Making My Mother Pregnant


I suffer from a pregnancy fetish, I admit. It's been a lifelong affliction, but only recently have I come to embrace this obsession as what makes me who I am. If that labels me as weird or strange, so be it. It's something undeniable I feel I was born with.

I know that's odd for a guy who's just 21, a college football player, and overall a good student who's been told he's a handsome strapping young guy by the few girls he's dated. Most of my friends are terrified of becoming "tied down" to one girl in a marriage, going to many lengths to prevent, what I feel, is a beautiful and timeless honor for any man to share with a woman he so desperately loves. That perspective seems to be pretty much a forgotten prospect these days.

You're probably wondering about the title. Mom's name is Marilyn, and she is a captivating, glowing young woman that just turned 40 last month. It's easy to describe her to you as one of the world's most attractive women, and in my eyes she truly is. Mom stands at 5'6", and carries her rubenesque, hourglass body with the grace and elegance of a classic Hollywood starlet. I emphasize "hourglass" by virtue of its alluring, captivating spell it cast over me as a teenager. Her skin gleams with a lush beige tone-- supple and firm in part to a lifestyle of health and fitness. Her dark brown hair drops about her silky shoulders, cascading downward as if a tropical waterfall at dawn... I swear one day I am hiring a sculptor to cast her as a statue, much like the Romans did in honor of their Goddesses of fertility.

Mom and I are blessed with an openly candid relationship. Much of that came from my father's death when I was all but five, leaving me a nice inheritance that I could only touch upon my 21st birthday, which had just happened. My father held a patent on a chemical invention that left us both with no financial worries, but mom kept her career going as a lawyer, and is now a partner in a prestigious local firm. I have to confess that seeing mom in her sexy tight business suits has been the focus of many late night/early morning jerk offs that got me through the never-ending chaos of my adolescence.

The day I realized I wanted to make my mother pregnant was about six months ago. I had been seeing a girl here at school who reminded me of mom in many ways. I didn't realize their similarities until later. While my passion for both pregnancy and my mother had not yet been realized, it was when I was making love to my girlfriend that I became aware of how deep I was shoving myself into her when I came. It was like stepping out of myself and watching a guy hell bent on sending his seed into the deepest regions of a woman's womb. I lifted her up by those luscious c***d bearing hips-- an a****listic vehemence overtook me-- to reach an even greater depth as the joys of orgasm split my flesh apart. One clear thought suddenly became indisputable... I wanted to knock her up. I wanted to claim her as my own woman, ensuring she would never leave me, EVER. I wanted the f***e of my seed to revoke the potency of the birth control she was on. At that remarkable instant, I had discovered the primal essence of my true self... the fearless bravery of my raw nature to consume, impregnate, and make this woman mine for all eternity.

Of course, the days and weeks passed with no news of conception that I had hoped for. Thankfully, there was good reason why it didn't happen.

After that moment of ecstasy, I started exploring my desires online, spending a lot of time watching porn and reading erotica stories. The videos I watched held a magnificent importance as I imagined the couples fucking each other for the sole purpose of creating a living, breathing testament to their sordid love affair. Stumbling across an erotic story site, I searched for all stories that involved pregnancy, and spent many nights in my apartment masturbating to the awe-inspiring tales of other men planting their seed. It was when I came across a story titled "A Tale of Forbidden Love" that changed absolutely everything.

The story centered on a young guy like myself who was helplessly in love with his mother. By this point in my life, I had buried my teenage urges for mom, scoffing them off as just a passing crush. I sat up to read this story with the zeal of ten thousand men, reading every sacred word of this story's unimaginable romance. My heart beat like no other time in my life, as my breath was shallow with excitement. I had never seen something like this actually put to words... how the author lovingly described every immaculate kiss and embrace. Their relationship was presented in a traditional romantic prose, laced with unconditional love and a purity I had never associated i****t with.

I was fully convinced that this wasn't i****t... this was TRUE love in its deepest form.

My forehead was beading in perspiration, reading how the son was relishing the fulfillment of penetration... how he couldn't believe the luck he had, being back inside the very womb that created him. This was his mother! He was making love to his beloved mother! I took a deep breath and reached for my Vaseline, cupping a generous handful over my throbbing cock.

"His mother," I whispered to myself. "Oh my God."

I shuddered as the first strokes galvanized my fiery will. I promptly went back to the story to read where the mother was affectionately welcoming her son's intrusion. And hell, not just welcoming, but ENCOURAGING him with shocking verbiage. My God, I wasn't ALONE in my thoughts!! I had found someone else who FELT this way. I luxuriated in that surreal reality as it felt so fucking good to delicately stroke my cock, taking my sweet time in my newfound taboo, or should I say-- now my sole purpose in life. Honestly, it felt like I was a virgin all over again.

That night changed my life forever. Figuratively AND literally.


I had to hatch a plan. I started to make up the pros and cons of taking my own mother to bed as my lover. The pros were that she and I already had a very open relationship, and that we could talk about pretty much everything. Mom had even told me about the birds and the bees, doing the job of my father as she wove a wonderful web of enchantment, mystery, and true love. One thing she said that stuck with me was "never take a woman to bed that you wouldn't marry". Oh my God, how true that statement was, especially now. I asked myself over and over again if I could really love my mother as a woman... as my equal. I had to make absolutely sure.

The cons were her career and our lives. If news of this ever got out, everything would be ruined. But with great risk comes even greater reward. I had little convincing to do to myself, but with mom, this would take time and patience. Understanding and sacrifice. Love without conditions.

The first step would be changing the little things. At home one weekend, I started calling her "mother" instead of "mom". I opened the car door for her, cleaned the house and went out of my way for her. I kept my efforts low enough to make her notice, but not say anything. As any guy can tell you, a son truly knows his mother in ways no other man, husband or father can't. I began to think of this as "the perfect seduction".

Mom caught me on the way out the door that Sunday night heading back to college.

"Why did you start calling me 'mother', honey?" she timidly asked.

I smiled, seeing the familiar shimmer of curiosity in her sapphire eyes.

"Because it's respectful-- proper," I answered. "It just... sounds nicer."

Mother returned my smile with one of her own.

"It does, doesn't it?" she responded. "Always the perfect gentleman."

"I love you, mother." I voiced with no smile or smirk... "So much".

She embraced me as I felt the fires of my love for her surge. I held her just a little longer and a little closer than usual, taking the time in inhale the intoxicating aroma of her fragrant hair. I purred, tightening my arms about her even more.

"Oooooh baby," she cooed. "That feels so nice."

"Patience." I reminded myself.

"Hugs are always good." I said, resuming the role of the demure son.

Mom leaned back, brushing my hair with her hands. I could sense the torrent of i****tuous desire ebb away as I held back. I didn't want to rush this.

"Call me when you get there." She said.

"I always do." I said with a smile as I went to my car.

All the way back to my apartment, I went back to our hug and how good it felt with her in my arms. I knew she felt it too... she HAD to. I drove home with no music or phones. The deafening passions in my head was enough... I felt good about my efforts, encouraged by the little things I did for her. I began imagining what our first time would be like together; assuming the perfect seduction worked in my favor. I began thinking about what would make her even happier... some roses? A secret admirer card? An anonymous e-mail?

I had it... mom LOVED to travel. Her favorite place was Oahu, Hawaii. She and I went there when I was in ninth grade and I never saw her happier. It was the first time I ever saw mom's succulent, rubenesque body in a bikini. For me, that was when I saw mom as a real woman... a beautiful and stunning goddess that captivated me. I recalled how her glistening skin looked in the hot sun... how gorgeous and round her wide ass was. I had sunglasses on, getting a free pass to stare at her mystifying backside for hours. She and I were lying out in the sun together as I positioned myself so I could look like I was asl**p, but secretly studying every sweeping curve of her fertile backside.

I studied how her back dipped down from her shoulders, sliding downhill before the crest of her honeyed ass arched skyward. The high angle of that delicious curve was what enchanted me. How the hot sun baked her flesh... the suntan lotion giving her skin a glossy sheen to it. It splayed outward, forming two perfectly brown buns of golden ass. Wide, full, and... well, big. I don't mean fat, but mom just had a great looking set of ripe, full globes. I must have stared at that mouthwatering ass for hours. I didn't play out any fantasies while looking, but just laid there in awe of how beautiful my mother Marilyn truly was. I loved the width... I loved how amazing she looked. Little did I know then that I was picking up on her vivid fertility.

What a better place to declare my sinful confession and make Marilyn pregnant.

The next day, I transferred some money out of my trust fund to get our vacation booked. I used Expedia to book everything, First Class and in a plush beachside bungalow. Mom had some time off as I printed off our complete itinerary and couriered them over to her office to surprise her. I got the call two hours later when she returned from lunch, giddy as a teenaged girl on her first date. Listening to mother's delighted reactions made me realize just how important her happiness was to me. When she was happy, I was happy. And as I hung up, I really began to comprehend what true love was all about... it wasn't about me or my goal to bed my mother. It was all about her.

The five-day trip was in a month, and I passed the time by planning out the daily schedule of our visit. I had us going on bike rides, long hikes, and several intimate, romantic dinners for every night. I also decided to quit jerking off as to save up my stamina and seed, which hopefully would be put to good use at our place at the beach. It was perfect... no one on either side of us for ten miles. As the date approached, mother's phone calls to me doubled, even tripled. She would call just to ask what she should bring, or what to wear... silly things, but to me, they were as endearing as she was. I loved listening to her melodic voice...

Our trip began as mother didn't sl**p at all the night before. Thankfully I had reserved us in First Class as we took advantage of all the free alcohol and food. By the time we reached our connection in LA, mother and I were well passed inebriated. I made a few mental notes as to what I could do to persuade her in Hawaii... and alcohol was looking to provide some serious help. Mom was holding my hand longingly by the time we were taking off over the Pacific. Soon after, she had my entire arm wrapped with hers as our Flight Attendant could see mom's tipsy appearance.

"Sir?" asked the flight attendant. "Can I get your wife a blanket or something?"

I about died right there. Wow... someone thought my mother was my wife. The immediate swell of lifelong pride and jubilation made my heart almost stop.

"Sure." I replied, tightening my hold on mother's hand.

Mom's head was on my shoulder, slipping in and out of sl**p.

"Honey?" she started. "Did I just hear... that... she... well, asked if I was your wife?"

I took in a long deep breath, trying to summon whatever courage I could find.

"Yea." I said with hesitant bravery.

"Awwwwwww," mother slothfully uttered. "That's so sweet."

I swallowed back my apprehension in one big gulp, leaning over to kiss mother's forehead. As I did, I whispered "I'd love for you to be my wife."

"Oooooh baby." Mother cooed. "You'd be my first choice for a husband."

I closed my eyes with my lips sealed to her forehead, basking in the virtue of the moment. Finally... mother had endorsed my lifelong ambitions. Whether it was the alcohol or the thrill of the moment, I didn't care. All that mattered was our shared confession.

"Maybe we should just play the part, you know?" I continued.

"Mmmmmmmm," mother purred, settling her head against my shoulder, redoubling her hold of my arm. "Sure, baby. But if you're my husband, then you don't leave my side."

"I promise." I replied, lifting her hand to mine for a kiss.

I couldn't believe how brave I was getting. I had just took my mother's hand and fucking kissed it!!

Mother didn't stir, just continued her purring as she drifted off to sl**p.


We arrived at the cottage as I quickly put mom to bed. I was still tipsy, but was sober enough to make sure she was okay. The novelty of being in Hawaii made for a quick nap as Mom was back up in less than an hour, relishing the tropical paradise we were in.

The first two days we did the tourist attractions, riding bicycles around the island and doing all the typical things tourists do. I had to admit that bedding mom slid down the priority list as I really did enjoy seeing Hawaii like this. But, being in a tropical paradise like this really does bring out the sultry, exotic nature in human beings. Mom dressed in some awesome outfits, so revealing and dreamingly tight. She would wear her black bikini top adorned with colorful hip scarves that accentuated those gloriously wide hips I kept staring at. With her wind blown auburn hair all about her shoulders, Mom was looking incredibly hot. And her large plentiful breasts, tucked safely inside her bikini. I was beside myself, pondering how they just seemed to glow with tepid sexuality. She looked to be a free wheeling, sexy woman who was in her prime.

I made reservations at an upscale beachside restaurant on our third night there. I wanted to treat her to a night out on the beach and shower her with all the gifts and treasures of a man who was head over heels in love. I only did it to a point though, careful of not breaching that paternal threshold... at least, not yet.

Again, like on the plane, the hostess greeted us as Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, which I secretly celebrated inside as I glanced over at mom, who had the slightest smirk on her lovely face. God she looked so fucking beautiful.

After we sat down at our table, mom breached the subject...

"Okay, why is it everywhere we're going, everyone thinks we're married?" she said, sipping on her glass of water.

"I haven't the slightest clue." I answered, returning her crafty grin.

"You're not telling them we are, are you?" she grilled back.

"No," I shot back. "I wouldn't do that. Well, I mean, not without your blessing."

"Hmmm." she huffed, looking out at the majestic sapphire ocean a few yards away.

Oh... how little she knew. How much I wanted to confess it all right then and there. How much I DID want to tell the world I wanted to marry my own mother. It was an awkward moment of silence.

"Maybe we could just play the part since everybody thinks so anyway." I bravely said.

"I knew you were up to no good, mister." Mom came back, slapping my hand in a c***dish tap. "What is it with you k**s and this whole cougar thing? Are we the 'flavor of the month' now?"

"Oooh no, no," I immediately denied. "This is FAR from just a fad or what's in style."

Just as the conversation hinted at the desirable direction I wanted it to go in; our brainless waitress broke in with a ridiculously sickening smile. I wanted to strangle her for ruining my progress.

After that, the conversation went nowhere near a mother/son romance, much less anything remotely personal. Damn.

The next morning, I awoke from a frustrating night of aggravation and hopelessness. It was now day four of our trip and tomorrow, we were scheduled to fly back home. Anger and dissatisfaction boiled in my bl**d, but as I woke up and made my way down the hall, I could hear mom on the phone. Not thinking anything of it, I couldn't help but listen...

"Yea hi, I'd like to order a car to pick my husband and I up tomorrow." She said in her low voice.

I froze in my steps...

"Yes, to the airport. We're on flight 467, Delta. Yes, 2pm. Great."

She hung up the phone as my heart was beating in my throat, nearly strangling me with the shock. Was this real? Did she just say what I had been praying for?

Mom then walked by the hall, catching me standing there in voiceless dismay. She too stopped, aware of what I had just heard. All presumed innocence, ignorance, and misgiving had been suddenly and luckily eradicated. We stood looking at each other as two adults now... no longer mother and son, but two people unexpectedly aware of a greater sense of purpose and being at that singularly consequential moment.

We both stood there, silent... looking at each other in a swirling pursuit of what to say next. I know most would pass it off as a silly little slip of the tongue... but for some reason, both Marilyn and I stood there, lock-jawed-- paralyzed by her semi-confession on the phone. All that I could think was;

"Mother?" I softly whispered.

She looked down, as if in regret.

"You don't have to say anything," I continued, taking a few steps to her. "I heard what you said."

"I didn't... mean for you to hear that." She replied, timid and bashful.

I stopped, knowing this delicate situation called for a full and honest assessment before continuing any further.

"I'd like to uhmmm," I started. "I'd like to make some coffee and uhmmm... share a few things that I think I need you to hear."

Mom's eyes batted, looking out the window, swallowing back her fear and panic.

"Okay." She barely said with her head down.

I could tell she was nervous and upset. Hell, I was too, but not in a bad way.

Mom sauntered off into the other room as I fumbled my way making some coffee. I had never felt the bl**d pulse through my body like this... my heart raced as did my breathing. I told myself over and over again to hold it together as I poured us two cups, and headed into the front den where she sat with her head hung low.

She must have heard me walk in...

"Now I know why you call me 'mother'," She uttered. "It makes sense."

I handed her her cup, not making any eye contact whatsoever as I agonizingly sat on the chair across from her.

"Then let me tell you what makes sense for me," I started, taking in a HUGE breath.

This was it... the moment of truth.

"I uhmmm, I've been in love with you for a few years now. When I say 'in love', I don't mean son to mother love, but... as a man to a woman. A woman that, in my eyes, is deserving of the most beautiful love affair on this planet. I know that there are so many reasons why you should say this is wrong... excuses not to listen to any of my reasoning. We're taught this is wrong... evil... and sinful." I said.

Mother kept her face down the entire time, making my heartfelt confession twice as hard. But I wasn't giving up.

"My only answer to all those doubts is that I am in love with you. I'm not in this for a cheap one night stand or just to get my rocks off... I'm seriously involved... I love you, and I want to be with you as a man with his woman... the long term picture. Together." I declared. "I don't expect you to magically wave a wand and give me what I want because something like this is a huge step for the both of us. I know that. I've played out every imaginable scenario with this... and all I keep doing is coming back to the beginning... I love you, I want you as a man does a woman... I want to make love to you, share our lives together... everything."

With that, I stopped to take a drink. I couldn't believe what I had just said.

By now mom's hands were raked over her hair, looking like a hardened criminal awaiting sentencing. I had never seen her so morose. My heart ached since I caused her to be like that.

"Mother," I began. "Please tell me what you're feeling."

Mom didn't say anything for a moment.

"I need," she started, clearing her throat. "I need to be alone for a while."


I sighed heavily as I stood. I tried to reassure myself that this was a lot to digest for her. Putting her needs and wants before mine was starting to get old. But, true love isn't about me or what I want... it's about the happiness of the one you truly love.

Not saying a word, I walked out the front door, granting her that wish. This was hard for the both of us. Its not every day a son confesses his sexual and matrimonial love for his own mother.

Later that night...

Nightfall was upon us as I had gone into town, aimlessly wandering the streets. I hung out at a bar and put down some beers. My mind was thoroughly sedated... I had taken the plunge and bared it all to my very own mom. I had to admit that her lack of replies or answers was killing me. It was up to me to guess what my mother was feeling or thinking.

It was enough to drive any sane man crazy.

Around 2am the next morning, I stumbled back into our cottage and crashed. I was completely trashed, but it felt great to kill the pain in my heart with the alcohol.

I didn't see mom until nine hours later when I awoke, realizing our flight back home was in three hours. I showered, packed, and popped some Advil for the headache I had, reassuring myself to be brave and just go through the motions. As I gulped down a glass of orange juice in the kitchen, I saw a lone figure sitting out at the beach.

It was her...

I quickly checked mom's room and saw she hadn't even packed. This made no sense at all. I had to make this up as I went along, so I decided to call a cab and get myself out of there as quickly as possible. Maybe leaving was the best choice. Perhaps she wanted my disclosure to stay in Hawaii...

I decided to at least tell mom I was leaving for the airport.

Walking out to the white sands of the beach, I was nervous as hell. Mom had a blanket wrapped around her and sunglasses hid the eyes I so desperately wanted to look into to see any inkling of hope.

I cautiously walked to her side, keeping a safe distance away.

"Just wanted to let you know I'm off the airport." I sullenly said.

"I uh, I'm sorry I ruined the last day of the vacation." I finished, hoping she would say something... ANYTHING.

"I never meant for it to come to this." I added.

And nothing. All mom did was stare straight ahead... like some cryptic zombie.

I sighed, and then made up my mind to leave. It was a difficult call, but I did it and never looked back as I walked back to the beach house to meet the cab waiting on me.


The short jaunt back to the airport, checking in and getting my seat was all a blur. The torture of my confession was the****utic at the time, but now had lasting consequences. I began to wonder if everything was now destroyed. How would our relationship be now? As I watched the ground crew finish loading our bags, I had decided once I got home to empty out my bedroom and get my belongings back to my apartment at school, this way mother wouldn't have to suffer any longer.

"Passenger Rogers, please report to the front of the plane." Announced the flight attendant over the intercom.

I dutifully left my seat, meeting the gate agent at door to the plane.

"Mr. Rogers?" asked the gate agent. "Your wife is at the ticket counter. Apparently there's an emergency."

I couldn't believe it. I raced back through the jetway as I saw mother standing at the counter with tears streaming down her face. The heartbreaking sight instantly forgave her silence as I took her into my aching arms.

"I couldn't let you leave." Mother cried into my shoulder.

"Oh mother, its okay." I reassured her over and over.

I told the gate agent that I wouldn't need my seat while holding my mother closely. With that, our plane departed as mother and I eagerly remained in each other's arms.

"I just didn't know what to say or do," She continued. "But I knew leaving wasn't answer."

"Oh mother," I answered. "You did what anyone would do. It was a lot to throw at you. I'm so sorry."

"No, no," she shot back. "I'm sorry I couldn't find the words... but I love you too. I love you so, so much. I know this is hard, but we'll make it work. We have to-- it was meant to be. I know that in my heart."

Her acknowledgment took my breath away. I reclaimed her in my arms, cradling her as I had dreamt for so many years. Both of us felt as if a million pound weight had been suddenly lifted from our souls.

"I love you soooooo much, mother." I fondly avowed. "So much."

"Ssssh," she said. "I told them I was your wife."

"I don't care. I want the whole world to know I'm in love with you." I answered.

We stood there, staring into each other's eyes for a never-ending moment in time. I marveled at the beauty within those blue eyes, trying to grasp the enormity of what was happening. This was the woman who bore me, admitting-- confessing, and accepting her son's love as truly righteous. It was this exact moment that reminded me of my favorite film, "Somewhere in Time". I swear I could almost hear that beautiful love theme play as we stood together... it did feel as if we had crossed so many barriers and obstacles to reach this moment.

"You're so beautiful." I whispered.

"Ooooh baby," she cooed back, grazing my face with her soft feminine hands. "You have no idea how much this means to me."

"I want to kiss you." I blurted out.

Mother scoffed, playfully batting my chest with her hand.

"But not here," I said. "I want it to be special."

Mother's eyes welled up in swelling realization.

"My son." She whimpered. "The handsome man I so love."

We quickly realized we needed to leave, and fast. We left the gate and grabbed my luggage as we headed back out to the car. While on our way, we immediately knew our trip was going to be for a lot longer. We could just sense something very special was happening... Unfortunately, the private beach bungalow was already reserved for another guest, so I promptly reserved a suite at the Hilton at the beach. Things were happening so fast that we both could barely contain our excitement and thrill.

We checked in at the hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Rogers as mother lovingly held my hand openly in public. As I signed us in, mother clung to my arm, easily fitting in the role of my dotting. I marveled at the forbidden triumph I had gratefully acquired. The woman I had coveted and craved was IRREVOCABLY mine. I had to lean over several times to kiss mother's hair as I signed the credit card receipt. Each time mother cooed in soft, blissful content. God, even that was so exotically sexy to hear... my own mother welcoming my kisses.

The great feeling of getting the woman you've sought for so long is indescribable. Most guys know what I exactly mean, but knowing that woman is your own mother adds an entirely new spin to it... a thrill beyond all thrills. It still takes my breath away even to this day.

After we checked in, I took mother to the concierge. "If we're going to do this, I want to do it the right way."

"By doing what?" mother asked.

By that time, I saw the concierge... "Excuse me sir? Can I ask where we might be able to find a local minister to perform a wedding for my lovely fiancé and I?"

I heard mother sigh heavily, tightening her hold on my hand as the concierge happily listed a few names and phone numbers for me. I found out that we could reserve a private spot on the beach at sunset, and that there was an opening for that evening. I immediately took the reservation and tipped the concierge $50 for his help as we sat down to call the list of ministers.

"So passionate, so... romantic," Mother blurted out, her eyes tearing up, and both of us smiled in elation.

I wanted a new age minister, hopefully a female to perform the ceremony. I didn't care to legalize or certify it as I knew there would be no way that could happen. Besides, having a government seal of approval for our marriage wasn't necessary... what mattered were the vows we would pledge to each other... those carried far more meaning than any legal document EVER would.

I found a native Hawaiian priestess, immediately booking her as the next step was clear... rings and a wedding dress. It was still early in the afternoon, and if we hurried, we could have mother clad in a stunning wedding gown before our ceremony at 6:30pm. Mother just marveled at how I took charge of the event, never once voicing any objections whatsoever. With the help of the concierge, we were at a local bridal shop in no time. While mother tried on dresses, I walked over to a nearby jewelry store to find mother the perfect wedding ring. I had to move some money out of my annuity to make it happen, but I found a gorgeous five carrot sterling silver diamond ring. I had the inside of the ring engraved, saying "To my wife, who gave me life."

I returned to find mom had already purchased her gown, playing the part of a blissful bride to be. Mother teasingly said it was bad luck for me to see his bride the day of the ceremony, so I gladly played along. We got back to our room as she took over one half of the suite for her preparation, shutting all the doors. The hair and makeup lady arrived shortly thereafter while I got into my tux. I then set out a bunch of candles I picked up after I bought mom's ring.

"Good God this is all happening so fast." I heard her say to the makeup lady.

"Oh I'm sure it's the right thing to do," the makeup lady replied. "You two have made it this far, right?"

"Yea," mother said with a long sigh. "I guess you're right."

"Plus, he's one heck of a handsome guy-- if I do say so myself," she added. "And so young-- uhmm uhmm uhmm."

The two shared a subdued laugh as I kind of smiled too, thinking that if this makeup lady REALLY knew what she was prepping my mother for, she'd really lick her lips with envy.

"Girl, you are gonna need a team of horses to keep up with that young stud." The makeup lady said with another laugh.

The two continued their silly little chat as it all started to finally hit me. The day had begun in heartache and misery, and now was turning out to be so incredibly different than I expected. The sincere reality hit me that I was about to make my very own mother my wife... I was going to marry her and make her my life's partner in everything I was about to embark on. What took my breath away was the knowledge that I would finally bed her on this night. I would at last be inside the woman that carried and gave birth to me... tonight; she would be giving me new life... one of mind-boggling discovery and beautiful experiences.

As I sat in the adjoining room, my heart fluttered just thinking about being inside my mother for the very first time. Not as a son or c***d, but as a legitimate lover. I silently begged myself not to cumm at first-- hoping to prolong what would be a euphoric event without end.


I slid the card in the door latch, balancing my new wife as I carried her in to our darkened suite. I wanted to carry her as any new husband would his blushing new bride after their vows were exchanged.

Setting Marilyn down, we both finally faced each other in the throes of matrimonial arousal. My heart exploded in my chest with every beat as I could hear our breaths tinged with nervousness.

"Wow," Mom uttered. "We did it. We really did it."

"Yea." I nodded yes, taking a step to her in loving courage.

Our hands intertwined as she sighed heavily, closing her eyes. It was now dark as I went to light the dozen candles I placed around the room earlier. As mom watched me light every one, she remarked "Wow, you're so romantic... what every girl dreams of."

I turned out all the lights as I stood back to appreciate the warm orange glow cast upon my mother's shapely body. Her skin, deeply illuminated by the warmth of the flickering flames. We both knew we were about to embark on something so spectacular... so promising and strong, but yet it was all still so unknown to us.

"For better or for worse." My bride voiced.

My only reply was lifting the back of my hand, caressing her beautiful cheek and jaw.

"Oh my Gawd," Mother feebly whimpered as her eyes closed. "I married my own son. My God."

"And you'll never regret it." Was my answer, tracing the contours of her full lips.

Up to this point, Marilyn and I had just held hands and walked arm in arm. That was pretty much it. We both hadn't even kissed yet, but that was about to change as I slowly leaned down, keeping my eyes on the prize. As I did, I couldn't help but get a quick peek down mother's chest, and into the luscious deep cleavage of her breasts. God, they were so big... so fertile... perfect to feed a c***d spawned from this night's affections.

"Mother." I cooed as her face crooked up, brushing her lips across mine so tenderly.

"Ooooh" she sighed as I felt her hot breath cascade across my face.

With our hands sweaty and bound, I inched closer to seal the deal... not strong or blunt, but effortlessly deep. Both of us whimpered in awe, washed over by the earth-shattering contact of our lip to lip connection... soul to soul. I melted hearing Marilyn breathing through her nostrils, running my open palms up her soft arms. I was kissing my mother... my sweet beautiful mother. My cock, already solid and eager, was now begging for freedom from the pants of my tuxedo.

I parted my lips, taking my sweet time in tasting the saucy brim of mother's mouth. The muggy tartness of her mouth overwhelmed me as I swam in the sea of our first kiss... I intentionally slowed my movement, careful to memorize the eternal wonder of this sacred moment. When I heard the first slurp of our open mouthed kiss, I nearly came right there... the chewy mouthful of saliva and lip, knowing this was my mother doing this to me... oh my GOD.

"Oh mother." I immediately declared after an eternity of making out.

"My son." Mother affirmed back, wrapping her arms about my shoulders, escalating the power of our kiss ten fold.

I turned mother about, embracing her AND my will to consummate this perfect triumph, this flawless moment. Our kiss heated up as my tongue was hungrily suckled inside her mouth, chewed and squashed by the years of forbidden desire. My groin eased against Marilyn's thigh, letting her feel the results of her impeccable seduction. Mother took my jaw in her palms, eager to control the kiss. I could only comply.

"Make love to me," mother begged in a lower, surly tone I had yet to hear. "God, make love to me you sexy man."

Our kiss skipped along the border of erotic narcosis as I left her mouth for a tastier feast along her neck, ear, and cheek. I fucking loved lapping away at my mother's face, hungry and anxious for more. I could taste the makeup as my saliva coated her entire face.

As I sank my teeth deep into the nape of her neck, Mother pushed me back suddenly.

Misty eyed in confusion, mother held out her hand for me to stop.

"I want you to watch me undress," she said. "I want you to see the prize you've waited your entire life for. Everything changes when this wedding dress comes off."

I shook my head in the miracle of the moment... "Only for the better."

Mother cooed in agreement, flipping her arms behind her back to unzip the dress. I heard the zipper come untied as mom brought her arms back up slowly, looking dead on at me with serious 'fuck me' eyes-- the likes I had never seen before.

I gasped.

"Watch me, love." Mother instructed as if I were a little boy all over again.

All I could do was nod yes...

Mother slipped her fingers under the top of the dress, slipping the bridal gown down her tanned golden flesh. The striking contrast of the white dress matched to her auburn skin had me weak in the knees. I slowly shut my eyes with a heavy sigh as Marilyn's luscious breasts were slowly revealed. Mom looked at me, as if to say "this is the prize". A shudder rippled through my spine, much like the cold shiver we guys feel as we pee... but this was much more surreal.... As I basked in the vista of mother's bare chest, I felt goose bumps on my arms upon seeing mother's full, shapely chest. She treated this exactly as it should have been... a phenomenal achievement in the most sinful of ways. She knew as well as I did the significance in this unveiling, and how it symbolized so much. Plus, it was sexy as hell to watch...

I kept hearing mother's words echo in my mind; "Everything changes when this wedding dress comes off" as I watched in wide eyed wonder while the gown slipped past the breadth of her wide golden hips. Seeing her naked flesh struck that familiar chord-- all of my lifelong desires, a lifetime of exotic fantasies and sl**pless nights... all of pent up eroticism and immoral aspirations came to a head at this moment.

"I've never seen anything more beautiful." I whispered.

With that, mother turned her hips out to show me her magnificent round ass, pleated by white silky garters alongside each large sphere of golden-brown skin.

"You like that, baby?" mother asked in a low voice I had never heard until tonight.

"Oh my God, yes." I replied, stepping a little closer to get an eye full of delicious ass.

"Tell your wife what you like about it." She continued.

"It's so beautiful," I started. "Just as beautiful as I always remembered it was."

Mother stepped out from the pool of her gown, stepping to me as we locked our hands together.
"This is as beautiful as I knew it would be," She replied, curling our fingers tighter as our lips joined once more. "I've always known there was something so special about you."

As we made out, mother's hands slipped under my pants to drop them to the floor... I quickly broke our kiss to shed my shirt and socks before fusing my flesh to mother's. My knees nearly gave out by the warm contact of skin to skin. Our kiss embodied the sinful impressions of our souls. I could feel her large motherly breasts press to my chest as my arms pulled her to me. I buckled as mother's hands cascaded down my back.

"Soooooo strong.... Muscular... sexy." Mother purred amid long, slurping kisses.

All I could do was cradle her voluptuous body in my arms, tracing the enthralling flair of her narrow waist to her broad hips. There was no pretense, no fear or doubt... I couldn't believe how daring and openly sexual Marilyn was.

"Ooooooooooooooooooh this is too good to be true." I blurted out as my lips traced mother's neckline and collar bone.

"Fuuuuuuuuck." Mother breathlessly whimpered with her head tilted far back-- her lengthy tresses dangling in the air.

My fingers combed her auburn locks, mesmerized by a lifelong fixation of passion, love, and commitment to the very woman who bore me. It was as if a voice inside kept reminding me that this was my mother... this is my mother I am kissing... tasting... exploring. That very truth shook me to the very fiber of my being.

My hands fell down her side, admiring the buxom shape of her body before feeling the plump goodness of her ass cheeks swell beneath my palms. I lunged down to suckle her neck, hungrily lapping while squeezing the knolls of her backside confidently. Mother seized up, crying out with a half moan/cry as I took her full weight in my arms, carrying her over to the king size bed nearby. Mother happily obliged by wrapping her creamy bronzed thighs and legs around my waist.

Now it was time. Both of our eyes opened, almost on instinct as we gazed into each other's eyes. A gentle smile on her face said it all.

I placed Marilyn slowly on her back as another wet kiss sealed the act.

"Oooooh this is it, isn't it baby?" mother breathed as we pressed our foreheads together.

"Yes, yes." I replied.

"We're really going to do this, aren't we?" she calmly said, not so much as a question as it was clear fact.

Mother trailed my bottom lip with her moistened fingertip. All I did was nod yes with full eye contact.

"Oh my God," she said. "I married my own son. I really married you."

"My wife... MINE." I avowed before plowing my mouth to hers with the gusto of a thousand men.

"But I'll always be your mother first." She responded with another affectionate kiss.

Hearing her say that triggered a series of shudders, like she knew what I wanted to hear.

My cock pressed against her stomach, unyielding and ready for the most sinful fulfillment known. The perfect balance of love and passion boiled in my veins as I yanked off mother's garter, quickly re-mounting her as her legs spread wide, welcoming me to the refuge that was my heritage and birthright. I watched with insatiability as her honey skinned thighs spread apart. My palms clutched each juicy thigh as I lowered my full weight upon her. There was no rush, nor hasty gestures on either side... we both wanted to indulge in this exotic, yet tender moment.

"Look at you," Mother spoke as my hands curled under her shoulders, massaging her smooth rounded angles with finesse. "God you're so strong."

We both looked downward between the slight space between our bodies, unashamedly seeing my rock hard cock in need of its creator. I buckled and swayed, letting my wide bulbous head brush across mother's buttery inner thigh three of four times.

"God, I did that to you," She acknowledged in breathless amazement. "I really did that to you."

"Yes," I cooed back as I met her in another unending kiss.

Mother scaled my back and legs, bonding her to me as our limbs and mouths embodied a lifetime of forbidden fascination. It just didn't seem wrong at all... maybe I should have felt more guilt at this moment, but I didn't. My lips chewed mother's delicate lips before lapping at her chin and jaw. My saliva smeared the delicious skin as the years of craving thoughts fueled my hunger. Mother's fingers combed my hair, softly crying my name over and over as my tongue smoothed a soggy path down her chest to an awaiting heavy breast. My fingers curled about its widest circumference while my eyes spotted its righteous form.

"Ooooooooh." Was all I could muster with broken breath.

No more words... my mouth crooked as wide as it could go, inhaling mother's full areola, sucking in her hardened nipple with no hesitation. Still preserving my hold, I brought both hands to the big sphere, massaging it with the finesse and subtlety my mother so rightfully deserved. I watched mother's head lay all the way back on the mattress, turning and bending like a snake through tall grass. I loved how incredibly sexy she looked with the glow of the candlelight on her skin. I burned that image to my mind, making sure to always remember the magnitude of this moment. With her eyes sealed shut, mother's mouth fell open as I heard her deep moans of agonizing ecstasy bellow out. I ran my tongue crosswise atop the rubbery nipple, gently nibbling its tip with curious potency. Mother's body locked up in four quick shivers before looking down at me, tasting her breast as I did years before.

Mother's expressions were priceless... her face, contorted and knotted in scalding bliss with her hair disheveled and messy... our eyes locked together, sanctioning this blessed act of succulent pleasure. Not long after, my hands sought out the very essence of my beloved wife, scooting down to admire the smooth flat stomach beneath me. The backs of my hands traced her promising shape, appreciative of how fertile she still looked for her forty years. All I could do was focus on what lie beneath that blessed skin... how my very gestation took place in this sacred body. That mere notion crippled me as I fell to her stomach, kissing her stomach with open mouthed zeal.

"Ooooh baby." Urged mother as both of her hands scoured through my hair.

I went mad, kissing and sucking her stomach, her sides, and her lower groin. The tips of her bristled pubes tickled my chin as imagined a c***d being spawned from this very vestibule. "Pregnant" was the sole word of my immoral ambitions... nothing else mattered... nothing.

Marilyn's face looked as if to ask "My God, what are you going to do to me?" I eased my arm around her thigh, resting my wrist atop her quivering stomach. Our gaze didn't break as I parted my wet lips, sealing them over her pulsating vagina. As if every muscle in her body contracted at once, I savored the amazing essence of my loving mother. In uncontrollable rapture, she flung her arms about, screaming in the forbidden narcosis of i****tuous lust. I simply couldn't believe it. Her back writhed about, twisting and curling into a myriad of excruciating positions while my tongue lathered deep inside her living core.

Holding her breath, mother bowed up while trying to scream "Fuuuuck!"

How I managed to hold onto her during her violent tryst, I'll never know. Just knowing it was my mother who was letting me eat her out made my mind, body and soul spin about in uncontrollable wonder.

Her left hand in some way twisted into mine as the shocking feast persisted. What began as soft whispers of devotion, now became blaring shrills of bewilderment. I'm sure it was all she could do was absorb herself in my profound emotional inundation. And yes, not only was my mother having a physical orgasm, but one for the heart, mind, and soul as well. This just wasn't sex... this was an eternal sacrament of the ages. All of the other women before my mother were merely meaningless romps in the hay. This was to be something so much more.


My lips and tongue wavered between her lips, sliding past her outer folds, only to discover her rigid clit waiting... with my other hand, I massaged her clit from above with the gentleness that only a mother's love could appreciate. My tongue summoned the susceptible clit inside my mouth, my front teeth gently nibbling it-- making her anxious for air.

"Oh My God," she proclaimed. "you're gonna... make me..." she mumbled as another wave of orgasm washed across her rubenesque body, abruptly cutting her sentence off.

And just as that last word was uttered, my eyes gazed upward... her stomach muscles contracted... every single muscle-- all thoughts, and every element that made her the woman I loved, came together in a miraculous and fantastic onslaught of orgasm. Her body compressed, thrashed, and contorted over and again as she grasped my head, digging her fingernails in my skull. With my mouth sealed to her spicy vagina, mother began hissing like a demented savage in some remote jungle. And just when I thought her orgasm was over, she dug herself in, not letting me go. She tried shoving me away, but quickly realized she didn't want to abandon the taboo feast.

Falling back upon the bed, I could see the perspiration glaze mother's golden flesh. She tossed about as the throes of orgasm called once more. She glimpsed down to see her c***d's face buried in her pussy, and just that alone magnified the vigor of her climax. My eyes, barely an inch from her pubic hair-- nestled true and deep. The pussy I had sought all my life had been conquered.

I was triumphant.

Catching her breath, mother grasped my face, leading it to hers... Shaking her head in complete astonishment, she uttered;

"God, you made me cum. You did this to me. You really did this."

With that, a kiss sealed her proclamation as I took her in my appreciative arms. Twirling together, I became bolder in my thankful aggression, lifting our hands together; I fanned out my fingers as I cradled mother's tongue in my mouth. I eased back, letting her tongue languidly slither out as our eyes locked together once more. I loved how mother looked simply amazed at my erotic behavior, but said nothing. As her tongue slipped back into her mouth, I brushed the tip of my tongue across her lower lip.

"I love you." I whispered as mother cooed back her love as well.

"I'm going to do something I've wanted since I was 15." I whispered as I grabbed a pillow nearby.

Mother quivered in fantastic anticipation.

"Join with me," she begged. "Be inside me, love."

I crawled up upon mother, meshing our mouths once more as my cock, soggy with pre-cum pushed across mother's vulva. Our eyesight fixed, I swiftly pointed the wide head of my stalk toward the crux of my existence. Mother's eyes widened briefly as I ran the tip across the outer lips, wet with my saliva and her nectar.

"You feel that?" I quietly asked.

"Yea, yea." She answered with a hasty kiss.

Her head burrowed in my neck and shoulder as my spear slid downward, unexpectedly slipping inside. Mom balked as her hot breath singed my skin. I nearly passed out at our first contact... she was so warm... so wet... this was my mother's pussy... I was putting my cock inside the very woman who gave me life. Mother sounded like she was on the verge of panic, huffing and grating my back with ireful fingers.

"Are you okay?" I had to ask.

Thankfully, she couldn't nod yes fast enough as I looked into her sapphire eyes, misty and enflamed with unreasonable lust. I eased forward as a few more inches glided further in, invoking a drawn-out gasp for oxygen from her lungs. Her hands became fists, hitting my back twice before kissing me deeply to reassure me she was okay.

"Sssss.... Soooo big." Mother's voiced cracked as I kissed her sweat soaked forehead.

More of my length disappeared inside mother, sending out a shrill of excruciating pleasure, or so I hoped. I knew for me, the sensations went beyond the physical act of intercourse. It was as if I was penetrating her very soul... desperate and hopeful for her heart of hearts...

Mother's look on her face began changing... I knew something extraordinary was simmering inside her. With another slow, loving push, I sank all the way inside her... to the hilt... ball deep. Mother's face turned beet red as she screamed aloud, as if shot in the gut... howling like a b**st, sobs of uncontrollable vehemence, as if she was giving birth. Long-winded half yell/cries filled our hotel suite as I shifted the brunt of my stab.

"Look at me." I implored, clutching the sides of her head.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!" screamed mother, looking at me with teeth clenched-- fear, shock, and wonder masked her sweaty face.

"I'm inside you, mother," I said in a reassuring tone. "Where I belong."

Mother's mouth fell agape, gasping for air like she was running the Boston marathon.

I slowly withdrew to almost being completely out, but the sensation of my flesh within hers drew me back and I whispered a plea, but it was more of an announcement, as I said, "Inside my mother." and matched my motions to my words as I re-entered mother's sacred haven. Marilyn moaned in response and thrust her hips up at me. I rested for a long moment, buried within the place of my birth and then repeated the stroke, saying nothing, but both groaning together in the mind-numbing ecstasy. It was too good to stop-- I couldn't stop, and I knew too that she didn't want me to either.

Slowly, my strokes kept repeating, picking up momentum and vigor. Mother was not a passive participant; rather she was an enthusiastic partner in the act of glorious i****t, wholly engaged without inhibition. We banged our bodies together-- the slap of flesh meeting the loud claps that echoed in our suite. Our cries of lust went out of control as they rang out, emerging as an adoring symphony that added its reverberation to the carnal clamor that spawned from our matrimonial bed. Mother's wail sounded an urgent note of imminent eruption of her vaginal volcano. My eager cries heralded the spouting of my lance soon too.

In the misty haze of our first time making love, mother and I discovered a natural, vigorous rhythm as the pounding of pure primal need overcame us both. The racing of a****l rutting to finish copulation overcame me as I tried to balance that with the endless love for my dear mother. I felt myself bottom out, praying that mother longed for seed of her only c***d. I could feel the place down furthest within mother's vagina where nubs bumped the tip of my cock-- a socket for my semen to inseminate a waiting egg. Mother's words lit the fuse of my stick of dynamite, "We're making love... MAKING LOVE... please go deep, son. DEEP."

With that irrevocable permission, the total admission of her body as well as complete access to her heart, I was jolted to the relief my tentacles had been aching for. I pistoned in and out of my dear wife, grasping the promising width of her mouthwatering hips. The mighty surge of my cumm began its prevailing journey, crippling me in its hypnotizing wake. Mother knew this, grabbing my face to look in my eyes as my orgasm arose. Like a good mother can only know, she too began shaking like a leaf on a tree, tightening her legs about my waist. This was all too much, knowing that my mother didn't want me to pull out as my seed spilled.

I leapt with the release of my spewing sperm at the mouth of her womb. My penis pulsed with pleasure and throbbed with an agony of withheld ejaculation, now finally allowed to gush out into my dear sweet mother. My love flowed out into her as a sacrifice of my whole being. Exquisite and poignant was the climax that shuttered through his cock, finally I had gotten the goal I desired, to demonstrate physically my love and commitment for my mom.

Marilyn burst in to a thousand pieces when she felt me go off inside her. The mind-blowing pinnacle of physical gratification and bliss, the spiritual contentment of the binding of her son with her in this sensual union... the emotional delight of at last allowing ourselves to give in fully to the demands of our hearts. I hoped that the overwhelming experiences that she had made her understand that this could not be the end of such-- that our affair would continue for years to come. We were not only bound by bl**d, but now bound by the shared experience of sexual intercourse.


We awoke around 3 the next afternoon with my face resting at the small of Marilyn's back. I wanted the last image I saw before I fell to sl**p to be of mother's curvy thick ass, and it was.

As I came to my senses, I planted a full wet kiss on her left ass cheek, suckling it with thirst before crawling up to awake the woman of my dreams. We had made love three more times that night before our loving slumber, and I'm sure mother was exhausted.

A warm smile greeted my first kiss of the new day.

"Good morning, lover." I quietly said, tracing the hair that fell across her lovely face. "My husband." She replied, taking my hand with hers.

We shared a long adoring kiss as I took her body in my arms, turning her over to lie on my chest. I couldn't believe my luck. I had fucked this beautiful woman four times, and each time my seed had passed from c***d to mother without any fear or guilt. I replayed her violent reactions to my cumming in my head over and over again... the raw, unbridled ecstasy that split her body apart every time.

We whispered delightful verses of total love for a few moments, kissing and sharing like the truest of lovers do.

A few moments passed before mother moved down my chest. I could tell she was up to something as the look in her lust filled eyes said it all. I watched as her fingers danced across my chest, caressing my chiseled chest and six pack abdomen I had worked so hard to build up just for her.

"God, you're so beautiful." Mother uttered, looking my pecs with wanton hunger. "Like a God."

I shivered as she ran her tongue along my breast, leaving a trail of saliva as she soothed her way down further...

"I made this... dear God, I made this man." I heard her whisper as my cock brushed the nape of her neck.

I looked down to see her graze her face alongside my hard length. She did this like a cat to catnip... inebriated by its endless promise for pleasure, delight, and sin. Mother crisscrossed, brushing the other side of her face along my shaft, now skimming the underside with her soft fingertips. My cock twitched and juddered in hope as I shivered in tingling expectation.

"Oh mother." I cried out, watching the desire stew behind her sapphire eyes.

My reproductive organ, now pressed between her face and open palm throbbed as she lifted her head up and parted her lips...

My stone hard cock unhurriedly disappeared into her mouth... gone.

My entire body buckled before crying out in agonizing joy. There's nothing better than that initial sensation of a hot wet mouth on your cock, and knowing mother was suckling from it made it that more special. I couldn't believe how ravenous she was, acting like a starved a****l in the wild feeding on essential nourishment. Looking down, all I saw was her lovely dark hair tasseled about my groin. Closing my eyes, I had to reassure myself that this was this wasn't a fantasy or dream... this was incredibly real.

Before this, most of my girlfriends sucked my cock as if it was a chore or bothersome. Not with mom... she clearly loved this act, and did all she could to ingest my thick rod down her willing throat. I felt her dripping tongue roll about, caressing the underside of my shaft, thrashing about repeatedly. My eyes bulged from my skull as I held my breath... it blew my mind. No one had ever done this to me, and it was beyond all pleasure I had ever experienced.
My fingertips fondled her head as her low crude moans rumbled throughout my crotch. I pulled back her soft auburn tresses to see her caved in cheeks and her dripping lips circled at the base of my cock, twitching and spindling to get more of my cock inside. I had never seen anything quite like it.

"God, this is so beautiful," I managed to whimper. "Look at you... look at this."

I fought back the scream that was fighting to explode. Instead, I cried out a soft, gurgling moan. Mother's sleek tongue cajoled the swollen head of my penis, poking and probing at the hole in its tip before twirling around my sensitive tip. She didn't take more than the head into her mouth as she gently sucked on it and began to slowly, yet lovingly pump her palm up and down my tall, proud cock.

"This is my mother sucking me." I reminded myself, recalling all the years of watching, inspecting, and scrutinizing her fantastic buxom flesh.

I began bucking; losing my footing as mother's hands f***efully clutched my torso and ass to keep me place. The realization was too much to endure... this woman, this angel and vixen of sexuality was finally where I wanted her for so long. A series of slow sideways laps on the underside of my cock brought that reality home. To hear the cocksucking slurps fuse with her low untamed groans made me light-headed. I clinched her skull as she lovingly summoned the seed from the deepest regions of my testicles.

I gave up, letting my orgasm ascend to its beautiful crest. I thrust against her face like a crazed demon, lunging and crying her name over and over. Looking down one last time, I saw nothing but her nose pressed to my pubes... my cock had vanished, and that's when I screamed my shock and disbelief for the entire world to hear. Mother didn't budge, and knowing she was going to swallow my broiling seed made the orgasm that more profound.

Mini seizures split my body apart as my cock erupted; sending what I knew must have been gallon upon gallon of potent cumm into her mouth. Both her hands gripped my stiffened ass as I felt myself lose consciousness. Mother didn't stop sucking. She just clutched my ass tighter and began to move her head up and down. With a snorting grunt, I buried my cock deeper in her mouth as my stalk twanged, continuing to spew out thick creamy cumm into her sucking mouth. Spasms of pure, indescribable pleasure shot through me as my whole world centered on mother's hot, sucking mouth.

Mother had made me cumm.

"Swallowing me," I gasped in sheer narcosis, aghast with disbelief. "You're swallowing me, mother."

No woman had EVER done this for me. The reality of a woman willingly swallowing my sperm convinced me beyond a doubt that Marilyn was meant for me. I watched as several rivulets of seed slithered down my glossy shaft, all before they were hungrily suckled back inside her mouth. Each time she swallowed, I heard her longingly groan in undying bliss. As my seizures of orgasm kept rocking my sweaty flesh, I did my best to focus on watching her do this; to ascertain that I had finally won the prize... ultimately getting the one woman I wanted. With that, mother's misty eyes gazed up at mine, intoxicated by my seed and by the knowledge she made me cumm so hard.

With the wide bulbous helmet of my twitching cock languidly swathed by her glazed lips, the last spurts of my semen flowed as I watched them seep into her open mouth before she swallowed time after time. Both of us sat in stone-faced silence, staring into the others eyes in the glorious afterglow of orgasm. My face said "Did you really just do this to me?" and her face clearly echoed the truth that she did-- she loved it. My palms then cupped her beautiful face, tracing her jaw and her cheeks lovingly.

"I love you, mother. God, I just love you so fucking much." I growled before leaning down to proudly crush my mouth to hers.

Before this moment, I had never kissed any woman following a blowjob. Not that it grossed me out, but nearly all of my ex-girlfriends never bestowed me the chance. With mother, not only did it seem right, but also it felt so deep. There were still traces of my seed on her lips as I filled her mouth with my eager tongue. I pushed her onto her back as we made out for an eternity, bathing in the sweet afterglow of i****tuous orgasm.


Mother and I spent the next hour together in bed, arm in arm as we realized we hadn't eaten anything besides pussy or sperm for over a day. Ordering room service, mom put on a white robe as I hit the shower. All the accomplishments and victories of the last 48 hours played through my head as I kept going back to that one vision of my mother in her divine wedding dress, taking my hand in sacred matrimony. Her vows echoed in my mind "I take thee, my soul mate and lover, to be my wedding husband... to have and to hold from this day forth."

Marilyn and I ate a late lunch, making plans for the remainder of our day. I thwarted it all by telling her that it could all stop if we even so much as walked past our bed. Sitting there at our table, I watched mother eat as I began seeing her in a different light. Mother was now my equal... my lifelong partner, and I loved how even these simple moments carried a deeper significance to them. She looked amazing with her tasseled hair and no makeup... she glowed with serenity, an inner peace that I hoped I brought her. We playfully fed each other as we shared numerous kisses and long, loving gazes. In these moments, we began to plan out the rest of our lives together as a true, genuine couple. It all hit me after an awkward moment of silence as mother rested her head on her hand, radiant and smiling.

"I love you." Mother softly said.

I returned her smile.

"No, I mean it," she continued. "I've never felt so right about anything in my entire life." She said, putting her hand atop mine softly.

"I love you too." I replied. "It all just... wow. It's so surreal. Part of me is like, wow-- I finally got the girl of my dreams, and the other part of me is so turned on by the fact that you're really my mother."

"I think it adds to the depth of it." She said.

"It does," I happily agreed. "Just the few girls I've been with... this-- you... it's like pure magic inside you."

Mother cooed in contentment, nestling in my arms lovingly as we shared a long kiss.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked.

"Anything." I said.

"I want you to be honest with me, which I know you will be, but... I've really thought a lot about this... and... I just need to know." She added.

We sat to face each other, hand in hand.

"Mother, really... ask away. Nothing is ever going to be kept in secret between us. The fact that we were able to come this far proves that." I assured her.

Mother tightened her hands on mine, looking at me deep in my eyes. I had never seen her look so peacefully assured of herself before.

"I know this is all so fast, and we just started, but... since you're my husband now, we're supposed to share anything." She said.

"Absolutely." I avowed, wondering where she was going with this.

Mother took a deep breath, reaffirming her hold on my hands.

"I want another baby," she blurted out. "It's been something I've wanted for years, and I honestly never thought I'd meet a man who would give me one. But now... everything has changed."

My heart virtually stopped. I couldn't believe the confession I was hearing. I swear my mother knew every secret in my soul.

"Wow." Was all I could summon.

While I knew that must have sounded so silly, it was ALL I could come back with.

"I know a lot of guys run when they hear something like that..." mother began explaining.

"No, no, no," I protested. "No really mom, I uhmm... I... just..." I sighed likewise. "Nothing would make me happier than to have a c***d with you. I uhm... that was one of my first fantasies about you, was making you pregnant."

"Oh my GAWD, baby," Mother said, leaping into my arms. "You did, really?"

"So many times," I said, running my appreciative hands through her tresses. "Some of the best jerk-offs were when I imagined it."

Mother leaned back with tears stinging her eyes. I knew this was a "moment" for us.

"A friend at the office had her nephew's baby, and it was fine- no problems." Mother said.

"I know," I shot back with a warm smile. "I found out that all that stuff of three arms and weird shit is all a myth."

"Oh my God," mother said. "We both really put a lot of thought into this. You really thought about it-- I mean with me? Making me pregnant?"

"Soooooo many times," I replied. "I mean, I look at you and it's like... how can I NOT want to make you pregnant? My God your body was MADE for c***dren... your hips are so..."

Mother muzzled me with a wanton kiss, holding my head in place with her hands.

"Mmmmmmmm," she groaned into my mouth. "I think my baby boy needs his mother."

I shuddered hearing her say that. The way she said it, and the compelling passion dripping from her voice spoke volumes.

"Mother needs another baby," I lovingly replied. "Doesn't she?"

Her hot breath cascaded across my face, crippled by the surreal possibility. "God yes. Oh my GAWD, yes."

With that, we stood from the table locked together in a fiery kiss. Our forbidden ambitions fueled the flames in our hearts as I pulled the robe from mom's burning body, caressing and touching as much of her as I could. Mother returned my affections twice fold, angrily yanking off my shorts as my rock-solid cock bobbed free, pressing to mother's stomach. Mother's left hand slid down, softly caressing my life giving stalk.

I motioned mother back as I lifted her up, placing her down on her back. Nestling atop her, our kiss fostered into a full-blown make out, cradling her fertile body below mine.

"God, you young guys can go all night." She added between the slurps and gurgling gasps of our kisses.

Straddling her as my hands grazed up and down her arousing flesh, mother and I's sole purpose for this moment was understood... a distinct, soulful determination I had yet to experience. I had come so far in attaining the impossible, and to actually comprehend that I was about to impregnate my own mother... a woman I had wanted, craved, and sought for so long... now, here she was below me, all for me, and no one else.

The mere hope that what Marilyn and I had come together for was more than enough. Slowly settling down on her, the wide head of my stalk found the scalding core of my wife's pussy. With succulent finesse, and no help from my hands, I sank into her womb with no exertion or challenge.

'You're mine,' I grunted, punctuating each word with the press of my body. 'You're all mine, every inch of you.'

As my balls came to rest against the lips of her cunt, I felt mother balk in my embrace with small cries. Looking down, I saw tears coming from her eyes as I immediately went into "protector" mode.

"Are you okay?" I tenderly asked.

She could only nod yes as I paused to relish in our union, lodged deep inside her, all safe and secure. Her quiet moans were murmuring out into the crook of my neck as her hands continued to pull at her ankles keeping her legs spread out to the fullest.

"I've always wanted this," she said. "Someone who wanted me to be the mother of his c***d."

I could only think of one reply, "Who says we have to stop with one?"

Mother flung her mouth to mind, gnawing my lips with hers in a potent kiss. In a flash of an instant, Marilyn flung herself up, flipping me to my back as she mounted me with lissome finesse. I had to look back over at the mirror across the room to see this magnificence all for myself... there, all curved and hunched over was that spherical glossy ass I wanted, all perfectly rounded out and so fucking sexy-- slowly descending atop my towering stalk of life.

Feeling my cock wedge itself against the outer lips of her pussy, mother let out a long moan of utter surrender. Her fragrant hair splayed out across my chest and face. I loved every minute of this. I held those sweet heavy cheeks, digging my fingernails in an involuntary attempt to ensure that she wouldn't leave me. Mother arched her back, bringing her swaying breasts to my face as she positioned herself for a deeper penetration. With a throaty cry, mother dug her flesh in mine... slowly and deliciously she proceeded, relishing every throbbing inch of my penis tunnel deep inside her fertile womb. Mother gulped as she heard my whimpers of anxiety.

"I'm inside you, Mother." I whispered from deep between her plentiful breasts.

I felt the soft, velvety burrow of her pussy encircle my shaft. I reassured my actions by reminding myself that I was born from here, losing myself in the thrall of my mother's voluptuous body. Every nerve ending in my cock felt like thousands of tiny moist fingers dribbling across my shaft as it made its way back to my mother's warm loving womb.

"I'm home." I yelped as mother kissed my head in self-assurance.

My mind reeled as I realized I was about to put my own seed into mother's pussy -- giving back a part of me that had sprung from her womb.

"As only a mother and son can understand." She panted with her mouth to my skin.

"Yea." I wailed in a half cry-moan.

With that, she gave in to gravity, falling atop me, impaling herself to the very core. She screamed my name as I hurled my weight up to hers... her face dropped to mine, letting my scalding breath douse her forehead. I tried to kiss her, but the powerful coupling drove the 40-year-old mad with blinding lust. She flung her head back, thrashing her hair out across her back as she lifted herself up again, only to come crashing down upon me once more. Again, she did the same... and again. Each plunge was met with equal f***e and intensity. Countless strokes followed, and soon, we found the inborn, intuitive rhythm so natural to all men and women.

Mom brought her fleshy legs up so that sexy ass could kiss, thrash, and bounce more freely atop my groin. The setting sun began to cast an orange hue to our suite, vividly illuminating mom's rubenesque figure. I met her plunges with gusto, eagerly running my hands all over her bronzed flesh. We welcomed the meaningful cadence to our mating ritual, sending me into the glorious depths of i****tuous exhilaration.

"Fuck your mother, you hot stud." she chanted in my ear.

I replied with a heave, pulling her down by the small of her waist, united together in the time-honored struggle for life...

"You better make me pregnant," She vocalized over and over. "I didn't raise you to marry or knock up anyone else."

The concept of pure, raw i****t sent me into a hazy realm of awareness. I commanded her flesh to bounce as fast as it could go, slapping up at her plump skin with my sweaty groin. Echoes of our mating ceremony resonated throughout our hotel room as I focused on planting my seed as deep as I could within my precious mother. The very place where I came from was about to receive my homecoming offer.

"You want to be a Daddy, don't you?" She insinuated.

"Oh, Mother... ooooooooh, God yes." I replied with breathless wonder.

"This means it's for life." She continued.

I whimpered my agreement aloud, finding even more vigor in my thrusts. She stopped, letting me control the action as I gladly did all I could to ensure my seed took root. My body, mind, and spirit became furiously fixed on one sole purpose. I prayed she had never felt a man so bent on pounding her like this. But then again, this was a relationship that was completely unique and powerfully loving. This was true love... how could it NOT be?

I threw mom off, shoving her upon her back as I fell atop her with my thick cock once again stabbing her. My frantic hands clutched those thighs, bringing her smooth legs up beside my chest, culling the primal instincts inside her to come alive. Now I pounded her mercilessly as I used her feet as oars-- rowing our boat down the river of wicked lust. My cock sank in as deep as I could, only to lodge my cock toward the fertile garden that awaited my spawning seed. Mother hissed and seethed, clinging to my back, sealing her mouth to my beefy shoulder. Like a wild b**st, she sank her teeth into my flesh, biting me as each lunge shook her to the core. Sweat dribbled from my face to hers as our bed struck the wall. Briskly grabbing both her hands, I stretched her arms out, pinning her down. Now I could see mother in all her uncivilized magnificence. Perspiration soaked her hair as her it strewn about her brow... now I was really giving it to her, untamed... without care or regard. This was power fucking at its best.

My head hung low thinking about her in that beautiful wedding dress, pregnant or about to become pregnant.

"I'm so lucky." I said.

"Love of your life... mother of your c***d." She chanted, digging her heels into my ass, assuring me that her resolve would not fray.

I think she knew I was close. She felt my body compress as every sense amplified... my cock began pulsating inside her fertile womb. My breathing, nearly as deafening as my cries, assured her of my impending gift. With every ounce of my being, I summoned my will to give my mother this one reward. Millions of tiny explosions raced throughout my mind as my seed began its momentous journey to my lover's womb. I steadied myself upon my hands, sawing in and out of her pussy like a finely tuned piece of machinery. Her mouth was shaped like an "O" as it soon began to chant sweet nothings to me, as she knew I was desperately close.

"Gonna cumm... gonna..." I barely voiced as she began howling my name.

"Don't you DARE pull out." She pleaded.

Her coarse obscenities, so foreign and uncharacteristic, flowed from her mouth, dancing along the gutter of my mind to swirl and blend in the sewer of my darkest desires. The effect upon me was devastating; that my mother actually knew these words... That she knew them and used them so freely now... In my mind, the woman I was inside was no longer my darling mother; she was now a foul-mouthed whore who had earned the right to be impregnated.

My flesh surrendered to the unavoidable. I locked up, arms and legs contracting beyond all known measure. Mother padlocked her legs around me as I shot the first blasts of semen inside my sweet woman. I had to watch her facial reactions... Mother's eyes rolled back in her head feeling my seed flood her womb. She lifted herself up, madly clawing at my back as orgasm splintered my ravaged flesh. Sperm shot deep within her as I raised her ass for a deeper stab... all I could focus on was making sure my seed got to the deepest part of my mother. Blinding visions of her swollen belly and hot sex demolished me. A violent seizure ripped her apart as I could only focus on ingesting her with my cumm.

Mother yelped... I buckled. I kissed, she cried. Our orgasms seemed to feed off each other. Another heroic plunge slammed her again as we both held one another for dear life.

At that point, I accepted the fact that I had done all I could... now, as Mother and I clasped the inherent karma, I silently prayed that nature would take its course and that my sperm would fight its way up to mother's waiting egg.

We had just shared what should never have been shared between a mother and son. We had taken unholy communion of body and soul. What we had shared as mother and son before could never be shared again. What we had now was so much more. A love much deeper and profound. We were truly lovers in every sense of the word.

Now, the f***es of nature were set in motion...

Naturally, I fell asl**p inside Mother for the next couple of hours, drifting in and out of consciousness. I would awaken throughout the night to give her a kiss, or to skim the silky goodness of her fertile hips before drifting back to sl**p. Of course, my last thoughts before sl**p were of the (hopeful) miracle happening inside her beloved womb.
The next morning, we awoke to smiles and many kisses of deep affection. I was so happy to be with the ultimate woman of my dreams. I had succeeded in achieving the greatest triumph I had hoped for, and not only that, but to the degree in which I succeeded left my head spinning in astonishment.

We ended up together in the shower for a couple of hours as the maids burst in to find my face buried in mother's ass. I didn't see or hear them since I was too busy concentrating on the intoxicating beauty of her mahogany ass. I loved how slippery and wet it looked with steamy water cascading down her back, across the high slope of her globes, and into my face. If those maids only knew how far my tongue was lodged up her ass, they probably would have stayed to just watch the mind-blowing act of pure love.


We spent the early part of the day out at the beach after a great breakfast. We then did a few tourist attractions as a real couple, holding hands and arm in arm for most of the morning. Mom had dressed in some killer white shorts that showed off the full sweep of her curved backside. I couldn't help but imagine what I would be doing to those spheres of wonder once we got back to our honeymoon suite.

Mom and I had a late lunch at a nearby beachside café where she told me about her last OB-GYN appointment. Apparently, her Doctor said that if she ever wanted another c***d, now would be the time before it was too late. We both smiled in delight, knowing that that time was now.

Later, on the bus ride back to the hotel, I leaned over to whisper in mom's ear...

"I've been looking at your sweet ass all day, you know."

Mom softly giggled, laying her hand on my leg. She leaned back to my ear.

"I loved how you ate it this morning," she murmured. "You're insatiable, you ass man."

We shared a soft kiss as the bus made its way to the front entrance to the hotel.

We slowly made our way back to our honeymoon suite, leaving a trail of socks, underwear, and her bra as proof of our erotic deeds. Once in our room, I had mother bare-breasted to my chest as I guided us to our bed for, what I was sure we would spent the rest of the evening... a flurry of kisses were spent, and at good cost. I loved looking at mother nude, inspecting her soft bare shoulders that seemed to glow. Standing at the foot of our bed, arm in arm, I ran my hands down her arched back, clutching the thin G-string thong she had purchased. The plush softness of her thighs and ass underneath the material made me delirious with longing. My God, her skin was so incredibly soft and lush... so ripe... just perfect to kiss and taste. Gazing down at the skin of her thighs and ass, and how it glowed with a deep tan richness... God almighty, I wanted to cumm right there just looking at it.

The succulent swell of her jutting spheres of ass, how completely round they were... and yes, there were big. Not fat or obese, but sweet Jesus, they were just right in size and shape. I had always preferred larger, bustier women, and to think... it was all because of her. And here I was, taking it all in... breathing it in for love's sake.

I knelt in front of mother; gazing at her ass like Indiana Jones did before pilfering the golden treasure... drawing sweet tiny kisses down her chest, and across her lavish stomach. Using the backs of both my hands, I lovingly caressed each ripe pumpkin of ass. Mother sighed heavily as my skin grazed hers.

"Oooooooooooh God, I love how you touch me like that." She confessed.

Planting my lips to her right hipbone, I lazily dragged my mouth, noticing the dark beautiful cleave that split the curved peaks apart... I sighed, stirred by looking the site of that picturesque ass. Taking the G-string with both hands, I dragged that thong down ever so slowly... watching the fabric ease its way downward, across the radiant golden summits of ass, noticing how the ass flesh seemed to roll up on each side of the fabric. Even the smallest of details aroused me.

"Ooooh baby." Mother mumbled.

With each passing second, I was becoming more and more of an ass man. I wanted this ass at whatever the cost.

"Oh my God." I gasped as the thong sashayed past the widest part of her thighs.

Finally free, I shifted mother around to plant an open-mouthed kiss to her left cheek, sealing my lips to the corpulent flesh.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." I moaned, kneading each mound with subtle urging.

Mother's footing slipped as she arched her back, leaning over our bed slightly. Her palms downward, she rested her weight so my feast could ensue.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck," she gasped. "I've wanted this all my life."

My moist kisses crept down the knoll, marinating the crest of her cheek, running my tongue all across its lavish skin. I was re-defining the timeless phrase, "kiss my ass", giving it an entirely new, more deserving meaning. With her stooped over, I could now take in the fully glory of her entire back, thighs and ass. I loved looking at the deep valley of her spine that accented her back so elegantly. I loved how that hollow dipped down and out to form the fleshy ass that I was now sucking on. I saw her head sway from side to side, veering slowly in agonizing ecstasy.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss, kiss my big fucking ass, God yea." She purred.

With that, I nudged closer to taste her ass crack, gently sinking my mouth, nose, and face between the scrumptious, dark cleavage.

"Ooooh baby. Breathe it in... just breathe it in." she pled.

I groaned in approval, muffled by the big soft orbs of ass on each side of my face. I loved it... absolutely loved it. I had my face buried in the very thing I had coveted all my life. The same ass that called to me over time, the same backside that had been hidden by every kind of imaginable dress, skirt, and denim... now... My God, this was unbelievable.

All I could do was kiss as much flesh as I could, taking my time to bask in this magnificent cuisine. I lifted both hands to rest on each cheek, gently patting them as I watched the tiny ripples of my energy race across her cheeks.

"You like that... you like to breathe it in?" Mother barely gasped.

The golden flesh of her swollen bottom came into view, her caramel cheeks peeking out from below the delicate pink peach-halves of her motherly cunt.

The skin, so lusciously smooth and lacking any blemishes or signs of age. Her posture caused her rear to jut out provocatively, and I wasted no time. Leaning forward I placed a light kiss first on her left cheek, then her right, my lips barely grazing the perfect skin. I didn't want to press too hard because I didn't want to deform its impeccable round form. Above me, I could hear mom sigh at the loving contact.

"You're unbelievable," I muttered, placing more kisses on her suntanned skin as I moved closer to the savory cleavage of her ass.

After a moment I lifted both hands, sliding them across her meaty calves, up the backs of her knees until I reached her backside. Using both palms, I gripped each cheek and spread them apart, displaying her cloistered treasure to me.

"Oooh fucking shit." She exhaled, winded and eager as to what I would do next.

I could feel the heat on my face even from several inches away, and her damp perfume filled my nostrils. After a lifetime of fantasy and intrigue, I couldn't resist any longer; I leaned in, my nose just inches away from the glistening star of her exotic asshole. Slowly I flared my nostrils, inhaling the dirty jungle smell.

"Jesus," was all I could say, taking in the pheromone-charged odor, her humid ass smell making my senses reel. It was feminine and filthy, girlish and depraved, the very essence of what it meant to fuck. My cock, already blistering hard, instantly began to swell even more.

I pulled her cheeks even further apart, extending my tongue to lick broadly up her crack, starting at the bottom where her tangy cunt juices were strongest, slowly working my way up past her perineum until I reached the sour core of her asshole. I felt her tremble at the contact of my lips to her anus. I was slow and deliberate, "French-kissing" her hole like I did her mouth just moments ago, lovingly nudging my tongue inside, probing the swollen pucker. Throughout my ass worship, all I could think about were the years of stares and countless fantasies I had of mom's big fantastic ass.

The taste of her hole was as strong as the smell, primal and bitter, like her cunt, and yet not. I probed as far inside as I could, and when I couldn't penetrate any deeper I pulled back out to shroud my tongue across her asshole in lazy, slow circles before sliding in yet again.

Gradually I became aware of mom pushing back against my face. It was subtle, but she was clearly trying to help me tongue-fuck her, pushing back to meet my penetrating journey. The heat from her vagina had intensified, too, radiating across my chin and neck like an open flame.

Time ceased to matter as I devoured her; everything was lost in a fog of smell and taste and texture. The only thing in the world that mattered to me was mother and her mind-boggling derriere.

Finally, I couldn't bear the ache in my cock any longer, and I reluctantly tore my lips away from her rear. The star-shaped hole was sloppy and coated with spit, and the flesh blushed a humiliated shade of dark pink.

"I have to have this ass, I need this." I confessed, rising and unzipping my trousers.

"Yeah." she muttered, swaying those syrupy big hips at me like food to a starving a****l.

Mom glanced back over her shoulder at me, her golden brown tresses covering one eye.

"You're gonna make love to it, baby?" she whispered back, her voice timid and almost c***dlike. However, she made no effort to move from her position bent across the foot of the bed.

I couldn't reply... I simply spit crudely into my palm and smeared the saliva over the head of my cock before guiding it between the jutting globes. Mom flinched at the contact of my hard organ with her hole, but I was insistent and continued to push forward into her. My heart thrashed in my chest with the surreal actuality that I was about to take this... I had truly accomplished the impossible dream. Honestly, I couldn't say what was sexier, that fact or her luscious butt below me, granting me this lifelong honor.

With my right hand, I poised my swollen head of my stalk at her asshole, watching in breathless awe as I burned that image into my brain. With tender respect and unhurried commitment, I leaned in with all of my weight and inspiration behind me. Tiny quakes of apprehension and astonishment shook each scrumptious cheek while mom's hands clutched the bed spread in quivering anticipation.

"I need you, I need your ass." I barely whispered as I observed the small flaps of her asshole lovingly sheathe about the purplish head of my cock.

"Oooooooooooooh fuck, baby," she blurted, grunting and holding her breath as if I was pushing her off a thousand foot cliff. "Talk to me... tell me how it feels... your first real ass."

I knew I was up against years of inflexibility and resistance. I balked at the sensation of the outer ring of her asshole, tight and so damn protective. Yet I had to remind myself that this was a first for both of us, and knew that love and respect had to be in play here. Slowing down, I caught my breath and took in the glorious vista of mother's tan bottom below me, all hunched over and curved out, just like I had imagined for so long. God she was so fucking beautiful like this... just as nature had intended.

It must have been a few moments before I finally felt my cock pop inside her. Both of us gasped in crushing ecstasy, overcome with the reality that we both were experiencing the beauty of anal intercourse. I shuddered as an amazing rush of meaty warmth enveloped my cock... looking upward, I still couldn't believe this and quietly thanked the Gods of love for being bestowed this timeless honor of this woman's beautiful burrow.

I slowly buried my boiling erection inside her bowels, pushing willfully forward until the soft half-moons of her butt kissed my sweat soaked groin. It was a shock to enter her anally, how easily she opened up to accept me deep into her beloved rectum.

"Oh mother," I babbled like a helpless c***d. "I'm inside this sweet ass."

"Got the big trophy, didn't you baby?" she lowly replied. "Got that ass you've been looking at all these years."

"God yes," I gasped, enamored by how she knew what I was feeling. "For so long."

My hands held her narrow waist as I pulled her back against me insistently, making sure I was as far inside her as possible. Mother instantly drew in a loud gasp of air, as if I had just shot her. I couldn't go any deeper but held still for several long seconds, savoring the heat deep within her guts and the tight grip of her conquered ass. When I finally moved, I moved slowly, taking my time backing out, overcome by the rigid texture of her rectum delicately tickling my spear... inch by luscious inch, the head of my cock remained ensconced within her gripping bowels.

"Me too, baby," she uttered, vocalizing her own inner secrets as well. "Feels so fucking good... oooooooooooooooh my GAWD, so good. Inside my big ass like this."

Mother let out a guttural moan as I pushed forward again, slowly, not so much a thrust as it was an exploration, an attempt to see how deep I actually go. She looked back over her shoulder at me, watching my facial reactions as I stabbed her.

I held still yet again, letting the sensations wash over me, savoring the sight of her asshole stretched obscenely around my cock, adoring how mother watched me watching her. Holding still I thought I could almost feel her heartbeat-- I was that deep.

"Every time I think about your ass, I wanna cumm." I whispered to her as I pulled out with painstaking slowness.

"I can't concentrate, I just think about what your ass tastes like, what your pussy smells like," I said grinding back against her again before slowly withdrawing.

"I always knew you'd be an ass man." she whispered. "All those years I saw you looking at it. Now you have it, baby... you really have it."

God, I almost came right there when she said that.

I pulled out until just the head of my prick remained inside, and then I roughly thrust forward, bottoming out inside her. I stayed like that for a few seconds, as deep as possible, my thighs pressed against that smooth ass flesh, grinding my body against hers as if trying to push even deeper. Then slowly I withdrew, pulling back out until just the head remained before resuming the marvelous cycle.

Our reflections were captured clearly in the tall mirror leaning against the back wall of the closet, My sweaty frame hulking over mother's healthy, hourglass body. She looked helpless in the reflection, like I was taking her without consent; her body rocked back and forth over the bed with each thrust. I reached up with a hand and turned her head so she could see the reflection as I lunged.

"Look," I urged her, my voice f***eful but soft as she stared at the same image, the reflection of me sodomizing her lovingly over our bed of passion.

"You see that, me inside you-- up your ass?" I asked, looking into her eyes through the reflection.

She nodded as her misty eyes met mine in the mirror. My thrusts jarred her fertile body back and forth, her lengthy brunette locks swishing with her body's rhythm.

"Please say you're mine, always." I thrust again, burying my penis as deep in her guts as I could go, my pelvis milling against her bountiful rear.

With one free hand I reached beneath her, my fingers trailing through the soft down of her bush until I found the hard nub of her clit.

"Yours," she replied simply, her eyes still fixed on mine.

Her asshole was freakishly dilated around the base of my cock, the ring of muscle a strained purple as I opened her up around the widest portion of my cock's root as I entered her fully. I could feel how wet she was with each thrust as my balls began to slap against her pussy.

"Your ass is never going to be closed, it's always going to be stretched open, full of my saliva or cumm." I watched her face carefully as I withdrew slowly and then reversed, refilling her colon with hard, eager cock. I began running slow clockwise circles on her clit with my finger, and I could see her eyes widen briefly as the electric shock of the contact sizzled up her spine.

"More," mom whispered, her eyes still locked onto mine. I didn't know if she meant the talk or my hand on her clit, so I decided to give her both.

"I tried all my life getting this." I announced as I sawed steadily in and out, my fingers working her towards orgasm.

"Please, more," she pleaded, and I knew she meant both the talk and the ministrations of her clit. I reached around and waved my other hand beneath her nose.

"When you wake up in the morning, it's going to be me eating this big sexy ass." I vowed.

Mom whimpered as I bottomed out inside her again, and I could feel her starting to shake as her orgasm approached.

"When you go to sl**p at night, my cock is gonna be inside it." I continued.

"Inside me," mom begged like a wanton whore. "God, my BIG fucking ass."

"Your King Sized ass." I countered, growling as our flesh began clapping... ass to groin.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!" mom yelled, moaning into the mattress as she made a fist, hitting the bed several times in tormenting bliss. "Talk about it like its food."

I sighed, hearing her put to words what I loved so much about this glorious feat. The same voice I heard growing up, now, talking like the true vixen I had fantasized about. Now, we had discovered yet another divine secret... she liked the way I talked trash to her.

"This big juicy ass," I chanted, staring at both meaty cheeks vacillating like Jell-O. "Like it's been baking in the oven all day, so brown and tender-- ready to eat."

"Nourishment." She uttered as her voice rose and fell with my demanding thrusts.

"Yea," I replied.

I couldn't tear my eyes off hers in the mirror, nor could she mine. Each thrust was slow, yet f***eful and deliberate, and each thrust triggering a deep groan from her. Her clit got harder and swelled, and I increased the speed of my circling fingers, winding up the intensity more and more.

Mom clutched her large breasts as she and I stared straight into each other's eyes, sealing a deeper connection beyond the physical aspect of our i****tuous intercourse. Mother deliberately milked my sliding fuck-rod with her anal muscles as our stare committed psychological i****t. Not one shred of our being was being left out of the temperament of our sexual activities, and to the degree that is was bearable. The stare between our eyes was possibly more penetrating than my cock in mother's ass, and the nature of it possibly even more intimate.

"I'm...." she gasped, green eyes still locked on blue.

I could feel the tingle of orgasm, an inexplicable tingle that seemed to come from behind my swinging testicles. I knew I couldn't last much longer. Trying to stay mentally ahead of the fucking, I continued to pound her, bringing mother over the top.

"I'm..." she gasped again, this time with a whispered wail of "cooooommmminggggggg......" several seconds later. She began to wreathe about as orgasm split her sweaty flesh apart, almost as if she was having a seizure. Her knees buckled, dropping her full luscious weight onto our mattress.

Her asshole clamped savagely on my stabbing stalk, pushing me over the edge as well. I couldn't say what threw me over... the fact that I was making the woman of my dreams endure an orgasm, or that her ass was going to make me cumm. Gazing down one last time, I took in the sweet view of mother's buttery globes, glossed over by a thin sheen of perspiration.
That's all it took... seeing that big ass flinging back at me... waves of raw powerful sex, rippling across her heaps.

With a finishing thrust, I cried for mom over and over as I hurled what felt like a gallon of cumm inside the deepest recesses of her plundered bowels. Mother's only response was screaming her astonishment into the sheets, angrily tugging at the fabric. It wasn't a painful or torturous scream, but one of gracious contentment and profound orgasm. Millions of exploding stars crossed my eyes as I cried out for her syrupy ass. Both hands squeezed each orb, shoving myself recklessly as far into her as I could. Rope after rope of hot seed erupted... paralyzed by the awesome reality that I was cumming inside mother's rectum. I became light headed; swaying back and forth as I came crashing down on mother's dampened back.

Moments later...

Beneath me, mom was still enduring the aftershocks of her climax, her body still shaking as if cold. Each twitch of my organ sparked another tremor, causing her asshole to spasm around my still hard cock. Back and forth we spiraled down, the death throes of her orgasm triggering weakening spurts from my cock as the bursts triggered twitches of her internal muscles.

I had done it... I had tasted, fucked, and came inside my mother's ass. I had dreamed, fantasized, and jerked off to this accomplishment for so long. Now, below me catching her breath, mom let me suckle her shoulder as I lapped my tongue across her smooth, moist skin. Afterglow was settling in as both of us whispered our vows of our undying love for each other as I stayed rooted... deep inside her warm colon.

"Stay inside me, just like this." mom spoke with a promising whisper.

"I'm not going anywhere." I reassured her, kissing her ear and neckline.

We remained joined... cock tucked deep in ass, together as one.

"That was incredible," she said after a long, deep kiss. "I've always wanted to do that."

"I can't believe no man ever wanted this," I replied, still trying to grasp the meaning of my accomplishment. "I don't see how with an ass like yours."

"I loved how you talked about it like it was food," she replied. "God that was so fucking sexy."

"Did you like when I licked you-- had my tongue inside you?"

"Fuck yeah, God that just... wow." She exclaimed with a long sigh of wonder. "You were so into it. I never thought anyone could do that."

"You have no idea." I lovingly told her. "You're the sexiest woman I ever hope to have."

Mother purred below me, snuggling against the sheets and squirming below me, feeling my semi-hard cock still tucked safely away in her tranquil depths.


Mom woke me up around 1am, dying for some pizza and beer. I too was kind of hungry, so we went out and found a local watering hole to enjoy the lush Hawaiian scene. She threw on one of her sexy mini dresses, black and VERY revealing. I was so damn proud in taking my woman out on the town as we wolfed down some pizza and found an all-night dance club.

It was remarkable to have such fun with her, taking my appreciation to an all new depth as we couldn't keep our hands off each other all night. I could tell we were the envy of the crowds as we openly made out. I felt like a heroic King showing off his honored Matriarch to his forbidden kingdom. Both of us loved how covert our romance was, and how people would gasp if they actually knew we were mother and son.

Around 3am, mom had another great idea... to make love on the beach. I had never done that, so it didn't take much convincing as we quickly ran a few blocks to the dark, moonlit seashore. Hand in hand, mom and I hurriedly looked for a private spot, loving the liveliness in mom's step. She ran and giggled like a teenager would, playfully chasing me as my heart overflowed with so much love for my beloved woman. Mom found the perfect place as she threw herself at me, furiously yanking my shorts to my ankles. Unsurprisingly, my hands went for her wide hips, pulling up the black dress like it was the grand prize... in so many ways, it was.

"You're gonna make me pregnant tonight," mother lovingly urged into my ear. "Tonight's it... tell me I'm gonna be a mother again."

I shuddered, trying to grasp the surreal implication of her outspoken vocabulary. This was our definitive triumph.

We wasted no time as we fell to the sand, struggling about as I put mother on her back. Solid as pure granite, my reproductive organ found its way back home once more as mother and I pirouetted to the immoral ballet in our lustful hearts. It felt like a mountain's landslide as I tucked my cock inside her, reveling in the glorious success of winning over my dear sweet mother.

This time, we were a****ls... we were strong, f***eful, and eloquent for we knew EXACTLY why we were sharing in the depraved celebration.

As I sawed in and out of mother's buttery cunt, parts of everlasting phrases echoed in my mind...



My beautiful mother...



She gave birth to me...

Inside her...

That smooth caramel skin-- thick thighs...

I wanted this ALL my life...

Knock her up...

Mark mother as mine...

The first time I looked at her AS a woman, not as my mother...



So warm inside...

How can society say THIS is wrong?

My own mother is going to make me cumm...

I'm going to cumm. God, this is gonna happen...


My dear sweet mother...

Her deep blue eyes...

Inside her...

Soooooooooo fucking sexy...

Pregnant... make her pregnant.

Her stomach, swollen with my c***d... MY baby...

I did this to her...

Get deeper...


As you could probably guess, all of my hopes and dreams were confirmed after a visit to mother's OB-GYN. Actually, mom already had a strong hunch after our carnal tryst at the beach. We got back to the hotel around 7 that morning after watching the sunrise arm in arm. I'll never forget when I laid down to sl**p, she whispered in my ear "Sweetie, you made your mother pregnant. I feel it inside... you did it."

Naturally, I immediately woke up and celebrated the wonderful news. I trusted my mother's instincts more than anyone else's, and that visit to the doctor only validated my deepest ambition in life.

Leaving Hawaii was a bittersweet departure. Both of us were sad to leave the place where so many good things happened. But it was a couple of weeks after we found out that mom started hinting at a possible move... a fresh start where we could live openly as man and wife... a new f****y without the scornful eye of our peers and friends. With a referral from mom's law partner, and my transfer of my college credits to the University of Hawaii, our move was pretty easy as we bought our first home on the island Oahu. Saying goodbye to all of our friends and f****y wasn't as hard as we thought as we settled in to our newfound life together as husband and wife. Believe me, the amazing sensations of making pure love to my mother nearly every night more than made up for that tenfold.

Watching my mother's belly swell with our c***d became the wind beneath my wings... I had an incredible season with the Warriors football program as mom came to every game we had, home AND away. I honestly felt like mom had gotten younger with her pregnancy... she glowed with a maternal radiance I found so damn sexy... her hair grew longer and her already deep tan just got darker and sexier. The feeling I would get in my stomach, looking at the woman who gave me life, all knocked up and pregnant was something few words can describe. I did this to her... ME. It's a pride I wish more men could understand, but perhaps most if it was just because she is my flesh and bl**d mother. Making love to her was an out of body experience... I never rushed our moments together, forever treasuring the beauty of actually being inside Marilyn... that she gave her heart and soul to me freely and without coercion is the single greatest triumph of my life.

The End

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4 months ago
good but just too long
4 months ago
was very good just a little long and drawn out
4 months ago
6 months ago
Good story
7 months ago
Great story
8 months ago
This story looks familiar. I've seen it before at Literotica. But the incest and pregnancy themes are turn-ons for me.
10 months ago
Thanks for sharing the fun story, a pleasure to read!
1 year ago
Awesome - wow - what a horny Mom & Son . More plz
1 year ago
Good but, as others have said, far too long. Better to cut it up into 3 or 4 then have an intermission.
1 year ago
Fuck, that was a long. long read. It could of been posted into 5 or 6 stories
1 year ago
A very good story and well worth reading it has everything for two people to love even if it is against the law so what then do it if you please well done jefffinn keep up the good work
1 year ago
well written and worth the time to read

Ps you've made me late for work
1 year ago
although this is possibly the best written story on the subject I have read, it shows the legal system in the USA to be a weak shambles, where else would a son manage to marry his mother!
try it in the UK and our legal system would fall on the couple in seconds, wether you feel its moraly right or wrong thats how it is.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very hot lucky son.
1 year ago
Fantastic story whose theme sends my needle into the red for sure.
1 year ago
This is at least fourth time I've read this all-time mother and son incestual love story. The story is rare, not from an incestual nor lovers perspective, but for the full life-long vows and committments of Mother Marilyn Rogers and Son Unnamed Rogers to actually marry in a civil ceremony and get pregnant and relocate to Hawaii to live and raise their family.

This story is possibly my most cherished and loved mother and son incestual love stories of all time!! The only thing that could be better is for 'Jeffinn' to entice the writer/author to write a second chapter to the heavenly magnificant story
1 year ago
Kinda soap opera lite at moments, but still great. And also a cause of overwhelming disappointment that it can't be more like that for those of us who share those wants and desires. But thanks Jeff - you give hope to future generations, both men & women, that circumstances could be different for them.
1 year ago
super hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Alittle bit long winded but a powerful love story.
2 years ago
great story
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That was HOT!!