How I became an anal slut

Growing up I always had an inner urge to please my self anally with various small sized objects. I have always been very cute and good-looking. My body wasnt all muscular but definitely defined in the right spots. My ass was to die for and still is. Its a cute rounded peach fuzzed boy butt with a cute puckered hole that drives men crazy.

Men never did really attract me however it was one night when on vacation in California that i decided to take a step further in exploration. I was visiting relatives and had recently discovered that the ease of finding willing people online. I noticed a pic of a hot ass on an ad. I'd been horny a while i reached out to the individual who turned out to be a college boy. He rented a motel room and we started sucking each others dicks. I wasn't too keen on seeing his mouth on my dick but i have to admit his dick did taste really good. The surprise came when he starting eating out my asshole. I LOVED IT! I was expecting to be the one to top that night but after having his tongue up my ass i did not need convincing to take his dick inside. The sex was a blur. I remember pleasure and pain as he switched me around in different positions. I remember wishing he would cum soon and a little after that i felt warm cum splattering on my ass cheeks. I felt insecure and exposed so i asked him to take me home.

After going back to my relatives home who were asl**p i realized that i wanted more. I really wanted to fuck again and i became so horny that i started shaking. i set up an ad that night to have a guy meet me around 2-3 am in a public bathroom outside near the house in the park.the whole neighborhood was an web of paths parks and homes and many trees and bushes. the bathroom would not be visited at night by anyone since its off the road and near a playground surrounded by houses in the distance. There was no door that closed. One would have to walk in to a hallway, turn left and around the corner was one stall. Seeing the stall earlier had me wondering why it was designed that way it was and wondered how many people had been accidentally walked in on.

I had a lot of willing responses that night. I figured some would flake so i gave directions and a time to 3 guys. Once they agreed I quietly sneaked out of the house and made my way toward the restroom stall. When i got there i stripped all my clothes and laid down on the toilet on my back, ass up and legs almost behind my head. At that point i was so horny i did everything i could not to stroke my cock for fear i would cum early and change my mind. I started fingering my ass hole and spitting on it to keep it open and wet. I could wait to have the guy walk in a see me there on the toilet with my ass up totally exposed and vulnerable. I thought to myself, this could be anyone and theyll have me cornered and able to have their way with me. The thought of danger only excited me more.

Suddenly i heard footsteps approaching very slowly. I slowed my breathing to be able to hear. The got closer and closer, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest and i felt my face get warm. I dobbed a wad of spit on my hole and perked my ass up higher in the air. Before i knew it a man turned the corner very cautiously and when he saw me his eyes opened wide and "Oh f**k yeah" came out of his mouth. He was about in his later forties, not good looking at all and has a light pot belly. I could care less about looks at this point. I was extremely nervous and almost in a state of panic. He dropped his pants to expose a hard dick, about 6.5 inches cut, it had a light upward curve and covered with bulging veins. The head of his dick was pointy and about the width of the rest of his dick but his balls were huge, literally. He approached me quick with his heavy breathing and pressed the head of his dick on my asshole. i broke out in goosebumps He then looked me in the eyes knowing i was nervous. He whispered" don't be scared, breathe and relax, let this cock sink in." i did as he instructed. his whispering voice in my ear felt seductive and put me on ease. I concentrated on his dick now with the head inside, and let his cock sink in. I felt my anal walls stretching so i pushed my sphincter out and engulfed the rest of his cock. He said" wow! you're tight boy, you done this before?" "only once," i replied. He replied back, "you like being a mans anal cum slut?" I gasped as he started pumping me slowly and deep. I said " yes I love being a gay cum whore!" my legs were shaking as he fucked me so he grabbed them and pinned me down. he then spit on my hole. i could the sloppy wet sliding sound of his cock in my ass between our heavy breathing. He then took his dick out and told me to get on my knees and suck his dick. I did as he asked and was surprised that his cock tasted really good even though it had been up my ass. He said" get against the wall and arc your ass out, i want you to take my cum load! I did as he said. both palms against the wall legs slightly spread, back arced and my beautiful ass facing him. He looked backed as he pressed my face to the wall with one hand and the other hand on my shoulder. It only took a few pumps with ass cheeks smacking, Before his face turned red and he pushed his cock as far as he could. I felt a squirting sensation followed by warmth and calmness. I felt like as if i had gotten off. He slowly took his dick out. A small amount of cum hit the floor and some ran down my leg. He told me to keep his cum inside as long as I could. he patted my asshole and said "when you want more cum let me know" he then left. I put on my clothes looking at the cum on the floor shocked at what i had done. I went back to the house. I woke up the next morning and pushed the cum out. It was clear and it poured out quick in a large quantity. I met him once more before i left the state and returned home. After that experience, my life changed. I always have a craving for older cock. Ive had sex with 9 different guys at this point, mostly older. I realized i don't just love anal. I love the adventure to being walked in on in a public setting. I fucked a few guys on the ground in the park, one in an abandoned home, and a few in a run down motel. Tonight im hoping to find someone as I take a stroll through the park. How hot would it be for someone to come up from behind and slip my pants down and fuck me and walk off.[/image]
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1 year ago
very hot
1 year ago
Well done!
1 year ago
Yes my man , I am right into this story as Ive been there with the nervous lust/fear of your own uncontrolled body taking its self to be fucked in dreamlike other abandoned world. You dont know how the other sexy men be there in the most deserted, dark wild land. Then like magic a hot dude lets you strip his fine butt and dick and molest him
1 year ago
I used to have a lot of fun in public bathrooms.
Hot story!
1 year ago
mmm nice next time you are in California look me up i would love to fuck you in a public bathroom too
1 year ago
love your storie
1 year ago
hmmm nice any older uncle :p
1 year ago
Hot and horny story :)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very on the edge!!!