Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 9

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 9 – Surprising Jerry and Rosemary
Monday, September 10, 1985
I woke early again and took another run on the beach. When I returned to the bungalow, the girls were just waking up. We showered, dressed and headed to breakfast.
We didn’t see Dennis, Valerie, Seiichi or Emiko so we sat at a table by ourselves and enjoyed another delicious breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries. Our new found friends were still nowhere to be seen by the time we were leaving the restaurant. I had previously arranged for a rental car from town to be delivered this morning and Rafaelo called to me to tell me it was here and handed me the keys. He gave us a map of the area and we hit the road for a day of exploring.
I didn’t tell the girls that I had a plan; just that we were going to take a drive up the coastal road and see the sights. Heading north, we reached the town of Aventuras. We drove around the town which was mostly geared to beach front homes and then continued north to Playa del Carmen. It wasn’t a big town, but known mostly at the connection point to the resort island of Cozumel. We drove around and hit several shops but didn’t find anything we really wanted, so we hit the road and continued on north.
The girls were enjoying the sights and drive and chance to just get out and explore. About another half an hour on the road that suddenly Pepper noticed a sign that read Cancun. She looked at me and asked if we were going to surprise Jerry and Rosemary and I said it crossed my mind. She started to ask if I had the address and directions to where they were staying and realized that it was my nature to have that information before heading out. We worked our way through town and then turned toward the coast and found the resort they were staying at. I had no idea if they would be there or somewhere in town, so we stopped at the resort and asked at the desk if they knew if they were in their room or not. The gentleman behind the desk rang their room and Jerry answered. I told the man to just tell him that he was needed at the desk for something. When Jerry came down, the man was to direct him to the bar, and we headed over to get a drink and wait.
About 5 minutes later, Jerry and Rosemary appeared, spoke to the man at the bar and saw him point to the bar. They looked puzzled and then cautiously approached the bar. Rosemary spotted her s****rs first and rushed over and gave them and big hug and asked what in the world were we doing there. Pepper explained that I had arranged for a 2 week honeymoon in Tulum, about an hour and half south of Cancun. They took us up to show them their room and the view of the ocean; although I guess technically it’s the Caribbean Sea. Then walked down to the beach where we saw a couple of ladies that were topless. Pepper asked Rosemary if she had been going topless and she said she had on several occasions, but not as frequently as Pepper would have and we all laughed.
It was getting close to lunch time, so I drove everyone into town to find someplace to eat. During lunch, they told us that they have explored most of the town and spent time on the beach and mostly just relaxing. Pepper told them about the secluded beach, Miguel, Dumitru and Ioana, Chuck and Margie, Dennis and Valerie and then Seiichi and Emiko. Ginger told her about Rafaelo and how Pepper blackmailed him to allow them to have fun with Miguel. Rosemary just sat back and shook her head at her s****rs and told them they were impossible.
I told them that we were going fishing tomorrow and wanted to know if they would like to join us and they said they had made reservations for a day spa nearby, but told us to have fun. We spent the afternoon looking around Cancun, checking out some of the shops. The three s****rs were non-stop talking while Jerry and I more or less followed them around.
As dinner approached, we found a very nice restaurant and enjoyed some delicious food. The girls were still non-stop talk as if they hadn’t seen each other years. Jerry and I talked sports, wondering how our favorite baseball teams were doing as the end of the season approached and about college football that was just starting up. But through it all, I could sense something in Jerry that told me they wanted to be alone. I knew the girls weren’t listening, so I flat out asked him if they were anxious for us to go so they could be alone and he started to politely lie and I told him that we understood. He said it was the first them they’ve really been alone since first meeting and just wanted this time for themselves. Again, I told him no need to apologize and that we needed to be heading back after dinner anyway. He smiled and said thank you.
After dinner, we hugged and said our goodbyes and told them to enjoy themselves. On the way back, I explained to Pepper and Ginger what Jerry and I had talked about and how they really wanted to have this time to themselves. They agreed that it was a good idea and settled in for the ride back to the resort.
It had just gotten dark when we arrived. I parked the rental and went inside to leave the keys at the desk and the girls headed towards the bungalow. Rafaelo handed me a note and said it was for us. I asked him what it said and he claimed he didn’t know as it was sealed. I opened the note, read the note, smiled and headed to the bungalow to share it with girls.
When arrived, the girls were changing into their bikinis as they thought a relaxing swim sounded good. I handed Pepper the note and went to put my swim suit on. She looked at me, smiled and then handed the note to Ginger. She read the note, looked at us, smiled and said we should go now. The note was from Seiichi, asking us if we would like to come over to their bungalow tonight. Not knowing what was up, the girls slipped on a pair of shorts and halter top over the bikini and I put on a casual shirt. We still had an unopened bottle of wine from the night before, I grabbed that and we headed off to meet our new Japanese friends.
We knocked on their door and Emiko answered the door and invited us in. She was wearing a Japanese wrap around dress that I have no idea what it was called, but it was very pretty on her. I handed her the bottle and wine and she bowed and said thank you as she took it and headed to the small kitchen area. Seiichi was pouring Saki and had a tray of fresh fruit to go with it. He handed us our Saki and invited us to sit down. Emiko passed the tray of fruit around and asked if there was anything else we needed.
I thanked them for inviting us over and told them we enjoyed meeting them last night on the beach. Seiichi said that is why they invited us over. He asked us just how open and free we were and I told him that we enjoy being naked and the feeling of doing things without clothing. Seiichi said that was obvious but what about sexually, were we open to trying different things with different people. Pepper answered before I could and told him that if the occasion arises and we like the other person then yes, we are open to sexual fun; then she asked if that is why they asked us over. Seiichi looked over at Emiko and she lowered her head and acted embarrassed as he told us that she was fascinated with my circumcised penis and said she was curious if it felt any different during sex. I looked at Emiko and then told Seiichi that I would be honored to show her if that was okay with him. He looked at me and then at Pepper and Ginger and said that he thought we might be able to work something out.
Seiichi raised his glass of Saki and toasted to our educational evening. We raised our glasses in return, down our Saki and asked where do we begin? Pepper said she would break the ice and took off her halter top and shorts, revealing her bikini. Ginger followed suit. Emiko began to unwrap her outfit, revealing a very sexy lacey bra and panties. Next I took off my shirt and Seiichi did the same. Pepper looked around, smiled and slipped out of her bikini, handing it to Seiichi. Ginger again followed suit and handed her bikini to Seiichi. Emiko looked me, bowed and then took off her bra and panties and handed them to me and bowed again. I took off my swim suit and set our clothes to the side. Seiichi was the last to strip and even though we were naked last night, it was dark and now we were seeing each other the light.
I thought Emiko was knockdown gorgeous last night in the dark, but in the lighted room, I could see that she was even more beautiful and sexy than I thought last night. I stepped towards her and kissed her gently on the lips. Then I felt her perfect breasts. Her body shivered in anticipation as my hands cupped her breasts. She leaned into my hands and I felt her fingers gently touching already erect cock. I asked her if she wanted to feel me in her and she whispered yes in return.
A few feet away, Seiichi was feeling Pepper’s and Ginger’s breasts and they both had their hands on his cock. They were kissing like teenagers back and forth between the three of them. Ginger asked Seiichi if he likes to lick pussy and he said yes, so she told him to lie down and then she sat on his face as Pepper slid herself down on his shaft. I heard all three of them moan as they all got into position.
My attention was drawn back to Emiko as she took my hand and put it to her pussy. She was wet with excitement of having her first circumcised cock inside her. I asked if she had a favorite position and she said she liked being on top, so I laid down on the floor and helped to guide her onto my cock. When she had lowered herself all the way onto me, she just sat there for a few moments and I asked her if she was okay. She looked down at me, smiled and said it is wonderful. Then she asked me if she was acceptable and I assured her that she was very acceptable.
Looking up at her, I could not help but drink in her beauty. Her face was like of an oriental angel and her breasts were as near perfect as any could be. There was no sag to them and her nipples were pointy. They weren’t too big and they weren’t too small. I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands and as I did I felt her pussy contract on my cock.
Emiko looked over at Seiichi and I followed her gaze. Pepper was riding his cock and he was licking and sucking on Ginger’s pussy. Ginger leaned over enough to lick the base of his cock and Pepper’s pussy. Emiko looked back at me and said Seiichi was happy and that made her happy. I asked her if she was happy to be sitting on me and she said she was very happy. We started moving and I could feel that her pussy was fairly tight and it felt great. It took less than a minute for me to feel her pussy tighten and spasm as she climaxed. I moved my hands to her hips and continued to pump her as I watched her breasts bounce up and down. They were so erotic dancing in front of me that I soon felt my load moving from my balls to my cock. I drove up into her harder than before and began to unleash one torrent of cum after another up into with as much f***e as I could muster.
Evidently, Seiichi had also cum inside Pepper and Ginger was now licking his cock clean and as she did, he became hard again. Once he was fully erect, Ginger moved on top of him and slid herself down on his shaft. Again my attention was drawn back to the oriental beauty sitting on my cock. I could feel her pussy flexing and it felt like it was trying to stroke me erect and it succeeded. Before proceeding, I asked her if she minded changing positions and then moved us so that she was kneeling on all fours and knelt behind her and proceeded to take her doggie style. Moving in behind her, I couldn’t help but notice that her hips and butt had the perfect heart shape to them that is also so very sexy. I kept one hand on her hips and one on her breasts as I worked myself in and out of her.
A couple minutes in Emiko began to tighten her pussy and arch her back. I held on as her entire body shook with the f***e of her orgasm. Her legs quivered afterward, so I repositioned us to laying on our sides with me still in her from behind. I put my free arm around her and cupped her breasts and she put her hand on mine and held it tightly against her. From the way she held me, it felt like it was more than just enjoying the sex, but I wasn’t sure. Not long after lying down and her holding my hand against her breast, Emiko had another orgasm. Her whole body shook and her pussy held onto my cock as tightly as possible which was incredibly intense on my end and I too began to orgasm and fill her pussy for the second time with my white juice.
When we had finished, I held her close in front of me and she continued to clench my hand to her breast. Whispering in her ear I asked her if she was okay and she nodded yes. I kissed her on the back of the neck and she practically melted in my arms. Even after I softened and fell from her pussy Emiko continued to hold me to her. I started to pull my hand away to get up and she held it tighter, so I continued to lay there and hold her.
Seiichi and the girls were done with their session and watched us as we laid there on the floor. Pepper noticed that Emiko had tears and leaned down to see what was wrong and she said nothing was wrong, that she was very happy. That’s she decided that we should get up. The moment she was on her feet, she trotted to the bathroom, cleaned herself up and then brought out a wash cloth to clean me up, then a second wash cloth to clean Seiichi up. He poured all of us another glass of Saki and we sat down and I noticed that Emiko kept looking down and looked more sad than happy and I was puzzled as to why and was determined to find out.
Seiichi asked Emiko if she could feel any difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis and she said fully erect, there was only a tiny bit of difference. He asked which she liked best and she said they are both good, all the while still keeping her gaze downward. He asked if she had any regrets and she said no, that it was wonderful.
It was getting late and we decided to get dressed and leave. On the way back to our bungalow, we talked about Emiko and her strange reaction to everything. Pepper and Ginger promised they would talk to her woman to woman and find out what was wrong.
Knowing that we had an early morning to go fishing, we headed straight to bed and quickly drifted off to sl**p.
To be continued…

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