow, it hurts, don't stop... What's going to happen?"

"My belly is going to start getting bigger. My skin will glow. My tits — these big fucking tits you're sucking on — are going to get really big. Big with milk. Milk for my c***dren." She smiled at him in a very mischievous way. "Both of them."

His hot come was filling her up. She felt it escape out the sides of her pussy, squirting out when he pushed his fat baby-making pole into her. The hot drips ran down onto her tight, hot little asshole, making her shiver. She knew he'd want to clean her up there later. He loved the taste of his own come mixed with her juices and smeared all over her clean, tight back door.

"Mom...oh my God, Mom, I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby. More than you can possibly know."

Thirteen months later, they were on the bed and he was putting lube all over her belly to keep her track marks down and give them a fantastic sexual experience.

"How do I look, baby? Am I nice and shiny for you? Do you like that big fucking belly so full of what you put inside me?" Her words lit him on fire.

"Yes. You know I do." His hands roamed all over her hot flesh. She closed her eyes, entirely high on the oxytocin flooding her bl**dstream.

"Oh, baby, you get me so high," she groaned. Her hands grabbed her tits, kneading the skin, lightly pinching the nipples. She felt each gesture in her pussy as it tightened on his rock-hard shaft.

"Mom, are you sure...oooh, damn, your pussy is so amazing...are you sure you don't want to know the gender?" He held onto her belly and used her body to pull his cock into her.

"Unh...unh...yeah, I'm sure. Why, do you? Have you changed your mind?" she asked. Her fingers played over her nipples, keeping them hard and sensitive.

"Well, no, I just think that we'll be able to plan the nursery better if we know if it's a boy or a girl." His hips moved automatically as they talked. Having sex while they had long conversations was one of his favorite things about making love. Sometimes they talked for hours while bringing her to orgasm over and over.

"Lift up a bit, honey-bear." She slipped a pillow under her ass. "There, that's better. Are you comfy?"

The angle was much better for him now. "Yeah, Mom, thanks, that's a lot easier on my knees. How's your tummy?"

"We need more lube."

"Ha, you always say that!" he laughed. She giggled. He grabbed the bottle and aimed a spray of the silicone-based love-juice all over her, then dropped a string on her clit and his cock as they fucked.

"Ohhh, I love it when you do that, it makes it soooo slippery," she moaned. "Can you fuck me a little harder?"

He put the lube down, reached behind her knees, pushed her legs up towards her armpits, and used his strong, young gluteus muscles to bottom out in her hot, tight pocket. The tip of his cock kept kissing her cervix.

"Oh, oh FUCK, baby, yes, just like that, I'm gonna' come..." Her eyes closed again, she arched her back as much as she could and let the orgasm wash over her. Watching her come, he felt his own orgasm approaching.

"Mom, I'm getting pretty close, what do you want to do?" He kept pounding her roughly, and watched another orgasm move through her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck, you make me come so much, you are SO FUCKING GOOD to your momma, you bad little boy!" She was gasping for breath. "Do you want to come in your mom's pussy? So fucking dirty — such a dirty little boy I have, such a beautiful little motherfucker. Show me how much you love me, honey-bear. Show me how much you love your mommy." She knew he wouldn't last long hearing words like hers.

"Oooh, fuck, Mom, you're so nasty, so gorgeous...yes, YES, oh fuck, take my come, take it! Oh God!" He moaned again and again as his body pulsed and the hot potent seed shot out of his deep red fuck-rod.

She looked at his face contentedly. She knew he'd be ready to go again in less than ten minutes — five if she sucked him off while whispering more nasty things to him. The level of control she possessed over him sometimes frightened her, but she also knew that no one else would ever love her like he did, and he owned her heart as much as she owned his cock. They belonged to each other, heart, soul and sex, and nothing was going to ever change that.

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Fucking HOTTTT ;)
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Romantic,lovely,erotic,and oh, soo hot! Shows just how much you are in love with Mommy! Good Job, LOVED IT!
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Thank you for sharing your story; very sexy.
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so erotic and yet so romantic
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what a nice sweet story
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WOW! All I can say.
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This was soo hot! You are a great writer ;)